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In nuclear physics, the Bateman equation is a mathematical model describing abundances and activities in a decay chain as a function of time, based on the decay rates and initial abundances. The model was formulated by Ernest Rutherford in 1905 and the analytical solution was provided by Harry Bateman in 1910.If, at time t, there are N i ( t ) {\displaystyle N_{i}(t)} atoms of isotope i {\displaystyle i} that decays into isotope i + 1 {\displaystyle i+1} at the rate λ i {\displaystyle \lambda _{i}} , the amounts of isotopes in the k-step decay chain evolves as: d N 1 ( t ) d t = − λ 1 N 1 ( t ) d N i ( t ) d t = − λ i N i ( t ) + λ i − 1 N i − 1 ( t ) d N k ( t ) d t = λ k − 1 N k − 1 ( t ) {\displaystyle {\begin{aligned}{\frac {dN_{1}(t)}{dt}}&=-\lambda _{1}N_{1}(t)\\[3pt]{\frac {dN_{i}(t)}{dt}}&=-\lambda _{i}N_{i}(t)+\lambda _{i-1}N_{i-1}(t)\\[3pt]{\frac {dN_{k}(t)}{dt}}&=\lambda _{k-1}N_{k-1}(t)\end{aligned}}} (this can be adapted to handle decay branches). While this can be solved explicitly for i = 2, the formulas quickly become cumbersome for longer chains. The Bateman equation is a classical master equation where the transition rates are only allowed from one species (i) to the next (i+1) but never in the reverse sense (i+1 to i is forbidden). Bateman found a general explicit formula for the amounts by taking the Laplace transform of the variables. N n ( t ) = ∑ i = 1 n [ N i ( 0 ) × ( ∏ j = i n − 1 λ j ) × ( ∑ j = i n ( e − λ j t ∏ p = i , p ≠ j n ( λ p .... Discover the K C Bateman popular books. Find the top 100 most popular K C Bateman books.

Best Seller K C Bateman Books of April 2021

A Counterfeit Heart book summary, reviews and downlod

A Counterfeit Heart


A feisty counterfeiter and a cocky British agent clash in this sultry Secrets and Spies novel by K. C. Bateman, whose witty, intelligent, and sexy historical romances have become her sign...

Breathless at the Wedding book summary, reviews and downlod

Breathless at the Wedding


The Earl and Countess of Banfield cordially request your attendance at the wedding for their daughter Lady Gwyn Hambly to Lord Locryn Pendarvis on the 20th day of June, 1812, at Castle Keyvn...

A Raven's Heart book summary, reviews and downlod

A Raven's Heart


When a bookish codebreaker and a dashing spy are reunited in this steamy historical romance from the author of To Steal a Heart, their lives depend on their ability to resist tempt...

The Devil To Pay book summary, reviews and downlod

The Devil To Pay


2019 RITA® Finalist. From #1 Bestselling author K C Bateman comes a romantic adventure filled with passion and vengeance.Italy, 1492.A ruthless mer...

A Midnight Clear book summary, reviews and downlod

A Midnight Clear


Christmas Eve, 1814 . . .When heavy snow forces Russian Princess Tatiana Denisova to abandon her journey to London, the only establishment with room to spare is the scandalously ...

The Promise Of A Kiss book summary, reviews and downlod

The Promise Of A Kiss


Egypt, 1815.A reluctant hero.When cash-strapped adventurer Harry Tremayne accepts five thousand pounds to locate Lady Hester Morden in Egypt, he knows he's in ...

To Steal A Heart book summary, reviews and downlod

To Steal A Heart


A master spy and a beautiful thief find love and intrigue in each other’s arms. . .   Forced to do the bidding of a corrupt government minister, Marianne de ...

Secrets & Spies Box Set book summary, reviews and downlod

Secrets & Spies Box Set


All three Secrets & Spies books in one set! TO STEAL A HEART A master spy and a beautiful thief find love and intrigue in each other’s...

Best Seller K C Bateman Audio Books of April 2021

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