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The given name "David" may refer to: Medieval Late antiquity to early medieval David was adopted as a Christian name from at least the 6th century. David the Invincible (6th century), Neoplatonic philosopher David (commentator) (6th century), Greek scholar Saint David (6th century), patron saint of Wales David Saharuni (7th century), presiding prince of Byzantine-controlled Armenia David ibn Merwan al-Mukkamas (d. 937), Arabic philosopher and controversialist, the author of the earliest known Jewish philosophical work of the Middle Ages David I of Iberia (d. 881) David II of Iberia (d. 937) David of Bulgaria (d. 976), Bulgarian noble David III of Tao (d. 1000)High medieval Saint David of Muscovy or Gleb (987–1015), brother of Saint Roman of Muscovy or Boris, and son of Saint Vladimir David of Taman, late 10th century Khazar ruler David (Da'ud), 11th-century ruler of the Seljuk Turks David of Munktorp (died c. 1082) David I of Scotland (d. 1153), Roman Catholic saint David Kimhi (1160–1235), Medieval rabbi David Mac Cerbaill (died 1289), English archbishop David of Makuria (ruled c. 1268–1272), ruler of Makuria (in what is now Egypt and Sudan) David Soslan (d. 1207), Georgian prince Kings of Georgia: David IV of Georgia (d. 1125) David V of Georgia (d. 1155) David VI of Georgia (d. 1293) David VII of Georgia (d. 1270) David VIII of Georgia (d. 1311)Late medieval and early modern David, Lord of Brechin (d. 1320) David II of Scotland (1324 – 22 February 1371) Kings of Georgia: David IX of Georgia (d. 1360) David X of Kartli (d. 1526) David XI of Kartli (d. 1579) Davit as a name adopted by Emperors of Ethiopia: David I or Dawit I of Ethiopia (1382 – 6 October 1413) David II or Dawit II of Ethiopia (1501 – September 2, 1540) David III or Dawit III of Ethiopia (8 February 1716 – 18 May 1721) David ben Solomon ibn Abi Zimra (1479–1573), Spanish Acharon David ben Solomon ibn Yahya (1455–1528), Spanish rabbi David ben Yom Tov ibn Bilia, Portuguese-Jewish philosopher David Bek (d. 1728), Armenian military commander David Davidsz de Heem (1570–1632), Dutch painter David ibn Ya'ish (d. 1375), Spanish-Jewish writer David Gwyn (fl. 1588), English poet David Reubeni (1490–1535/1541?), Jewish political activist and mystic David Davidse Schuyler (1669–1715), American fur trader and politician David Ungnad von Sonnegg (1535–1600), envoy of Maximilian II, Holy Roman EmperorModern A David Aaker (born 1938), American organizational theorist David Aardsma (born 1981), American baseball player David Abagna (born 1998), Ghanaian footballer David Aaronovitch (born 1954), English journalist David Abel (general) (1935–2019), Burmese economist David Abel (cinematographer) (1883–1973), Russian-Dutch cinematographer David T. Abercrombie (1867–1931), American outdoor expert and founder of Abercrombie & Fitch David Abidor (born 1992), American soccer player David Abioye, Nigerian author and preacher David Abney (born 1956), American business executive David Abram (born 1957), American ecologist and philosopher David Abrard (born 1976), French butterfly swimmer David Manker Abshire (1926–2014), American civil servant and NATO representative David Abulafia (born 1949), English historian David Solomon Abwo (born 1986), Nigerian footballer David Accam (born 1990), Ghanaian footballer David J. Acer (1949–1990), American dentist David Acfield (born 1947), English cricketer and fencer David Campion Acheson (1921–2018), American attorney David Ackles (1937–1999), American singer-songwriter David Ackroyd (born 1940), American actor David Acord, American sound editor David Kpakpoe Acquaye (born 1928), Ghanaian academic David Addington (born 1957), American lawyer David I. Adelman (born 1964), American lawyer David Adger (born 1967), English professor David Adickes (born 1927), American modernist sculptor David Adika (born 1970), Israeli photographer David Adjaye (born 1966), Ghanaian-British architect David Adjei (born 1977), Ghanaian footballer David Adjey (born 1964), Canadian chef David Adjmi (born 1973), American playwright David E. Adkins, American businessman and politician David Aebischer (born 1978), Swiss ice hockey player David Aers (born 1946), English professor David Affleck (1912–1984), Scottish footballer David Afkham (born 1983), German conductor David Agard, American professor and physician David Agmon (born 1947), Israeli commanding officer David Agnew (president), Canadian academic administrator David Álvarez Aguirre (born 1984), Spanish-Equatoguinean footballer David V. Aguilar (born 1955), American civil servant David Agus (born 1965), American physician and author David Ahenakew (1933–2010), Canadian indigenous politician David H. Ahl (born 1939), American magazine author David M. Ainsworth (1954–2019), American politician David Aja (born 1977), Spanish comic book artist David Ajala (born 1986), English actor David Ajang (born 1970), Nigerian prelate David Ajiboye (born 1998), English footballer David Akeman (1915–1973), American singer-songwriter David Akers (born 1974), American football player David Akers-Jones (1927–2019), British colonial administrator David Bobihoe Akib (1955–2020), Indonesian civil servant David Akiba (1940–2019), American photographer David Akin, Canadian reporter David Akui (1920–1987), American soldier David Alaba (born 1992), Austrian footballer David Albelda (born 1977), Spanish footballer David Aldridge (born 1965), American sportswriter David Alexanian (born 1967), American director and producer David Alford (born 1964), American actor and playwright David Almond (born 1951), British author David Fernández Alonso (born 1996), Spanish handball player David Alpay (born 1980), Canadian actor and musician David Alter (1807–1881), American inventor David Altmejd (born 1974), Canadian sculptor David Alton (born 1951), English politician David Alvey, American politician David Alward (born 1959), Canadian politician David Amaral (born 1950), American psychiatry professor David Amber (born 1971), Canadian anchor David Ambrose (born 1943), British novelist David Amerson (born 1991), American football player David Amess (1952–2021), English politician David Amoo (born 1991), English footballer David Amram (born 1930), American composer and conductor David Ancrum (born 1958), American basketball player David Andahl (1964–2020), American politician and rancher David Anders (born 1981), American television actor David Andersen (born 1980), Australian basketball player David Andersen (goldsmith) (1843–1901), Norwegian goldsmith David Angell (1946–2001), American screenwriter and television producer David A. Ansell (born 1952), Chicago-based physician David M. Apatang, American politician David Apotheker (1855–1911), Lithuanian humorist David Applebaum (1952–2003), American-Israeli physician and rabbi David Appleyard (born 1950), British academic David Archard (born 1951), British philosopher Da.... Discover the K D Godbey popular books. Find the top 100 most popular K D Godbey books.

Best Seller K D Godbey Books of June 2022

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Best Seller K D Godbey Audio Books of June 2022

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