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The 2021–22 figure skating season began on July 1, 2021 and will end on June 30, 2022. During this season, elite skaters will compete on the ISU Championship level at the 2022 European, Four Continents, World Junior, and World Championships, as well as at the 2022 Winter Olympics. They will also compete at elite events such as the Grand Prix and Junior Grand Prix series, and the ISU Challenger Series. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Grand Prix Final was cancelled, while parts of the Junior Grand Prix, Grand Prix, and Challenger Series were not held as scheduled, and the Four Continents Championships were relocated. Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic The ISU acknowledged two key challenges in organizing the season due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic: entry restrictions into host countries and/or return to the home countries and limited air travel options. However, the ISU remained committed to having a full calendar of events with modifications as necessary, and issued the following statement: "Despite the lingering world-wide coronavirus pandemic, the ISU is looking forward to the Olympic season and will do its utmost to assist the ISU Members in maintaining and safely conducting the planned ISU Events and allowing a maximum number of participants." On August 5, the ISU announced that due to varying travel and quarantine restrictions during the pandemic, it would consider re-allocation requests for the Junior Grand Prix series on a case-by-case basis according to an outlined criteria of preference. The ISU also said that they would abandon the re-allocation process in the event of an abundance of requests or overly complex requests that would cause logistical issues. In addition, the ISU decided not to implement a JGP ranking for the season and to instead prioritize holding the JGP series safely "with the best possible participation" in light of the pandemic. In October, the ISU announced alternative qualification criteria for the 2021–22 Junior Grand Prix Final.On August 16, the ISU announced the cancellation of the third Grand Prix event, the 2021 Cup of China, citing the limited number of international flights to China and strict COVID-19 pandemic restrictions. In an attempt to preserve the Grand Prix series, the ISU asked for other ISU members to apply as alternate hosts on the originally scheduled dates. On August 27, the Gran Premio d'Italia was named as the replacement event. On December 2, the ISU announced that the 2021–22 Grand Prix Final would not be able to be held as scheduled in Osaka, Japan and that they were considering the possibility of postponement to later in the season. The event was definitively cancelled on December 17.On September 13, the Chinese Skating Association announced the cancellation of the 2022 Four Continents Championships for similar reasons as Cup of China. The ISU again asked for other members to apply as alternate hosts on the originally scheduled dates. After receiving no applications from non-European members, the ISU asked the Estonian Skating Union, the host of the European Championships, to host the Four Continents Championships in the same venue the following week (the originally scheduled dates). ISU member nations' response Due to travel restrictions caused by the pandemic, as well as varying vaccination requirements, several federations faced issues traveling to certain countries to compete. For example, Russia was unable to send athletes to France for the first two Junior Grand Prix events and required the ISU's re-allocation system to obtain additional quotas at other events. The federation also faced logistical difficulties in obtaining visas for their athletes at both Skate America and Skate Canada. Other federations limited international competitive opportunities for their skaters due to lengthy quarantine periods upon returning home. Both Japan and China did not send any athletes to the Junior Grand Prix, with China also skipping the entirety of the ISU Challenger Series; Japan only sent athletes to the latter events of the Challenger Series. Season notes Age eligibility Skaters are eligible to compete in ISU events on the junior or senior levels according to their age: Changes If skaters of different nationalities team up, the ISU requires that they choose one country to represent.Date refers to date when the change occurred or, if not available, the date when the change was announced. Partnership changes Retirements Coaching changes Nationality changes Competitions Several competitions were rescheduled from the previous season due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Scheduled competitions: KeyPostponed A number of competitions were postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Cancelled Several competitions were cancelled by either the ISU, the host federation, or the local government due to the COVID-19 pandemic, some for a second consecutive season. International medalists Men Women Pairs Ice dance Records and achievements Records Senior The following new senior ISU best scores were set during this season: Junior The following new junior ISU best scores were set during this season: Achievements ISU Championships Deniss Vasiļjevs (bronze at 2022 Europeans) won Latvia's first European Championships medal. At 2022 Europeans, Kamila Valieva recorded the highest-ever PCS and TES in the short program to break her own ISU record for the short program score. Anastasia Mishina / Aleksandr Galliamov recorded the highest-ever PCS in the short program and TES in the free skating en route to breaking all three ISU records, including the free skating record set earlier in the event by Evgenia Tarasova / Vladimir Morozov. Kana Muramoto / Daisuke Takahashi (silver at 2022 Four Continents) earned the highest placement for a Japanese ice dance team at an ISU Championships event. Takahashi is the first skater to earn a medal in two different disciplines at the Four Continents Championships, having previously won four medals in men's singles, including two golds. Cha Jun-hwan (gold at 2022 Four Continents) is the first Korean men's singles skater to win an ISU Championships event.ISU Grand Prix and Junior Grand Prix ISU Challenger Series and senior Bs Marilena Kitromilis (gold at 2021 CS Autumn Classic International) won Cyprus' first title at an ISU-sanctioned event.Season's best scores Men Best total score Best short program score Best free skating score Women Best total score Best short program score Best free skating score Pairs Best total score Best short program score Best free skating score Ice dance Best total score Best rhythm dance score Best free dance score Highest element scores GOE = Grade of Execution BV = Base value Note: an 'x' after the base value means that the base value has been multiplied by 1.1 because the jump was executed in the second half of the program. A 'q' means that the jump was under-rotated (missing rotation of less one quarter revolution). A '!' means no clear edge o.... 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