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Where the Green Ants Dream (German: Wo die grünen Ameisen träumen) is a 1984 film directed by Werner Herzog. Based partly on the Milirrpum v Nabalco Pty Ltd case and making use of professional actors as well as Aboriginal activists who were involved in the case, it was a mix of facts and fiction. The ant mythology was claimed as Herzog's own, but some First Nations peoples did consider the green ant as a totem animal that created the world and humans. Wandjuk Marika noted that the ant dreaming belief existed in a clan that lived near Oenpelli in the Northern Territory. The film is set in the Australian desert and is about a land feud between a mining company called Ayers (based on Nabalco) and the native Aborigines. The Aborigines claim that an area the mining company wishes to work on is the place where green ants dream, and that disturbing them will destroy humanity. The film was entered in the 1984 Cannes Film Festival.Marika, recommended to Herzog by Phillip Adams, was a leader for the Rirratjingu people, an artist and musician who was involved in activism for Aboriginal rights. His didgeridoo music is used in the movie and several members of his family were cast in the film. The contract with Herzog allowed the Marikas to make enough money to move from Yirrkala to their ancestral region of Yalangbara, Port Bradshaw.Critics of the film found it uncomfortably placed between a documentary and a feature film. Phillip Adams was particularly incensed and claimed that the film implied that the Australian Government was against the Aborigines, leading him to write an article titled "Dammit Herzog, you are a Liar!" Cast Bruce Spence as Lance Hackett Wandjuk Marika as Miliritbi Roy Marika as Dayipu Ray Barrett as Cole Norman Kaye as Baldwin Ferguson Ralph Cotterill as Fletcher Nick Lathouris as Arnold Basil Clarke as Judge Blackburn Ray Marshall as Solicitor General Coulthard Dhungala I. Makika Gary Williams as Watson Tony Llewellyn-Jones as Fitzsimmons Robert Brissenden Michael Edols as young attorney Bob Ellis as supermarket manager Paul Cox as photographer James Ricketson as Philip Adams, mining leader Colleen Clifford as Miss StrehlowReferences External links Where the Green Ants Dream at IMDb Where the Green Ants Dream at Rotten Tomatoes Where the Green Ants Dream at AllMovie Review of DVD at LauraHird.com . Discover the Marika Ray popular books. Find the top 100 most popular Marika Ray books.

Best Seller Marika Ray Books of May 2021

Barefoot Chaos book summary, reviews and downlod

Barefoot Chaos


Any chemistry teacher will tell you opposites attract. Unfortunately, I teach English. I spend my days a buttoned up high school teacher and spend my nights with my book boy...

Brighter Than the Boss book summary, reviews and downlod

Brighter Than the Boss


If I’d known she was my new employee I never would have kissed her when I found her naked in the locker room. Cain I do the only thing I can do without being fired or sued:...

Sweet Dreams book summary, reviews and downlod

Sweet Dreams


I just want to drink hot chocolate all day, but that guy with all the muscles and the killer tan is super distracting. As a new business owner selling gourmet hot chocolate ...

Love On the Defense book summary, reviews and downlod

Love On the Defense


When you’ve lived your whole life on the defense, true love isn’t something you believe in anymore. Dean This girl should have a warning label: comes with baggage. ...

Christmas Eve Do-Over book summary, reviews and downlod

Christmas Eve Do-Over


When Christmas Eve leads to disaster of epic proportions, fate should owe you a do-over. Shasta A chance encounter with a Harley-riding Santa and a bulging sack of goodies on...

Beach Squad Boxed Set book summary, reviews and downlod

Beach Squad Boxed Set


A complete small town beach romance series for readers who love their romance with laughs, steam, and strong heroines! The Beach Squad women join forces to solve mysteries and tan...

Handcuffed Hussy book summary, reviews and downlod

Handcuffed Hussy


I should have known better than to flirt with a hot cop. Jack In my world as a police officer, things were either black or white. Right or wrong. Then Bailey arrived, c...

Beach Babe Billionaire book summary, reviews and downlod

Beach Babe Billionaire


I may be worth billions, but I’m ready to get down and dirty with the local lifeguard. Sage I’m a free spirit trapped in an “old money” conservative family. Right bef...

Happy New You book summary, reviews and downlod

Happy New You


10 Resolutions. 2 Friends. 1 Shot At Love I’ll admit, having nine New Year's resolutions makes me twitchy. After all, I’m Allison Gottlieb; overthinker, overachiever, hot mes...

Summer Love: A Steamy Small Town Romance Anthology book summary, reviews and downlod

Summer Love: A Steamy Small Town Romance Anthology


Summer. Small town. Steam. Every story has it. This charity anthology includes fourteen *NEW* novelettes for you to binge! Whether you’re a fan of friends to lovers, enem...

Best Seller Marika Ray Audio Books of May 2021

Lines We Cross MP3 Audiobook

Lines We Cross


Small towns were made for second chances…even if it’s your best friend’s sister.Skylar RaeI’m getting by just fine on my own when the boy who stole my heart a...

Lines We Cross: Nickel Bay Brothers, Book 1 (Unabridged) MP3 Audiobook

Lines We Cross: Nickel Bay Brothers, Book 1 (Unabridged)


Small towns were made for second chances...even if it's your best friend's sister.Skylar RaeI'm getting by just fine on my own when the boy who stole my heart ...

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