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Matthew Ryan may refer to: Arts and entertainment Matthew Ryan (musician) (born 1971), American musician Matthew Ryan (writer) (born 1978), Australian playwright, theatre director and screenwriter Matt Ryan (actor) (born 1981), Welsh actor Matt Ryan, character from the Australian TV series City HomicidePolitics Matthew Ryan (politician) (1810–1888), Stipendiary Magistrate on the 1st Council of the Northwest Territories Matthew J. Ryan (1932–2003), U.S. politician from Pennsylvania Matthew T. Ryan (born 1951), former mayor of Binghamton, N.Y.Sports Rugby league Matthew Ryan (rugby league) (born 1969), Australian rugby league footballer Mat Ryan (rugby league) (1913–1994), Australian rugby league player Matt Ryan (rugby league) (born 1988), Australian rugby league footballerOther sports Matthew Ryan (equestrian) (born 1964), Australian equestrian Matthew Ryan (handballer) (born 1966), Olympic handball captain Matthew Ryan (Australian rules footballer) (born 1967) Matt Ryan (ice hockey) (born 1983), Canadian ice hockey player Matt Ryan (rower) (born 1984), Australian rower Matt Ryan (American football) (born 1985), American football player Mathew Ryan (born 1992), Australian soccer goalkeeper Matt Ryan (basketball) (born 1997), American basketball player. Discover the Matthew Ryan popular books. Find the top 100 most popular Matthew Ryan books.

Best Seller Matthew Ryan Books of 2023

  • Kill Me Once synopsis, comments

    Kill Me Once

    Jon Osborne

    Nathan Stiedowe is seeking perfection and he has been learning from the best. Recreating some of the most sickening murders in history, his objective appears chillingly simple, bu...

  • Of Dragons, Love, and Poison synopsis, comments

    Of Dragons, Love, and Poison

    Matthew D. Ryan

    A collection of three short stories from Matthew D. Ryan.Of Dragons, Love, and Poison: The king’s daughter and son have disappeared. The nation of Heshra is in an uproar. Who did t...

  • The Impossible Door synopsis, comments

    The Impossible Door

    Matthew Ryan

    Patrick has just brought home his very heavy shopping bags and is looking forward to a delicious wafflejam sandwich. There's just one problem Patrick can't seem to open his front ...

  • Patrick vs. Cake synopsis, comments

    Patrick vs. Cake

    Matthew Ryan

    Patrick has visited his friend Arty’s house. Arty isn’t home, but a giant delicious cake is. Can Patrick resist?   NOT YOUR REGULAR STORYBOOKS RubbishBooks offers short, simpl...

  • Principles synopsis, comments


    Ray Dalio

    #1 New York Times Bestseller“Significant...The book is both instructive and surprisingly moving.” The New York Times Ray Dalio, one of the world’s most successful investors and ent...

  • Forget Me Not synopsis, comments

    Forget Me Not

    Matthew Ryan

    Patrick had something very important to ask Arty. There was just one problem, he couldn’t remember what it was…

  • Fuel synopsis, comments


    Sean O'Brien

    'He's one of the best players I've ever played with. As a forward, I'd say he's the best.' Johnny SextonSeán O'Brien does not come from a traditional rugby background. He grew up o...

  • The Stopped Clock synopsis, comments

    The Stopped Clock

    Matthew Ryan

    The Rubbish Town clock has stopped and now all the residents have overslept! It’s up to Patrick to fix the clock and save the town he’s tried turning the cogs, he’s tried chewing ...

  • The Only Explanation synopsis, comments

    The Only Explanation

    Matthew Ryan

    Patrick has lost his other sock! There must be a sock thief on the loose, it’s the only explanation…   NOT YOUR REGULAR STORYBOOKS RubbishBooks offers short, simple, engaging ...

  • Big Scary Monsters synopsis, comments

    Big Scary Monsters

    Matthew Ryan

    Patrick, Kevin, and Arty head a scary sound. What could it be? It was time to be brave! Read 30+ Patrick, Kevin, and Arty storybooks at

  • Patrick Builds a Birdhouse synopsis, comments

    Patrick Builds a Birdhouse

    Matthew Ryan

    Patrick is building a bird house for his friends Mr and Mrs Bird. Just one problem: Patrick doesn't know anything about building birdhouses. Can you help Patrick build the birdhous...

  • Gridlock synopsis, comments


    Ben Elton

    Gridlock is when a city dies. Killed in the name of freedom. Killed in the name of oil and steel. Choked on carbon monoxide and strangled with a pair of fluffy dice. How did it com...

  • Captains Courageous synopsis, comments

    Captains Courageous

    Rudyard Kipling

    Harvey Cheyne is the overindulged son of a millionaire. When he falls overboard from an ocean liner her is rescued by a Portuguese fisherman and, initially against his will, joins ...

  • Black Oak synopsis, comments

    Black Oak

    Harold Green III

    As he did for Black women in Black Roses, Harold Green III, poet and founder of the music collective Flowers for the Living, now honors the Black men he most admiresgroundbrea...

  • An Arty For All Seasons synopsis, comments

    An Arty For All Seasons

    Matthew Ryan

    It had been an exceedingly grey day in Rubbish Town, and Arty knew why: Winter was coming.  Arty does not like winter, he does not like winter At All. The cold air, the frost ...

  • Sports Day synopsis, comments

    Sports Day

    Matthew Ryan

    And for the first event, Patrick will be competing in the egg and spoon race against a literal egg with a spoon taped to their chest.  Hang on a minute.  NOT YOUR REGULA...

  • Cake-tastrophe synopsis, comments


    Matthew Ryan

    Patrick was making a very special cake for Arty’s birthday. It had to be perfect. Just one cup of flour? That can’t be right. Two eggs? Nah. This cake will be the BEST in town. Un...

  • The Case of the Missing Banana synopsis, comments

    The Case of the Missing Banana

    Matthew Ryan

    Someone has stolen Patrick's banana! But with the help of his friends Kevin and Arty, he's set out to track down his missing fruit (and the cowardly thief who took it).   ...

  • Hello Niblit synopsis, comments

    Hello Niblit

    Matthew Ryan

    Have you ever met a Niblit? Patrick loves his pet Niblit, and he takes good care of it. If his Niblit needs to be walked, he will walk it (well, sort of), and if his Niblit wants a...

  • Big Fish synopsis, comments

    Big Fish

    Matthew Ryan

    Arty won a special prize at the fair: a new pet fish! He named him Francois. But Francois was a chunky fish. He kept outgrowing his fish bowls. This was a very chonky problem. Unlo...

  • Just Because synopsis, comments

    Just Because

    Matthew Ryan

    Kevin is a very clever little monster, he always knows the answers to all of Arty’s questions. Which is a very good thing since Arty has so very many questions to ask!   NOT Y...

  • Brave synopsis, comments


    Matthew Ryan

    One brave adventurer! Battling dragons! Riding his steed! Protecting the castle! Kind of…   NOT YOUR REGULAR STORYBOOKS RubbishBooks offers short, simple, engaging stories for...

  • The Box synopsis, comments

    The Box

    Matthew Ryan

    Patrick, Kevin and Arty are the best of friends, so when Kevin takes a trip to the Waffle Jungle, Arty and Patrick are very sad to see him go. It's not all bad news though, Kevin l...

  • The Big Blueberry synopsis, comments

    The Big Blueberry

    Matthew Ryan

    Arty is busy in his garden planting some new seeds. He has some delightful carrots and some lovely tomatoes, and even a super special secret seed! What could this mysterious seed g...

  • Trouble Bored synopsis, comments

    Trouble Bored

    Matthew Ryan Lowery

    It's Summer 2005. Nineteenyearold GRAYSON WINTERS is slacking around Rotterdam, New York, when his dysfunctional PUNK ROCK band TROUBLE BORED lands a lastminute gig that could rock...

  • Happy Ever After synopsis, comments

    Happy Ever After

    Paul Dolan

    'A passionate, provocative book. It isn't just a selfhelp book. It is a manifesto for a better society' Sunday Times 'One of the most rigorous articulations of the new mood of acc...

  • Velocity synopsis, comments


    Ajaz Ahmed & Stefan Olander

    How can you win when the only certainty is change? Highly accessible, lively and inspiring, Velocity draws upon the authors’ unique perspectives and experiences to present seven ti...

  • The Eloquent Penguin synopsis, comments

    The Eloquent Penguin

    Matthew Ryan

    RubbishBooks returns with a whole new series to entertain little monsters everywhere! In episode two we meet one of Professor Penguin's dearest friends: The Eloquent Penguin. He ha...

  • A Trip to the Doctor synopsis, comments

    A Trip to the Doctor

    Matthew Ryan

    Arty isn't feeling very well. There's a rumbling in his tummy, but what could that mean? Like all the residents of Rubbish Town, there's only one Toast to turn to at times like the...

  • Hiccup synopsis, comments


    Matthew Ryan

    Unlock 30+ Delightful Storybooks for less than a juice box at Patrick and Arty are headed to the beach when dun dun derrr disaster strikes! Arty has…THE HICCUPS!...

  • The Haircut synopsis, comments

    The Haircut

    Matthew Ryan

    It might be time for a haircut Patrick…   NOT YOUR REGULAR STORYBOOKS RubbishBooks offers short, simple, engaging stories for children of all ages. Read more at

  • The Proper Study Of Mankind synopsis, comments

    The Proper Study Of Mankind

    Isaiah Berlin

    ‘He becomes everyman’s guide to everything exciting in the history of ideas’ New York Review of BooksIsaiah Berlin was one of the leading thinkers of the twentieth century, and one...

  • Cats of the Fey synopsis, comments

    Cats of the Fey

    Matthew D. Ryan

    Three fantasy short stories by Matthew D. Ryan.THE DEVIL'S CATIN GOLAIA fantasy short story of a mystical, diabolical cat with potent magic powers. In this fairy tale, the hunter P...

  • The Move synopsis, comments

    The Move

    Matthew Ryan

    The same old Rubbish Town, the same old waffles. Arty is getting a little bit bored of the daily grind. He fancies a change. Yes, Arty has made up his mind, he is leaving Rubbish T...

  • Stories in 5 Minutes Meet Patrick synopsis, comments

    Stories in 5 Minutes Meet Patrick

    Matthew Ryan

    Meet Patrick. Big heart, tiny brain. Download the Patrick storybook collection. Five delightful short stories for your little monsters, all featuring our intrepid hero Patrick. Th...

  • Colonel Gooseberry and the Raiders of the New Light synopsis, comments

    Colonel Gooseberry and the Raiders of the New Light

    Matthew Ryan

    The gooseberries are about to make a BIG discovery: It gets dark after bedtime! So dark in fact that some little gooseberry toes have already been stubbed. This will not do. Colone...

  • Patrick Takes Off synopsis, comments

    Patrick Takes Off

    Matthew Ryan

    Ever since Patrick was a very, very little monster, he has wanted to visit space! He would talk about it at breakfast, he would talk about it at lunchtime, he would talk about it a...

  • Nothing to Worry About synopsis, comments

    Nothing to Worry About

    Matthew Ryan

    Patrick was bored. He wondered what his friends were doing. Maybe making soup, or going for a run, or catching a big fish. But then again, what if…? SUBSCRIBE TO BOXFORT.CO FOR UN...

  • Something to do with Pumpkins synopsis, comments

    Something to do with Pumpkins

    Matthew Ryan

    Kevin has just returned from a trip to a far, far away land. A land where October was a very special month indeed. Pumpkins were everywhere, and people were dressing up and getting...

  • Patrick Found a Something synopsis, comments

    Patrick Found a Something

    Matthew Ryan

    Patrick has found something special. But what is it? It isn’t very good at doing the dishes. And it doesn’t taste very good either…   NOT YOUR REGULAR STORYBOOKS RubbishBooks ...

  • A Very Hairy Little Monster synopsis, comments

    A Very Hairy Little Monster

    Matthew Ryan

    When it comes to little monster hair, Kevin has the best mop in all of Rubbish Town. He's been crowned 'Greatest Hair' 28 consecutive times at the Rubbish Town Fair and if things g...

  • The Expert synopsis, comments

    The Expert

    Matthew Ryan

    Arty was going camping with Patrick. Patrick thought he knew all about camping. Which may have been a slight exaggeration. Unlock 30+ storybooks at

  • Tag synopsis, comments


    Matthew Ryan

    Patrick is on an epic journey. He will travel far, he will travel wide. He has to get to where he is going! But what is it that has Patrick so determined?   NOT YOUR REGULAR S...