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5th Ward The Series is an American television drama series written, produced, and created by director Greg Carter and premiered on Urban Movie Channel on March 2, 2018. The series is based on director Greg Carter's first movie Fifth Ward (1997). It is centered around the life of Mina, a single mother of two struggling to make ends meet; as well as several additional locals and town officials residing in the historical district of Houston's Fifth Ward and serves as a prequel with season one consisting of six episodes airing weekly. It stars Carl Anthony Payne and Mýa with a feature ensemble cast of Brittany Bullock, Corr Kendricks, Nephew Tommy, Christopher Jefferson, Chris O'Neal, Gary Sturgis and Lew Temple. 5th Ward The Series along with other UMC's original series had a preview screening at the 26th Annual Pan African Film Festival on February 10, 2018. The series was renewed for a second season which premiered on July 30, 2020. Background Fifth Ward was indie director Greg Carter's first feature film which he wrote, produced, edited, and shot on 35mm. It won awards at a number of festivals, but had a mixed reception when selected into the SXSW Film Festival. The movie was later distributed by York/Maverick Entertainment and released nationwide in March 2000 to Blockbuster and Hollywood Video. Synopsis "In Houston's historically black neighborhood known as the "5th Ward," long-time resident, Mina (Mýa), has been struggling to make ends meet – especially since the death of her husband two years ago. Now a single mother of two sons, James and older brother Ray Ray, Mina fears for their safety after an argument at a local convenience store leaves a young girl dead. When James is taken away from her following a police raid on her home that results in the arrest of her new boyfriend, Mina battles with the idealism of remaining on the straight and narrow and the reality of what difficult decisions her circumstances will require her to make." Cast and characters Main Mýa as Mina Kennedy – A single mother of three and aspiring singer. Prior to the show, her husband is killed. Mina is a loving, good natured but firm mother who had enjoyed singing on her church's choir until it was discovered she was dancing in the strip club. The church's congregation voted to have her removed from the church. With nothing left, she continues to dance in Blue's night club in order to support her family financially. During Season 1, Mina discovers she's pregnant and contemplates whether or not to keep the baby. In the midst of her dilemma, Mina and Blue become romantically closer and develop feelings for each other. In Season 2, Mina and Blue continue their relationship while awaiting the birth of their first child together. During the season, her and Blue open a jazz night club together as well as rejoin the church's congregation. In the finale, it is uncertain if her and Blue's baby survive after Lexus's revenge plot. Christopher Jefferson as Ray Ray Kennedy – Mina's eldest son and a talented, aspiring singer/rapper. He falls in love with Jazmine much to the dismay of his friend, Bam. In Season 2, Ray Ray continues his relationship with Jazmine until it is discovered by her parents and he's arrested for rape allegations. However, he's eventually set free and placed on house arrest after Jazmine's parents and Mina come to an agreement the two will never speak or see each other again. During the season, he meets a new student, Neisha who has a romantic interest in him, much to Jazmine's dismay. In the finale, Ray Ray and Jazmine decides to skip their high school graduation, leave 5th Ward altogether to pursue his music career and elope. Nephew Tommy as Robert Kennedy – A police officer, Mina's brother in law and Ray Ray's and James' estranged uncle. Throughout Season 1, Robert has a strained relationship as well with his wife Wanda. In Season 2, he and his partner Sones are under investigation by Internal Affairs after the truce meeting goes awry while awaiting the birth his first baby with his wife Wanda. Carl Anthony Payne as Councilman Kendrick Davis – A corrupt, manipulative elected official with hidden, dark secrets and Blue's little brother. During Season 1, Councilman Davis carries on an affair with his one-time office manager, Marcie, and has fathered a child with the local church's reverend's daughter. In Season 2, throughout Councilman Davis is harassed and threatened by an array of messages. It is revealed in a flashback, crooked police officer Gibson planted and set him up for the death of the reverend's daughter Tina. Chris O'Neal as Bam – Ray Ray's friend and aspiring rapper. He doesn't approve of Ray Ray's relationship with Jazmine. In Season 2, Bam discovers a family secret after the death of his grandmother. It is revealed one time crime boss Seth is Bam's biological father. He's in a relationship with Jazmine's friend Jaylene. Gary Sturgis as Odell "Blue" Davis – A club owner with a romantic interest in Mina and Kendrick's older brother. Throughout Season 1, Blue continuously pursues Mina much to the dismay of his now ex-girlfriend Lexus. In Season 2, he continues his relationship with Mina, while awaiting the birth of their first child together. He and Mina decides to open a jazz club and rejoin the church's congregation. In the finale, it is uncertain if him and Mina's baby survive due to his former ex-girlfriend Lexus's revenge plot. Lew Temple as Mayor Bob Coletti– A corrupt elect official with a hidden agenda of his own as well. Corr Kendricks as Ace – One of Seth's former lackey who betrays Seth during an organized truce meeting against Seth's rivals. He's killed at the end of the season finale. (Season 1)Supporting Cayden Wilson as James Kennedy – Mina's youngest son and Ray Ray's little brother. A talented, gifted artist as well. In Season 2, he's placed in a juvenile correctional facility for stealing art supplies and carrying a gun to help out with his older brother Ray Ray's bail. Eventually, he's let out after his friend takes the fault for all charges. Allison Nguyen as Jazmine Tran – Huong's and Dat Tran's eldest daughter, My Hahn's older sister, and Ray Ray's love interest. She falls in love with Ray Ray and encourages him to continue to do music whenever he begins to doubt himself. Her friends are Jaylene and Darien. In Season 2, Jazmine continues to her relationship with Ray Ray until it is discover by her parents. After her parents convinced her to testify against Ray Ray in court for rape allegations, he's arrested. However, he's eventually set free and placed on house arrest after Jazmine's parents and Mina come to an agreement the two will never speak or see each other again. Consumed by guilt, Jazmine opts to commits suicide but rescued in time by her friends. In the finale, her and Ray Ray skip their high school graduation, leave 5th Ward altogether to pursue Ray Ray's music career and elope. Derrick "D-Reck" Dixon as Seth – Fifth Ward's crime.... Discover the Mina Carter popular books. Find the top 100 most popular Mina Carter books.

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  • Blood Mate synopsis, comments

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    NB: PLEASE BE AWARE THAT THIS PREVIOUSLY PUBLISHED WITH A DIFFERENT PUBLISHER UNDER THE SAME TITLE. He was a soldier, until the project got hold of him. Now he's a monster cre...

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    I'm an alpha. Top of the food chain. What I want, I take, simple as. And I want her. I don't care she's a beta, not an omega. She's mine. I've wanted Neve for years, now she w...

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    Tall, dark and handsome, she's watched him from afar for years...Back in Beauty after a broken engagement, Kaitlyn Turner has two things on her mind: regaining her independence and...

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  • Her Empath synopsis, comments

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    Even a rogue can be brought to heel by love.Lyssa Ryland is the rogue of the fleet. Feared and wanted by half the admiralty, no one can control the redheaded General. Halfhuman, ha...

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    His Hidden Omega

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    Bad Santa

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    She's finally free… if she can stay alive.Freed from marriage to a brutal pixie warlord by his death, Joy knows her life could be counted in weeks… days probably. her husband's dea...

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    Saving Their Omega

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    Gentle. Tiny. Delicate. Everything I'm not. Everything I want. Everything I'm going to claim in hot, sweaty explicit detail. She's ours. Mine and Mason's. She might not wear o...

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    Mated by Midsummer

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    Weddings are awesome, as long as they're not hers.Not so awesome? Facing the Alpha she ran from...After living for years amongst humans, Kelli Copeland has to go home for her broth...

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    Rocked by her Alpha

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    There is life after death. No one told him it would be the same one...Brett was a soldier, until the Project killed him. Now he's finding that life after death isn't so hot. With t...

  • Finding Their Omega synopsis, comments

    Finding Their Omega

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    No woman wants the attention of an alpha. Huge, brutal, dominant... They take what they want, no matter who, or what, it is. And now I have two focused on making me theirs."…just o...

  • Claimed by the Alien Shifter synopsis, comments

    Claimed by the Alien Shifter

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    She doesn't need love. She's getting cats. Lots of them. She absolutely doesn't need a sexy alien making her think of happily ever afters...Elise doesn't need a man, she has e...

  • Pregnant by the Alien Healer synopsis, comments

    Pregnant by the Alien Healer

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    She's pregnant without nookie. Someone lied to her about the birds and the bees.Being kidnapped by aliens isn't so bad, especially as it allows Jess to be close to a certain handso...

  • Blood Vow synopsis, comments

    Blood Vow

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    They killed her sister. Now she'll make them pay...Her sister slaughtered by rogue vampires, Maria wants blood. Rogue blood. Lots of it. In vampire society though, even halfbreeds ...

  • Rescued by her Alien Protector synopsis, comments

    Rescued by her Alien Protector

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    Prepared to put her life on the line, she didn't expect to lose her heart.Vice President Madison Cole is used to having a target on her back. Being captured by aliens? An acceptabl...

  • Blood Enemy synopsis, comments

    Blood Enemy

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    Tessa wanted a weekend of peace, rest and relaxation. And some icecream.Housesitting for her sister had some advantages… namely sole ownership of the tv remote and a powershower to...

  • Broken Mate synopsis, comments

    Broken Mate

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    She needed the story. She didn't expect to run for her life in a world where vampires and werewolves are real...The homeless are going missing, and reporter Max Harvey can just ...

  • Adored by the Alien Assassin synopsis, comments

    Adored by the Alien Assassin

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    She's a nurse, not a spaceship pilot. And why are aliens so damned hot?Nurse Jac's life is boring. It certainly doesn't include aliens, unless they're on TV. But then the shit hits...

  • Blood Promise synopsis, comments

    Blood Promise

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     To be as good as them, she has to be better…A female warrior in a world of men, Vixen has spend most of her life proving herself. The only female kyn to carry warriors marks,...