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The Matter of Britain character Morgan le Fay (often known as Morgana, and sometimes also as Morgaine and other names) has been featured many times in various works of modern culture, often but not always appearing in villainous roles. Some modern stories merge Morgana's character with her sister Morgause or with aspects of Nimue (the Lady of the Lake). Her manifestations and the roles given to her by modern authors vary greatly, but typically she is being portrayed as a villainess associated with Mordred. Her stereotypical image, then, is of a seductive, megalomaniacal, power-hungry sorceress who wishes to rule Camelot and overthrow King Arthur, and is a fierce rival of the mage Merlin. Contemporary interpretations of the Arthurian myth sometimes assign to Morgana the role of seducing Arthur and giving birth to the wicked knight Mordred, though traditionally his mother was Morgause, Morgana's sister; in these works Mordred is often her pawn, used to bring about the end of the Arthurian age. Examples of modern Arthurian works featuring Morgana in a role a major antagonist include characters in both the DC Comics (Morgaine le Fey) and Marvel Comics (Morgan le Fay) comic book universes. Some other Arthurian fiction, however, casts Morgana in the various positive or at least more ambivalent roles, and some have her as a protagonist and sometimes a narrator. Overview Morgan le Fay has become ubiquitous in Arthurian works of modern culture, spanning mostly fantasy and historical fiction across various mediums including literature, comics, film, and television. As Elizabeth S. Sklar noted in 1992: "Currently a cornerstone of the new Arthurian mythos, [she] occupies a secure position in the contemporary Arthurian pantheon, as familiar a figure to modern enthusiasts as Merlin, Lancelot, or King Arthur himself." Additionally, she has become an archetype serving as a source of tropes for many characters in other modern works, some of them borrowing her name in the form Morgana. As in the case of other modern Arthuriana, Le Morte d'Arthur is the dominant source today. Prior to her 20th-century resurgence, however, Morgan had been largely absent from modern Arthuriana. The relatively few exceptions of an actual Morgan character include William Morris's epic poem The Earthly Paradise (1870), retelling the story of Morgan and Ogier the Dane. In his popular and often-adapted satirical novel A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court (1889), Mark Twain cast Morgan le Fay as a deceptively charmful representative of feudal corruption, who is also capable of the most vicious behavior and flirts with the time-travelling protagonist Hank Morgan, her namesake and essentially similar character or even a double (one film adaptation, A Knight in Camelot, stars Whoopi Goldberg as the female protagonist Vivien Morgan who is the only Morgan character in this version, sharing her first name also with one of the names of the Lady of the Lake; Kim Iverson Headlee also wrote the book's continuation novel from Morgan le Fay's own perspective, King Arthur's Sister in Washington's Court). Since the early 20th century, most modern works feature Morgan as a sorceress and sometimes a priestess, and usually a half-sister of Arthur and sometimes a femme fatale, but some also have her in other roles, including as a fairy or an otherwise non-human character. Many authors effectively merge Morgan with Morgause (traditionally a sister of Morgan and the mother of Mordred from an incestuous union with their brother Arthur) and combine her with the less savory aspects of the Lady of the Lake (this is further positioning a modern Morgan as a nemesis for Merlin, who has never been truly her foe in the medieval Arthurian lore). Such a composite character is then often turned into Mordred's mother or partner. An early instance of such simplifications used to "streamline the plot" was Henry Irving's 1895 stage production King Arthur originally written by W. G. Wills.Modern authors' versions of Morgan have her usually appear in conventionally villainous roles of a witchlike and irreconcilable enemy of Arthur, recurrently in league with Arthur's bastard son Mordred; be it in the time of the legend or still continuing her feud in the modern era, where she also may be just ruthlessly questing for power or even represent motiveless malevolence. Such Morgan is often devoid of nuances as a merely one-dimensional caricature, examples of which include the portrayals of her in several television films such as Merlin and the Sword (1985, played by Candice Bergen), A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court (1995, played by Theresa Russell) and Arthur's Quest (1999, played by Catherine Oxenberg). According to Kevin J. Harty, already in the 1953 film Knights of the Round Table she did exhibit "the sexual wiles as well as the deceit and jealousy by now stereotypical for her character." Sklar described a modern stereotype of Morgan as "the very embodiment of evil dedicated to the subversion of all forms of governance, express[ing] the fears that inevitably accompany the sort of radical cultural change represented by the social realities and ideological imperatives of escalating female empowerment during this (20th) century...a composite of all the patriarchal nightmare-women of literary tradition: Eve, Circe, Medea and Lady Macbeth compressed into a single, infinitely menacing package," and whose "sexuality exceeds even that of her prototype and serves as the chief vehicle for her manipulation of others." Notable examples of this pattern are two comic book supervillainesses, Morgan le Fay (created by Stan Lee and Joe Maneely in 1955) in the Marvel Universe and Morgaine le Fey (created by Jack Kirby in 1972) in the DC Universe. A modern Morgan is often an antagonist character for Arthur, Merlin and their followers to overcome and save Camelot, Avalon, or the entire world. Even in Excalibur (1981), John Boorman's film adaptation of Le Morte d'Arthur, the evil Morgana le Fay (played by Helen Mirren) meets her end at the hands of Mordred, her son in the film, instead of accompanying Arthur to Avalon as she did in the source material. Nevertheless, other modern versions of Morgan's character can be more sympathic or ambiguous, or even present her as in an entirely positive light, and some also feature her as a protagonist of a story. Alan Lupack noted in 2007 that a modern Morgan has evolved to become "a woman whose own values and concerns [have] become central in some retellings of the Arthurian story;" Fiona Tolhurst pointed out how "some contemporary novelists sanitize or justify" Morgan's origins as "the oversexed counter-hero in most medieval Arthurian texts." One notable example of this trend is Marion Zimmer Bradley's The Mists of Avalon (1983), an influential novel that was later adapted into a television miniseries; other such positions in modern literature, sometimes told in first person from her point of view, includ.... Discover the Nicole Flockton popular books. Find the top 100 most popular Nicole Flockton books.

Best Seller Nicole Flockton Books of January 2022

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Could the best man be her best option?   The last person Meredith Turner expects to see at her best friend’s wedding rehearsal dinner is the guy she had a one night...

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He helps save lives, now he wants to save hers.Life is easier when you're alone—that's the motto Dawn Granger lives by after everyone she's ever loved has abandon...

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He won't give up his one true love.Phoebe Fitzgerald's wedding day should be the happiest day of her life. When her ex turns up a couple weeks before the big day, d...

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Nurse Lisa Wheeler wouldn't mind getting swept off her feet this Valentine's Day, but it seems Cupid's arrow has passed her by.Instead, she's stuck working the night shift with f...

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Small town. Big secrets. Welcome to Sweet Ridge. Gage Cooper has always wanted a particular piece of family land. Not only for the oil on the property, but to prove t...

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A sexy short story about being in love with your best friend— and discovering it takes two to tango.Melinda Jones has been in love with her housemate, James Brady, since...

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Bound By The Billionaire's Desire book summary, reviews and downlod

Bound By The Billionaire's Desire


From hot author Nicole Flockton comes three steamy stories of powerful men discovering what they need the most… Bound By His Ring Luc...

Bound By His Desire book summary, reviews and downlod

Bound By His Desire


From Nicole Flockton, author of Bound by her Ring – the last thing he wants is an emotional attachment to his new assistant, but it might be the only thing he truly needs. Nick Rhodes has ...

Blind Date Bet book summary, reviews and downlod

Blind Date Bet


Never say never…  After loving and losing a soldier once, Isabella Knowles made a vow: No more military men. She’s rebuilt her life and has a classroom full of fi...

Christmas In Ghost Gum Springs book summary, reviews and downlod

Christmas In Ghost Gum Springs


She's a long way from home, and definitely not in the Christmas spirit...Diana Jenkins' dream vacation has turned into a nightmare. First, her car breaks down in the middl...

Trouble Brewing book summary, reviews and downlod

Trouble Brewing


Friends since college, Richard Whitman and Joe Sanders co-founded the WhitSand farm in bucolic Emerald Springs, Washington. But when the duo disagrees on a future direction for their thrivin...

One Hot Texas Summer book summary, reviews and downlod

One Hot Texas Summer


She’s been fooled before by sweet words and hot kisses Kelly Turner loves being a florist, and being asked to take the lead on the new site for the town’s festival is ...

Home to the Outback book summary, reviews and downlod

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Coming home isn’t always easy… Three years ago, nurse Sindy Carruthers returned to Bunya Junction wounded, wary and shamed by a relationship gone wrong. Welc...

Falling for the Texan book summary, reviews and downlod

Falling for the Texan


She plans to open his mind. Instead he uncorks her heart. Tyler Prentice is determined to launch his new winery with a sophisticated and delicious splash. He has a lot rid...

Reunion in the Outback book summary, reviews and downlod

Reunion in the Outback


Everyone deserves a second chance… Yolanda Watson thought she had left her hometown in her rearview mirror when she married her high school sweetheart and moved to the b...

Doctor in the Outback book summary, reviews and downlod

Doctor in the Outback


Can she find the courage to love again? With running the busy small-town hospital at Waratah River and setting up a foundation to help others achieve their dreams like he ...

Next Door Knight book summary, reviews and downlod

Next Door Knight


Can a dog heal two wounded souls?  Newly single Kerry Williams is at her wit’s end. She's juggling her injured father’s care, a new job as the manager of a hip ne...

Bound By Their Love book summary, reviews and downlod

Bound By Their Love


From Nicole Flockton comes the intense, emotional conclusion of her bestselling Bound trilogy…Reclusive, exclusive and world renowned, Jeffrey Courteux might get ...

Bound By Her Ring book summary, reviews and downlod

Bound By Her Ring


Luciano Morelli has perfected a plan to get revenge on his runaway wife; confronting her at the opening gala for her father's hotel. What he didn't plan on was the flaring of emotions the mo...

A Merry Texan Christmas book summary, reviews and downlod

A Merry Texan Christmas


This former all-star never knew Christmas could be so competitive. Former baseball star Trey Prentice is happily adjusting to life as a bookstore owner in his hometown of ...

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Life in the small town of Emerald Springs, Washington, is anything but slow and peaceful. An old feud between former business partners Whitman and Sanders keeps competition on a high burner,...

Daniel's Decision book summary, reviews and downlod

Daniel's Decision


Meet Daniel, the fourth of five unforgettable characters in the Emerald Springs Legacy.Life in the small town of Emerald Springs, Washington, is anything but slow and peaceful. A...

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