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Patricia McLinn (born in Illinois) is the author of more than 40 novels in the genres of romance, women's fiction and mystery fiction. Biography Patricia McLinn attended Northwestern University, where she obtained her BA in English Composition in only three years. She continued at Northwestern, obtaining her Masters in Journalism in her fourth year.McLinn began her journalism career as a sports writer for the Rockford Register Star (Illinois). She went on to become the assistant sports editor at the Charlotte Observer (North Carolina) before moving on to The Washington Post. In more than 20 years at the Washington Post, she was copy chief for the sports department and an editor for the news service, among other positions. McLinn began seriously writing as a break from chipping away at layer upon layer of wallpaper in a home improvement frenzy. According to McLinn, she began pursuing publication after hearing a talk by a writer who introduced her to the Washington, D.C. Chapter of Romance Writers of America. In 1990, McLinn published her first novel, Hoops for Silhouette. Hoops was a RITA award finalist and won the New Jersey Romance Writers Golden Leaf Award. Since then, McLinn has published an additional 40 books. Hoops, as well as books such as The Games (Winter Olympics) and Rodeo Nights, call on McLinn's background as a sports writer. Research trips to Wyoming have resulted in several of McLinn's subsequent romance series being set in that rugged state, as she discussed in a recent The Joys of Binge Reading podcast.McLinn has written for Harlequin Enterprises, Delphi Books and Belle Books, as well as independent e-publishing through A Writer's Work, and the usual array of commercial outlets. She has spoken about writing from Melbourne, Australia, to Washington, D.C., including being a guest-speaker at the Smithsonian Institution. She started a mystery series, Caught Dead in Wyoming, in 2012 with Sign Off, a finalist for the EPIC Mystery eBook award. The latest Caught Dead in Wyoming novel, Cold Open (Book 7), released in August 2018, and an eighth book, Hot Roll, is scheduled for a spring 2019 release. A new mystery with romance, set in Virginia and titled Proof of Innocence, was published in May 2018. A sequel to that book, Price of Innocence, is scheduled to be published in 2019.In 2018, McLinn started a podcast, Authors Love Readers. The podcast, hosted by McLinn, is described as a weekly conversation between authors about how and why they create stories. Guest authors write in all sorts of fiction genres and take varied paths to publication – independent, traditional, hybrid and other combinations. Awards 2007, Washington Romance Writers, Outstanding Achievement Award 2006, Cataromance Reviewers Choice Award Nominee, The Right Brother 2006, Cataromance Reviewers Choice Award Nominee, The Games 2005, RT Reviews, Series Storyteller Of The Year Award Winner 2003, Voted eHarlequin Readers’ Favorite Special Edition, The Unexpected Wedding Guest 2003, National Readers Choice Award finalist, Wedding of the Century 2003, Golden Quill finalist, Wedding of the Century 2003, Voted eHarlequin Readers’ Favorite Special Edition, Wedding of the Century 2002, More Than Magic Award finalist, The Runaway Bride 2001, WisRW Write Touch Readers Award finalist, Match Make in Wyoming 2001, OCRW Orange Rose Award finalist, Match Make in Wyoming 2001, GDRW Booksellers Best Award finalist, Almost A Bride 2000, SARA Rising Star Award winner, Hidden In A Heartbeat 2000, VRW HOLT finalist, Hidden In A Heartbeat 2000, VRW HOLT finalist, At the Heart's Command 2000, 2000 Affaire de Coeur Reader-Writer Poll—Best Contemporary Category Novel finalist, Lost and Found Groom 1998, GRW Maggie finalist, The Rancher Meets His Match 1997, VRW HOLT finalist, A Stranger To Love 1995, VRW HOLT finalist, A Stranger in the Family 1991, GRW Maggie finalist, Prelude to a Wedding 1990, Affaire de Coeur (contemporary author of the year) finalist, A New World 1990, RITA Finalist, Hoops 1990, NJRW Golden Leaf winner, Hoops Publications Caught Dead in Wyoming • Sign Off • Left Hanging • Shoot First • Last Ditch • Look Live • Back Story • Cold Open • Hot Roll (2019) Single novels • Price of Innocence (2019) • Proof of Innocence • Ride the River: Rodeo Knights • The Games • Courting a Cowboy • Widow Woman The Wedding Series • Prelude to a Wedding • Wedding Party • Grady's Wedding • The Runaway Bride • The Christmas Princess • Hoops • The Surprise Princess • Not a Family Man • The Forgotten Prince Bardville, Wyoming • A Stranger In the Family • A Stranger to Love • The Rancher Meets his Match A Place Called Home • Lost and Found Groom • At the Heart's Command • Hidden in a Heartbeat Wyoming Wildflowers • Wyoming Wildflowers: The Beginning (prequel) • Almost a Bride • Match Make in Wyoming • My Heart Remembers • A New World (prequel to Jack's Heart) • Jack's Heart • Rodeo Nights (prequel to Where Love Lives) • Where Love Lives • A Cowboy Wedding Marry Me • Wedding of the Century • The Unexpected Wedding Guest • A Most Unikely Wedding • Baby Blues and Wedding Bells Seasons in a Small Town • What Are Friends For? • The Right Brother • Falling for Her • Warm Front References External links Discover the Patricia Mclinn popular books. 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Best Seller Patricia Mclinn Books of 2023

  • Prelude to a Wedding synopsis, comments

    Prelude to a Wedding

    Patricia McLinn

    ❤ OPPOSITES? Oh, yeah. ATTRACT? Absolutely❤ She’s all work and no play. He’s an expert at fun. Their romance is the game of their lives. Paul Monroe needs a temporary assistant whi...

  • Death on Torrid Ave. synopsis, comments

    Death on Torrid Ave.

    Patricia McLinn

    Paws for murder Far from the publishing world that once defined her, Sheila Mackey has found a new life, a new home, and a new love. The love has four legs, a plumey tail, and a lo...

  • The Runaway Bride synopsis, comments

    The Runaway Bride

    Patricia McLinn

    ❤ A bride in trouble, a doubting cowboy❤ USA TODAY BESTSELLER “Are you sure, baby?”   The worried father of the bridetobe asks when he sees the turmoil on his daughter’s fac...

  • Widow Woman synopsis, comments

    Widow Woman

    Patricia McLinn

    1880s Wyoming Territory   As strong as the ranch she runs, widow Rachel Terhune has one dreamto fulfill the legacy she inherited from her father. Hiring Nick Dusaq has nothing...

  • Death on the Diversion synopsis, comments

    Death on the Diversion

    Patricia McLinn

    Final resting place? Deck chair. Death on the Diversion is the start of a new cozy mystery series from a USA Today bestselling author. Sheila Mackey has a secret. To the world, she...

  • The Surprise Princess synopsis, comments

    The Surprise Princess

    Patricia McLinn

    ❤ Win a throne, but lose him forever? ❤ Katie Davis is a perfectly ordinary young woman living a perfectly ordinary life in smalltown Wisconsin … isn’t she? The most interesting th...

  • The Christmas Princess synopsis, comments

    The Christmas Princess

    Patricia McLinn

    ❤ The toughest mission of his career… Her❤ The Christmas season isn’t looking great for April Gareaux. Her job is uninspiring, her engagement is off, and she has nowhere to live. C...

  • Hoops synopsis, comments


    Patricia McLinn

    ❤ Slam dunk? Not in their season of desire❤ Fulllength novel prequel to THE SURPRISE PRINCESS "Fastpaced and funny but soulful and deep.... Just right. That's what I thought of Hoo...

  • Death on Covert Circle synopsis, comments

    Death on Covert Circle

    Patricia McLinn

    A reviled supermarket CEO meets his expiration date The executive who’s responsible for widely hated changes at the biggest grocery store in Haines Tavern, Kentucky, arrives for a ...

  • Not a Family Man synopsis, comments

    Not a Family Man

    Patricia McLinn

    ❤ When a cowboy gets a city girl boss…❤ The fulllength novel prequel to THE FORGOTTEN PRINCE To Wyoming ranch foreman Tucker Gates, the only good owner for the Double Bar X is an a...

  • Where Love Lives synopsis, comments

    Where Love Lives

    Patricia McLinn

    ❤ ONE NIGHT THAT CHANGED THEM BOTH FOREVER… ❤  As Zoe and Matt tussle over how best to use a billionaire’s bequest, a deeper question looms: Will one night from their past sta...

  • Death on ZigZag Trail synopsis, comments

    Death on ZigZag Trail

    Patricia McLinn

    Will spooky legend twist whodunit into whatdunit? As sighing winds and fogdrifting nights mask the moon over North Bend County, Kentucky, the sleuthing team of Sheila and Clara tes...

  • Wyoming Wildflowers Trilogy synopsis, comments

    Wyoming Wildflowers Trilogy

    Patricia McLinn

    ~~~   Wildflowers have to be strong and resilient to bloom amid the rugged beauty of Wyoming – and so do the women.  ~~~  Wyoming Wildflowers Trilogy – Three books ...

  • A New World synopsis, comments

    A New World

    Patricia McLinn

    ❤ ELEANOR NEVER TOOK RISKS. UNTIL CAHILL.❤ This charmer can make or break her beachfront restaurant... and her heart. Fulllength standalone novel that also introduces you to Val, w...

  • Hidden in a Heartbeat synopsis, comments

    Hidden in a Heartbeat

    Patricia McLinn

    Far Hills Ranch has bound the Susland family for nearly a century and a half. For just as long, there’s been a legend that the ranch and its family are cursed. Now, says the legend...

  • A Place Called Home Trilogy Boxed Set synopsis, comments

    A Place Called Home Trilogy Boxed Set

    Patricia McLinn

    Get the three books of the A Place Called Home western romance series here in one volume! Far Hills Ranch has bound together the Susland family for nearly a century and a half. For...

  • The Forgotten Prince synopsis, comments

    The Forgotten Prince

    Patricia McLinn

    ❤ They have a history can it be rewritten?❤ Prince Karl longs to once more be plain Karl Wethers, Wyoming rancher. Instead, his sense of responsibility, nurtured as a cowboy and h...

  • The Wedding Series Trilogy synopsis, comments

    The Wedding Series Trilogy

    Patricia McLinn

    You are cordially invited ... to join the celebration as college friends embark on the greatest education of all falling in love. The Wedding Series Book 1 Prelude to a Wedding B...

  • The Rancher Meets His Match synopsis, comments

    The Rancher Meets His Match

    Patricia McLinn

    Three strangers arrive in rugged Bardville, Wyoming.  They're never the same... And neither are the people of Bardville.   "In Book 1 Bodie stole my heart, in Book 2...

  • Bardville, Wyoming Trilogy synopsis, comments

    Bardville, Wyoming Trilogy

    Patricia McLinn

    Three strangers arrive in rugged Bardville, Wyoming.  They're never the same... And neither are the people of Bardville.   Enjoy The Bardville, Wyoming contemporary weste...

  • Rodeo Nights synopsis, comments

    Rodeo Nights

    Patricia McLinn

    Time hasn’t dimmed their bonedeep passion . . .  Ten years ago, Kalli left her rodeo bullrider husband Walker Riley, unable to bear her terrible fear for him. Or the fear that...

  • Almost a Bride synopsis, comments

    Almost a Bride

    Patricia McLinn

    ❤ A SHAM WEDDING BECOMES THE REAL THING? ❤ She’s come home to save her ranch.  He’s stayed put with hopes for a second chance. Matty Brennan would do anything to save her fami...

  • Lost and Found Groom synopsis, comments

    Lost and Found Groom

    Patricia McLinn

    Far Hills Ranch has bound together the Susland family for nearly a century and a half. For just as long, there’s been a legend that the ranch and its family are cursed. Now, says t...

  • My Heart Remembers synopsis, comments

    My Heart Remembers

    Patricia McLinn

    ❤ "EMOTION AND SENSUALITY... FAMILY BONDS." ❤ She came home to forget the past...and him.  Now, he's come after her. Lisa Currick was once as bright and open as the sunny Bur ...

  • The Right Brother synopsis, comments

    The Right Brother

    Patricia McLinn

    ❤ HER EX’S BROTHER? NO WAY. EVEN IF… ❤ Seasons in a Small Town – Summer “A great read. The town of Drago has insinuated itself into my heart.” Vine Voice  Pretty, popular Jen...

  • The Games synopsis, comments

    The Games

    Patricia McLinn

    "Breathtaking passion...(Will) have you cheering, sighing, and all choked up" Romance Designs "Portrays the emotional roller coaster an athlete rides" Michael Weiss, U.S. Olympic...

  • A Stranger in the Family synopsis, comments

    A Stranger in the Family

    Patricia McLinn

    He came for his son. He never expected her. A sexy, intriguing stranger arrives unexpectedly at her Wyoming ranch, threatening the one thing Cambria protects more fiercely than her...

  • Wedding Party synopsis, comments

    Wedding Party

    Patricia McLinn

    ❤ Always best of friends. Now best of lovers?❤ You are cordially invited to join the wedding celebration as college friends embark on the greatest education of all falling in love...