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Patti Austin is the fifth studio album by American R&B singer Patti Austin, released on March 5, 1984 by Qwest Records. Track listing Side one "It's Gonna Be Special" (Clif Magness, Glen Ballard) – 4:17 "Rhythm of the Street" (Jeffrey Cohen, Preston Glass, Narada Michael Walden) – 4:00 "All Behind Us Now" (David Pack) – 4:59 "Hot! In the Flames of Love" (Cohen, Glass, Walden) – 3:59 "Change Your Attitude" (Magness, Ballard) – 3:41Side two "Shoot The Moon" (Ballard, Magness) – 3:35 "I've Got My Heart Set on You" (David Bryant, Diane Warren) – 4:12 "Fine Fine Fella (Got to Have You)" (Ollie E. Brown, Attala Zane Giles, Phillip Ingram) – 4:34 "Starstruck" (Glass, Dwayne Simmons, Walden) – 4:28 "Any Way You Can" (Pack, Michael McDonald) – 4:31Personnel Credits are adapted from the Patti Austin liner notes. Production Executive Producers – Quincy Jones and Ed Eckstine Producers – Quincy Jones (Track 1); Narada Michael Walden (Tracks 2, 4 & 9); David Pack (Tracks 3 & 10); Clif Magness (Track 5); Glen Ballard (Tracks 5 & 6); Ollie E. Brown (Tracks 7 & 8). Engineers – Tommy Vicari (Track 1); David Frazer (Tracks 2, 4 & 9); Tom Perry (Track 3); Michael Verdick (Tracks 3 & 10); Ian Eales (Tracks 5 & 6); Steve Halquist (Tracks 7 & 8); Al Schmitt (Track 10). Assistant Engineers – Mitch Gibson (Tracks 1, 5 & 6); Barbara Rooney (Track 1); John Nowland (Tracks 2, 4 & 9); Paul Erickson (Tracks 5 & 6); Mike Ross (Tracks 5 & 6); David Marquette (Track 6). Mixing – Tommy Vicari (Track 1); Michael Verdick (Tracks 3 & 10); Ian Eales (Tracks 5 & 6); Ollie E. Brown and Steve Halquist (Tracks 7 & 8). Recorded and Mixed at Ameraycan Studios, Hollywood Sound Recorders, Soundcastle, Weddington Studios and Sunset Sound (Hollywood, CA); The Complex (Los Angeles, CA); The Automatt (San Francisco, CA); Channel Recording (Burbank, CA). Strings on Tracks 3 & 10 recorded at Ocean Way Recording (Los Angeles, CA). Editing – Ian Eales, Ed Eckstine and Clif Magness. Additional Technical Supervision – Ed Eckstine Originally mastered by Steve Hall at Future Disc (North Hollywood, CA). Remastered by Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound (New York, NY). Design – Jeri McManus and Mark Larsen Hand Tinting – Dennis Keeley Photography – Gary HeeryReferences External links Patti Austin at Discogs (list of releases). Discover the Patti Larsen popular books. Find the top 100 most popular Patti Larsen books.

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  • Ancient Ways synopsis, comments

    Ancient Ways

    Patti Larsen

    Under AttackSyd! I knew that voice, the power behind it. I pulled back just in time, only a heartbeat before I blew Mia's mind into a gazillion fragments.Help me Syd please help th...

  • Unseelie Ties synopsis, comments

    Unseelie Ties

    Patti Larsen

    Unseelie TiesAn Unwelcome GuestThis had to be very bad or Mom wouldn't be soft shoeing her way around me.“Mom,” I said.“I'm sorry, Syd,” she said. “I'm under a great deal of pressu...

  • Divided Heart synopsis, comments

    Divided Heart

    Patti Larsen

    College BoundI grunted from the weight of the suitcase as I heaved it out of the back of the van. What had I packed again? I didn't remember it being this heavy when I loaded it in...

  • All In and Death synopsis, comments

    All In and Death

    Patti Larsen

    When Fee is hired as extra security for a poker tournament, she fully expects to learn a thing or two. Trouble is, when one of the players dies during play, she not only has to use...

  • Coffee, Tea or Murder Me synopsis, comments

    Coffee, Tea or Murder Me

    Patti Larsen

    A trendy diner, troublesome local and murder!When her friend opens a diner in their hometown, Persephone is the first one there to support her. But when a local bully decides he li...

  • Dreams and Echoes synopsis, comments

    Dreams and Echoes

    Patti Larsen

    This prequel novella to Family Magic explores Syd's first jobwhile she struggles to save a ghost.

  • Urn Your Keep synopsis, comments

    Urn Your Keep

    Patti Larsen

    A last will and testament, a race to win the inheritance and murder!When Calliope’s best friend, Thalia, asks for help, Persephone says yes immediately. Her first real encounter wi...

  • Queen of Darkness synopsis, comments

    Queen of Darkness

    Patti Larsen

    Trial by Vampire“We are within our rights to bring you here without your permission.” The vampire Queen finally spoke, tearing my gaze from the others. I focused on her as she went...

  • Bed and Breakfast and Murder synopsis, comments

    Bed and Breakfast and Murder

    Patti Larsen

    A Poo Poo Kind of MorningI tried not to look down the mouth of hell staring back at me from inside the glaringly pristine outer ceramic shell of the white throne, my throat catchin...

  • The Hothouse Deception synopsis, comments

    The Hothouse Deception

    Patti Larsen

    Petal’s digging into another mystery, this time hired by the police department to investigate a program aimed to assist exconvicts to gain new skills. But when one of the staff at ...

  • Guns and Ammo and Murder synopsis, comments

    Guns and Ammo and Murder

    Patti Larsen

    An anxious kind of month“Any new threats against you?” Pamela seemed eager for my answer while I tsked at her.“Are you actually asking me if I’ve had any further nasty messages lef...

  • Gatekeeper synopsis, comments


    Patti Larsen

    The Call of the SidheThe Gate awaits me, shining splendor glowing in the pale light. I look up, see the moon hanging over me, full and bloated, speaking a promise of freedom.The ot...

  • Tropical Destinations and Death synopsis, comments

    Tropical Destinations and Death

    Patti Larsen

    When Fee and Daisy take a wellearned vacation on a private resort island, the intrusion of a third wheel distracts while Fee struggles to reconnect with her bestie. Trouble is, whe...

  • Anchors Away and Murder synopsis, comments

    Anchors Away and Murder

    Patti Larsen

    A seventh cozy mystery installment to die for!A Crewless Kind of Week“Good morning, Sheriff. How’s Montpelier?” He and Jill were at a conference in the state capital, gone since la...

  • Inquiring Minds and Death synopsis, comments

    Inquiring Minds and Death

    Patti Larsen

    Now a fully licensed PI and working her own cases, Fee’s professional future comes into question once again with the discovery of an opponent’s body. She quickly uncovers ties to o...

  • Full Circle synopsis, comments

    Full Circle

    Patti Larsen

    The Enforcers ComethThe moment my hand touched the handle, I felt Quaid enter the back yard, just like always. But if it wasn’t him on the other side of the kitchen door, who was? ...

  • The After Hours Deception synopsis, comments

    The After Hours Deception

    Patti Larsen

    Petal Morgan finds herself, at twentyeight, not only without any sort of compass leading her to her lifelong dream (she has as yet to identify), not to mention the student loans st...

  • Social Medium synopsis, comments

    Social Medium

    Patti Larsen

    All In A Day’s HauntingI’d come to terms with what Sadie Hatch did to me five years ago, setting me up to take the fall for her blackmail scheme the way she did. I’d had time, my s...

  • The Wild synopsis, comments

    The Wild

    Patti Larsen

    Syd has what she's always wanted. Thanks to her demon's sacrifice, she is finally normal. Why then does she want her magic back so badly? Her loss couldn't come at a worse time. A ...

  • Out With The Old and Death synopsis, comments

    Out With The Old and Death

    Patti Larsen

    When Fee and Crew are invited to a New Year’s Eve soiree at Emile and Daisy’s amazing penthouse, the last thing she wants is to get dolled up and pretend to have a good time when s...

  • Finding Zen and Death synopsis, comments

    Finding Zen and Death

    Patti Larsen

    The women’s retreat weekend was supposed to relax Fee, not lead to murder! When an unwelcome guest goes belly up, and Mother Nature interferes in a cry for the cavalry, Fee is on t...

  • Whips and Spurs and Murder synopsis, comments

    Whips and Spurs and Murder

    Patti Larsen

    An epic kind of yearThere were times when I made truly bad choices in life, moments when I knew better but I just couldn’t seem to help myself. You know what I mean, right? How log...

  • Mayhem and Murder, Ink synopsis, comments

    Mayhem and Murder, Ink

    Patti Larsen

    Mayhem and Murder, Ink!Five amazing cozy murder mystery first in series FREE:Welcome to the cutest town in America, Reading, VT! Meet Fiona Fleming, her flatulent pug, Petunia, and...

  • Flesh and Blood synopsis, comments

    Flesh and Blood

    Patti Larsen

    When Syd’s father uses blood magic to return to Demonicon, he not only seals his own fate, a death sentence, he transfers all of his remaining power into the demon cat, Sassafras. ...

  • Runways and High Heels and Murder synopsis, comments

    Runways and High Heels and Murder

    Patti Larsen

    An empowering kind of momentI had no idea hitting someone could be so emotionally satisfying. Not that I condoned violence on a regular basis, but I did happen to be known for my t...

  • Family Magic synopsis, comments

    Family Magic

    Patti Larsen

    WORLD'S BEST STORY 2014Magic? Check. High school cheerbullies? Check. Impending evil? You betcha. She’s so doomed…While Sydlynn Hayle might be her coven's heir, her reluctance to a...

  • First Plane synopsis, comments

    First Plane

    Patti Larsen

    Welcome to Demonicon“I am Pagomaris, first aide to Ruler. I’m thrilled to have you both here. It’s my responsibility to ensure you are presentable for the parade.”Presentable? Para...

  • The Long Lost synopsis, comments

    The Long Lost

    Patti Larsen

    Syd’s worst fear has come trueQuaid found his family and chose them over her. Not to be outdone, her friends are going their separate ways, her foundation falling out from beneath ...

  • Mind Your Own Murder synopsis, comments

    Mind Your Own Murder

    Patti Larsen

    A beach retreat, a neighborly dispute and murder!Persephone Pringle is 50, newly (and happily!) divorced and on a private, monthlong retreat to find herself again. But when both se...

  • Dead Even synopsis, comments

    Dead Even

    Patti Larsen

    Come to Whitewitch Island, they said. A nice place to retire, they said…Who knew I owned so much stuff? Or that it would take up all this space in so many boxes I could barely navi...

  • Dark Promise synopsis, comments

    Dark Promise

    Patti Larsen

    Dark PromiseMurder Most Foul“Ahbi!” I was moving before I knew it, stumbling to fall on my abused knees at her side, where my grandmother laid facedown. I reached for her, desperat...

  • Ganache and Fondant and Murder synopsis, comments

    Ganache and Fondant and Murder

    Patti Larsen

    A fifth cozy mystery installment to die for!A Tasty Kind of AfternoonNot to be indelicate about it, but if Mom made me eat one more bite of cake, I was going to throw up. I’d hones...

  • Pirate Gold and Murder synopsis, comments

    Pirate Gold and Murder

    Patti Larsen

    A swashbuckling kind of lifeI could honestly say there was nothing more incredible than opening my eyes to find a pair of gorgeous blue ones staring right back at me. I’d been enjo...

  • Merry Little Mystic Murder synopsis, comments

    Merry Little Mystic Murder

    Patti Larsen

    Do you have any idea how hard it is to focus on spell casting with Jingle Bells running in your head?Hard. Trust me on that.Still, this was my favorite part, despite the subject an...

  • Eve synopsis, comments


    Patti Larsen

    What if Death fell in love with Life and they had a daughter...?Her unique parentage ensures Eve isn't like her angel siblings. She brings Death at the beginning of Life and Life t...

  • Ropes and Trees and Murder synopsis, comments

    Ropes and Trees and Murder

    Patti Larsen

    A sixth cozy mystery installment to die for!A Dangling Kind of Minute"Have dinner with me tonight." The gruffness of Crew's voice made me shiver all over, especially when he didn't...

  • Ghosts and Goblins and Murder synopsis, comments

    Ghosts and Goblins and Murder

    Patti Larsen

    A Séance Kind of EveningIt was almost as if someone wrapped the room in a cold hand, chill in the air triggering goosebumps on my skin. I caught motion in the corner of my eye, tur...

  • Chocolate Hearts and Murder synopsis, comments

    Chocolate Hearts and Murder

    Patti Larsen

    A Multiple Drink Kind of NightWhy was it fancy Valentine’s Day drinks were always tinted red? Reminded me more of gore and mayhem than anything to do with romance. Which said a lot...

  • Demon Child synopsis, comments

    Demon Child

    Patti Larsen

    Now that the rift between Syd and her demon is growing wider, becoming normal is finally a real possibility. But Syd is having second thoughts. A vampire kidnaps her little sister,...

  • Something Borrowed, Something Blue and Murder synopsis, comments

    Something Borrowed, Something Blue and Murder

    Patti Larsen

    An old kind of newCrew closed the distance between us, my head suddenly tucked under his chin, hands pressing me to him, rocking me gently, softly while he whispered my name in my ...

  • Clone Three synopsis, comments

    Clone Three

    Patti Larsen

    She must risk everything. She must remember. She must survive.Clone Three wakes in a decaying city she is sure doesn’t match the one she came from. If only she could remember. She ...

  • Patent Pending and Death synopsis, comments

    Patent Pending and Death

    Patti Larsen

    Fiona Fleming is back, and, just her luck, the bodies keep piling up! Happily married and diving into her new career, Fee finds herself once again embroiled in the heart of mysteri...

  • Fame and Fortune and Murder synopsis, comments

    Fame and Fortune and Murder

    Patti Larsen

    An Insulting Kind of DayI skipped around a small stack of pylons while my deputy cousin unloaded more of the same from the back of the sheriff’s pickup. I beamed at Robert Carlisle...