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The Island Media Arts is a non-profit media organization that began with the Island which was incorporated in 1978 in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada. The Island Media Arts evolved in 1982 when the co-op became oriented toward film production. Since then IMAC has operated as a non-profit filmmaker's organization. Though the emphasis on film has changed over time to branch into a wider array of media arts disciplines, the objectives have remained the same; to provide a space where artists can hone their skills and exchange ideas. The formation of IMAC came about because of the need on Prince Edward Island for accessible film production facilities, the development of creative and technical skill pools, and the availability of information integral to the art and its industry. From the beginning the role of IMAC has been that of a developmental production organization. This fully pledged commitment has made much out of the few resources available and sees the need for its continuation far into the future. About The Co-op is a member driven non-profit independent media arts organization with a strong production mandate. They offer an atmosphere of participation, self-advancement, and program involvement. The primary purpose of IMAC is to assist emerging, mid-career, and established media artists in their production efforts by providing a pool of talent, resources, workshops, programming structures, equipment and space. Through these avenues they inspire interest in, and support of, all aspects of the media arts to a community that otherwise would find these forms of expression less accessible and less affordable. IMAC supports and sustains a variety of initiatives that stimulate artistic expression through the media arts. IMAC provides workshops, production grants, production assistance, reduced-rate equipment rentals, dissemination initiatives, festivals, screenings and community. The facilities offer equipment for film and video production including cameras, lighting and sound equipment, editing suites for video and film, various other resources, and support staff, among many others. Location From 1978 to 1988 the offices of IMAC were located on the third floor of the Security Building at 92 Queen Street in Charlottetown. In April 1988 the co-op moved to the second floor of the Security Building. The larger office consisted of five rooms with approximately 1,000 sq ft (93 m2). of floor space. The new location slowly filled with much needed equipment and the rooms provided members with processing facilities for editing, sound and animation. As IMAC membership and production increased considerably over the years, the co-op was once again outgrowing its new space. In 1995 the co-op moved into its current location in the Arts Guild building on the corner of Richmond and Queen Streets as part of a collective arts initiative. There were many advantages to this move. There is more room for the optical printer, which previously had been sitting largely unused in an equipment storage room. There was also a need for a second animation suite in order to develop animation training opportunities. Also, with more members working on their productions it was necessary to expand and update the editing facilities to accommodate their needs. The new space is wheelchair accessible which makes it possible to be enjoyed by members who were previously unable to access the facilities. Membership IMAC has two different memberships, general and producer. New member applicants are reviewed at each monthly board meeting. General membership The general membership entitles those to receive newsletters and emails, printed materials, access to members log-in site and to attend functions at members rates. The general membership is a voting membership. The General Membership does not entitle those to rent equipment or use the facilities unless under the guidance of a producing pember. To upgrade to a producer membership you must produce one work under the mentorship of a qualified producer member and submit a new application for board review. Upon acceptance, your anniversary date will remain the same. The cost to join as a general member is $25CAD. Producer membership All applications are reviewed by the board of directors and if approved you will be entitled to receive our monthly newsletter, emails from the executive director, access to the members log in site and to be able to attend functions at member rate and access to equipment. A producer membership entitles you to one vote at the annual general meeting and the right to sit on committees. To be considered, a person applying for the producer membership must provide at least two video project where they are listed as either a producer or director. Producer members are able to rent out equipment for general members, as long as the producer member is with the equipment at all times. The cost to join as a producer member is $40CAD. Board of directors The board of directors are involved members of the co-op who are open to hearing ideas and suggestions from the wider membership. They are elected annually in June by current members of the cooperative. As of May 2014, the board of directors are: Nils Ling (President) Millefiore Clarkes (Vice President) Monica Lacey (Secretary) Susanne MacDonald (Treasurer) Patti Larsen (Member at Large) Laura Cieczkowski (Member at Large) Mark Sandiford (Member at Large)Funding IMAC's funding comes from a variety of sources. Major operational funding comes from the Canada Council of the Arts, which also contributes in the form of workshop and equipment purchase grants. The National Film Board contributes an annual grant for all production expenses that any member can access through written proposals to the Program Committees. Budget, cast and crew and a copy of the script should be attached to your proposal. The board has final approval. Occasionally the co-op has received funding from other outside resources such as, the PEI Department of Tourism, PEI Council of the Arts, InnovationPEI and the CBC. Individual members have raised production funds from such sources as the Department of Community and Cultural Affairs and the Linda Joy Busby Media Arts Foundation, as well as private sources. References External links Official website. Discover the Patti Larsen popular books. Find the top 100 most popular Patti Larsen books.

Best Seller Patti Larsen Books of June 2022

Mysteries, Midsummer Sun and Murders book summary, reviews and downlod

Mysteries, Midsummer Sun and Murders


Poisonous picnics, burgled barbeques, deadly deckchairs... and midsummer mayhem! From a brilliant bunch of amazing authors, including multiple prizewinners and USA Today best se...

Coffee, Tea or Murder Me book summary, reviews and downlod

Coffee, Tea or Murder Me


A trendy diner, troublesome local and murder!When her friend opens a diner in their hometown, Persephone is the first one there to support her. But when a local bully decides he ...

The Long Lost book summary, reviews and downlod

The Long Lost


Syd’s worst fear has come true-Quaid found his family and chose them over her. Not to be outdone, her friends are going their separate ways, her foundation falling out from beneath her. Wh...

Eve book summary, reviews and downlod



What if Death fell in love with Life and they had a daughter...?Her unique parentage ensures Eve isn't like her angel siblings. She brings Death at the beginning of Life and Life...

Shifting Loyalties book summary, reviews and downlod

Shifting Loyalties


Weregirl UnboundI have news about Charlotte, Sunny sent.Instant perk. Is she okay? Where is she?The feeling from the vampire queen wasn’t positive.

Ancient Ways book summary, reviews and downlod

Ancient Ways


Under AttackSyd! I knew that voice, the power behind it. I pulled back just in time, only a heartbeat before I blew Mia's mind into a gazillion fragments.Help me Syd ...

The Last Call book summary, reviews and downlod

The Last Call


Mommy DearestMy stomach churned, turned over. Settled. Damn it, everything made me feel nauseated these days. I was lucky not to have had a pukey pregnancy at the outset, but I w...

Bed and Breakfast and Murder book summary, reviews and downlod

Bed and Breakfast and Murder


A Poo Poo Kind of MorningI tried not to look down the mouth of hell staring back at me from inside the glaringly pristine outer ceramic shell of the white throne, my throat catch...

Haute Couture and Death book summary, reviews and downlod

Haute Couture and Death


Fancy dresses, ancient history and murder!Fiona Fleming’s return to the Big Apple has her helping out an old friend while reliving the past. But Vivian French’s troubles turn...

The Hothouse Deception book summary, reviews and downlod

The Hothouse Deception


Petal’s digging into another mystery, this time hired by the police department to investigate a program aimed to assist ex-convicts to gain new skills. But when one of the staff at the gre...

Ghosts and Goblins and Murder book summary, reviews and downlod

Ghosts and Goblins and Murder


A Séance Kind of EveningIt was almost as if someone wrapped the room in a cold hand, chill in the air triggering goosebumps on my skin. I caught motion in the corner of my eye, ...

Better Bones and Gardens book summary, reviews and downlod

Better Bones and Gardens


A flower festival, a poisonous plot and murder!Thalia Vesterville’s passion for flowers prompts her to host a brand-new festival on her estate. But when Persephone volunteers t...

Plaid and Fore! and Murder book summary, reviews and downlod

Plaid and Fore! and Murder


A mulligan kind of instant“Sorry about the whole clandestine next state over photo adventure,” Crew said. “It’s not like anyone else is looking since those treasure hunte...

Dead Even book summary, reviews and downlod

Dead Even


Come to Whitewitch Island, they said. A nice place to retire, they said…Who knew I owned so much stuff? Or that it would take up all this space in so many boxes I could barely ...

Gatekeeper book summary, reviews and downlod



The Call of the SidheThe Gate awaits me, shining splendor glowing in the pale light. I look up, see the moon hanging over me, full and bloated, speaking a promise of freedom.

Anchors Away and Murder book summary, reviews and downlod

Anchors Away and Murder


A seventh cozy mystery installment to die for!A Crew-less Kind of Week“Good morning, Sheriff. How’s Montpelier?” He and Jill were at a conference in the state c...

Hunt (Book Four The Hunted) book summary, reviews and downlod

Hunt (Book Four The Hunted)


Reid has joined the hunters. But even now he is unable to avoid being pursued. Caught between the army and Dr. Lund's mercenary forces, he is made to hunt under orders or be killed. Now his ...

Unseelie Ties book summary, reviews and downlod

Unseelie Ties


Unseelie TiesAn Unwelcome GuestThis had to be very bad or Mom wouldn't be soft shoeing her way around me.“Mom,” I said.“I'm sorry, Syd,...

Fight (Book Three, The Hunted) book summary, reviews and downlod

Fight (Book Three, The Hunted)


Reid is tired of running, tired of hiding. It's time to take the fight to the enemy. No more picking the kids off one by one, wearing them down with terror and starvation. He is ready to act...

Urn Your Keep book summary, reviews and downlod

Urn Your Keep


A last will and testament, a race to win the inheritance and murder!When Calliope’s best friend, Thalia, asks for help, Persephone says yes immediately. Her first real encounte...

All In and Death book summary, reviews and downlod

All In and Death


When Fee is hired as extra security for a poker tournament, she fully expects to learn a thing or two. Trouble is, when one of the players dies during play, she not only has to use her speci...

Pirate Gold and Murder book summary, reviews and downlod

Pirate Gold and Murder


A swashbuckling kind of lifeI could honestly say there was nothing more incredible than opening my eyes to find a pair of gorgeous blue ones staring right back at me. I’d been ...

Clone Three book summary, reviews and downlod

Clone Three


She must risk everything. She must remember. She must survive.Clone Three wakes in a decaying city she is sure doesn’t match the one she came from. If only she could remember. ...

Runways and High Heels and Murder book summary, reviews and downlod

Runways and High Heels and Murder


An empowering kind of momentI had no idea hitting someone could be so emotionally satisfying. Not that I condoned violence on a regular basis, but I did happen to be known for my...

Demon Child book summary, reviews and downlod

Demon Child


Now that the rift between Syd and her demon is growing wider, becoming normal is finally a real possibility. But Syd is having second thoughts. A vampire kidnaps her little sister, and her s...

Whips and Spurs and Murder book summary, reviews and downlod

Whips and Spurs and Murder


An epic kind of yearThere were times when I made truly bad choices in life, moments when I knew better but I just couldn’t seem to help myself. You know what I mean, right? How...

Family Magic book summary, reviews and downlod

Family Magic


***WORLD'S BEST STORY 2014***Magic? Check. High school cheerbullies? Check. Impending evil? You betcha. She’s so doomed…While Sydlynn Hayle might be her coven's h...

Flesh and Blood book summary, reviews and downlod

Flesh and Blood


When Syd’s father uses blood magic to return to Demonicon, he not only seals his own fate, a death sentence, he transfers all of his remaining power into the demon cat, Sassafras. Transfor...

Social Medium book summary, reviews and downlod

Social Medium


All In A Day’s HauntingI’d come to terms with what Sadie Hatch did to me five years ago, setting me up to take the fall for her blackmail scheme the way she did. I’d had ti...

Patent Pending and Death book summary, reviews and downlod

Patent Pending and Death


Fiona Fleming is back, and, just her luck, the bodies keep piling up! Happily married and diving into her new career, Fee finds herself once again embroiled in the heart of mysteries she can...

Freak Show (Episode One: The Nightshade Cases) book summary, reviews and downlod

Freak Show (Episode One: The Nightshade Cases)


When exotic dancer Aisling is murdered, Detective Geraldine Meyers is assigned the case. With help from medical examiner Dr. Rachel Hunter, Gerri realizes this is no ordinary killing. While ...

Mayhem and Murder, Ink book summary, reviews and downlod

Mayhem and Murder, Ink


Mayhem and Murder, Ink!Five amazing cozy murder mystery first in series FREE:Welcome to the cutest town in America, Reading, VT! Meet Fiona Fleming, her flatulent pug...

Ropes and Trees and Murder book summary, reviews and downlod

Ropes and Trees and Murder


A sixth cozy mystery installment to die for!A Dangling Kind of Minute"Have dinner with me tonight." The gruffness of Crew's voice made me shiver all over, especially ...

The After Hours Deception book summary, reviews and downlod

The After Hours Deception


Petal Morgan finds herself, at twenty-eight, not only without any sort of compass leading her to her lifelong dream (she has as yet to identify), not to mention the student loans stacking up...

Hide (Book Two, The Hunted) book summary, reviews and downlod

Hide (Book Two, The Hunted)


Reid isn't sure if he's grateful to be alive. He's managed to save a small group of kids from the hunters, but only by trapping them all underground without food or water or a way out. If st...

Murder and Mice and Everything Vice book summary, reviews and downlod

Murder and Mice and Everything Vice


Holistic therapist Persephone Pringle thought she’d be spending the weekend on Brightpoint Island helping guests with their troubles, not solving a murder! But when one of the attendees tu...

Witch Hunt (Book Two-Hayle Coven Novels) book summary, reviews and downlod

Witch Hunt (Book Two-Hayle Coven Novels)


Teen witch Sydlynn Hayle finally did it. Despite the fact she's a social outcast, Syd finally made friends. Even the captain of the football team wants to be her boyfriend. When an ancient p...

The Wild book summary, reviews and downlod

The Wild


Syd has what she's always wanted. Thanks to her demon's sacrifice, she is finally normal. Why then does she want her magic back so badly? Her loss couldn't come at a worse time. A storm is b...

Fame and Fortune and Murder book summary, reviews and downlod

Fame and Fortune and Murder


An Insulting Kind of DayI skipped around a small stack of pylons while my deputy cousin unloaded more of the same from the back of the sheriff’s pickup. I beamed at Robert Carl...

Mind Your Own Murder book summary, reviews and downlod

Mind Your Own Murder


A beach retreat, a neighborly dispute and murder!Persephone Pringle is 50, newly (and happily!) divorced and on a private, month-long retreat to find herself again. But when both...

The Undying book summary, reviews and downlod

The Undying


Storm RisingSyd! Liam's mental voice lurched against mine, his touch so strong I saw him standing in the dark basement of town hall, eyes wide, whole body shaking. The Sidhe. He ...

Merry Little Mystic Murder book summary, reviews and downlod

Merry Little Mystic Murder


Do you have any idea how hard it is to focus on spell casting with Jingle Bells running in your head?Hard. Trust me on that.Still, this was my favorite part, despite ...

Guns and Ammo and Murder book summary, reviews and downlod

Guns and Ammo and Murder


An anxious kind of month“Any new threats against you?” Pamela seemed eager for my answer while I tsked at her.“Are you actually asking me if I’ve had any furt...

Tropical Destinations and Death book summary, reviews and downlod

Tropical Destinations and Death


When Fee and Daisy take a well-earned vacation on a private resort island, the intrusion of a third wheel distracts while Fee struggles to reconnect with her bestie. Trouble is, when a fello...

Run (Book One, The Hunted) book summary, reviews and downlod

Run (Book One, The Hunted)


****Winner 2012 PEI Book Awards for Fiction****KidnappedAlone, Reid gasps in one deep breath, another. It hurts his ribs, his lungs. He manages to roll over on his ri...

Coven Leader book summary, reviews and downlod

Coven Leader


Warrior BrideI felt Liam reach for me, turned again, train of worry broken, beaming, full of joy. And for a long, seemingly endless moment, it was he and I and the magic singing ...

Enforcer book summary, reviews and downlod



Difficult ChoicesErica Plower’s eyes widened as she set her cup aside, glancing sideways at Mom. The former second of my coven, now my representative on Council, wasn’t exactly on ...

Ganache and Fondant and Murder book summary, reviews and downlod

Ganache and Fondant and Murder


A fifth cozy mystery installment to die for!A Tasty Kind of AfternoonNot to be indelicate about it, but if Mom made me eat one more bite of cake, I was going to throw up. I...

Dreams and Echoes book summary, reviews and downlod

Dreams and Echoes


This prequel novella to Family Magic explores Syd's first job--while she struggles to save a ghost.

Chocolate Hearts and Murder book summary, reviews and downlod

Chocolate Hearts and Murder


A Multiple Drink Kind of NightWhy was it fancy Valentine’s Day drinks were always tinted red? Reminded me more of gore and mayhem than anything to do with romance. Which said a...

Best Seller Patti Larsen Audio Books of June 2022

Bed and Breakfast and Murder MP3 Audiobook

Bed and Breakfast and Murder

Mysteries & Thrillers$14.99

WINNER of Chapter.Con London 2017 Best Female ProtagonistDEAD MAN FLOATING!Fiona Fleming is in so much trouble. Her recently inherited bed and breakfast might not act...

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