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Peter Anthony Salisbury (born 24 September 1971) is an English rock drummer, best known as the drummer for The Verve, whom he co-founded in 1990. Personal life Salisbury resides in Derbyshire with his wife Pam, sons Ben and Isaac, and step son Joe. The Verve The Verve reunited in June 2007 for a new tour and a future album. Salisbury is believed to have been the one behind getting the ball rolling in terms of reuniting the band. After Ashcroft learned that Salisbury, was in contact with the former guitarist, Nick McCabe, over a possible side project, Ashcroft used this as an excuse to call McCabe. Ashcroft made peace with him and bassist Simon Jones and the band reformed. In a band interview with the NME in 2007, Salisbury said that the problems between them were not that bad in the first place. Other musical projects After the band's second demise in 1999, Salisbury played with various bands including Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. He filled in on a UK/EU tour in 2002, when their original drummer Nick Jago could not get a working visa for BRMC's British gigs. Salisbury owned and ran a drum shop, "Drummin", in Stockport, England. He played drums on the first three of Richard Ashcroft's solo albums.Following the Verve's third demise in 2008, in October 2010, Salisbury played drums on The Charlatans UK tour, while their regular drummer Jon Brookes was undergoing treatment for a brain tumour. Brookes died in 2013, and Salisbury has continued to work as The Charlatans drummer since then, though he has not been made a full member of the band. References . Discover the Peter Salisbury popular books. Find the top 100 most popular Peter Salisbury books.

Best Seller Peter Salisbury Books of 2023

  • Passengers to Zeta Nine synopsis, comments

    Passengers to Zeta Nine

    Peter Salisbury

    The second of Peter Salisbury's Passenger novels. Each book can be read in sequence or as a stand alone story.The electronic mind patterns and DNA records of Raife Harris and Docto...

  • Phades - Lost Souls synopsis, comments

    Phades - Lost Souls

    Peter Salisbury

    This book contains two short stories, plus a very short (flash fiction) story, and also the first episode included in the book 'The Old Store: A Science Fiction Anthology' (four st...

  • The First Completely Electronic Robot and Science Fiction Limerick Book synopsis, comments

    The First Completely Electronic Robot and Science Fiction Limerick Book

    Peter Salisbury

    Is it possible to tell a tall tale in as few as thirty words? That would require a limerick, a fiveline rhyming cartoon in words. In this case fiftythree tiny capsule science ficti...

  • Flight 1401 A Science Fiction Anthology synopsis, comments

    Flight 1401 A Science Fiction Anthology

    Peter Salisbury

    A collection of contemporary and near future science fiction short stories: a young man is faced with deadly danger in a postapocalyptic wasteland; a child finds a cache of century...

  • Ms Fixit synopsis, comments

    Ms Fixit

    Peter Salisbury

    Bernice is a computer data technician. Every day she services communications networks, both commercial and domestic. Troubleshooting is her speciality. One morning on a routine job...

  • Phantoms of the Quantum Rift synopsis, comments

    Phantoms of the Quantum Rift

    Peter Salisbury

    A global network of quantum generators is activated but instead of providing universal power, black tentacles of quantum fog drag individuals through a rift in space time. Then the...

  • Ghost Circuits synopsis, comments

    Ghost Circuits

    Peter Salisbury

    In March 2011, another UK author challenged Peter Salisbury to write outside his usual science fiction comfort zone and produce at least one ghost/horror story. This collection is ...

  • Passengers to Sentience synopsis, comments

    Passengers to Sentience

    Peter Salisbury

    Data detective Ben thinks he’s succeeded in his latest drugs bust. Now he needs to find some different answers: how did humans use cloning to populate other planets across the Milk...

  • Bleak World synopsis, comments

    Bleak World

    Peter Salisbury

    Carl survived the deadly bioweapon, hoards of starving rats and the legendary Riders that were rumoured to be cannibals. Spending a week with the bikers of Dark Chapter made for a ...