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  • Last Known Contact synopsis, comments

    Last Known Contact

    Phillipa Nefri Clark

    A missing man. A desperate daughter. And a killer who just got started. When Ellie Connor returns from a business trip to the news that her father has vanished, she knows in her gu...

  • Charlotte Dean Mysteries Collection synopsis, comments

    Charlotte Dean Mysteries Collection

    Phillipa Nefri Clark

    Welcome to Kingfisher Falls a small town with big secrets. Doctor Charlotte Dean has moved to the quiet country town of Kingfisher Falls to start a new life far away from the m...

  • Tales of Life and Daph synopsis, comments

    Tales of Life and Daph

    Phillipa Nefri Clark

    A retreat in the mountains sounds perfect with spa treatments for Daphne and fishing for John. Until a killer strikes... Daphne Jones is invited to an exclusive conference in the h...

  • Christmas Crime in Kingfisher Falls synopsis, comments

    Christmas Crime in Kingfisher Falls

    Phillipa Nefri Clark

    Starting over has never been more dangerous. Charlotte Dean loves her new job at the bookshop in the small town of Kingfisher Falls. One day she will buy the store when Rosie re...

  • Lest We Forgive synopsis, comments

    Lest We Forgive

    Phillipa Nefri Clark

    A late night. An icy road. A car wrapped around a tree. When Detective Liz Moorland stares at the lifeless faces of her excolleague’s daughter and soninlaw, she knows it is enough...

  • Cold Case Murder in Kingfisher Falls synopsis, comments

    Cold Case Murder in Kingfisher Falls

    Phillipa Nefri Clark

    Hidden in a trunk was a new wedding dress, unworn baby clothes, and a teddy bear... Charlotte's first winter in Kingfisher Falls should be filled with crackling fireplaces, hear...

  • Simple Words for Troubled Times synopsis, comments

    Simple Words for Troubled Times

    Ronen Clark

    The world we know has turned upsidedown. Everything we've taken for granted changed before there was time to take stock. We have to adjust. To adapt. To survive.  For some thi...

  • Lest Tides Turn synopsis, comments

    Lest Tides Turn

    Phillipa Nefri Clark

    She's a crack shot. A oncefamous artist. And missing. DS Liz Moorland's world changed with the last case. Breaking the rules was a first for her but it got the result she needed...

  • The Christmas Key synopsis, comments

    The Christmas Key

    Phillipa Nefri Clark

    Some old secrets are better left in the past… A hot summer Christmas Day is just around the corner in the Australian seaside town of Rivers End. Beachside BBQs and sumptuous dinner...

  • The Daphne Jones Mysteries synopsis, comments

    The Daphne Jones Mysteries

    Phillipa Nefri Clark

    Three cozy mysteries to delight your inner sleuth. At an age when most people are retiring, Daphne Jones starts a new career as a wedding and funeral officiant with a twist she's...

  • Rivers End Collection synopsis, comments

    Rivers End Collection

    Phillipa Nefri Clark

    The fact that there was a beautiful dog in this series drew me in. Absolutely loved this series from start to finish. Maria Boczan. The funeral of her estranged grandmother brin...

  • The Secrets of Palmerston House synopsis, comments

    The Secrets of Palmerston House

    Phillipa Nefri Clark

    Could an historic house hold the key to their happiness? The small seaside town of Rivers End is abuzz with the upcoming wedding of Christie Ryan and local artist, Martin, to be he...

  • Lest Bridges Burn synopsis, comments

    Lest Bridges Burn

    Phillipa Nefri Clark

    Not goodbye, Auntie. Just 'til next time. A little girl is missing. Homicide Detective Sergeant Liz Moorland has seen this before. Another child, eighteen years ago. Same colour h...

  • Plans for Murder in Kingfisher Falls synopsis, comments

    Plans for Murder in Kingfisher Falls

    Phillipa Nefri Clark

    A happy life. A bright future. A past which is catching up... Charlotte Dean is finally living the life she wants. Happy in her small town of Kingfisher Falls with a great job a...

  • Daph on the Beach synopsis, comments

    Daph on the Beach

    Phillipa Nefri Clark

    There's a wedding around the corner, until Randall sniffs out a body in the sea... The last thing Daphne Jones expects to see as she stands on Rivers End jetty, practicing the cer...

  • Jasmine Sea synopsis, comments

    Jasmine Sea

    Phillipa Nefri Clark

    Danger lurks in the sea... with a storm of the heart and a storm of the sky. Christie has never been so happy. She adores living in Rivers End and every day her relationship with M...

  • Time of Daph synopsis, comments

    Time of Daph

    Phillipa Nefri Clark

    Daphne Jones loves a romance and nothing makes her heart happier more than officiating a wedding. A remote park in a valley in the majestic Otway Ranges is the perfect setting for ...

  • Book Club Murder in Kingfisher Falls synopsis, comments

    Book Club Murder in Kingfisher Falls

    Phillipa Nefri Clark

    So many motives, but who is the killer? Charlotte is finding her place in the peaceful town of Kingfisher Falls. Working in the bookshop with Rosie is a joy, as is their growing f...

  • Taming the Wind synopsis, comments

    Taming the Wind

    Phillipa Nefri Clark

    Only time itself will erase our love… On the edge of the Great Southern Ocean, an old jetty offers a haven for those seeking solace. A place by the sea to think. Plan. And dream. ...

  • Notes From The Cottage synopsis, comments

    Notes From The Cottage

    Phillipa Nefri Clark

    Spoiler alert! Spoiler alert! This little book is best read after The Stationmaster's Cottage to avoid spoilers. Ever wondered where the idea came from for love stories set fi...

  • Festive Felony in Kingfisher Falls synopsis, comments

    Festive Felony in Kingfisher Falls

    Phillipa Nefri Clark

    Christmas is just around the corner and Charlotte has every intention of making it the best one ever for the residents and shop owners of Kingfisher Falls. After the success las...

  • Till Daph Do Us Part synopsis, comments

    Till Daph Do Us Part

    Phillipa Nefri Clark

    One wedding. Two feuding families. Three suspects. Daphne Jones has travelled with her cuteasabutton camper Bluebell to the outback town of Little Bridges to officiate a wedding at...

  • The Shadow of Daph synopsis, comments

    The Shadow of Daph

    Phillipa Nefri Clark

    One missing body. Two murders. Three suspects. The forest town of Shady Bend is known for its crafts, preserves, and local produce. It is not known for disappearing bodies let alon...