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Randall Park (born March 23, 1974) is an American actor. He is best known for his role as Louis Huang in the ABC sitcom Fresh Off the Boat (2015–2020), for which he was nominated for the Critics' Choice Television Award for Best Actor in a Comedy Series in 2016. Before these major roles, Park gained popularity by playing Steve, a prank replacement of Jim Halpert (dubbed "Asian Jim") in an episode of the NBC sitcom The Office and starring in the recurring role of Governor Danny Chung in the HBO comedy series Veep. He also co-starred in and co-wrote the Netflix romantic comedy film Always Be My Maybe (2019) alongside Ali Wong and directed the comedy-drama film Shortcomings (2023). Park has appeared in numerous web series on Channel 101, including Dr. Miracles and IKEA Heights. He has also appeared in a few short films by Wong Fu Productions. Park played Agent Jimmy Woo in the Marvel Cinematic Universe films, including Ant-Man and the Wasp (2018), the miniseries WandaVision (2021) and the film Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania (2023). He played a future version of himself in the 2021 Dwayne Johnson autobiographical comedy series Young Rock and portrayed North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un in the comedy film The Interview and he appeared in the DC Extended Universe films Aquaman (2018) and Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom (2023) as Dr. Stephen Shin. Early life Park was born to Korean immigrants in Los Angeles, California and grew up in Castle Heights, Los Angeles. His mother was an accountant at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and his father owned a one-hour photo store. Park graduated from Hamilton High School's humanities magnet program.Park attended UCLA in the fall quarter of 1993. As a student, he co-founded "Lapu, the Coyote that Cares," the largest and longest-running on-campus Asian American theater company, now known as the LCC Theatre Company, in 1995. He credits his experiences with LCC for sparking his desire to pursue acting professionally and would go on to collaborate with many of its alumni. Their first performance was of Treehouse Bachelor Society, a full-length play Park had written, and it was performed at the Northwest Auditorium. Park was a student volunteer for UCLA's official charity, UCLA UniCamp, and went by the camp name "CareMoose."He graduated with a bachelor's degree in English, with a concentration in creative writing, and minor in Asian American studies from UCLA in 1997. He remained at UCLA, partly to continue acting with LCC, and later completed his master's degree in Asian American studies in 1999. After graduation, Park worked at the weekly newspaper New Times LA as a graphic/print designer for a few years. When he left the job, he considered pursuing architecture school but failed the pre-requisite courses and realized he did not want to attend any more schooling. Career Park has made guest appearances on television shows, including Community, Curb Your Enthusiasm, New Girl, The Office, ER, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Four Kings, Las Vegas, House, iCarly, Cold Case, The Mindy Project and Reno 911!. 2001–2006: early years He co-founded the Propergander theater group with a few LCC alumni. Their first production was of The Achievers by LCC co-founder Michael Golamco in 2001. Around this time, Park began doing stand-up comedy recreationally in his backyard during Propergander shows. He cited Mike Birbiglia and Mitch Hedberg as early influences and would later perform alongside comedian Ali Wong. Other notable alumni include Vivian Bang, Tim Chiou, and Eddie Shin. Park, Shin, and LCC co-founder Naoya Imanishi were also a part of the short lived improv group, "The Legendary Stage Ninjaz," along with comedian Ali Wong.Park made his screen debut as the lead in the 2003 short film Dragon of Love, which won Best Short Film at the 2003 Hawaii International Film Festival. Park co-wrote and starred in the feature film American Fusion, directed by UCLA alumnus Frank Lin, which won the Audience Award at the 2005 Hawaii International Film Festival. It was actor Pat Morita's last role before his death in November of that year. The script was a quarter-finalist for the 2009 Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting.Early in his career, when Park did not have a talent agent, he would book roles through diversity showcases at different television networks. In 2006, he appeared in the CBS Diversity Showcase. At 32, while a cast member on MTV's Wild 'n Out, he worked at Starbucks to supplement his income.In 2007, he regularly appeared as an actor in the filmmaking reality show On the Lot. 2007–2013: online work Park found work to be scarce in 2009 due to the Great Recession in the United States in 2008 and a potential SAG-AFTRA strike at the beginning of 2009, so he began to focus on his own projects during this period. He wrote the short film Blueberry, which won an award for Best Actor at the NBC Shortcuts Film Festival For Short Films in 2010.Park had a recurring role as Martin Fukanaga on Supah Ninjas. Park has collaborated on several projects with Wong Fu Productions. Previously, he has appeared as Brandon in the comedy skit Too Fast (2010) and the stepfather in the web series Home Is Where the Hans Are (2012). More recently, Park played a D.E.I. agent in the feature film Everything Before Us (2015) and its accompanying short film, Asian Santa in the comedy skit Why is Santa Asian?, and a brief cameo as himself in Asian Bachelorette 2.He created, directed, wrote, and starred in several short internet series for Channel 101, including Dr. Miracles, The Food, IKEA Heights and Dumb Professor. In 2013, he wrote and starred in a series for Channel 101 featuring his baby daughter entitled Baby Mentalist. In Channel 101's bracket competition format for web-series, Baby Mentalist was voted number one the most times of any show at the time, ending with six episodes in 2013. 2014–present: mainstream success Park played the recurring character of Minnesota governor Danny Chung on the HBO comedy Veep.In 2014, Park played a company rep trying to recruit college students in Neighbors. He had previously worked with the director, Nicholas Stoller, on The Five-Year Engagement (2012). Stoller later recommended Park for the role of "a vague North Korean dictator," who later turned out to be North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, in the controversial film, The Interview, directed by Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen. Impressed by his audition, Goldberg and Rogen offered Park the role after one audition. Park gained over 20 pounds for the role. For reference material on the role, he used Forest Whitaker's performance in The Last King of Scotland and the Vice documentary on North Korea.That year, Park starred in the comedy film, Sex Tape. In 2015, he appeared as Jeff in the prequel 2015 series for Netflix, Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp. He also appeared in Wong Fu Productions' first feature film, Everything Before Us. Park appeared with John Malkovich in.... Discover the Randall Wood popular books. Find the top 100 most popular Randall Wood books.

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