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Bibliography of fantasy writer Jane Yolen: Novels The Wizard of Washington Square (1969) The Inway Investigators, or, The Mystery at McCracken's Place (1970) The Magic Three of Solatia (1974) The Transfigured Hart (1975) The Mermaid's Three Wisdoms (1978) The Gift of Sarah Barker (1981) Children of the Wolf (1984) The Stone Silenus (1984) Cards of Grief (1985, Mythopoeic Fantasy Award for Adult Literature) The Dragon's Boy (1990) Wizard's Hall (1991) The Wild Hunt (1995) Briar Rose (1992, Mythopoeic Fantasy Award for Adult Literature, Nebula Award finalist) Armageddon Summer (1998, with Bruce Coville, ALA Best Book for Young Adults, ALA Quick Pick for Reluctant Young Adult Readers) Sword of the Rightful King (2003, ALA Best Books 2004, ALA Best Books for Young Adults 2004, ALA Top 10 Fantasy Books for Youth 2004) Except the Queen (2010, with Midori Snyder) Snow in Summer (2011) Curse of the Thirteenth Fairy (2012) B.U.G. (Big Ugly Guy) (2013, with Adam Stemple) Bad Girls: Sirens, Jezebels, Murderesses, Thieves, and Other Female Villains (2013, with Heidi E. Y. Stemple and illustrated by Rebecca Guay) A Plague of Unicorns (2014) Centaur Rising (2014) Trash Mountain (2015) Mapping the Bones (2018) Finding Baba Yaga (2018)The Pit Dragon Chronicles Dragon's Blood (1982) Heart's Blood (1984) A Sending of Dragons (1987) Dragon's Heart (2009)Great Alta Sister Light, Sister Dark (1988, Nebula Award finalist) White Jenna (1989, Nebula Award finalist) The One-Armed Queen (1998)The Young Merlin Trilogy (Mythopoeic Fantasy Award for Children's Literature) Passager (1996) Hobby (1996) Merlin (1997)Tartan Magic The Wizard's Map (1999) The Pictish Child (1999) The Bagpiper's Ghost (2002)The Stuart Quartet (with Robert J. Harris) Queen's Own Fool (2000), based on the life of Nichola a jester at the court of Mary, Queen of Scots Girl in a Cage (2002) Prince Across the Water (2004) The Rogues (2007)Young Heroes (with Robert J. Harris) Odysseus in the Serpent Maze (2001) Hippolyta and the Curse of the Amazons (2001) Atalanta and the Arcadian Beast (2003) Jason and the Gorgon's Blood (2004)Rock 'n' Roll Fairy Tales (with Adam Stemple) Boots and the Seven Leaguers (2000) Pay the Piper (2005, Locus Award for Best Young Adult Novel) The Troll Bridge (2007)The Seelie Wars (with Adam Stemple) The Hostage Prince (2013) The Last Changeling (2014) The Seelie King's War (2016)Short fiction CollectionsThe Wizard Islands (1973, illustrated by Robert Quackenbush) The Girl Who Cried Flowers and Other Tales (1974) The Moon Ribbon and Other Tales (1976) The Hundredth Dove and Other Tales (1977) Dream Weaver (1979) Neptune Rising: Songs and Tales of the Undersea People (1982) Tales of Wonder (1983) The Whitethorn Wood and Other Magicks (1984) Dragonfield and Other Stories (1985) Merlin's Booke (1986) Tales of Wonder (1987, for adults) The Faery Flag (1989) Storyteller (1992) Twelve Impossible Things Before Breakfast (1997) Sister Emily's Lightship and Other Stories (2000) The Fish Prince and Other Stories: Mermen Folk Tales (2001, with Shulamith Levey Oppenheim) Once Upon a Time (She Said) (2005) The Last Selchie Child (2012) Grumbles from the Forest: Fairy-Tale Voices with a Twist (2013, with Rebecca Kai Dotlich) The Bloody Tide (2014) The Emerald Circus (2017) How to Fracture a Fairy Tale (2017, stories and poems)Here There Be... illustrated by David Wilgus Here There Be Dragons (1993) Here There Be Unicorns (1994) Here There Be Witches (1995) Here There Be Angels (1996) Here There Be Ghosts (1998)StoriesChildren's books and picture books Fiction picture books The Witch Who Wasn't (1964, illustrated by Arnold Roth) Gwinellen: The Princess Who Could Not Sleep (1965, illustrated by Ed Renfro) The Emperor and the Kite (1967, illustrated by Ed Young; Caldecott Medal winner, 1968) Isabel's Noel (1967, illustrated by Arnold Roth) The Minstrel and the Mountain: A Tale of Peace (1968, illustrated by Anne Rockwell) The Longest Name on the Block (1968, illustrated by Peter Madden) It All Depends (1969, illustrated by Don Bolognese) The Seventh Mandarin (1970, illustrated by Ed Young) The Bird of Time (1971, illustrated by Mercer Mayer) Rainbow Rider (1974, illustrated by Michael Foreman) The Boy Who Had Wings (1974, illustrated by Helga Aichinger) The Little Spotted Fish (1974, illustrated by Friso Henstra) An Invitation To The Butterfly Ball (1976, illustrated by Jane Breskin Zalben) Milkweed Days (1976, photos by Gabriel Amadeus Cooney) The Seeing Stick (1977, illustrated by Daniela Jaglenka Terrazzini) The Sultan's Perfect Tree (1977, illustrated by Barbara Garrison) The Simple Prince (1978, illustrated by Jack Kent) No Bath Tonight (1978, illustrated by Nancy Winslow Parker) All in the Woodland Early: An ABC Book (1978, illustrated by Jane Breskin Zalben) The Giants Go Camping (1979, illustrated by Tomie dePaola) The Giants' Farm (1979, illustrated by Tomie dePaola) Mice on Ice (1980, illustrated by Lawrence Di Fiori) Dragon Night and Other Lullabies (1980, illustrated by Demi) Sleeping Ugly (1981, illustrated by Diane Stanley) Uncle Lemon's Spring (1981, illustrated by Glen Rounds) Shirlick Holmes and the Case of the Wandering Wardrobe (1981, illustrated by Anthony Rao) The Boy Who Spoke Chimp (1981, illustrated by David Wiesner) The Acorn Quest (1981, illustrated by Susanna Natti) Brothers of the Wind (1981, illustrated by Barbara Berger) The Sleeping Beauty (1986, illustrated by Ruth Sanderson) The Girl Who Loved the Wind (1987, illustrated by Ed Young; Lewis Carroll Shelf Award) Owl Moon (1987, illustrated by John Schoenherr; Caldecott Medal winner, 1988) Dove Isabeau (1989, illustrated by Dennis Nolan) Tam Lin (1990, illustrated by Charles Mikolaycak) Elfabet: An ABC of Elves (1990, illustrated by Lauren A. Mills) Sky Dogs (1990, illustrated by Barry Moser) Dinosaur Dances (1990, illustrated by Bruce Degan) All Those Secrets of the World (1991, illustrated by Leslie Baker) Hark! A Christmas Sampler (1991, with Tomie dePaola) Greyling (1991, illustrated by William Stobbs) Wings (1991, illustrated by Dennis Nolan) Letting Swift River Go (1992, illustrated by Barbara Cooney) Eeny, Meeny, Miney Mole (1992, illustrated by Kathryn Brown) Welcome to the Green House (1993, illustrated by Laura Regan) Too Old for Naps (1993, illustrated by Alexi Natchev) Honkers (1993, illustrated by Leslie Baker) Mouse's Birthday (1993, illustrated by Bruce Degen) The Girl in the Golden Bower (1994, illustrated by Jane Dyer) Beneath the Ghost Moon (1994, illustrated by Laurel Molk) Good Griselle (1994, illustrated by David Christiana) Before the Storm (1994, illustrated by Georgia Pugh) Grandad Bill's Song (1994, illustrated by Melissa Bay Mathis) Old Dame Counterpane (1994, illustrated by Ruth Tietjen Councell) The Ballad of the Pirate Queens (1995, illustrated by David Shannon) Alphabestiary (1995, illustrated by Allan Eitzen) Merlin and the Dragons (1995, illustrated by Li Ming, based on film Merlin and the Dragon.... 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