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The Message: The Bible in Contemporary Language (MSG) is a translation of the Bible in contemporary English. Authored by Eugene H. Peterson and published in segments from 1993 to 2002.A Catholic version, The Message – Catholic / Ecumenical Edition, was published in 2013. Features According to the Introduction to the New Testament of The Message, its "contemporary idiom keeps the language of the Message (Bible) current and fresh and understandable". Peterson notes that in the course of the project, he realized this was exactly what he had been doing in his thirty-five years as a pastor, "always looking for an English way to make the biblical text relevant to the conditions of the people". Translation consultants The publisher states: "Peterson's work has been thoroughly reviewed by a team of recognized Old and New Testament scholars to ensure that it is accurate and faithful to the original languages."Old Testament team: Robert L. Hubbard Jr., North Park Theological Seminary (chair) Richard E. Averbeck, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School Bryan E. Beyer, Columbia International University Lamar E. Cooper Sr., Criswell College E. Enns, Eastern University Duane A. Garrett, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary Donald R. Glenn, Dallas Theological Seminary Paul R. House, Beeson Divinity School, Samford University V. Philips Long, Regent College Tremper Longman, Westmont College John N. Oswalt, Asbury Theological Seminary Richard L. Pratt Jr., Reformed Theological Seminary, Third Mill Ministries John H. Walton, Wheaton College Prescott H. Williams Jr., Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary Marvin R. Wilson, Gordon CollegeNew Testament team: William W. Klein, Denver Seminary (chair) L. Bock, Dallas Theological Seminary A. Hagner, Fuller Theological Seminary Moises Silva, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary Rodney A. Whitacre, Trinity School of MinistryCatholic version Deuterocanonical book translator: William Griffin, St. Lawrence SeminaryComparison to other translations The Message was translated by Peterson from the original languages. It is a highly idiomatic translation, using contemporary slang from the US rather than a more neutral International English, and it falls on the extreme dynamic end of the dynamic and formal equivalence spectrum. Some scholars, like Michael J. Gorman, consider some of Peterson's idiomatic renderings unconventional. The work was awarded the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association Gold Medallion in 2003 for being the title retailers prized. Psalm 23:1-4 New International Version: King James Version: The Living Bible: The Message: Lord's Prayer (Matthew 6:9-13) New International Version: King James Version: The Living Bible: The Message: Editions Old Testament: The Pentateuch: ISBN 1-57683-196-5 The Books of History: ISBN 1-57683-194-9 The Wisdom Books: ISBN 1-57683-126-4 The Prophets: ISBN 1-57683-195-7New Testament: Youth Edition: ISBN 0-89109-793-7 Text Edition: ISBN 0-89109-728-7Entire Bible: With verse markings (The Message Remix): ISBN 1-57683-434-4 Without verse markings: ISBN 1-57683-289-9 With verse markings (The Message: The Numbered Edition): ISBN 1-57683-673-8; this edition was recognized as an ECPA Christian Book Award winner. Catholic/Ecumenical Edition: 2013, ISBN 978-0879464943Notes References Further reading Eugene Peterson interview at a U2 fansiteExternal links Publisher's History & FAQ (most recently available archived version) The Message text online The Message, Catholic version. Discover the Rodney A Whitacre popular books. Find the top 100 most popular Rodney A Whitacre books.

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