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Sheri Stewart Tepper (July 16, 1929 – October 22, 2016) was an American writer of science fiction, horror and mystery novels. She is primarily known for her feminist science fiction, which explored themes of sociology, gender and equality, as well as theology and ecology. Often referred to as an eco-feminist of science fiction literature, Tepper personally preferred the label eco-humanist. Though the majority of her works operate in a world of fantastical imagery and metaphor, at the heart of her writing is real-world injustice and pain. She employed several pen names during her lifetime, including A. J. Orde, E. E. Horlak, and B. J. Oliphant. Early life and education She was born Shirley Stewart Douglas near Littleton, Colorado. As a child, she read science fiction and fantasy by A. Merritt and C.S. Lewis, as well as Frank Baum's 'Oz' books, William Hope Hodgson's The Night Land and Islandia by Austin Tappan Wright. She later commented, "These were the books I went back to again and again." Career Tepper recalled she "spent ten years...working all kinds of different jobs" as a single mother of two. This included time working as a clerical assistant for the international relief agency, CARE. From 1962 to 1986, she worked for Rocky Mountain Planned Parenthood, eventually as its executive director.She wrote poetry and children's stories as Sheri S. Eberhart then took a break from writing. By the mid-1980s, she was publishing science fiction novels, including The Revenants (1984), and the books of the True Game series, including King's Blood Four (1983), Necromancer Nine (1983), and Wizard's Eleven (1984). Other related works followed, including her ecofeminist novels The Gate to Women's Country (1988) and Grass (1989), which was part of the Arbai Trilogy. Later novels in the 1990s and 2000s included Beauty (1991), which won a Locus Award; Shadow's End (1994), The Family Tree (1997), Six Moon Dance (1998), Singer from the Sea (1999), The Visitor (2002), The Companions (2003), and The Margarets (2007). As of 1998, she operated a guest ranch near Santa Fe, New Mexico. That year saw her first and possibly only appearance at a science fiction convention, when she was Guest of Honor at the 25th WisCon, the feminist science fiction convention held annually in Madison, Wisconsin.In November 2015, she received the World Fantasy Award for Life Achievement. Personal life She married at 20, and divorced in her late twenties. She married Gene Tepper in the late 1960s.She died on October 22, 2016 at age 87. Works Novels Series The True Game (a trilogy of trilogies) The Peter series was the first published. The Mavin series takes place earlier. The Jinian series takes place during and after the same time period as the Peter series, often giving a different perspective on the same events. This series has a crossover with the Plague of Angels series. The Books of the True Game: Peter King's Blood Four (Ace Books, 1983) (first novel) Necromancer Nine (Ace Books, 1983) Wizard's Eleven (Ace Books, 1984) The True Game (1-volume edition) (1985) The Books of the True Game: Mavin Manyshaped The Song of Mavin Manyshaped (Ace Books, 1985) The Flight of Mavin Manyshaped (Ace Books, 1985) The Search of Mavin Manyshaped (Ace Books, 1985) The Chronicles of Mavin Manyshaped (1-volume edition) (1985) The Books of the True Game: Jinian Jinian Footseer (Tor Books, 1985) Dervish Daughter (Tor Books, 1986) Jinian Star-Eye (Tor Books, 1986) The End of the Game (1-volume edition) The Marianne Trilogy Marianne, the Magus, and the Manticore (Ace Books, 1985) Marianne, the Madame, and the Momentary Gods (Ace Books, 1988) Marianne, the Matchbox, and the Malachite Mouse (Ace Books, 1989) The Marianne Trilogy (1-volume edition) Ettison Duo, featuring Badger Ettison Blood Heritage (Tor Books, 1986) The Bones (Tor Books, 1987) The Awakeners: Northshore (Tor Books, 1987) Southshore (Tor Books, 1987) The Awakeners (1-volume edition) (1989) (a later 1-volume edition erroneously claims to be first) Plague of Angels: A Plague of Angels (Bantam, 1993) The Waters Rising (Eos, 2010) - Arthur C. Clarke Award nominee, 2010 Fish Tails (2014), a crossover into the True Game series The Arbai Trilogy Grass (Doubleday, 1989) – Hugo and Locus Awards nominee, 1990 Raising the Stones (Doubleday, 1990) Sideshow (Doubleday, 1992) – John W. Campbell Award nominee, 1993Non-series The Revenants (Berkley Publishing, 1984) After Long Silence (1987) (UK: The Enigma Score, 1989) The Gate to Women's Country (1988) Beauty (Doubleday, 1991) (Revised UK edition is author's preferred text) – Winner, Locus Award for Best Fantasy Novel, 1992 Shadow's End (1994) Gibbon's Decline & Fall (1996) – Arthur C. Clarke Award nominee, 1997 The Family Tree (1997) – Arthur C. Clarke Award nominee, 1998 Six Moon Dance (1998) Singer from the Sea (1999) The Fresco (2000) – John W. Campbell Memorial Award nominee, 2001 The Visitor (2002) – John W. Campbell Memorial Award nominee, 2003 The Companions (2003) – John W. Campbell Memorial Award nominee, 2004 The Margarets (released June 1, 2007 by Eos) – John W. Campbell Memorial Award nominee, 2008; Arthur C. Clarke Award nominee, 2009Short works "The Gardener" (novella) in Night Visions 6. Released as The Bone Yard (1988) in mass market. Collaboration with F. Paul Wilson and Ray Garton. World Fantasy Award—Long Fiction finalist (1989) "Someone Like You" in The Further Adventures of the Joker (ed. Martin Greenberg) (1990) The "Crazy" Carol Stories "The Gazebo" in The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, October 1990 "Raccoon Music" in The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, February 1991 "The Gourmet" in The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, October/November 1991Poetry "Extraterrestrial Trilogue on Terran Self-Destruction" in Galaxy, August 1961 (as Sheri S. Eberhart) "Lullaby, 1990" in Galaxy, December 1963 (as Sheri S. Eberhart) "Ballad of the Interstellar Merchants" in Galaxy, December 1964 (as Sheri S. Eberhart)Essays/articles Educational pamphlets for Rocky Mountain Planned Parenthood: The People Know (1968) The Perils of Puberty (1974) The Problem with Puberty (1976) This Is You (1977) So Your Happily Ever After Isn't (1977) The Great Orgasm Robbery (1977) So You Don't Want to Be a Sex Object (1978)Pseudonymous works as E. E. Horlak (horror): Still Life (Bantam, 1987/1988) as B. J. Oliphant (mystery): Shirley McClintock Mysteries, featuring a Colorado rancher and former Washington, DC "advisor": Dead in the Scrub (1990) The Unexpected Corpse (1990) Deservedly Dead (1992) Death and the Delinquent (1993) Death Served Up Cold (1994) A Ceremonial Death (1996) Here's to the Newly Dead (1997) as A. J. Orde (mystery): The Jason Lynx Mysteries, featuring a Colorado antiques dealer and his significant other, a female cop: A Little Neighborhood Murder: A Jason Lynx Novel (1989) Death and the Dogwalker: A Jason Lynx Novel (1990) Death for Old Time's Sake: A Jason Lynx Nov.... 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Best Seller Sheri S Tepper Books of January 2022

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Harper Voyager USA, part of the global science fiction and fantasy imprint of HarperCollins, presents Voyager, a free ebook sampler with excerpts from 15 new or upcoming releases, as well as...

Six Moon Dance book summary, reviews and downlod

Six Moon Dance


It was many years ago that humans came and settled the world of Newholme-cruelly bending the planet to their will; setting down roots and raising up cities and farms and a grand temple to th...

Beauty book summary, reviews and downlod



With the  critically acclaimed novels The Gate To  Women's Country, Raising The Stones, and the  Hugo-nominated Grass, Sheri  Tepper has...

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“One of the most satisfying science fiction novels I have read in years.”—The New York Times Book Review Here is a novel as original as the breathtaking, unsp...

Fish Tails book summary, reviews and downlod

Fish Tails


In her 35th novel, science fiction master Sheri S. Tepper boldly weaves together the storylines of eleven of her previous works—from King’s Blood Four (1983) to The Waters Rising (2010)....

Singer from the Sea book summary, reviews and downlod

Singer from the Sea


A good and proper aristocrat on the isolated, seemingly backward planet of Haven, Genevieve has been carefully instructed in the Covenants -- the ancient, inflexible laws governing the women...

The Waters Rising book summary, reviews and downlod

The Waters Rising


“Sheri S. Tepper takes the mental risks that are the lifeblood of science fiction and all imaginative fiction.”—Ursula K. Le Guin, Los Angeles TimesHer first n...

Sideshow book summary, reviews and downlod



On the planet of Elsewhere, the Council had  always enforced the governing of each province in  the manner the people had chosen, so long as each  respected its...

Gibbon's Decline and Fall book summary, reviews and downlod

Gibbon's Decline and Fall


A wave of fundamentalism is sweeping across the globe as the millennium approaches, and a power-hungry  presidential candidate sees his ticket to success in making an example out o...

Shadow's End book summary, reviews and downlod

Shadow's End


“Tepper takes the traditional icons of fantasy, restores their resonance, and makes them her own.”—Minneapolis Star Tribune   A century ago...

The Visitor book summary, reviews and downlod

The Visitor


The "magic" that once was America died horribly along with most of the Earth's inhabitants when an asteroid crashed into the planet sometime during the twenty-first century. Hundreds of year...

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A Plague of Angels


Atop a twisting,  canyon-climbing road, a witch lurks in a fortress  built strong to keep out dragons and ogres. In  another part of the countryside, a young or...

The Gate to Women's Country book summary, reviews and downlod

The Gate to Women's Country


“Lively, thought-provoking . . . the plot is ingenious, packing a wallop of a surprise . . . Tepper knows how to write a well-made, on-moving story with strong characters. . . . She tak...

The Fresco book summary, reviews and downlod

The Fresco


The bizarre events that have been occuring across the United States -- unexplained "oddities" tracked by Air Defense, mysterious disappearances, shocking deaths -- seem to have no bearing on...

The Family Tree book summary, reviews and downlod

The Family Tree



The Companions book summary, reviews and downlod

The Companions


Three planets have been recently discovered in deep space, and prosaically named to reflect their respective environments. Jungle, lush and foreboding, swallowed up an eleven-member explorat...

The Margarets book summary, reviews and downlod

The Margarets


The myriad alien civilizations populating far, distant worlds have many good reasons to detest the blight called "humankind" . . .The only human child living in a work colony on ...

Best Seller Sheri S Tepper Audio Books of January 2022

The Gate to Women's Country: A Novel MP3 Audiobook

The Gate to Women's Country: A Novel

Sci-Fi & Fantasy$16.99

Women rule in Women's Country. Women live apart from men, sheltering the remains of civilization. They have cut themselves off with walls and by ordinance from marauding males. Waging war is...

Grass  (Unabridged) MP3 Audiobook

Grass  (Unabridged)

Sci-Fi & Fantasy$21.99

What could be more commonplace than grass or a world covered over all its surface with a wind-whipped ocean of grass? But the planet Grass conceals horrifying secrets within its endless past...

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