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Simon Kernick (born February 1967 in Slough, Buckinghamshire) is a British thriller/crime writer now living in Oxfordshire with his two daughters. Kernick attended Gillotts School, a comprehensive in Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire. Whilst he was a student his jobs included fruit-picker and Christmas-tree uprooter. He graduated from Brighton Polytechnic in 1991 with a degree in humanities.His novel Relentless was recommended on Richard & Judy's Summer book club 2007. It was the 8th best-selling paperback, and the best-selling thriller in the UK in the same year. Awards Bibliography The Business of Dying (Dennis Milne 1) (2002) — (Bantam, ISBN 0-593-04978-0) The Murder Exchange (2003) — (Bantam, ISBN 0-593-04979-9) The Crime Trade (Tina Boyd 1) (2004) — (Bantam, ISBN 0-593-05135-1) A Good Day To Die (Dennis Milne 2) (2005) — (Bantam, ISBN 0-593-05146-7) Relentless (Tina Boyd 2, Mike Bolt 1) (2006) — (Bantam, ISBN 0-593-05471-7) Severed (Mike Bolt 2) (2007) — (Bantam, ISBN 0-593-05473-3) Deadline (Tina Boyd 3) (2008) Target (Tina Boyd 4, Mike Bolt 3) (2009) The Last 10 Seconds (Tina Boyd 5, Mike Bolt 4) (2010) The Payback (Dennis Milne 3, Tina Boyd 6) (2011) Siege(Scope 1, plus Tina Boyd) (2012) Wrong Time, Wrong Place (2013, February) Ultimatum (Tina Boyd 7, Mike Bolt 5) (2013, June) Stay Alive (Mike Bolt 6, Scope 2) (2014) The Final Minute (Tina Boyd 8) (2015, January) The Witness (DI Ray Mason 1) (2016, January) The Bone Field (DI Ray Mason 2, Tina Boyd 9) (2017, January) The Hanged Man (DI Ray Mason 3, Tina Boyd 10) (2018, January) Dead Mans Gift & Other Stories (2018, July) We Can See You (2018, November) Die Alone (DI Ray Mason 4, Tina Boyd 11, Mike Bolt 7) (2019, November) Kill A Stranger (2020) Good Cop Bad Cop (2021)References External links Official website Simon Kernick bibliography on Internet Book List. Discover the Simon Kernick popular books. Find the top 100 most popular Simon Kernick books.

Best Seller Simon Kernick Books of 2023

  • Mammoth Book of Best British Crime 11 synopsis, comments

    Mammoth Book of Best British Crime 11

    Maxim Jakubowski

    This superb annual anthology of the year’s most outstanding short crime fiction published in the UK is now well into its second decade. Jakubowski has succeeded, once again, in une...

  • Deadline synopsis, comments


    Simon Kernick

    A captivating and taut thriller that will leave you holding your breath, from Sunday Times bestselling author Simon Kernick, the UK's answer to Harlan Coben.'The next time I see Si...

  • We Can See You synopsis, comments

    We Can See You

    Simon Kernick

    If you like David Baldacci, Stuart MacBride and Peter James, you'll love this frighteningly tense, spinetingling thriller from Sunday Times bestselling author Simon Kernick the UK...

  • The Doll Princess synopsis, comments

    The Doll Princess

    Tom Benn

    Winner of the Sunday Times Charlotte Aitken Young Writer of the Year AwardIt's Manchester, July 1996, the month after the IRA bomb, and the Evening News is carrying reports of two ...

  • The Bone Field synopsis, comments

    The Bone Field

    Simon Kernick

    From Sunday Times bestselling author Simon Kernick the UK's answer to Harlan Coben The Bone Field is a blood pressure raising thriller: fastpaced, full of thrills, spills and unr...

  • The Dunwich Horror synopsis, comments

    The Dunwich Horror

    H. P. Lovecraft

    Deadly forces are about to be awakened …In the degenerate, unliked backwater of Dunwich, Wilbur Whately, a most unusual child, is born. Of unnatural parentage, he grows at an uncan...

  • A Man of Sorrows synopsis, comments

    A Man of Sorrows

    James Craig

    Hunting down a paeodophile priest, Carlyle finds himself up against his old adversary Christian Holyrod. The Mayor of London is responsible for hosting an upcoming visit by the Po...

  • Unsafe Attachments synopsis, comments

    Unsafe Attachments

    Caroline Oulton

    Unsafe Attachments explores the relationships of a loosely interlinked group of Londoners. Caught off guard at key points, they face moments of sudden temptation in their busy, est...

  • Revenge synopsis, comments


    Martina Cole

    He thought he was invincible. He was wrong.REVENGE by the 'undisputed queen of crime writing' (Guardian) and Sunday Times No.1 bestseller Martina Cole is an unflinching novel that ...

  • The Taste of Blood synopsis, comments

    The Taste of Blood

    James Craig

    Victim or assassin the lines are blurred...A badly beaten woman walks into A&E and is promptly arrested by the Home Office on suspicion of being an illegal alien. However, she...

  • In My Wildest Dreams synopsis, comments

    In My Wildest Dreams

    Leslie Thomas

    From Barnardo boy to original virgin soldier; from apprentice journalist in London's Fleet Street to famous novelist...At times funny, at times sad, but always honest and utterly c...

  • Found Her synopsis, comments

    Found Her

    NJ Mackay

    The most gripping, emotional and redemptive psychological thriller of 2021 for fans of Erin Kinsley, Lisa Jewell, Louise Jensen, Phoebe Morgan, CL Taylor, Cara Hunter and KL Slate...

  • Darkness Falls synopsis, comments

    Darkness Falls

    Alex Knight

    Twenty years ago, her brother was murdered. Tonight, she's found his killer.Thessaly Hanlon is four hours into a long drive home through the night when she pulls into a 24hour road...

  • Kill Me Once synopsis, comments

    Kill Me Once

    Jon Osborne

    Nathan Stiedowe is seeking perfection and he has been learning from the best. Recreating some of the most sickening murders in history, his objective appears chillingly simple, bu...

  • The Payback synopsis, comments

    The Payback

    Simon Kernick

    A gripping thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat from Sunday Times bestselling author Simon Kernick, the UK's answer to Harlan Coben."Pace, pace pace is what Kernick...

  • Instinct synopsis, comments


    Ben Kay

    Hidden in a remote corner of the South American jungle is a clandestine research facility known simply as MEROS. Here, working in laboratories buried a thousand feet underground, m...

  • Feel No Pain synopsis, comments

    Feel No Pain

    RJ Bailey

    Sam Wylde, bodyguard to the rich and powerful, is on a new assignment and this time it's personal. Feel No Pain is a short story set between Safe From Harm and&...

  • Shadow of a Doubt synopsis, comments

    Shadow of a Doubt

    Michelle Davies

    'Pure suspense, where past and present collide with chilling results' Erin Kelly'A hugely entertaining, fastpaced thriller' Caz Frear'It's a pitchperfect blend of ghostly terror an...

  • The Graft synopsis, comments

    The Graft

    Martina Cole

    Success comes at a deadly price... THE GRAFT by the 'undisputed queen of crime writing' (Guardian) and Sunday Times No.1 bestseller Martina Cole is an unflinching novel that expose...

  • The Hanged Man synopsis, comments

    The Hanged Man

    Simon Kernick

    Fans of David Baldacci, Stuart MacBride and Peter James will devour this intensely addictive and adrenalinfuelled thriller from Sunday Times bestselling author Simon Kernick the U...

  • Winner Kills All synopsis, comments

    Winner Kills All

    RJ Bailey

    ‘RJ Bailey has created a serial hero to rival Jack Reacher himself’ TONY PARSONSFor fans of BODYGUARD and KILLING EVE  – In a fierce game of cat and mouse, the ...

  • Acts of Violence synopsis, comments

    Acts of Violence

    James Craig

    Awakening the sleeping dragon...Smooth expat Michael Nicholson is a fixer, getting on by doing favours for the rich and powerful in booming China. When he makes the mistake of gett...

  • How I Met My Wife synopsis, comments

    How I Met My Wife

    Nicholas Coleridge

    A collection of fourteen stories containing a broad cast of amusing characters involved in adventures which are by turns funny, ingenious and moving.

  • Sink or Swim synopsis, comments

    Sink or Swim

    James Craig

    Coward?Or scapegoat?When a terror attack in Westminster leaves a colleague dead, Commander John Carlyle is accused by the media of fleeing the scene. For a man with more than his f...

  • Time to Pay synopsis, comments

    Time to Pay

    Lyndon Stacey

    Revenge has no limits...Damien Daniels has been murdered; shot through the chest by an unseen marksman. It looks like a professional job but there are no clues as to who pulled the...

  • Zero synopsis, comments


    Marc Elsberg

    A GUARDIAN THRILLER OF THE MONTH'[Exposes] the dark underbelly of social media giants' societal control via the manipulation of data. Elsberg is nothing if not prescient; this is a...

  • Like Mother, Like Daughter synopsis, comments

    Like Mother, Like Daughter

    Elle Croft

    'Utterly absorbing and thoughtprovoking' Caz Frear'What a premise, and packed with suspense' Victoria Selman'A dark, delicious triumph' Niki MackayIf what they said was true, then ...

  • All Kinds of Dead synopsis, comments

    All Kinds of Dead

    James Craig

    Inspector Carlyle has a new partner in crime . . . but for how long?When a fortune in uncut diamonds are nicked by a group of soldiers, Carlyle teams up with Captain Daniel Hunter ...

  • A Dark Enchantment synopsis, comments

    A Dark Enchantment

    Roland Vernon

    Greece, 1869Godwin Tudor, a young English photographer recently arrived in Athens, is intrigued by the mysterious and maverick British landowner Edgar Brooke, whose vast estate dom...

  • Severed synopsis, comments


    Simon Kernick

    An unputdownable, edgeofyourseat thriller full of twists and turns from Sunday Times bestselling author Simon Kernick the UK's answer to Harlan Coben. Guaranteed to keep you gripp...

  • Die Alone synopsis, comments

    Die Alone

    Simon Kernick

    Hold on tight Sunday Times bestselling author Simon Kernick the UK's answer to Harlan Coben has done it again. This is a noholdsbarred, pulsepounding thriller which will have yo...

  • The Witness synopsis, comments

    The Witness

    Simon Kernick

    This engrossing and unputdownable fastpaced thriller from Sunday Times bestselling author Simon Kernick, the UK's answer to Harlan Coben, is perfect for fans of David Baldacci, Stu...

  • Safe From Harm synopsis, comments

    Safe From Harm

    RJ Bailey

    YOU CAN RUN Sam Wylde is a Close Protection Officer to the rich and powerful. In a world dominated by men, being a woman has been an advantage. And she is the best in the business ...

  • Until the Darkness Comes synopsis, comments

    Until the Darkness Comes

    Kevin Brooks

    PI John Craine has come to Hale Island to get away from it all the memories and the guilt, and a past that just won't let go. But within hours he stumbles across the dead body of ...

  • Trouble at Zero Hour synopsis, comments

    Trouble at Zero Hour

    Rob Lofthouse

    Written by a retired British soldier, Trouble at Zero Hour is a breathless and vivid story, dramatizing three of the key Allied operations that turned the tide of the Second World ...

  • Target synopsis, comments


    Simon Kernick

    Sunday Times bestselling author Simon Kernick, the UK's answer to Harlan Coben, brings us this spinetingling, compelling and captivating thriller that you won't be able to put down...

  • Nobody Gets Hurt synopsis, comments

    Nobody Gets Hurt

    RJ Bailey

    Praise for RJ Bailey:'I loved Safe From Harm, a thriller that had me in a chokehold from its great opening line to the whiteknuckle climax. Sam Wylde is a hero for our times' ...

  • Primal synopsis, comments


    Dr Robin Baker

    Presumed dead, a group of undergraduate students who go missing on a deserted Pacific island emerge one year later in two groups of ragged (and naked) survivors. All but one of the...

  • This is Where I Say Goodbye synopsis, comments

    This is Where I Say Goodbye

    James Craig

    His father is dying.He's stuck in the middle of a gang war.And he has to solve a case with no clues.Welcome to the world of Inspector John Carlyle. Work goes on the backburner for ...

  • Vendetta synopsis, comments


    Dreda Say Mitchell


  • Ben Elton Collection synopsis, comments

    Ben Elton Collection

    Ben Elton

    GridlockToo many cars and not enough space equals gridlock.Gridlock is when a city dies. Killed in the name of freedom. Killed in the name of oil and steel. Choked on carbon monoxi...

  • The Guilty Wife synopsis, comments

    The Guilty Wife

    Elle Croft

    THE TOP 10 EBOOK BESTSELLER 'A gripping tale of betrayal, deceit, and duplicity. Fabulous.' Jenny Blackhurst, author of How I Lost You 'Relentless and intense...I loved the final ...

  • The Gentle Assassin synopsis, comments

    The Gentle Assassin

    Ryan David Jahn

    It wasn't every day you had the chance to track down the man who'd killed your mother. In 1964, Andrew Combs' mother is killed in front of him. His father Harry vanishes soon after...

  • The Final Minute synopsis, comments

    The Final Minute

    Simon Kernick

    Simon Kernick, the UK's answer to Harlan Coben, has written a thriller jampacked withaction, tension and twists and turns. A heartstopping read from page one, this is perfect for f...

  • Shoot to Kill synopsis, comments

    Shoot to Kill

    James Craig

    When French gangster Tuco Martinez threatens Carlyle and his family, the inspector has to call on the resources and skills of Dominic Silver to try and see him off. But Dom won’t ...