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Best Seller Terry Schott Books of 2023

  • The Tangle synopsis, comments

    The Tangle

    Terry Schott

    Virtual Paradise Threatened… The Tangle is a virtual reality where life is better than the real world… Created as a universe with unlimited potential for play and work, the Tangle ...

  • Shadows synopsis, comments


    Terry Schott

    Book one of a new series set in the Game is Life universe...  Dawn belongs to a secret group of teenagers who play a cloak and dagger game on their cell phones.  Her worl...

  • Campaign synopsis, comments


    Terry Schott

    The players gather... They crave adventure, but what kind? The game's creator continues to search for his missing partner who may be the only person capable of ...

  • Digital Heretic synopsis, comments

    Digital Heretic

    Terry Schott

    Millions on Earth are shaken by the events set in motion by Zack's final play...  Billions on Tygon watch breathlessly as the consequences of his actions ripple through both w...

  • Ghost synopsis, comments


    Terry Schott

    Her world has been turned upside down In only a few weeks, Luna's life has changed more than she ever imagined that it could But she's about to learn that the transition has only s...

  • Towers synopsis, comments


    Terry Schott

    Humanity Survived… Barely, and thanks to networks of gigantic Tower systems which surrounded small villages with a protective barrier of lethal energy.  It kept everything out...

  • The Ward synopsis, comments

    The Ward

    Terry Schott

    Alex Wolfson Legendary titan of business and industry around the globe. Said to possess a net worth greater than the twenty wealthiest countries in the world. It is rumoured that h...

  • The Source synopsis, comments

    The Source

    Terry Schott

    From the author of the Game is Life series comes book two of the Advent Trilogy! In the Ward you met the characters and learned what is happening to them.  Now follow Alex Wol...

  • Resonance synopsis, comments


    Terry Schott

    Are thousands of orbs, with each containing a reality housing billions of souls, about to burn out and die? Can Trew find his daughter, or will everything he has sacrificed be for ...

  • Shade synopsis, comments


    Terry Schott

    Beyond the Barrier Luna dreamed of life outside her village, but never imagined how different it would be. Facing intrigue and danger, she must navigate her way through a world she...

  • The Exception synopsis, comments

    The Exception

    Terry Schott

    The thrilling conclusion to the Advent Trilogy from Terry Schott! It began in the Ward and continued in the Source. Now see how it all ends in the Exception. Will Alex and Gudrun s...

  • Flux synopsis, comments


    Terry Schott

    A Family Divided. Realities in Flux… Atonement Addisyn leads her band of Sparrows, clashing with other groups in a daily struggle for dominance. Sojourn Stranded here against his...

  • The Game synopsis, comments

    The Game

    Terry Schott

    The Matrix/ Ender's Game meets The Hunger Games ...What if, instead of traditional schools, children learned by participating in a virtual reality simulation, one that allowed them...

  • Raid synopsis, comments


    Terry Schott

    Beta Testing Continues… With Fen as his guide, Isaac enters Blades VR hoping to find Sebastian and fix the game before it crashes. Sebastian and his friends discover that NPCs are ...

  • Digital Evolution synopsis, comments

    Digital Evolution

    Terry Schott

    Ten years have passed on Tygon since the Virtual Prophet woke the Dreamers.  Games of life and death continue and the stakes for winning or losing promise  to affect th...

  • Virtual Prophet synopsis, comments

    Virtual Prophet

    Terry Schott

    Inside the Game, players struggle to survive in a world where technology no longer functions.  On Tygon, fans are unable to view what is occurring inside the Game.  Trew ...

  • Ascension synopsis, comments


    Terry Schott

    In a world very much like our own 17th century, one man's kindness lifts a poor, homeless boy from the dirt and sets him on an unlikely path of adventure.  An average man woul...

  • Scout synopsis, comments


    Terry Schott

    For decades, role playing games and paper back books were the only way to imagine the swords and sorcery of Fantasy.  But now there is a Virtual Reality simulation called Blad...

  • Cyber synopsis, comments


    Terry Schott

    Book 7 in the Game is Life Series Deceived by a trusted colleague, Loredana Cyber, heir to the world’s largest entertainment company, walks away from big business and vows never to...

  • Interlude-Brandon synopsis, comments


    Terry Schott

    Do Not Skip this Story...There are a lot of answers to questions asked in the first two books, and you will be lost if you miss out on this one!  Brandon Strayne.  Bril...

  • Fragmented synopsis, comments


    Terry Schott

    Cooper has made mistakes.  Lives were lost.  Realties destroyed.  Invited to join a mysterious and powerful group known as Wielders,  he must learn whether his ...