Naruto Retrospective

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Naruto Retrospective Book Summary

Creator Masashi Kishimoto’s tale of the ninja who could, and then, eventually actually did, spend more than a decade captivating us with the long-game adventures of Naruto, Sakura, Sasuke, Jiraiya, Tsunade and any of the other worthy favorites we meet along the way. Whether you’re a long time die-hard or a newcomer in the enviable position of discovering this story for the first time, consider this new book our gift to you as you get lost in the Ninja World over and over again.

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Naruto Retrospective Comments

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Naruto Retrospective - Masashi Kishimoto Reviews

  • 10/10

    By yushe makkai
    This book was great with all the different stories for free it's so awesome!!!!
  • All time greatest

    By Beast aware
    This is always going to be number one in my heart !
  • The best Author

    By Gunnar Broughton
    # awesome
  • Naruto

    By Kc, Korra wolf, wolfy
    This is awsome
  • The gateway into heaven

    By JEB Bacon
    Naruto is what got me into the wonderful world of anime and manga. I first saw it on toonami probably a decade ago and it's changed my life. So grateful to this series.
  • Norton

    By Brit people have to go back
    I love north
  • Naruto Retrospective

    Good, but it is a bit small. Otherwise, I LOVE IT
  • Naruto

    By Brian xiong
    I love this book and I recomend this book to people that like anim and naruto. This book is free to people that love naruto .
  • gr8 m8

    By Butsingkon
    gr8 m8

Masashi Kishimoto - Naruto Retrospective E-Book

Naruto Retrospective - Masashi Kishimoto E-Book coming soon..