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Free The Sheep Who Couldn't Sleep book synopsis, reviews

The Sheep Who Couldn't Sleep

Simon JamieAugust 1, 2012Get

One night down on Hillside Farm Everything was quiet and calm But all alone there lay a sheep Who found he couldn't get to sleep. Follow Sheep as he t...

Free Hating The Best Man book synopsis, reviews

Hating The Best Man

Natalie WryeMay 20, 2016Get

She hates me. And we’ve never met… To be fair, I hate her too. I’m not a party planner. Or anyone’s best man. But I become both the day my bes...

Free City of Storms book synopsis, reviews

City of Storms

Kat RossAugust 23, 2021Get

A city simmering with repressed urges… A fallen angel bent on chaos…  And a conspiracy that could destroy them all. Can one woman harness her...

Free The Highlander's Reluctant Bride book synopsis, reviews

The Highlander's Reluctant Bride

Aileen AdamsJuly 22, 2021Get

Love's challenge yields sweet rewards… Caitlin Graham's a lowland lass, living with her uncle. She, her sister, and her brother were orphaned at a y...

Free Apple Watch User Guide book synopsis, reviews

Apple Watch User Guide

Apple Inc.September 16, 2021Get

Here’s everything you need to know about Apple Watch and the Apple Watch app on iPhone, straight from Apple. This definitive guide helps you get sta...

Free My Sinful Nights book synopsis, reviews

My Sinful Nights

Lauren BlakelyMay 6, 2020Get

A sexy, heart-stopping, second chance romance from #1 New York Times Bestselling author Lauren Blakely… Ten years ago, I let the love of my life sli...

Free Kiss Me Crazy book synopsis, reviews

Kiss Me Crazy

Jami RogersDecember 7, 2018Get

A new hot and steamy series by author Jami Rogers begins with Kiss Me Crazy. LENNOX If I focus on his six-pack abs and crazy sexy crooked grin, I, Len...

Free The Art of War book synopsis, reviews

The Art of War

Sun TzuOctober 4, 2010Get

An Apple Books Classic edition. It’s believed that Sun Tzu wrote this Chinese military primer during the 5th century BC-hundreds of years before the...

Free Persuasion book synopsis, reviews


Jane AustenJune 16, 2020Get

Persuasion was published in 1817, six months after Jane Austen’s death, and is the last novel she completed in full. The novel tells the story of An...

Free Dragon's Breath book synopsis, reviews

Dragon's Breath

Michael GordonJuly 8, 2019Get

What happens when a Dragon doesn't brush his teeth?  Well...We all heard about the ''dragon's breath''. That's why learning proper dental care is...

Free Bedtime Stories for Kids book synopsis, reviews

Bedtime Stories for Kids

Uncle AmonJune 15, 2015Get

Are you looking for a children's book that is highly entertaining, great for early readers, and is jam-packed with bedtime stories? This children's st...

Free The Rift book synopsis, reviews

The Rift

Rachel LynchApril 22, 2021Get

To save one life, she risks many others. Working for the Royal Military Police, Major Helen Scott is used to rapid change. On a posting to Paris she o...

Free Dating the Boss book synopsis, reviews

Dating the Boss

Penny ReidJune 8, 2022Get

12 steamy books from bestselling authors fill this limited-time boxed set! Office romance has never been this hot. If you love an alpha CEO or a nanny...

Free The Baby Scandal (Complete Series) book synopsis, reviews

The Baby Scandal (Complete Series)

Layla Valentine & Holly RaynerFebruary 9, 2022Get

He may be worth billions, but the secret I'm holding onto? One very scandalous, immeasurably precious, unborn baby… HER: It was the biggest project ...

Free The Hostage Bargain book synopsis, reviews

The Hostage Bargain

Annika MartinOctober 6, 2014Get

"So funny and so freaking addictive! This series is my favorite guilty pleasure!” ~A Buckeye Girl Reads Blog I was a small town girl trapped in a de...

Free Blood of the Pack book synopsis, reviews

Blood of the Pack

Cassie AlexanderJanuary 4, 2022Get

Angela:  I know fear well. It's had me looking over my shoulder since the day I ran from The Pack, Nevada's most dangerous werewolf motorcycle ga...

Free Thunder Mountain book synopsis, reviews

Thunder Mountain

Dean Wesley SmithFebruary 14, 2017Get

USA Today bestselling author Dean Wesley Smith weaves a science fiction tale of love and survival of two modern professors dealing with the past. Offe...

Free The Great Gatsby book synopsis, reviews

The Great Gatsby

F. Scott FitzgeraldApril 10, 1925Get

An Apple Books Classics edition. The Roaring Twenties are in full effect in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s riveting classic. Man-about-town Jay Gatsby seems ...

Free Little Lost Secrets book synopsis, reviews

Little Lost Secrets

Cheryl BradshawFebruary 21, 2021Get

From New York Times Bestselling Author Cheryl Bradshaw comes book two in her exciting new mystery series .  When a dead body is found in the wall...

Free 1984 book synopsis, reviews


George OrwellMay 1, 2022$0.99

BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU 1984 has become a classic literary example of political and dystopian fiction. Many terms used in the novel have entered c...

Free Calloway Cove book synopsis, reviews

Calloway Cove

Tia SoudersSeptember 22, 2020Get

A dying wish brought her home. Can the promise of happily ever after keep her there? When the grief-stricken Andi Calloway loses her mother, she leave...

Free A Book to Kill For book synopsis, reviews

A Book to Kill For

Harper LinFebruary 10, 2021Get

A quiet book lover falls for a rugged carpenter...who doesn't even like to read? Maggie Bell loves working at a bookshop in the charming town of Fair ...

Free Girl, Alone (An Ella Dark FBI Suspense Thriller—Book 1) book synopsis, reviews

Girl, Alone (An Ella Dark FBI Suspense Thriller—Book 1)

Blake PierceDecember 16, 2020Get

FBI Agent Ella Dark has studied serial killers from the time she could read, devastated by the murder of her own sister. With her photographic memory,...

Free Become A Better Version of Yourself book synopsis, reviews

Become A Better Version of Yourself

Ben LeightonFebruary 22, 2015Get

This ebook contains golden nuggets on how to motivate, inspire and improve your current situation. It encompasses the holistic view of self improvemen...

Free The Bride Pursued book synopsis, reviews

The Bride Pursued

Piper DavenportJune 26, 2018$4.99

18+ for language and sexual situations...<br> <br> Shaye Montgomery is the tour manager for her childhood friend and major recording artis...

Free iPhone User Guide book synopsis, reviews

iPhone User Guide

Apple Inc.September 20, 2021Get

Here’s everything you need to know about iPhone, straight from Apple. This definitive guide helps you get started using iPhone with iOS 15 and disco...

Free Lord Temptation book synopsis, reviews

Lord Temptation

Rebecca Hagan LeeSeptember 22, 2020Get

What’s a proper lady to do when a gentleman’s charms prove irresistible? With his unruly black hair and cool gray eyes, Anthony Carlisle, the Earl...

Free A Time to Give book synopsis, reviews

A Time to Give

Kathryn ShayJanuary 19, 2017Get

What does an unexpected baby bring? A marriage of convenience? A reconciliation? A rejection like no other? NEW YORK TIMES bestselling author Kathryn ...

Free The Holy Bible - King James Version book synopsis, reviews

The Holy Bible - King James Version

King JamesAugust 30, 2012Get

Holy Bible King James Version Few Sample Paragraphs from The Holy Bible eBook, Genesis (OT) 1 Gen. 1 IN the beginning God created the heaven and the e...

Free The Mechanic book synopsis, reviews

The Mechanic

Tom FowlerOctober 13, 2020Get

John Tyler finally built the life he wanted. But his past casts a long shadow. Eight years retired from the army, Tyler manages his PTSD and begins a ...

Free Severance book synopsis, reviews


AnonymousMarch 18, 2022Get

When does the cost of staying silent become greater than the price of speaking up? A desperate woman risks everything to expose the sinister company a...

Free Smilodon book synopsis, reviews


Robert M. KernsMarch 2, 2021Get

A hapless hiker. A rogue cougar. An outcome no one expected. Wyatt took a dead-end job in his hometown for two reasons: hiking, and being close to his...

Free The First Fantasy Box Set book synopsis, reviews

The First Fantasy Box Set

W.J. MayApril 26, 2018Get

First Fantasy Box Set by USA Today Bestselling author, W.J. May. Five Paranormal Fantasy Series together in one collection. Book 1 – Eternal – Fae...

Free The Count of Monte Cristo book synopsis, reviews

The Count of Monte Cristo

Alexandre DumasJanuary 14, 1846Get

An Apple Books Classic edition. Alexandre Dumas’ classic paints a portrait of Edmond Dantès, a dark and calculating man who is willing to wait year...

Free Finally Yours book synopsis, reviews

Finally Yours

Elena AitkenNovember 18, 2021Get

They say your forties are the new twenties.  Maybe that would be true if my ex-husband hadn’t turned out to be a lying, cheating, stealing ass ...

Free You're The One book synopsis, reviews

You're The One

Layla HagenFebruary 4, 2020Get

To everyone else, Hunter Caldwell is the most powerful man in New York. But to me? Hunter is just my best friend… my sinfully attractive best friend...

Free Think and Grow Rich book synopsis, reviews

Think and Grow Rich

Greg Habstritt & Napoleon HillDecember 23, 2010Get

Think and Grow Rich is one of the most popular success book of all-time, having sold more than 60 million copies since it was first pub...

Free Tender Lovers book synopsis, reviews

Tender Lovers

Katelyn SkyeMay 26, 2014Get

This is the first book in the ‘Tender Lovers’ Series by Katelyn Skye. This series brings you a potent mix of romance and deep passion, leaving you...

Free One Wild Weekend with Connor book synopsis, reviews

One Wild Weekend with Connor

Lexi HartMay 4, 2019Get

Trapped in her cozy beach house with a devilishly sexy stranger, good girl Evelyn stands no chance against serial womanizer and ex-convict Connor's ch...

Free Why Me... book synopsis, reviews

Why Me...

W.L. KnightlySeptember 16, 2021Get

Two years after his fiancée went missing on a business trip to Hollywood, FBI Agent Ethan Charles is ready to move on with his life. But when an unex...

Free Walk the Dog book synopsis, reviews

Walk the Dog

Isabel JolieJune 6, 2020Get

50 Shades of Spay: No Litters, Baby. That's the sign in front of the Chelsea Veterinary Clinic on the lower west side of Manhattan, where I'm currentl...

Free The Purchased Bride book synopsis, reviews

The Purchased Bride

Ruth Ann NordinAugust 30, 2020Get

Ada Wilcox never thought her brother would answer a mail-order bride ad on her behalf. Worse, he’s sold her–sight unseen–to a complete stranger....

Free The Deal book synopsis, reviews

The Deal

Elle KennedyFebruary 24, 2015Get

The international bestseller! Get ready for another binge-worthy romance from New York Times bestselling author Elle Kennedy! She's about to make a de...

Free Falling for Her Brother's Best Friend book synopsis, reviews

Falling for Her Brother's Best Friend

Noelle AdamsJune 7, 2017Get

After too many bad decisions in romance, Emma is going on a man-fast. For the next six months, she's fasting from men. No sex. No dating. No soulful g...

Free Ride Me Dirty book synopsis, reviews

Ride Me Dirty

Vanessa ValeApril 6, 2017Get

Catherine is forced to choose the life she really wants: the big-city lawyer or the small town cowgirl with two men who want to take her for a very di...

Free Multiple Motives book synopsis, reviews

Multiple Motives

Kassandra LambDecember 16, 2011Get

Psychotherapist Kate Huntington helps other people cope with the horrible things that have happened to them, but she herself has led a charmed life......

Free Surging Tide book synopsis, reviews

Surging Tide

Lexy TimmsJanuary 30, 2022Get

Sometimes, one must go against the tide… Gabriella – Gabby for short – desperately needs a holiday. She's worked way too hard, just lost her fat...

Free National Security book synopsis, reviews

National Security

Marc CameronJanuary 30, 2018Get

America has a new weapon in the war on terror: “Fascinating characters… Masterful.”—Steve Berry   They can strike anytime, anywhere. A pu...

Free Just a Dream book synopsis, reviews

Just a Dream

Amanda FayeJanuary 13, 2020Get

He had it all— He’s a fantastic doctor, has a family he adores, and his wife, Samantha, is the best thing to ever happen to him. Except, as he wak...

Free The New Girl book synopsis, reviews

The New Girl

Tracie PuckettJanuary 2, 2012Get

Webster Grove, Book 1 Seventeen-year-old Steph has her heart set on a new beginning for the eleventh time. A move to Webster Grove introduces her to a...

Free Wild With You book synopsis, reviews

Wild With You

J.H. CroixAugust 31, 2021Get

A swoony, small town firefighter series from USA Today Bestselling Author J.H. Croix! ✔️ Single father with axe-swinging hotness ✔️ Polar oppo...

Free I Could Be You book synopsis, reviews

I Could Be You

Sheila BuglerJanuary 23, 2020Get

A life has been taken. But whose life is it? On a stifling hot day, former journalist Dee Doran finds the crumpled body of her friend at the roadside....

Free Getaway Bay Beginnings book synopsis, reviews

Getaway Bay Beginnings

Elana JohnsonApril 27, 2022Get

Escape to the beach this summer, even if you live in a landlocked region! The golden sand of Getaway Bay is calling you with three complete romances, ...

Free The Art of Logical Thinking book synopsis, reviews

The Art of Logical Thinking

William Walker AtkinsonFebruary 28, 2013Get

Atkinson talks about successful pedagogical approach, guiding through the fundamental elements of formal deductive logic, classification and definitio...

Free On The Pitch book synopsis, reviews

On The Pitch

Lexy TimmsSeptember 14, 2021Get

Our Goal is Stopping Yours… A new season, a new start, and a new way to turn my life upside down. It was never meant to be this way. When I met Amel...

Free Finding Cinderella book synopsis, reviews

Finding Cinderella

Colleen HooverOctober 14, 2013Get

#1 New York Times bestselling author of It Ends With Us writes a free novella about the search for happily ever after. A chance encounter in the dark ...

Free Two Days Gone book synopsis, reviews

Two Days Gone

Randall SilvisJanuary 10, 2017Get

HAMMETT PRIZE NOMINEE Introducing the literary, emotionally propulsive Ryan DeMarco Mystery novels from Randall Silvis, critically acclaimed master of...

Free Cowboy, Take Me Home book synopsis, reviews

Cowboy, Take Me Home

Genevieve TurnerDecember 30, 2021Get

A down-on-her-luck woman finds her perfect home—but a surly cowboy claims it’s already his! She has one last chance to turn her luck around… Pip...

Free Fake Dating Her Best Friend's Brother book synopsis, reviews

Fake Dating Her Best Friend's Brother

Tia SoudersNovember 7, 2021Get

Fake dating has one rule: Don't let feelings get involved.  Callie Cartwright is about to lose her job. Either she cleans up her mounting debt, o...

Free The Roommate book synopsis, reviews

The Roommate

Lexy TimmsNovember 4, 2021Get

Abigail I'm invisible on campus. A girl nobody would look at twice. Broke, but desperate to break out of my shell, I've agreed to take in a roommate. ...

Free iPad User Guide book synopsis, reviews

iPad User Guide

Apple Inc.September 20, 2021Get

Here’s everything you need to know about iPad, straight from Apple. This definitive guide helps you get started using iPad with iPadOS 15 and discov...

Free Savage Rising book synopsis, reviews

Savage Rising

Katie ReusSeptember 26, 2017Get

From USA Today bestselling author Katie Reus comes the second book in the ALL NEW Redemption Harbor series where sparks fly and so do bullets… He's ...

Free The Secrets They Keep book synopsis, reviews

The Secrets They Keep

Emerald O'BrienMay 23, 2018Get

From the author of The Girls Across the Bay , comes the highly anticipated second novel in the thrilling Knox and Sheppard mystery series. They vowed ...

Free Law of Attraction book synopsis, reviews

Law of Attraction

Jordan HollisAugust 29, 2018Get

How to Finally Overcome the Hurdles of Manifesting Proven, effective and enjoyable ways to help you manifest faster… Right now, think of something t...

Free Devil's Deal book synopsis, reviews

Devil's Deal

Aleatha RomigMay 18, 2021Get

I'm Everett “Rett” Ramses. New Orleans is my world, my realm, and my domain. After what I've done, some people say I’m the devil. I say I'm a ma...

Free State of Emergency book synopsis, reviews

State of Emergency

Steve P. VincentJune 11, 2015Get

For fans of Tom Clancy, Vince Flynn and David Archer. What is the true cost of security? Amid a wave of unprecedented terrorist attacks on American so...

Free Strictly Murder book synopsis, reviews

Strictly Murder

Lynda WilcoxMay 19, 2012Get

The estate agent's details listed two reception rooms, kitchen and bath. What they failed to mention was the dead celebrity in the master bedroom. Per...

Free Stop Procrastinating & Overthinking: Learn The Mind Hacks To Cure Your Procrastination Habit And Improve Your Perseverance To Overcome Laziness. Eliminate Negative Thoughts And Stop Worrying book synopsis, reviews

Stop Procrastinating & Overthinking: Learn The Mind Hacks To Cure Your Procrastination Habit And Improve Your Perseverance To Overcome Laziness. Eliminate Negative Thoughts And Stop Worrying

Sebastian GoodwinMarch 25, 2021Get

"I TRIED EVERYTHING ELSE, BUT IT'S STILL A NEVER-ENDING BATTLE…" Everybody knows that procrastination is the biggest waste of time – I am talking ...

Free The Rangers of Purple Heart Ranch Volume One book synopsis, reviews

The Rangers of Purple Heart Ranch Volume One

Shanae JohnsonOctober 6, 2020Get

In this box set of three, full length sweet modern, western romances, watch three hardened Army Rangers fall hopelessly in love with the cowgirl next ...

Free Nothing to Hide book synopsis, reviews

Nothing to Hide

Scarlett FinnApril 13, 2021Get

Prize of a lifetime: travel the world with a celebrity billionaire. Come to LA with us, Roxie… It will be so much fun! We have tickets for a late-ni...

Free 10-Minute Social Psychology book synopsis, reviews

10-Minute Social Psychology

Albert RutherfordJune 7, 2020Get

Would you like to instantly catch people's thoughts, emotions, motivations, and intentions through mere observation? If yes, you've com...

Free Dirty Talker book synopsis, reviews

Dirty Talker

Piper RayneDecember 7, 2017Get

Turn-ons… Party girls. Platinum blondes. Zero expectations. I used to think that if you could combine all three into one female, you’d have the pe...

Free Her Billionaire Boss book synopsis, reviews

Her Billionaire Boss

Laura AnnApril 25, 2022Get

He's a billionaire, she's drowning in debt... will money keep these two from finding their Happy Ever After? Meet the Trumans, three brothers who are ...

Free Hating The Boss book synopsis, reviews

Hating The Boss

Natalie WryeOctober 24, 2017Get

KAT This isn’t a love story… It’s a hate one. 
 Because after Ethan Riske came into my life faster than a sexy dark blond bullet nine years ag...

Free The Scarlet Letter book synopsis, reviews

The Scarlet Letter

Nathaniel HawthorneDecember 30, 1850Get

An Apple Books Classic edition. Hester Prynne lives in infamy. After committing adultery and bearing a child with a man whose name she refuses to divu...

Free Red Sin book synopsis, reviews

Red Sin

Aleatha RomigOctober 19, 2021Get

Red is the color of blood, sacrifice, danger, and courage. It’s also associated with heat, passion, and sexuality. When two people meet unexpectedly...

Free Unlocking Your Self-Confidence book synopsis, reviews

Unlocking Your Self-Confidence

James TurnbullNovember 15, 2021Get

Unlock the secrets to developing self-confidence and unleash your true potential! James Turnbull's new book is primarily written as a short pocket-boo...

Free The Earl's Error book synopsis, reviews

The Earl's Error

Kathy L. WheelerApril 6, 2021Get

Lorelei Grey, the countess of Kimpton, can’t trust her husband. Not only did he exile her brother from England without a word to her, but, she’s s...

Free Shared by Her Mechanics: A Bisexual MMF Menage book synopsis, reviews

Shared by Her Mechanics: A Bisexual MMF Menage

Ellie HuntAugust 18, 2021Get

They'll claim this innocent virgin together! When Brooke's car breaks down she has no choice but to call a tow truck - and two hot, sexy, dominating m...

Free The Wedding at the Rose Chalet (Four Weddings and a Fiasco, Books 1-3) book synopsis, reviews

The Wedding at the Rose Chalet (Four Weddings and a Fiasco, Books 1-3)

Bella Andre & Lucy KevinJuly 23, 2012Get

3 ROMANTIC NOVELS FROM THE BESTSELLING FOUR WEDDINGS AND A FIASCO SERIES "I loved this book! It reminded me of Nora Roberts wedding series." 5 stars T...

Free String of Hearts book synopsis, reviews

String of Hearts

Roxie ClarkeNovember 30, 2020Get

When widower Ryan Tupper walks into the Pinwheel Plant Shop, owner Avery Wheeler is surprised to see her brother's best friend from high school and co...

Free Cheat Codes book synopsis, reviews

Cheat Codes

Emily GoodwinSeptember 7, 2019Get

Archer has always wanted what he can't have—Quinn Dawson. Since the moment he saw her, he's been denying his feelings for her, ignoring the void in ...

Free Let's Taco Bout It book synopsis, reviews

Let's Taco Bout It

Matthew RyanOctober 1, 2014Get

Mr Taco is feeling sad, it’s not easy being a little taco when everything around you is so BIG! Luckily, Patrick has a few ideas to help his friend....

Free Killing in the Caribbean book synopsis, reviews

Killing in the Caribbean

Jennifer FischettoJuly 21, 2020Get

From USA Today bestselling author Jennifer Fischetto comes a beach read full of romance, mystery, and a vacation turned deadly in the sunny Caribbean!...

Free See Them Run book synopsis, reviews

See Them Run

Marion ToddOctober 31, 2019Get

SHORTLISTED FOR THE BLOODY SCOTLAND SCOTTISH CRIME DEBUT OF THE YEAR 2020 In a famous Scottish town, someone is bent on murder – but why? On the nig...

Free The Chase book synopsis, reviews

The Chase

Elle KennedyAugust 6, 2018Get

New York Times bestseller! Get ready for another binge-worthy romance from international bestselling author Elle Kennedy! Everyone says opposites attr...

Free Rock You book synopsis, reviews

Rock You

Candy J StarrApril 8, 2015Get

Her head tells her she should leave him alone. But her heart's singing another song entirely… For Ruby, working for a grumpy recluse is the perfect ...

Free First Edition Murder book synopsis, reviews

First Edition Murder

Tessa KellyFebruary 3, 2022Get

"Tessa Kelly has me hooked! The depth of her characters is amazing and the story is so interesting. I was surprised at the outcome." —Vicki W "...

Free Between Ink and Shadows book synopsis, reviews

Between Ink and Shadows

Melissa WrightDecember 1, 2020Get

She’ll win back her freedom, even if she has to steal it. Nimona Weston has a debt to pay. Her father’s dealings with the dark society known as th...

Free The Girls Across the Bay book synopsis, reviews

The Girls Across the Bay

Emerald O'BrienNovember 16, 2017Get

A bond stronger than blood. A connection that could end it all.  Madigan Knox and Grace Sheppard became sisters the day they entered their foster...

Free Secrets of Willow House book synopsis, reviews

Secrets of Willow House

Susanne O'LearyMarch 25, 2019Get

‘ What a wonderful read this was! ... The definition of feel-good – reading it felt like sunshine… The first ‘feel good’ novel I’ve read t...

Free A Family Affair: The Homecoming book synopsis, reviews

A Family Affair: The Homecoming

Mary CampisiJuly 19, 2019Get

Delilah O’Reilly and Nicholas Borado fell in love, married and planned to spend a life together full of dreams, joy, and endless possibilities. ...

Free Today I Am Mad book synopsis, reviews

Today I Am Mad

Michael GordonSeptember 7, 2020Get

Kids feel emotions in big ways! Here's a great story for helping kids manage their feelings. * Help children l...

Free Pride and Prejudice book synopsis, reviews

Pride and Prejudice

Jane AustenJanuary 28, 1813Get

An Apple Books Classic edition. Jane Austen’s beloved classic opens with this witty and very memorable line: “It is a truth universally acknowledg...

Free Explicit Erotic Sex Short Stories book synopsis, reviews

Explicit Erotic Sex Short Stories

Brenda BlanchardJanuary 5, 2021Get

Bestselling Erotica Author Brenda Blanchard Is Giving Away a Collection of Some of Her Best Work! "Explicit Erotic Sex Short Stories" by Brenda Blanch...

Free Beautiful & Wild book synopsis, reviews

Beautiful & Wild

Lexy TimmsNovember 30, 2020Get

"Your first mistake was thinking I was one of your sheep." Azalea's life has been changed forever after a nightmare turned into reality. Her father, A...

Free Realm of Knights book synopsis, reviews

Realm of Knights

Jennifer Anne DavisSeptember 10, 2019Get

Reid has spent her whole life pretending to be a man so she can inherit her father’s estate, but when a chance encounter threatens to expose her lie...

Free Before You book synopsis, reviews

Before You

Ashlyn MathewsMay 28, 2019Get

A fake boyfriend she never wanted. Ryan Allie Allistar understood from a young age true love and happy-ever-after doesn't exist. Her college mantra? H...

Free Manifesting Abundance: How to Manifest Your Desires Using the Law of Attraction book synopsis, reviews

Manifesting Abundance: How to Manifest Your Desires Using the Law of Attraction

Beau NortonSeptember 26, 2015Get

Did you know that up to 95% of the people that attempt to use the law of attraction to manifest their desires see no noticeable results? The truth is ...

Free Last Chance Ranch book synopsis, reviews

Last Chance Ranch

Liz IsaacsonJanuary 8, 2019Get

Scarlett is trying to save her grandfather's farm, but the place is a huge mess. Hudson is a cowboy mechanic who offers to help her fix up the bro...

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