Not a Lot of People Know That

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Not a Lot of People Know That Book Summary

Not a Lot of People Know That is a book of facts. Not a lot of people know these facts. David Hailwood and FJ Riley know them. Not a lof of people know who David Hailwood and FJ Riley are, but with facts as accurate as these, they soon will.

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Not a Lot of People Know That Comments

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Not a Lot of People Know That - David Hailwood Reviews

  • What a waste of time

    By Bob In WSNC
    This thin tome is entirely lacking in both facts and humor. Although it was free, I paid way too much for this book. Your time would be better spent alphabetizing your spice rack.
  • I hope to god this isn't taken seriously...

    By JoC314123
    This book is nonsense; complete and utter farce. I hope nobody takes this seriously; I understand it was all intended as a long joke. I was very disappointed. I was expecting actual intelligent, yet often misunderstood facts, narrated through fresh ironic humor, but instead- only ironic junk. Oh well. Please discard of all paperback responsibly and recycle. That may be the only good that comes out of this publication.
  • Not a lot of people know that

    By Bob Vasquez
    Now, this here is funny! I'm downloading volume 2 right now!
  • 20 minutes I’ll never get back

    By fatherfriday
    WTHeck???? Was entertaining to say the least
  • Stupid

    By Jrpickanother
    Not even cute
  • Funny book!

    By Vdjbjhj
    I enjoyed this book of totally made-up information! It was like sitting with a group of college friends and talking smack about everything! Fun reading.
  • Not A Lot Of People Know That

    By Book reader123852
    Super funny
  • It's funny.

    By Snipeu44t
    Some of the things in here are absolutely hilarious but some of it lies. But it's still a good get for free :D
  • This wasn't funny, it was stupid and pointless.

    By Ahachiil
    Honestly, I don't know what else to say about this book. I was looking for something funny and this was just stupid. So stupid. These people are completely untalented, I don't know who has been lying to them about being able to write a funny book that makes sense; they can't. This was such a pointless book. Like a kid writing his explanations for things. This book was just a fail. Not funny, not entertaining. Waste of time. These people need a new hobby. Stop encouraging these people. Pick another book if you want to laugh. I don't understand what kind of mindless idiots like this. You people need to get out more and learn what real humor is. This is pathetic.
  • For humor.

    By Zmed1
    It's a comedy, that i'm not laughing at. i'm trying to seek knowledge, and i bump into this nonsense. just not for me. however, all of it is Very Creative, honestly. i'm keeping this book.

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