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A Very Stable Genius by Philip Rucker & Carol Leonnig Book Summary

The instant #1 bestseller.

“This taut and terrifying book is among the most closely observed accounts of Donald J. Trump’s shambolic tenure in office to date."
- Dwight Garner, The New York Times

Washington Post national investigative reporter Carol Leonnig and White House bureau chief Philip Rucker, both Pulitzer Prize winners, provide the definitive insider narrative of Donald Trump’s presidency
“I alone can fix it.” So proclaimed Donald J. Trump on July 21, 2016, accepting the Republican presidential nomination and promising to restore what he described as a fallen nation. Yet as he undertook the actual work of the commander in chief, it became nearly impossible to see beyond the daily chaos of scandal, investigation, and constant bluster. In fact, there were patterns to his behavior and that of his associates. The universal value of the Trump administration was loyalty—not to the country, but to the president himself—and Trump’s North Star was always the perpetuation of his own power. 

With deep and unmatched sources throughout Washington, D.C., Carol Leonnig and Philip Rucker reveal the forty-fifth president up close. Here, for the first time, certain officials who felt honor-bound not to divulge what they witnessed in positions of trust tell the truth for the benefit of history.

A peerless and gripping narrative, A Very Stable Genius not only reveals President Trump at his most unvarnished but shows how he tested the strength of America’s democracy and its common heart as a nation.

A Very Stable Genius (Philip Rucker & Carol Leonnig) Book Reviews

GarbageDon’t waste your money on this liberal fantasy..Score: 1/5

Eye openingVery well written. Very revealing that Trump rules as an infantile, temperamental Supreme Ruler. Democracy is history..Score: 5/5

He is a geniusWashington post... Lol.Score: 1/5

Trash book about our greatest President.Honestly just more extreme left wing MSM garbage..Score: 1/5

Professional unbiased reporting seems to be a thing of the pastProfessional reporting entails gathering established facts and providing them to the public without slanting and spinning them based on personal biases. I am not particularly endeared with President Trump, and I began reading this book hoping to get a clearer picture of what happens behind the scenes. However, I quickly realized that the authors’ goal in writing this book is not to reveal objective truths to the world, rather to continue the immature and hateful rhetoric perpetuated by both sides. I have been wondering for a while: can we all just grow up?!.Score: 5/5

DemocraticLet’s play the age old game, which Democrat will bash Donald Trump.Score: 1/5

Liberal propagandaAnti Trump propaganda.Score: 1/5

The facts we knowMost if not all contained in “A very stable genius” has been documented in the press for the last three years. However, what the authors did do, quite well, is bring to light the conversations, struggles and angst of those who serve the worst president in history. I thought the writing was excellent (I did not purchase the audio version) and the details were not biased. Good read if you can stomach reading about a malignant, unintelligent, criminal that is DJT..Score: 5/5

More proof of the insecure,demeaning psychopath in our White HouseTruly sickening that more than 200 current and former people who worked with Trump, gave details of the ignorance and vindictive behavior of trump....but none have the courage to stop him. .....what are they so afraid of??.Score: 3/5

Thanks Carol and Phil. This was an excellent read.So glad this crazy man is out of office. Hope he gets what he deserves..Score: 5/5

Stable GenuisExcellent book. Trump is a moron and now the way he isn’t handling this Covid-19 crisis makes me even more certain that he truly fits the definition of a Narcissist. He needs to climb back up his golden elevator and away from the American people..Score: 5/5

Read by a robotI bought the audiobook. I find the writing well researched and interesting. The only reason I didn’t give it five stars is because of the reader. She sounds like a computer....as if Siri is reading the book..Score: 4/5

One star is too manyThe only “positive”about this pile of rubbish is that I didn’t buy it. Save yourself time and money because this rag is predictable and filled with nothing but propaganda. Also, it certainly hasn’t aged well because the truth about the remarkable success of the Trump Administration is crystal clear when compared to the Biden crime family. Biden is a political hack, racist and is creepy around young girls. Oh, let’s not forget the credible accusation of rape. Hunter is a criminal loser and without the help of willing co-conspirators ( like the authors of this book), the lying Bidens would be behind bars. We the People are awake now and see books like this one for their pathetic attempt to rewrite history. You have overplayed your hands. Many of the big revelations of this book are already proven false. President Trump won the 2020 election in a landslide because the radical left cheated BIGLY. ARIZONA is the first to confirm proof of massive fraud. Audits will be completed across America and Trump will be the proven winner. We all know it. The dems know it, which is why they are trying to obstruct justice. 😳 January 6 was a set up by our government- the facts are there for all to see. So, write your silly little books and be prepared to have them debunked. The Patriots of the USA have awakened and we are watching..Score: 1/5

Brilliantly Addictive TruthThere is no other nobler profession than people dictated to recording history and keeping the public aware of what goes on in government that is just too big as they cover up more and more facts. Pack of lies is how trump will go down thur the years..Score: 5/5

CrapTrump derangement syndrome at its finest. Enjoy the next 4 years !!.Score: 1/5

Very illuminatingReading this was like getting a peak behind the curtains to see what was going on behind the scenes of some very well publicized historic events..Score: 5/5

RivetingThe authors do a beautiful job of describing a presidency in turmoil with facts..not colored by opinions. I am a fan of both Writers, and respect their objectivity..Score: 5/5

DumnDumb.Score: 1/5

Biased reporting at it’s finestNobody trusts the most anti-American tabloid journalists from Wa Post....Score: 1/5

Garbage bookAwful book. Just another liberal sore loser with Trump derangement syndrome. This book is all false, and all it does it spew hate. This book is FAKE NEWS. Waste of time and money!! Don’t waste your money on this trash. The author should be ashamed of himself for writing this pathetic excuse for a book..Score: 1/5

FantasticWhat an inside look..Score: 5/5

CwjsAsani.Score: 5/5

A Stable Genius Shows Us Trump is Not OneGoing in, somewhat, opened minded but with a sense of knowledge that the daily reports in the news were very true. I find this book yet another reason why Trump needs to be removed from office as soon as possible. I fear more than ever for the safety of our Country & for our Democratic processes & our Constitution. Republicans have unfortunately become the advocates of Trump’s unsound behavior. Which you cannot have in a person holding the highest office in our great Country..Score: 5/5

Apple and their political hacksTop book....Score: 1/5

A Very Stable GeniusBoring Book.Score: 1/5

Incredible Judicial AccountThis book absolutely blew my mind. It is such an eye opening look into the past 4 years under DJT. For many people who struggle to weigh in on the issues and media coverage regarding the legalities regarding DJT, the findings (or lack thereof) established in the Mueller Report, and the Ukrainian quid pro quo, Rucker and Leonning have brilliantly organized the collective facts from sources within and close to the adminstration. As someone whose career revolves around political science and civic duties, I highly recommend every American of eligible voting age to read this book before they vote in this year’s election..Score: 5/5

Not goodWas the worst book I ever read it just trashed Trump with every word!! Disgusting save your money!!!.Score: 1/5

A Very Stable GeniusThis book had me interested from the beginning. The details of the people who wrote this book shows they did a lot of research , I really enjoy reading this book Kevin.Score: 5/5

SchlesingerW have l red Ft t S x.Score: 3/5

Every American should read this bookGreat read, excellent insight to trumps first 36 months in office. Scary how such an unhinged immoral person was able to land the highest office of the nation. After reading the book, I am less angry at trump but rather the fealty of the Republican Congress. Trump has a long track record of being completely unhinged and self absorbed. Amazing that so many republicans have become pliant spineless sycophants. It’s the Joseph McCarthy era in replay..Score: 5/5

Ignore the MAGA-botsThis well written and engrossing book is meticulously documented and backed up by hundreds of witnesses to the den of corruption that is now the White House. America needs to kick this amoral clown to the curb and restore integrity to the White House, and the country. The one star, one line reviews here are clearly written by Trump lemmings that didn’t even read the book..Score: 5/5

Insider truth from the madhouseExplains in detail why an old white man could use the power of the most powerful position in the world to feed his ego while constantly complaining about his paranoid victimization. Too bad that the fear of a madman would keep his staff from guiding him properly and that after 4 years, a corrupt family can do no more than line their own pockets. This isn’t opinion, it’s truth from the sources..Score: 5/5

BarfComplete and total trash. Don’t waste your time. Biased reporting at its finest. *insert eye roll here*.Score: 1/5

Well doneOne of the best Trump insider reads of the first term.Score: 5/5

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