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Harley Laroux

The Dare by Harley Laroux Book Summary

Jessica Martin is not a nice girl. As Prom Queen and Captain of the cheer squad, she'd ruled her school mercilessly, looking down her nose at everyone she deemed unworthy. The most unworthy of them all? The "freak," Manson Reed: her favorite victim.
But a lot changes after high school.
A freak like him never should have ended up at the same Halloween party as her. He never should have been able to beat her at a game of Drink or Dare. He never should have been able to humiliate her in front of everyone. Losing the game means taking the dare: a dare to serve Manson for the entire night as his slave. It's a dare that Jessica's pride - and curiosity - won't allow her to refuse. What ensues is a dark game of pleasure and pain, fear and desire.
Is it only a game?
Only revenge?
Only a dare?
Or is it something more?

This dark erotic novella is written in First Person POV and is about 32k words in length.​​​​​​

This book contains intense fantasy scenes of hard kinks/edgeplay (including CNC play, knifeplay, humiliation and group play), graphic sex, and harsh language. The activities depicted in this book are not meant to be realistic depictions of BDSM or safe kink play, this is strictly a work of fiction. Scenes within this book may be triggering for some readers, please proceed with caution.

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Book Name The Dare
Genre Erotic Romance
Language English
E-Book Size 298.21 KB

The Dare (Harley Laroux) Book Reviews 2023

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Short and straight to the point. I LOVED this book!! I was getting tired of slow burn romances, and this one really scratched that itch for me!

The Dare. Okay uhm amazing! This was absolute fire and I can not wait to dive into the next book! This felt like just a taste and literally will leave you begging for more!

master, please. to say this book had me squirming is an understatement to say the least! I loved this story & these two characters! I love how Manson can read Jess like a book & doesn’t give in to her without showing her who she is. she was willingly hiding behind a facade even herself didn’t love, just loved the societal aspects of it. but in reality she wanted something else entirely, something only “the freak” could give her.

OMG!. Where does this man live and how do I get invited to one of his parties! If you are looking for spice - you have came to the right book! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Sexy. Loved every tantalizing second of this book

Love love love this. It was short, sweet, and to the point! Absolutely a must read if you are looking for something you can’t put down but be able to finish it in one day!! I’m in love.

Gruesomely hot. I wish this book was a little longer and had just a little bit more details to each character, maybe even a different POV…but even without those it was still amazing!! I was questionable going into the book because I wasn’t sure how I would feel about some of the kinks, but I could not put the book down!! Harley does a great job at making each scene enticing and thrilling, making you have to read more to know what’s going to happen.

I’ll never been the same…. I guess I’ve always had a thing for smut and have enjoyed exploring the essence of sexuality, in both art, and acts, however, this is one of the first times, I was truly shaken. I love smut and I enjoy to feel safe to let myself imagine scenarios, Dare, was a book I happened to get while being bored and I finished it the same day, short read, yet the uneasy feeling in my stomach, the beating of my heart as I read continuously, was unforgettable, as if I was in the story with Jess and Manson and the 3 clown boys who I still find myself imagining. Manson I can’t get out of my head, his demeanor, his confidence, yet the way he makes readers feel uneasy, an ignition of something that I forget existed within me, a fire to remind us as readers to never stop imaging nor enjoy the unshakeable feelings of lust, anger, even love.

Binge Worthy. Damn… I finished this in a night… The most enlightening book I’ve ever read.

Great quick read!. An absolutely amazing novella. This book is more than just a quick spicy read. There is so much depth to the two main characters that you can’t help but want more. The spice was A+ but the writing truly brought you into Jess’ headspace as she explores and learns about herself in a way she never intended at the hands of Manson. I’m happy to have read this and learned that there’s a continuation to this story , too.

Short and spicy 🥵. 🌶🌶🌶🌶🌶/5

Amazing. This was amazing, my heart kept squeezing in my chest, omg!!!❤️

The best. I loved every single second of this book!

wish there was a part 2 !. found this book from tiktok and it definitely worth the read 😈💕 5 stars isn’t enough to rate this book . 10/10 ‼️‼️‼️my only complaint is that book is quite short .

OMG. This story was too good. It had me rolling around with lust & a desire to be Jessica so badly!! I’m glad I read this on behalf of someone’s recommendation!

Awesome. It was pretty interesting book, it got a little big of everything in just one book. I would love to see a short story on the after of this book.

Worth the money!. If you love kinky books, totally recommend this one!!! It’s honestly so good👀

wow wow wow wow. Definitely read this book

Wow!. Really fun read! I love the chemistry between the characters. I also really liked that consent was brought up multiple times. 10/10 will read again

Love it. Best book I have ever read.

Great book!!!. Sooooo good!!! Can’t wait for this second book!!

picked it up and could not put it down until the end.. -the warnings should not be taken lightly as the things mentioned are very vividly present- with that said… if this is your kind of thing, buy the book. trust me. h0ly h3ll. i picked it up and literally was frozen in place til the end, the main character described her breathing reactions and i was already experiencing it - it’s THAT good. you won’t regret it!

Wow…just wow. I need more of this story! I’m obsessed with Manson and Jess. Their characters just felt so real to me and I know that is why this story connected with people. Everyone knows a Jess and a Manson from high school, and the concept of those two coming together for one explosive night is pure genius. I’m dying to see what happens next!

….. the level of spice is immaculate… just wow

Read in one sitting. This was incredible! So hot. I love their dynamic

All I Can Say Is Wow. I Did Not Consider Myself a Book Worm but This Book Was Absolutely Amazing. & Now I Am Wearing the Title So Proudly. Although it was a Short Story it Was Soo Good. Harley Definitely Knew How to Build Up The Suspense . . Or Should I Say the Climax. I Will Def Read This One Again, Multiple Times Actually! . It Was HOT. DIRTY! & ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS! When I Tell You The Room Got Hot. . You Better Believe it! This Description Doesnt Come Close to The Feeling It’ll Give You Throughout The Read Nor How It Leaves You Feeling. I Am Walking Away Wishing I Had My Own Manson At Home Waiting for Me.

It was so crazy but so good 😫. It is way worth the money if you like really crazy smut then this book is for you I finished the book all in one day it was written pretty good the story to it was great as well

Ok. The book was pretty good I just wish it was either longer or there was a second book.

Good read.. I didn’t get it at first, but after reading more of it, I started to see where you were going with it. Tho I think some things were unnecessary, I rather enjoyed this book.

The Dare was dark & delicious!. I am not sure what I just read, but it was a delicious, dark and hypnotic book! I loved Jessica’s journey; I wish I knew more about Manson, because he was the dark and delicious part of this book. I wanted more from the ending, so I will just have to imagine it. I gobbled up this hypnotic book in one sitting, and I definitely recommend it!

This book is AMAZING 😻. Literally read all in one go, going to buy everything this author writes for the rest of my life ❤️😂

Amazing. I finished this book in about a day because I could not put it down. I was on my toes the whole time lingering to know what was going to happen next.

Wow. Breathtaking. Literally. I let out a big breath after this one…

So so. Way 2 short but good over all .

All I can say is wow. Loved it

Great find. I enjoy this fast read. Perfect for anyone who wants a fast smutty fix.. This is it This novel is big on degradation. So please check the triggers

…. This may be one of the best short stories I have ever read. It is definitely not for the light hearted but I’d you want a good, intense book, this is for you! I love the story between the MC’s and the anticipation to see what’s going to happen next.

Couldn’t put it down. I read through this in less than an hour. It was amazing!! If you like the contents she warns you about, you will love this!

Unexpectedly amazing!. So good! Honestly one of my favorite reads ever!

Hard to put down. 🤌🏻🤌🏻🤌🏻

Not long, but amazing. It’s definitely a quick read, which I would say is the biggest con. I would read another 5 books in this series if they existed. Would recommend

Very good. It’s a good book , hope there’s more like this one

Amazing. This book gave me exactly what I needed.

Loved it so much!. If your looking for knife play, humiliation, CNC, spanking, spit, public play and a few other thing thrown in check this book out😈. -side note: there is a TW for clowns but they aren’t your normal ones. Picture goth clown with just white/black face paint. Story: Manson was the last person Jess expected to be at the party. How do you interact with someone you haven’t seen since bullying them in high school? But one night and a game will definitely change how Jess sees Mason Reed. Have you ever thought about what you would do to a bully if you could do anything you wanted to them? Because I’m pretty sure Manson has😈 I can’t express how much I loved this book! Probably my all time favorite short read( but so happy the author has plans for a full length book for these characters😁). The author is so great at writing CNC humiliation. Made me want to read even more of her books. I definitely recommend this for anyone wanting a quick read loaded with kinks 😍 Rating: 5/5 ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥

absolutely adore. i loved this ugh

SO GOOD GET IT. oh. my. god. so much spice i need holy water and new bed sheets (LOOK UP TRIGGER WARNINGS)

This read wasn’t my cup of tea... I gave this one a shot as I thought it was short enough and a good price. Finished in just a few hours. This book revolves around public embarrassment as the female MC loses a game of beer (dare) pong and has to be the male MC’s “slave” for the evening..and the dialogue between them honestly made me cringe (& not in a good way). I love spicy books but this one just didn’t do it for me.

Great book!. Kept me intrigued the entire time! Loved it!

amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!. 10000000000/10 need another book. make a second pls

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Oh my god. What a book. I loved every inch of this book. Mason is as hot as Sin itself. Definitely be a re read for sure

Spicy. 🌶🌶🌶🌶🌶🌶🌶🌶🌶

Delightfully dirty. Such a good quick read. Deliciously dirty and teasing!

Good. It’s good just very short

Musst read. Extremely hard to stop reading! Great story I wish there was more more of .

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Amazing!. Absolutely loved it!!! Would love to read another story like this!

Ommggggg. Couldn’t put it down! So damn good!!

amazing. this book is amazing

Best MF book. I can’t believe I found a book that in such great detail explains everything I like. I couldn’t put this down and I’ll be sure to reread it again 😭 am I the only one hoping to find a manson?

Short and sweet. Heard about it on tiktok, it was amazing I would absolutely read again

Sinfully Good. I’ve only read one of Harley’s other books but I loved it so I had a good feeling about The Dare and it exceeded all my expectations! Even though it’s a relatively short book it packs a lot in without feeling rushed, the storyline and character progression feels organic and I felt connections with both Jessica and Mason. Everything in the book is consensual and safe words and check in are used throughout the story but please read the content warning at the beginning of the book because this isn’t for the faint of heart :) I throughly enjoyed the story and I’m looking forward to reading more of Harley’s work!

I didn’t want it to end!!!. Waaahhhh I wanted more I loved this

Brilliantly written. Harley Laroux doesn’t disappoint with this compelling erotic novella.

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Amazing !!. Could not put it down, loved the story

Words cannot explain….. Lolll this book here let’s just say it’s now one of my favourites :)

O.M.G. No words just wow.

….. Just….💦🌊🌊🌊

A must read. This book is a must read! I started it and couldn’t put it down. This book is enthralling and captivating

Please😫🙏. Audio !!!!

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Summary of The Dare by Harley Laroux

The The Dare book written by Harley Laroux was published on 12 April 2021, Monday in the Erotic Romance category. A total of 2,334 readers of the book gave the book 4.5 points out of 5.

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