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Apple Inc.

iPhone User Guide by Apple Inc. Book Summary

Here’s everything you need to know about iPhone, straight from Apple. This definitive guide helps you get started using iPhone with iOS 15 and discover all the amazing things it can do.

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Book Name iPhone User Guide
Genre Computers
Language English
E-Book Size 83.21 MB

iPhone User Guide (Apple Inc.) Book Reviews 2023

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Rating the manual or the internet’s manual about the phone?. Thanks so the book 🔙

Good. Love that

How To Guide for iOS 15 / iPhone 12, downloaded.. Nothing intuitive. Difficult figure out how to navigate. Index? Search is pretty worthless. There is almost nothing intuitive about the iPhone, and I have yet to find a good How To guide. The problem with tech manuals has been the same for decades. Those who create and program the devices forget what they once did not know.

Kو. N b

Very helpful. Helped guide me!

Love it. Good book

A great storyline with an even better plot. Charles Dickens has nothing on Apple. He is a bozo whereas apple is like banana Inc

User Manual should be free 100%.. SERIOUSLY PEOPLE. 7 deadly sins or 10 Commandments ???? I’m going with the Holy Trinity every time.

Can’t update iphone 6. Boooo

Hard to Find Info Needed. Hard to find items needed. Needs better content location method.

Why Apple. My very first iPhone was an iPhone 6+. Now i have a iPhone XS Max and there isn’t much of a difference. This book is a waste of money and your time. I do not recommend buying this I mean over 1000 pages! I don’t care if you don’t have it or if you do (which if you did buy your loss) this is still a terrible book. I love Apple and what they give for products but this book is big fat fail. For all the people who have peanut sized brain and can’t understand what all those words mean here is a simpler way for you. THIS BAD

Made everything easy. For being a senior this book gave me exactly what I needed to know. The best part is if I have a question I just “check the book” (lol) It makes computing fun and easy

Mama N.A.T.Z.. Very informatively broken down per application

Awesome. Wow! Thank you for this.

Searching. Under each section of the User Guide Manual put a drop down menu and list each subject for that topic

bc of my phone. love it so much

Useful?. I don’t think we should have to pay for instructions for a very expensive item! From reviews it appears the book isn’t too helpful so I think I’ll pass….🫤

Thank you. Read the instructions first not after

Help. That I found a good book for my friend.

Difficult to find topics. I find it almost impossible to locate a topic when needed. The search function must be available but who knows where it is. I guess this is one of Apple’s “intuitive functions”

l love apple. very nice this is the book and apple ios 💚

This book is life changing. I can’t even explain how beautiful this novel is. I will cherish it forever, and every generation after me shall experience the thrill of reading this book. This is o story of love, of pain, and of sacrifice that had me up all night, dying to discover what was going to happen next. I can’t wait for the sequel!

User Guide. The text is too minuscule to read even with a large magnifying glass. Very user unfriendly.

B. I we

Thorough and enlightning. I recently made the switch from a Samsung Galaxy S9 android phone to an iPhone 13 Pro. I downnloaded this user guide for a better acqaintance with iOS. I am a long time iPad user, but even so learnd a lot from reading through this guide. You do need to make time for this though as there is a lot you can learn. Never knew that you could do so many things on your iPhone/iPad. Thank you Apple.

Ckkl. Hey I just got off

This is nice. I learn everything from iPhone here!

Changed my life. I don’t have the book but it has still changed my life. Before I learned of it, I didn’t know that it existed, but then I learned of it, and now I know it exists! Magnificent!

A Beautiful Garden. Use this guide! It’s the best alternative to knowing a 7 year-old (I’m 30-ish and these youngins are tech geniuses).

Sucked bad. Sucked.

Fine.. Just Junk!

Appreciate the terminology. I appreciate knowing the terms for things like “Control Center”. Helps searching as I now know where to start!

Great Explanation. As a brand new iPhone user, this guide was so helpful. It answered many of my questions. Thank you

Getting betta. Just keeps getting better with every update! Keep up the good work ppl!!

Chapters Assistance. It’s wonderful and very generous of Apple to provide so much help in learning how to set up and use our devices. I just thought of adding something that I don’t recall seeing in the iPhone Guides. I was thinking that it might be helpful to add an overview of the contents contained in the actual chapter before you get to the chapter content itself. I’m mentioning this because it might save time and help to ease the frustration of having to sift through the whole chapter in order to find the information you are looking for. An alternative is that there’s a Search feature within the guide itself. However, in my experience of using the search feature, I would sometimes find things that I didn’t need and things I did need weren’t even there even after going through an extensive List of search results. Those are my thoughts for today. I hope they have some worth. Thank you for taking the time to read my words. March 31, 2022

No change in ten years.. Since others feel this is a very important book making a difference in their life I have to say the opposite. My first iPhone was an iPhone 4S I currently have a 12+ max I don’t see a difference between the two except the 12 is a bit larger. iOS doesn’t do anything different it takes pictures it takes text messages and it does email it still is lousy for a telephone call the one thing that it should do is make telephone calls. I have seen absolutely no improvement except for problems and mistakes that needed quick fixes since my first iPhone. because it’s on the 12 plus so I see no improvement or change

Paying for the manual…?. I’m not sure why y’all were charged; I just d/l it. There was no price shown. Maybe they changed it in the last week or so? (Written 05/21/22)

Apple user guide. I need a user guide for the Apple user guide

Good enough. It’s a meh to me

Apple cider. Did

ok. bro

900 pages but no index nor contents page. Impossible to find anything useful!!

A Great Love and Romance book!. Very good, started to get emotional at page 1200 Amazing book would definitely recommend!

The Best. Thank you so much. The best user guide.

Hmm! Doesn’t the How To manual come with the product that was purchased? Like updates?. So you get product but never know everything about it, unless you purchase more product.Ridiculous!!!

?. I’m disabled had a stroke and sometimes I get so confused with all the definitions.

Short Circuit. Information overload! Thank hats a good thing!

Ridiculous. What??!! I have to pay for the instructions that should be available for free???!!! Thanks, but no thanks. Come on Apple, you should be better than that.

Omg My wife Mad as hellll!!. Him reading

Very helpful!. Being a latecomer to iPhone, starting on iOS 13, the official Apple iPhone User Guide has proven very helpful as new iOS features are added, starting with the Settings app. Learning how to “properly use” the camera app, including: setting the focus, adjusting the exposure, using the filters, HDR, timer delay for the shutter release, and much more, has brought my old 35mm photography bug into the digital age. The User Guide has been very helpful with the many Control Center features; those unlabeled icons are not much help without more explanation or instruction. The biggest thing is that the iPhone can do so much more than just phone calls and text messages. Now I’m sharing its cell service with my iPad. Very cool when your phone can be in another room charging and your Wifi only iPad can answer incoming calls and make outgoing calls. Without this FREE User Guide thru the Apple Books app, I wouldn’t even know about a lot of iOS features and functionality, much less how to use them.

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Uzzal Hossain. Bangladesh

Five stars. Helpful for teaching you how to use a iPhone

Not quite there yet, auto update needed. I downloaded this user guide, post 5.3.1. & this user guide is only 5.2.0. If this is the same internal material used by apple technical support. What help are they really. Please improve UI & UX. As this is a monumental failing in the apple care program for others.

i love the title. it’s the best book a have ever read mwah mwah mwah best best best!!

You might learn something new. Worth a quick read

Helpful. I’ve read large sections of the guide in relation to my particular Apple model. It’s very useful, I never had a iPhone before so was starting out from the beginning. This user book is highly comprehensive and easy to navigate. I now mainly use it for reference and like the useful user tips.

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Difficult to read. Too small type

Pictures and details doesn’t match. I downloaded this book today and when I was reading, I noticed that picture and text doesn’t really match. Example. When you are reading about “notes” you see picture of the weather app on the top. My English is not good, I hope apple understand what I m talking about.

Can’t download the book. I have been looking for a means to download the user manual. Have not been successful.

I don’t have any money for my phone lol bro bro yeah. I don’t have any money for my phone lol

Can’t get user guide. It says it’s free then won’t let me download without giving my credit card information. Not impressed. Tried the sample but it didn’t let me get far either. We’ll be returning an Apple Watch 8 because we can’t pair it with the phone. Poor customer service. I’d give zero stars if I could.

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Summary of iPhone User Guide by Apple Inc.

The iPhone User Guide book written by Apple Inc. was published on 20 September 2021, Monday in the Computers category. A total of 2,309 readers of the book gave the book 3.5 points out of 5.

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