The Holy Bible: HCSB Digital Text EditionHolman Bible Publishers

The Holy Bible: HCSB Digital Text Edition

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The Holy Bible: HCSB Digital Text Edition by Holman Bible Publishers Book Summary

This updated text edition of the HCSB is optimized for easy reading on digital devices. Free from the visual clutter of footnotes, cross references, and other links, this edition is fast to navigate and easy to use. 

The HCSB was developed by 100 scholars and English stylists from 17 denominations, who prayerfully translated what is one of the most significant Bible translations available today. The HCSB reflects linguistic advances in vocabulary, grammar, punctuation and formatting while it retains meaningful theological terms. In the HCSB you'll find God's personal name (Yahweh), the use of "Messiah" in the New Testament, and the use of "slave" in the New Testament, just to name a few examples. Also, you'll notice the contemporary speech patterns in the HCSB mean that words like "behold" and "shall" are not used. Instead, words or phrases that are common today can be found in their place. 

The HCSB employs a first-of-its kind translation philosophy known as Optimal Equivalence, which seeks to achieve an optimal balance of literary precision and emotive clarity through a comprehensive analysis of the text at every level. This process assures maximum transfer of both words and thoughts contained in the original.

The Holy Bible: HCSB Digital Text Edition (Holman Bible Publishers) Book Reviews

Cannot navigateIn addition to the TOC not working, there is no page number selection which other iBooks gave. And the search takes so long that it never finds anything before I decide to give up.Score: 1/5

Not user friendlyTodday I attempted to use this for the 1st time. Not user friendly. I deleted it. Not worth it..Score: 1/5

I believe!I believe!.Score: 5/5

The Holy Bible: HCSB Digital Text EditionThe main problem I have with it is being able to go from book to book. The index just jumps to the first page no matter which book you high.light. Dragging the button at the bottom moves you quickly, but it's guess work as to where you are when you stop..Score: 2/5

DisappointedI didn't think you would have to turn the page a million times just to get to the ToC and it has no pg. number but the translation was nicely done..Score: 3/5

WordAs many others have stated, the t.o.c. Does not work. Search function is a slow work around. I know this version works well for Nook and can be fixed. Please do fix it!.Score: 2/5

AmenI was looking for a free version of my Holy Bible to go with my iPad 2. I saw a whole bunch of them, some with only one book, some for over $20 (remember my budget here is $0), and I found two that I tried. The first was a King James Bible that was horribly laid out. This is the second, and I am liking it a lot! Thanks!.Score: 5/5

The best work of fictionThis is the best edition of the most violent religious text I’ve read..Score: 2/5

Awesome try itI love it and I am glad the publisher put efforts in to making this the best it could be.Score: 5/5

Fix please!I would absolutely love this bible if the links worked! I like the bookmark and notes options. But how are u supposed to find books and chapters without manually turning through 8000 plus pages!.Score: 3/5

Toc fixObviously the ToC doesn't work. But it's a good trans. I highlighted the name of each book and made it a note in the ToC. It takes a lil work but then you can get from book to book through the notes..Score: 2/5

TOC dont workPlease fix!.Score: 1/5

The holy bibleVery easy to read.Score: 4/5

Dont like upgradeWhy do we have to have a upgrade. nobody wants to give some person there email..Score: 1/5

HCBSDoes'n load from table of contents.Score: 1/5

Table of Contents Doesn't WorkI love this version of the Bible. In this ebook, the table of contents doesn't link to different books of the Bible. Not useable at all, the point of the Bible is to be able to turn to different sections to read it and this ebook version does not all for that. If you want to read the Bible from beginning to end is would be a good ebook to read. Looks like the developers have some work to do..Score: 2/5

DisappointedI was really excited to download this bible, but when I went to the table of contents to go directly to a book, it did not work. When you are studying the bible you don't go page by page as the lessons usually jump around in all parts of the bible to verses that pertain to that particular lesson. If you can't jump from one book to another, this bible is useless!.Score: 1/5

Table of Contents won't link to bookI can't breeze through the book at all. I have to flip each and every page! If you want to read will need lots and lots and lots of patients!.Score: 2/5

HCSB bibleEasy to understand and read. I’ve used this bible for years..Score: 5/5

Table of contents brokenSimply put, no matter which book you choose from the toc, the app takes you to the first page of the Hcsb and you have to scroll through the preface etc manually to to book you want one page at a time. Download crossways esv bible from the app store. It works great. God bless..Score: 1/5

HcsbibleDownloaded and only got first chapter, can't remove to redownload.Score: 1/5

Is this it?Does this app only load chapter names and numbers, no contents?.Score: 1/5

Great bookIs an awesome book and I love it. Makes reading very easy..Score: 5/5

HCSB Digital Text EditionIt has been a year since Aaron Crossley wrote his review - Nov. 30, 2010 - and the link problem is still not fixed. The HCSB Digital Text Edition is totally useless. It seems the publishers have totally baled on this. Actually, this edition does not even deserve one star..Score: 1/5

Table of Contents doesn't workThis is a free book, which means it automatically gets at least one star... Unfortunately, the main benefit I love of an ebook is the links and in this case, the Table of Contents simply brings you to the cover page no matter where you want to go. This book is LESS useful than a physical bible because you can't skip multiple pages at a time!.Score: 1/5

Does not workI deleted this after finding that the index does not work. In order to use the Bible, I had to flip page after page. The page turning was extremely slow. Then it froze and would not allow me back to my ibooks screen. I had to connect to the computer and delete it. I love my HCSB Bible but this electronic version does not work..Score: 1/5

TOC at the endThis book's table on contents does not work, but if you use the bottom slider to skip to the end, there are links to the books and chapters that do work..Score: 2/5

Need to fix the chapters!!Difficult to look anything up. Tapping the chapter takes you to the beginning. You can't search by book, chapter, verse. No where on the page lets you know what book/chapter you are in if you skim through. Content is easy to read and understand, just needs fixing and better formatting..Score: 2/5

Bible...I downloaded this Bible and was excited to get it! I like Holman translation of the Bible, as it as MUCH easier to read versus other translations. However, the table of contents DOES NOT work! I was trying to get to Esther, and it kept taking me back to the introduction and Genesis!! I even tried searching the book title, but it only brought up Esther in the list of books in the Bible. Please fix it soon!!!!!!!!!! 😊.Score: 3/5

Terrible bookCan not use TOC! Skip it!.Score: 1/5

Like it a lotI didn't have any trouble getting the links to work. I think the issues discussed in earlier reviews have been fixed..Score: 4/5

Good stuffSo far we love it!.Score: 5/5

LaboriousThe index is not linked the the corresponding books, making this version impossible to use for the Bible study I like to do. Having to turn one page at a time to get anywhere makes in unusable for me. If you are looking to read the Bible from Genesis to Revelation straight through, it would be fine..Score: 1/5

Can't navigateCan't navigate by ToC or search. Needs a fix!.Score: 2/5

GarbageDoesn't load correctly. Save yourself the time and frustration and just skip this one..Score: 1/5

BibleThis is a excellent bible. Easy to read and easy to follow. The references are easy to use. G.Score: 4/5

Table of contents works fine, don't see what book you're inFirst, as with all books, you have to let it calculate # of pages with current font before all the links work properly. For a Bible this takes a little longer, you will see the progress at the bottom of the page. Once this is completed you will be able to use the table of contents to jump to any book, go back, etc. The problem is with the slider bar at the bottom of the page. The books are not linked in properly, so no matter what book you are reading the slider lists, "Introduction to the HCSB". So, while this free edition is perfectly usable, it's also fairly annoying. You can use it to determine if you like this translation; In which case, I recommend paying $9.99 for the properly formatted digital reference edition. Otherwise, the NET Bible (noteless) is a great free Bible. If you enjoy it, the full version is only $5..Score: 3/5

HCSB ReviewTable of contents does not work. If I can't navigate, it is useless to me..Score: 1/5

Have to work with itIn the very back of the book is a table of contents that does work.Score: 3/5

Table of ContentsA table of contents is a must for 1000+ page books; this book effectively doesn't have one since the links don't work..Score: 1/5

Needs workTable of contents do not go to desired book. Had to uninstall book because it was constantly crashing..Score: 3/5

HSBC bibleI really enjoy reading this version of the bible but when reading it, does not show what book and chapter you are reading. At top or bottom of page that you are reading. If publishers would add this, it would be awesome!.Score: 3/5

BookFantastic.Score: 5/5

Not workingYou must turn every page. And clicking on the menu only takes you to the cover page. I never got to the text..Score: 1/5

Skip it!The ToC doesn't work- completely useless, takes five minutes to get through intro alone let alone get to the verse you want. Disappointed!!!.Score: 1/5

Not a study bibleThis Bible index did not work and when you are in the book there is no header to give you a reference which book or chapter you were in. In other words once you are reading a scripture you have no reference to where you are in the Bible. Also it seems very difficult to jump to a book or a specific passage..Score: 2/5

Doesnt workDoesn't work, You can't go to the scripture you want. Very disappointing.Score: 1/5

UselessThe inability to go directly to the chapter I want to read makes this version totally useless!.Score: 1/5

Holman Digital BibleThe table of contents does not work, so I am unable to go directly to a book of the Bible..Score: 1/5

Will not searchWill not search making it impossible to use.Score: 1/5

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Jesus is truly amazingI was lost now I'm found .I was close to death and I change my life right the hospital bed I'm save.Score: 5/5

The Holy Bible:HCSB Digital Text EditionI cannot access any book in the Bible, so I agree, if you want to read from the beginning to the end this may work for you. Also, I am unable to remove it from my iPod. It keeps re-installing. So I would give this one a miss. Sorry.Score: 1/5

Love godRead your bible everyday and pry all the time and love him with all his hearts and if ou do not do that you go to some other plive not heaven.Score: 5/5

PsalmsPc study bibles 5.Score: 3/5

It's free, but ...... Even for free you expect basic functionality. Such as, when tapping on a biblical book in the Table of Contents, you expect to jump to the beginning of that book, NOT to the front of the Bible. Searching for the name of the book brings up every occurrence of that word, and it takes forever to find the start of the book you are looking for, if it's in the NT. So, to find anything further into this Bible, you are left with using the "slider", which moves you along quite quickly, except it is difficult to figure out just exactly where you are. The page headings tell you the name of the book, all of it, The Holman ...., but you already know this. What would be nice to know, at whatever page you stop the scroll, is the name, and perhaps the chapter, of the BIBLICAL book you are in. That might help you to know whether you have gone too far, or need to go further. Maybe there are some that have memorized the biblical text, and can instantly identify where they are without other cues. I'm not that "up", and I'm a priest..Score: 2/5

Why faith and not belief?Why not belief in the world in which we live and try to respect other's, and not have faith in an old book what was myth and I love God!.Score: 4/5

Random access bibleEarly in my perusal of this edition, I discovered the table of contents does not work. Every chapter heading leads only to page one. Need more study to see if this was a worthwhile purchase..Score: 2/5

Error with search?Seems to have an error when you use index it jumps to page 1. And sometimes with search too?.Score: 2/5

Something wrong...Cool idea but for some reason it starts at chapter 10... ??.Score: 2/5

Table of contents does not workCannot access any book by table of contents. You must turn page by page. Plus too much introduction about what this version is about. Don't bother with this one..Score: 1/5

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HiI'm an atheist..Score: 4/5

How do I get the table of contents to work?Also, How do I look up a verse?.Score: 3/5

Index uselessEnough said. Please fix it! Desperate to get my teeth into this!.Score: 1/5

Wrong category!This should be in the fiction section, please sort it out Apple!.Score: 1/5

UnbelievableThank God its free. I got so excited about having this book in my pocket only to realise you have to open it a page at a time. So if I want to read my fav verse of Psalm 23 I have to open hundreds of pages to get to it. Who ever approved this is a sandwich short of a picnic..Score: 1/5

Broken indexProbably well translated or whatever but it's literally useless without the working index..Score: 1/5

HCSBI downloaded the sample and was eager to download the whole only to find out that the index page does not work, one has to flick through page after page to access the desired section. Very disappointed as I would have enjoyed having this book..Score: 1/5

IndexIndex doesn't work properly - it causes iBooks to crash..Score: 1/5

UselessWithout a working index the app is useless. Deleted until it works properly..Score: 1/5

Index broken :(Please apple fix this - I'm eager to continue on but I cannot get thru the index. It just takes u too the start.. :( Thx :).Score: 5/5

LongYou have to flick through as the index doesn't work. God help those studying revelation.Score: 1/5

Index does not work...shameGot really excited to read this only to find the index pages do not work so you cannot get anywhere other than the introduction unless you want to go all the way through. Please fix this and I will download it again!.Score: 1/5

Nicely formatted easy indexVery easy to use. Index works fine but you have to be patient - this is a huge book! Remember most iBooks seem fast because they are so short - much shorter than a normal novel. This is many times longer. Wait and the index can take you straight to any chapter..Score: 5/5

WISDOM IN ACTION- Rev.JohnsonThis is God given wisdom...Rev Johnson..Score: 3/5

Looks nice, but where's beauty?Nice layout but this version has been bleached of metaphors and poetry. For example, the great line from Song of Songs has become: “refresh me with apricots, for I am lovesick.” It should be "comfort me with apples for I am sick of love.".Score: 2/5

Index problemA great readable translation but please fix the index and reissue..Score: 3/5

Sounds great!An easy, accessible way to read the bible. I thought this edition would be good for those idle moments. But there is a problem. On my iPod Touch, I had to wade through pages and pages of introduction before I got to Genesis. The table of contents does not appear to link to the "chapters", ie select psalm and I am returned to the title page. Shame..Score: 3/5

Should be in the fiction section.Rubbish.Score: 1/5

RubbishIndex dont work and u have to open it up page by page:( so that part is 0 star but it is a bible so that makes it 4 star.Score: 4/5

Eternal Life ChangingThere is nothing more that can be said than this is more than a book. It is the Living Word of God. If read with an open heart and mind (even if this is a doubting one), I guarantee that God will speak to you. Take it from me, someone who read the whole New Testament without believing, at a time in my life where lots was going wrong. It introduced me to the Lord Jesus Christ. Having met Him, there was only one thing to do, which was to invite Him into my life. My life has never been the same, both this life and eternally..Score: 5/5

HcsbHaving got Into the index then couldn't make it work to take me to the passage I wanted. Have deleted the bible and will get a different one..Score: 1/5

Brilliant Book. Rubbish Reviews.It's the bible. Nothing else to be said. It's well formatted and there are no problems with it. However, make sure you are not mislead by the (frankly racist) reviews giving it it poor scores. I'm an atheist but I'm happy to give this a five star review, not because I attend church every week, because it's a good book as bibles go and it has some wonderful morals. Peace out..Score: 5/5

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