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Dante Alighieri

The Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri Book Summary

The poem describes Dante's travels through Hell, Purgatory, and Heaven but at a deeper level, it represents, allegorically, the soul's journey towards God. At this deeper level, Dante draws on medieval Christian theology and philosophy, especially Thomistic philosophy and the Summa Theologica of Thomas Aquinas.

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Book Name The Divine Comedy
Genre Poetry
Language English
E-Book Size 392.86 KB

The Divine Comedy (Dante Alighieri) Book Reviews 2023

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Worth the time. If you have the time and are looking for something unique, this will do. Satire is hidden and you must understand irony to find the humor. It is pretty funny when you look at the dramatic and socratic irony. Ps. To those who continue to insult Americans, as a foreigner I suggest you review your spelling before you post. Every single one of you that insulted the intelligence, has poor spelling and grammar. Shame.

Comedy. A comedy is simply a story that starts out with everything going wrong and then has a happy ending. Or at least it was way back when, when this story was written. Rather than a tragedy where the story starts off happy then ends badly.

Stop. Stop this fighting over stereotypes and intelligence. Why does it matter if we are stupid or intelligent. Why does that even matter to you.

.... Whats up with all this foreigner smack down? I mean seriously?! As much as i wish to admit that I kno what it's like to live in another country other than America, I can't. And while I agree with some of the criticism about us, I doubt life in some other 'better' country is all that perfect. Btw I totally agree with comment 8 (Adam) lol :)

Stereotype. No... It's pretty much true. Americans are idiots. Just look at our ranking in education in the world. We're not even in the top 30. I believe we're 36 or something, probably lower. So peope are right when they denounce Americans for being stupid, most of us really are.

Great poem. This is a good book to read in high school. But why call it a comedy is because of how things were in the ancient world. Or how the end was low was comedy or happy ending and high was more of a serious but this poem was both and finish as a ("Comedy") instead of a ("Tragedy")

Thank you number 6. I came here to make sure it had all three but until I saw your review all that was on here was people fighting like its Facebook or something

Comedy in this genre means a happy ending.. Title says it all for those of you wondering why it isn't "funny".

Why it's called a comedy.. At the time, most forms of literature had tragic endings and were thus called "tragedies". This story does not end in tragedy, and is therefore regarded as a comedy. Today's definition of comedy is not the same as that of the Renaissance.

Read it.. One of the greatest literary works of all time.

Who's the translator?. I wish the space where they put the publisher, author, ect named the translator too.

Comedy. Literally all it means for it to be a comedy is that the title character doesn't die.

Love It. I bought a translated version of this a B&N and can't bring it with me everywhere but now I can with this.

Lol. Classic literature warning for the uneducated America. If you read this you just might get a little more intelligent.

Comedy. In literary terms a comedy is just a story with a happy ending it doesn't mean it's funny

@jovim. Your absolutely correct. I've noticed that most of the people that slam U.S. are those that benefit the most from U.S. aid.

...yeah. I don't mean to start an argument, but I agree that people really shouldn't stereotype others because of their nationality, or for any reason for that matter. I'm pretty sure that wherever you live, there are unintelligent people there, as well. And because knowledge logic tells us that America is one of the most populous nations in the world, there are plenty more intelligent people here than where you live.

Shame on the foreigners. I was unable to find what country you are from but assuming it's a european nation meaning somewhere along the lines we mostly likely bailed you out if hot water at one point or an other hooyah. as for the book I found it enjoyable. 4 out 5 stars

Literary term. In literature, comedy means a happy ending, while the opposite is tragedy.

comedy?. Comedy vs tragedy in Dante's time meant that a comedy was written in the vernacular vs Latin, Greek or a more stilted academic prose. Dante wrote this in the vernacular (comedy) so the general educated public could read it.

awsome. for those thinking its a comedy, its not. its just called that for reasons unkown to me. but its a good story other than that.

Americans are "stupid?". First and foremost, Americans are not all stupid. The reason we test lower in schools is because we allow all students of all intellects to attend what we call "high school" which is school for students typically between the ages of 15 to 19. A lot of European and Asian school systems only induct those intelligent enough into their versions of high school, and those who do not get in are usually sent to something like a technical school. This has a major impact on our test scores in comparison to foreign countries. Also, we are much more lenient on who passes our classes in public schools. This doesn't make us stupid, it makes us equal opportunists. However, the elite American intellectuals are no less educated than the best from other countries. We are all human. We have the same brain capacity. However, prejudice is a sign of stupidity. It's pathetic to attack an entire country of people to make yourself feel superior.

Good book. To the reviewer below me… If you have to insult someone to help yourself feel better about a shaky self confidence and obviously low intelligence, well, you only hurt and shame yourself.

Intelligence Argument. Why are all of you arguing about how intteligent "America" is? There are millions of people who are smart and millions more who arent its just a fact

To whom it concerns. All those how thought this was a comedy ur stupid

Dante. I second comment #2

In answer to volumes. In answer to an actually related question/topic and to those of you wondering, yes this does contain all three volumes of Dante's divine comedy. I just downloaded it to check and it contains all three canticas. Carry on children.

Mate. I would like to know if this book is actually funny or not戎8 炒长凶长廒长爿l 长d艹李长义邮秉迪@

Great Read!. This book was introduced to us in high school! I'm an American and very proud! Don't assume your the smartest egg in the basket... Because you would be proved wrong by MANY intelligent Americans! It's a shame to judge an entire country from what you have seen and/or heard from the media!!! Good thing God dose not judge us based upon stereotypes!!! God Bless us all!

Difficult translation. I found this translation very difficult to get through. I pulled out my old paperback version from years ago and it was much more enjoyable to read. If this is your first dive into classical philosophy, get a different translation. This one is pretty difficult to get into..

Seriously.. Guys, it's just a poem.

Title. This is one of the most important allegorical and expressive pieces of literature ever written. There is a great deal of interesting facts behind the man and time through which it was written. Complaining about the title is absurd. Dante wrote this outside Florence 400 years ago in a time when literature in the Italian arts was either a tragedy or comedy. The upper tiers of the caste structure and noble house, in the areas that are now known collectively as Italy, were more incline to read tragic pieces. The content of this epic poem, although very dark and often graphic, does not designate it a "tragedy." By that categorization alone it was written as a "comedy." Before submitting poor reviews on one of the most beautiful and influential epics of literary history take the time to understand the spectrum and construct of literature. If you have an open mind and are interested in early religious influence, Italian Renaissance, or the origins of modern views of the details of the "afterlife," read Dante and you might not be disappointed. Classics remain relevant for a reason. Don't get caught up on the "Comedy" in the title you most likely won't be laughing, but you may enjoy the read.

Question?. Is this all three volumes?

Good Book, Bad Audience. You guys need to chill out, everyone hates America because we are cocky. Yes, we have done a lot of good around this world, but also a lot of bad (just like any other country). And Hey, who cares if Europeans are better educated, they have the same problems Americans do: unemployment, selfish politicians, oil prices, and crime. So how about instead of wasting your time posting your half-though insults to us Americans, why don't you make your country better. For the record, I have been to Ireland and Germany, and both are just as nice as America. One last thing, dumb Americans, remember where you bloodline comes from! I am not some "love-everyone" person, I am an Infantry OIF Vet, HOOAH!

A little history.... To people thinking this is a "comedy" would not be wrong. Just not in the sense modern terms equate it with. When Dante wrote the Divine Comedy, there were two types of literature - Comedy and Tragedy. But at the time, neither classified what story it was, but the language used in the story. A tragedy was written in a much more distinguished, higher-class language while a comedy was written in a more common vernacular so the common people could understand it. Dante wrote it as a comedy using the common vernacular so more people could understand the message, which they clearly did considering the sudden rise in church attendance based on the fear of the hell Dante depicted. A classic piece of literature that everyone should certainly read. Hope the history lesson helped.

Translated by longfellow. This one is translated by henry wardsworth longfellow

Americans. "Stupid" is not a synonym for uneducated. "Stupid" implies an inability to learn. Many Americans are simply not exposed to literature of this caliber.

on the rhythm. this is real form of poetry translation, with all the rhythmes at the end. love it.

Good Book. A 'comedy,' in the classic sense, is a book that starts on a bad note but ends on a good one. Hence, The Divine Comedy.

Well this book isn't funny at all.... Not did I even get one laugh

Ugh. This book is not a comedy, in the American sense, but in the classical sense. The book is about dantes journey through hell, purgatory, and heaven. It's a long book, but a good one to be sure

People, my fellow human beings.... First off, u people need to write about Dante's epic --people, like myself, check these reviews to gain useful information. Secondly, I have to support the proper understanding of educated literary knowledge; thus, I urge you to read the short Comment #14 (by George?). - In classic "Tragedy" tends to be a bit on the humorous side and "Comedy" tells a rather tragic tale, usually leading to an epiphany or lesson learned that often ensues in dead protagonists, etc. The literary theory supporting this irony can be seen in the Greek masters', Plato's and Aristotle's, early Dialogues --being its ancient origin. Really, I was just making sure that this eBook includes all three books within Dante's THE DIVINE COMEDY. Help a brother. ~Dave

Amazing. Dante's magnum opus belongs to an epoch of literature that, judging by the slights inflicted upon Americans, appears to be a dying sanctuary for the enlightened. And for those that claim America's average ignorance, you cannot compare apples to oranges. For instance, China, a country that is more "educated" than America has that higher ranking because the majority of the populace is not even tested in many of those other countries. If America adopted the strategy that most countries use where only the best of the students are tested and where those who are judged inadequate are essentially condemned to menial labor for their lives, our test scores would vault past those of other countries. Here, we hold that education should be an opportunity to advance yourself, not an evaluation to judge what level you should be working at for your life. Now that I have condemned the more Eastern style of learning, let's examine Europe. Unfortunately, America has followed into Europe's footsteps and become a welfare state hurtling headlong into fiscal doom. For those who have read Isaac Asimov's I, Robot, his final tale comes to mind. Industrious America, before our transition into a European style state, was leading the world. Asia was rapidly growing, as was Latin and Central America. Europe had stagnated and was essentially a vacation resort because they had ceased being productive and instead relied on the productiveness of the rest of the world. Now that I have finished my rant, thank you Dante for creating this epic tale and thank you public domain laws for allowing me to have free access to it.

Awesome. This certainly isn't for everyone, however a great read and truly a masterpiece. One of my favorites. A challenging but rewarding book!

My two cents. So first off, it depends on one's sense of humor. It is not what most people would consider humor, but many of these minds also enjoy Jersey Shore, so those perception hold little weight here. Second, calling someone stupid in a post teeming with spelling and grammatical errors doesn't really prove you have authority over the matter, and you should probably keep your misguided opinions to yourself.

Masterpiece.. It is just amazing what Mr. Dante achieved with this book.

Classic. Classics are called that for a reason. Dark vivid images with turmoil as his constant companion. Simply amazing.

Stupid is not the same as ignorant.. I'm an American, don't call us stupid when you don't know us. The reason for the low test scores on the world scale is because our school system is messed up right now. That's not the students fault, and most work hard despite the disadvantage. Also we ( along with other countries ) tend to point out and sometimes glorify idiots, that doesn't make all Americans idiots. So ho ahead and continue spouting ignorant " it's not a stereotype if it's true" nonsense, the irony is fun to watch unfold. :-)

Stupid?. Maybe some people receive a thrill from denouncing other people's intelligence, but set your ideas straight before you vindictively attack someone. Not to mention where your information is coming from. Have you ever lived in America? Or are you receiving your info from some egotistical, foreigner who wants to pat himself on the back and give himself a gold star. Do you feel smart, superior? Because you wouldn't be able to spout these stereotypes if not for the great AMERICAN minds that most likely created the device you are holding in your hand.

America the Beautiful. Interesting how this unintelligent, uneducated populace has repeatedly trounced tyranny that has threatened the globe. May you feel comfort in your arrogance. Despite our flaws, this republic is the last bastion of individual liberty.

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Get it now. This is perfect. All 3 parts of the divine comedy in one and translated very well for free. I was going to buy dante's inferno for $5 but this is that plus the others in one. It has over 1400 pages so I'll be reading this for a while. Thank you

Huh. I mean it’s not bad. It’s well written (by my standards) I wanted to shoot myself in the foot rather then read this sure, but if you like this kind of book (I don’t) I feel you would find it interesting and nice.

Wonderful Read. Great translation, reads very nicely. I wish there was some art to accompany the narrative but there's been so many artists who have illustrated for the story that choosing would probably turn away more than it brings. Either way, great.

Intriguing. Loved the poetry. Refreshing. Jackie T

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Summary of The Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri

The The Divine Comedy book written by Dante Alighieri was published on 11 January 1555, Tuesday in the Poetry category. A total of 821 readers of the book gave the book 4 points out of 5.

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