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The King James Bible, Complete

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The King James Bible, Complete by Unknown Book Summary

This volume is the complete King James version of the Christian Bible, an English translation authorized by the Church of England and completed in 1611.

The King James Bible, Complete (Unknown) Book Reviews

This is “Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth”This is the best book ever written by all of creations father. This is the one book everyone needs to read at least one scripture per day, reflect and apply..Score: 5/5

Reviewing ReviewsOh Thanks Apple, I thank you so much for stealing my time on you’re screen to suffix it with a free bible. ❤️.Score: 5/5

GoodI really enjoyed it! If you don’t have access to a bible at home, this is the best choice!.Score: 5/5

A good BibleGood, but a little hard to read. Too many Thees and Thous..Score: 3/5

Amazing!!!This is all true!!! BELEIVE!!.Score: 5/5

Can't go wrong!The truth on my phone perfect!.Score: 5/5

JacThis bible was a verey good bible I loved it u should get it u will like it.Score: 5/5

Great!!!I became so enlightened after reading this bible. I never knew LeNron James worked as an editor of the bible too!!!.Score: 5/5

DisappointingWhat a silly piece of fiction. The DaVinci Code was way better..Score: 1/5

GgggvggWhy is this not in the fiction section.Score: 1/5

NON FICTION?? WHAAT?I liked the premise at first, two oppressed humans struggling for knowledge, being watched by a cruel dictator, but then nothing started making sense! They WORSHIPPED him??? Throughout the book, tragedies strike people, while this "god" of sorts just...WATCHES. He created these creatures with sin, then blames them for it! Not to mention the almost perpetual contradiction, and the fact that the people followed his laws! By the end I had come to terms with it, accepting that it was fiction after all. However...NON FICTION?? An invisible man creates the world, tortures these people, and is worshipped. Like 1984 gone wrong..Score: 1/5

Worst bookBible is a joke. Worst book in history. Would give -5 stars..Score: 1/5

Navigation needs improvementThe layout is good but the books navigation needs some improvement..Score: 4/5

LOCOCONQISTODOR!!!😡The Lord is not just watching!!! The devil is the one who created evil! The Lord only created good. Adam and Eve disobeyed God and they helped bring evil to the world! Do NOT be so stupid! Read and try to understand!😪Try....Score: 5/5

HorribleReally long and boring with lots of plot holes and an overall dumb story..Score: 1/5

Emmanuel ruíz mejiaThis book has already touched me....Score: 5/5

Oh yeahOh yeah man! Read this book! NOW!!!.Score: 5/5

Holy bible is our life styleGod bless you all.Score: 5/5

StupidNow I understand why this book isn't in schools.Score: 1/5

InspirationalThank you so much. The book changed my entire life..Score: 5/5

GreatA great story of past times. Really show how dark fairy tales used to be. Wouldn't read it to the kids though, this one seems to stick with them and makes it hard for them to think..Score: 4/5

BlessedThank you for sharing this Bible for free to many! God Bless.Score: 5/5

NICEThank you for spreading the word of god out for Free. It says a lot that an company can do that.Score: 5/5

Needs improvementI like the notes and how you highlight but I think you need to make it easier to go to different chapters and have to literally turn the pages and will get lost if you are trying to keep up in the middle of a fast moving pastor......Score: 2/5

Not LeBron JamesIt would be nice if LeBron had a Bible 📖🏀🙏😇.Score: 3/5

DisappointedDespite what the title may lead you to believe, this book has absolutely nothing to do with LEBRON James.Score: 1/5

Ehh...Storyline's a bit weak. The characters are really hard to relate to. A lotta big words. (Seriously, what does "shalt" mean? Smh) All in all, an OK read..Score: 2/5

The dumbest book ever..Score: 1/5

Bronze Age FolkloreThe world according to Bronze Age goatherds!.Score: 1/5

Not completeThis would be better if it included all books of the Bible not just the ones that work for Protestantism. For full text see the Catholic Bible.Score: 1/5

Not what I expectedI need read something that is not written by a group of men who revised the Bible. That's why it says King James! Does anyone recommend another one?.Score: 1/5

King James VersionThis is the great classical version of Bible. The language that many of us recall from or reading years ago. Still a classic!.Score: 5/5

Spirit PleaseKJV is the ultimate spirit edition. I used to bring KJV to Sunday school and I told my dad that the other kids said “English please” when I would read a verse from my Bible. He said reply with “Spirit please”. KJV will always be special to my heart..Score: 5/5

Beautiful BasicIt’s a perfectly simple Bible to have on my phone!!! Love the easy to read style!!.Score: 5/5

Wonderful.The word of god always can pull you up from a slump especially if you're a student in a school that needs light.But I'm reading this book,the word of god and it's wonderful. And I know God is with me all day. He is with me even as I'm writing this in school. Thank you to every author that helped put This together for people who need the light and people who need tools to guide people to the light of Jesus..Score: 5/5

The main character diesI am so mad I wanted a book with good plot but no all I get is a dead main character..Score: 1/5

Please Remove The Disrespectful CommentsReviews are to help the customer decide if he or she wants the app. As well as help the designer of the app to fix problems, and make corrections. Not to type disrespectful comments about "The Word of God" and rate them so people can see your ignorance... Just remember God was the author of The Bible, not the author of this app. So this app will never be completely perfect. So if you find something that needs to be fixed, then post a comment. But leaving an opinion about this app, and leaving one about The Bible are completely different. God Bless, Trey.Score: 3/5

BibleThe concept for this app setup seems to be good, but it's as though the developers put in half-effort to carry it through. The links to specific pages and texts are either flat out wrong or don't work at all. I've had this book for 3 yrs and you all have yet to fix it..Score: 2/5

This book is in the wrong genreSo this book has to be put in the fiction section of the store because it is what it is, a fictional story of mythological beings and events that never really happened and were made up by early man to explain stuff that they were too scientifically ignorant to find answers for themselves..Score: 1/5

Kinda homophobic and no plotLike a whole chapter on anti gay and there is really no plot and what plot there is, it goes back and forth and takes almost 6000 pages to get to the end. Would not recommend.Score: 1/5

Choices in LifeDo what you want. Glad Tim Cook allows freedom of speech and always will thanks to Steve. Both Steve’s. Woz and Jobs still prevail! Curses to the haters of perpetual prosperity! Eph 6:4. Warren Paul Ripple.Score: 5/5

Typo p.356P.356 4:11 has a typo. It's not inwards, it's innards.Score: 3/5

DrBest book 2015.Score: 5/5

Blame AppleBlame Apple Inc. for all these confusions concerning this app.Score: 1/5

Spoiler alertThe man named Jesus dies. Little to no plot just hate.Score: 1/5

King James BibleAmen.Score: 5/5

BibleGreatest story ever told!!.Score: 5/5

Too long.This book is way too long, and it doesn't make any sense. Wouldn't recommend..Score: 1/5

ReviewGood.Score: 5/5

I love you too much 🐎💍👨‍👩‍👧‍👧👱🏼‍♀️👱🏼‍♂️👩🏼👧🏼👱🏻👱🏼‍♀️👶🏼👵🏻🧓🏻I love you ❤️ is a good night love 💗 is you going home is a way for you tomorrow night tomorrow at your office or tomorrow night or later tomorrow if I am wowowo.Score: 5/5

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