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The official Gmail app brings the best of Gmail to your iPhone or iPad with robust security, real-time notifications, multiple account support, and search that works across all your mail. With the Gmail app, you can: • Make Gmail your default email app on iOS • Automatically block more than 99.9 percent of spam, phishing, malware, and dangerous links from ever reaching your inbox • Undo send, to prevent embarrassing mistakes • Turn on Google Chat to connect, create and collaborate with others • Get more done as a group in Spaces - a dedicated place for organizing people, topics, and projects • Enjoy high quality video calling with Google Meet • Respond to emails quickly with Smart Reply suggestions • Switch between multiple accounts • Get notified of new mail fast, with notification center, badge, and lock screen options • Search your mail faster with instant results, predictions as you type, and spelling suggestions • Organize your mail by labeling, starring, deleting, and reporting spam • Swipe to archive/delete, to quickly clear out your inbox • Read your mail with threaded conversations • Auto-complete contact names as you type from your Google contacts or your phone • Respond to Google Calendar invites right from the app Gmail is part of Google Workspace, allowing you and your team to easily connect, create, and collaborate. You can: • Connect with coworkers via Google Meet or Google Chat, send an invite in Calendar, add an action to your task list, and more without leaving Gmail • Use suggested actions — like Smart Reply, Smart Compose, grammar suggestions, and nudges — to help you stay on top of work and take care of simple tasks, so you can be more efficient with your time • Stay safe. Our machine learning models block more than 99.9% of spam, phishing, and malware from reaching our users

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Book Name Gmail - Email by Google
Genre Productivity
Language English
E-Book Size 513.74 MB

Gmail - Email by Google (Google) Book Reviews 2024

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Great app. Best app to connect to everything Gmail.

the Gmail application does not work. My emails are deleted on their own and I have been trying to contact a customer service person for months to help me and nothing

Basic behavior is missing and Google seems oblivious. Basic functions like being able to search for specific emails and then mass select - not available. You can use the app for one and the web interface for the other, but together to accomplish email management? You are out of luck. So using the app to search and manually deleting emails one at a time (NOT GREAT) is even more frustrating because there is no way that I have found to turn off the “Top Results” section so your search results keep jumping all over the place! As usual with Google apps - abysmal UX!

Gmail. Gmail takes too long to install

Me gusta. Todos

Copy & Paste. I use gmail for business and have a custom domain with them. I send order confirmation to my clients so I have a template of my order confirmation on Evernote that I copy and paste. For about a month now when I paste into gmail app it doesn’t recognize the format that I am pasting. For example, it does not separate paragraphs, bold, italic., underline and font colors. On the web browser form PC & Mac it still works, but not the app. I love Google and their products, but this is very frustrating.

Hi. It says free I can’t give u a card to pay on don’t have one the only thing I wanted to know is if he cheated and got girl photos or photo of a person

Not receiving Gmail. I’m not seeing or getting my gmail!!!

The. Best email service

Been a while. Been a while since I used my gmail account for email and noticed a few messages were in the unsent pending send folder. I thought they had gone out ok. Tried looking at password resets, and sending/receiving from 2 other email acc’s, no luck. Deleted app. That’s where I’m at for the moment pending install.

Great. Easy to use with tons of features. Favorite mail app so far.

App. Das App ist sehr gut 👍

Mail search function doesn’t pull results. I constantly use the search bar to TRY and find old emails and it never actually works……. I can see the email sitting there if I scroll down far enough but searching EXACT words, phrases or even the exact name of the sender doesn’t work. Extremely frustrating and downright unbelievable from a company like google in 2024

Threads!!!!. I landed a job and forwarded the email to my wife to share the news! I was so happy. I’ve waited 2 weeks for a response and never got one. They never received my emails because after forwarding to my wife, to share the good news. I thought it was the original thread but the app doesn’t separate the emails if u forward an email. I literally open the msg from the employer and after 5 different emails with him the email changes for the rest of the tread to my wife…… NOT USER FRIENDLY!!!!!! It’s extremely frustrating and difficult to understand this configuration of this app. Just use a computer I promise it will save u a bunch of gray hairs. Or hair lose🤬🤬🤬

Horrible App. Gmail is a horrible email interface and the company is staffed by a bunch of liberal pervs.

Google supports genocide. Horrible people, disgusting ethics

I love clear!!. Clear makes me feel safe and catered to at the airport! The staff is always polite and helpful!! I appreciate it!

🖐️🙂‍↕️. Not sending me gmails things

Badge (1) on icon, but no new emails!. This bug comes from just recent update, I added a custom email from my hosting and it showing me (1) when I don’t have any new mails. Then when I minimize app, it doesn’t show (1), after I get some new mail, it show me again and then not hide it ever need after app minimized. But then it will hide it sometimes when I just pull to refresh.

Keeps signing me out. Very frustrated right now. It’s probably a security thing that the app signs you out every so often, but I rely on being signed in and getting the notifications for emails. I get busy and don’t always check if I don’t have a notification. So now I’ve missed weeks of emails, some of which were important and I didn’t realize I had received them because I wasn’t getting notifications. The app is signed in the majority of the time but then just arbitrarily signs me out with no warning and it’s very frustrating.

It’s super important like food and water. Gmail is like water and food you cannot live without Gmail. Your entire life work and more is dependent on Gmail. Without it you could miss out on so much things like jobs and more. This is truly amazing 🤩

This all is so great. I asked my baby girl if I can download this and it was so fun she said I can’t and then I said why and she said she wants to break up because I would find out about her side boy friend and apparently she was pregnant and now me and her mom are are dating well we are married now and we have kids

Space. I have deleted over 10,000 email and the number never moves There is no way I used all my space I have deleted all large file, pictures And nothing changes the number of emails It a rip off to get to to buy storage

Блокировка. Хорошая почта,но нет блокировки фишинга и спама.Невозможно раз и навсегда блокировать или избавиться от мусора.Для чего отметка"фишинг"?!.

Gmail review. Works but has issues

Best email app ever!. Easy to use and gets the job done!

Me gustaron mucho. Muy buenos me gusta mucho 🤩

Great update. Great update but it is loading very very slow unfortunately!

Jenn o side supporters. Jenn o side supporters

Love it!. Gmail is incredible. It is free yet priceless. I love all its features and use it daily. Plaudits to Google.

They still have not fixed the bug on Apple products. Can no longer use thisapp bc I have iphone and ipad and Google has not been able to fix a bug that hides messages. They cannot be viewed. 4/18/24 Google asked for more information-as if today, the bug continues. My iphine and ipad do not contain any emails older than March 19th. Their tech dept stated it’s a known bug that they will fix as soon as possible and send an app update, but I reported in early March and tgere have been updates since that time, however it has not been resolved. Terrible customer service and no response from tech dept. I am so disappointed with gmail.

Gmail rating comment. Gmail is hard to understand, I’ve tried for years with no real luck. Why can’t a command be in language everyone can understand. Gmail I’m sorry to say, is the worst email service I have ever used. 😖

The test of time gmail wins. Having tried them all I’m still here can’t be beat

I despise the “Top Results” feature. *Please* get rid of, or give us the option to disable, the dreaded “Top Results” from search! It’s *ANNOYING*!!!!!

الدوحه. قطر

Complicated. Attaching files is too complicated and other stuff I don’t like yall caught me off guard with this survey was not prepared

Flowers victory. Hey buddy, did pretty good job there. We’re there on every day and they got the job done.

Meh…. I can’t believe I’m saying this but how couldn’t Google made the sender email address in bold font yet..! I mean swiping up and down on the inbox folder shows them in the same sized text. Just check Apple’s iOS Mail to see how it’s done; it’s just a basic need for the eye and the brain to see the email address and the body text separately and not blended..!

“Storage Almost Full” Greedy Google. I’ve had this app and used Gmail for many years. This year, I continually get told by the application that my storage is almost full. I go in and clean out thousands of emails each month, even though they should be cleaning themselves out. I’ve sent so many email senders to spam and have unsubscribed from so many senders, but the email application or Google continues to allow this. I will unsubscribe from mini sunders, and it will stop for a while and then they will start up again. I have tried to re-install uninstall, and do everything that I possibly could to see if it was an application issue, but I believe that this is School’s way of being greedy, and they just want people to pay for extra storage. Absolutely horrible.

All people. Enjoy perfect Google apps okay

Don’t change. I like it how it is

Good. Very good and a lot of people use it and I have used it since I was 8!!

It’s BUSSIN FR. It’s amazing I can get EMAILS from anyone and If I want to set up work group chats or friend group chats bam UNO SECONDE, and you can even send the message forward to anybody, If you college or high school teachers don’t want you texting during class just go to Gmail Google obviously tried during this, and I really like it so Keep UP the Great Work Google

Great app. I love this app it makes so much easier than having to look mail on safari. Instead I can just open the app and see my emails.

2-step verification. I like the Gmail that you can add accounts but there should be something like when you sign into something they send you like is this you and stuff. When they and you press yes they should put like a pin code to actually verify it's you

Gmail. The phone representative did an outstanding job walking me through this process.

Upgrading phones. Not sure what idiot software engineer, thought of the idea that in order to log into your email from a new phone, you have to verify on your old phone that it’s you now I don’t know about anyone else, but people break their phones. They upgrade their phones they lose their phones. There are lots of reasons why you cannot, that’s you on another friggin phone also, there is no way around doing this. Just says I’m sorry we couldn’t verify it’s you so F you you can’t get into your mail.

I will leave this if you don’t fix this. If you don’t let us have infinite tries to put in our phone number with creating an account I will leave this for ever for everyone to see and leave to another email website

About time. Noticed big difference in Spam coming through.

App doesn't work anymore. Can't login at all anymore. Deleted.

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Nice. Nice

Why like this?. I already deleted 5 GB in my storage and still require me to pay for more storage and telling i wont be able to receive emails.

Great app.. A great app.

Intrusive. This app shows suggestions to whom one should email when you press the compose icon. It has not been possible to prevent suggestions or delete the icon via settings. This is an unforgivable intrusion by google. I have deleted the app for safety. No signs yet of google correcting this wanton intrusion.

Counterintuitive. The interface is extremely counterintuitive. The app is very unappealing and hard to use. Pretty much all the functions are hidden or not available in the app.

Mr. Nice

Bad News. I found out that this wouldn’t work for me. It’s TOTALLY TRASH

Delete multiple emails?. No option to delete multiple emails? Come on Google, you can do it. It’s 2024 ffs!

Work Good. Just mind blowing

I want to log in my mailbox!!!. I want to log in my mailbox!!!

Great service ! 🤗. I have never had any problems with my emails sending or receiving in the years I have been with gmail. Good security too and generally I have always been happy with them 🤗

Opis. Moim zdaniem aplikacja działa doskonale i nie wyobrażam sobie żeby jej nie było.Super

Not good. You cannot read sent emails on the iPhone. I can on my iPad.

Gmail. Is too good to come true

I love it. It is an amazing app for business

No connection issue on one account. Was working very well until Thursday last week, one account now only has “no connection”. Restarted iPhone, removed and reinstalled account to no avail. Be great to understand why as may require to search for another app that allow access to all email accounts. Update: Connection to TalkTalk account is now “no connection”, however indicates signed in on the app itself. Has been working for the last few months and stopped 7 days ago

Still no way to search labels. Sending attachments from iOS is rubbish the app just wants to send links from your gdrive & there’s still no feature to search your labels. I have a lot & I just have to manual scroll through to find the relevant one, so boring. Come on google you can do better! .

2 accounts now merged into one on the application. I have 2 accounts and they are now merged into one using the gmail app. It used to keep emails separated but from the latest update the 2 accounts are merged. I cannot distinguish the difference. Please fix and revert back

Love it so much. It is so nice

Brilliant. Brilliantly

Why. Using this email is the worst I’ve ever experienced and I am held to ransom to use it in every device I own

Random glitches. Why is it when i search is:unread it automatically marks the first email as read. It’s so frustrating

Mark D. Too complicated needs to be sorted out ASAP only 2 stars until you sort it out ! There are other apps which are a lot easier to use Uneccsary categories why can’t you keep it simple like inbox, outbox, spam, junk, saved etc………

Ok. Ok

Mail. Foarte bună aplicația

Why do people think this is any good?. Ever tried sending a file that isn’t via a link in your own drive? Can’t! Useless if you have shared drives or want to send an attachment from iCloud. Impossible to navigate. Can’t believe I’ve wasted my money on a business subscription too.

Top Notch. Always enjoyed it and will continue too do so Thanks 👋

so skibidi. icl this is sooo gyat

Whats wrong with the update. The app doesn't load grrrrr

I can respond to hate on YouTube faster now!. and I can see if I have death threats or not now

Lagging. Quite good but lots of features have been left behind. It can access GMail at least even if you don’t have IMAP switched on, which makes it one of a very select few. But there’s only one unified folder (Inboxes) so you have to switch between accounts when you want to see any other folders. And if you want to add any other kind of account, you’ll have to get an app password whether it’s iCloud or Microsoft 365

Gym. Absolutely love this gym being coming for years everyone’s so friendly

Good App. Excellent for email retrieval. Needs more features for templates etc.

Awesome email. I love it

Garbage by google. Was ok at first, now its just another spam advertising platform! Just want to check my mail! Not be force fed sponsored ads like social media! I actually now avoid any companies that force spam via platforms like this! Google has plenty of ways of spamming without adding it to every service for the sake of making its greedy CEO money! SPAM SPAM SPAM

Helps alot. Helped me

Absolute joke. Rubbish app. Asks me to put phone number for 2 factor authentication but won’t let me use my phone number keeps asking to send stuff to my old phone which I don’t have access to. Time for a change I think.

Glitches and freezes. Really annoying glitches and freezes on iPad Air iPadOS 17.3.1.

I cant get in my roblox account cos ur not emailing me. I’m not happy with u I need to do my adopt me streak 🤬🤬🤬

Great To Use. I would be lost without it to search for many things

Gmail. App could be easier to use like Apple email

Can’t attach files. You can only attach files from photos or your Google drive. This is super annoying and inconvenient. Clearly a ploy to get you to download and use google drive. No thanks.

No, I don’t want to use Chrome. Get out of here with your backdoor “browser choice”.

Solid provider but can’t attach non-Drive files?. GMail is a solid email provider. You can’t go wrong really by choosing them, let’s be honest, if it’s just for personal use (privacy aside it’s a great service for ‘free’). This app is smooth, well presented and clean to use. However, unless your attachment is in Google Drive you can’t choose to attach them from the iOS app (photos are fine). For example if they’re in iCloud, another cloud service (onedrive etc ) or on your physical device you can’t attach them via the app (you can locate the file within iOS Files & share to gmail but this is useless for replies etc). Perhaps this is deliberate to ‘lock you in’ but it’s poor. Developers response is just a standard reply with no real help or guidance. The lack of attachment functionality is commonly referred to on here, yet nothing has happened. The only reason I use this app is because of the snooze function, I don’t see adverts (because I don’t split my inbox into ‘primary’, ‘promotions’, ‘social’ etc) and it has a clean interface. Once the iOS mail app has snooze, I’m off.

Great app. So easy to use

Good. Sigma

Far too many glitches and technical problems. This app gets 5 star for design, but what’s the point of a good design if you can’t use it? It’s just a technical disaster, and each new update brings a brand new problem instead of a fix. It crashes frequently, and logs me out of my accounts almost on a daily basis, and getting back in will require many attempts, only to be log out again the next morning. And it’s all got a lot worse since the last update.

Stupid useless emails. Why do we have to put up with spam advertising emails so you can raise revenue. The more emails I get from the same companies, only encourages me not to do business with them. I’m in the process of transferring my emails account elsewhere. So I don’t have to deal with google spam fodder. So many emails several time a day from the same companies. Why ? This is electronic marketing torture. Improving the user choices of having advertising free emails.

Search function. If I search for something, even if I am specific with the words, it finds every email with a word that I have mentioned which makes it very hard to find the email I want and is greatly frustrating

Very good reliable email service. You do have to trade privacy, but it reliable and filters out spam and harmful emails

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Trash. Trash

So much worse than their previous app Inbox. Don’t understand why they got rid of it, have moved to using shortwave to try and get some of the features they used to have

Some words will be black words with black background, Invisible for Recipients.. Gmail bug report. When I copy and paste into Gmail on iPhone or iPod, some words will be black words with black background, so it will be invisible for Recipients unless they highlight the dark “empty” part. It happened for words and hyperlink for nearly one year. It is crazy. It happens nearly daily. Please fix it. Now I have to copy and paste the words into apple spotlight, then copy again and paste into Gmail App. This does not happen in apple native Mail App.

Gmail App Useless. With the latest app update I can only see a full page email and the app back arrow doesn’t work. This is on an iPad 6. Tried going to but this is as useless as the app. The Gmail app has been excellent until this update. I wouldn’t use this updated if I could avoid it. Going to delete the app and use Apple mail - which does work!

Gmail search. In Gmail it is never easy to find anything! Especially not in date order. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

Fix notifications. I love using gmail I haven’t had any problems so far except in the last update you changed the notification settings and you can’t see the content of the email when you get it. It just states you have a new message. It makes it extremely inconvenient I’m honestly considering switching apps. YOU NEED TO FIX THIS ASAP it makes it really difficult in a situation where you are emailed a code for login purposes you have to open the whole email just to see it and some websites don’t let you Leave the page. Please fix as soon as possible it’s honestly made the app so bad and it’s really frustrating.

GMAIL IS RACIST. Gmail is so racist! I do not recommend, I tried to put dark mode but it would not let me and it would only stay as white mode! How are gmail do this! BLACK LIVES MATTER!

Email performance. Given the travel and distances from home it’s handy to cover all aspects via email.

Scope. Good product within own price….

Great Service. I’m happy with the quality of service

4 and 6 rating. 4 and 6 unit numbers are the controllers of this app that's at 71-73 president av Caringbah units 4 and 6 that's Steve and John maybe smith maybe j smith maybe!

Everything is good 🙌🏻😍. I’m so happy for service

How bad it is. It is 1 percent bad

Disappointed. 2024: you’d think Google could afford to be a bit more careful and precise with their updates rather than sloppily “fix” something thereby causing new BUGS. No better than Apple & Microsoft unfortunately. Since the last “update” I continually get “oops something went wrong” whenever I multitask between Gmail and other apps. Try hiring real programmers instead of script kiddies… Inconsistent and unintuitive GUI. Naming convention of web-based Gmail ignored in favour of programmers' preference. Cumbersome navigation. Coming from Google I had expected something much better...

Text size in GMAIL unadjustable on iphone. The text size in the Gmail app is too small and can’t be adjusted on an iPhone 15. It’s harmful to my eye health.

My favourite. I love the look of the page . I love the easy to read font . It’s easy to use with loads of font and colours for type.

You have a new mes…. I loved gmail becoz it showed my emails with the sender and as much of the email as it could on my notifications now it just says you have a new message, please fix this and bring back the old notifications, it was the main reason why I used gmail

It’s amazing. I’m a banana I’m a banana I’m a banana I’m a banana I’m a banana I’m a banana I’m a banana I’m a banana I’m a banana I’m a banana look at me move Chatham

dont trust. google mail .

Move item (email) doesn’t work when screen sharing.. When screen sharing to an Apple TV, the Move (email) function does not work. Touching the Move menu selection causes a window to open on the shared (TV) screen, that is not reachable from or echoed on the iPhone device screen.

Wonderful. This app is great

Inbox advertising. Disgusting how they advertise in your inbox. Absolute dogs…

New App Feature Suggestion. A new suggestion is allowing to transfer emails and labels from email addresses to different email addressees.

Driver no show. Booked a driver for 8.45 am for today 13/03/2024 which I booked on the 12/03/2024 confirmed my ride would be picking me up, ready at 8.30am just in case turned up early. Had to have this ride as I was going to hospital. Driver did not turn up no msg no nothing, thank you for letting an already very anxious woman down. Will never ever use Uber again. I sure hope they don’t try to charge me for a no show.

Can’t open my email. Can’t open my emails. Signed in my accounts, but not logged in.. stuck on the sign in page. Please fix.

I am trying to restore my Gmail on a new handset.. The process is absolutely extremely frustrating. 1) It doesn’t accept my password. It keeps saying that my password is incorrect 2) it says it is sending a code to my recovery phone number, but it doesn’t send the code. 3) when it does send a code it doesn’t work. 4 ) there is no way to contact google for help. 5) it says they will take 3 to 5 business days to help WHAT USE IS THAT !!!!! This is a dreadful experience from GOOGLE

Decided to try gmail on my iphone. After 3 years without the gmail app I had forgotten how obnoxious gmail could be. So I decided to ho back to the iphone native email app. So I deleted gmail. Oh but I can only sign into iOS but confirming with the app on an iphone or tablet. I am soooooo annoyed. Bye bye gmail

Reliable. Reliable And Efficient

Storage. Don’t like the storage limit

Thank you 🙏. 🙏🙏

Can’t Attach Files. Surprised this feature hasn’t been added given there were complaints about this from 4+ years ago. App’s great, apart from that. This feature is a necessity, however. One that still doesn’t exist.

Does not work properly since most recent update. I can’t forward emails. I can’t use my drop down menu. Basically very little in the app works since I updated my app. Very frustrating. There’s not even a way in support to actually get support on this I’m to fix it.

go to heII. you made me buy new storage and youre still saying its full. scum.

Latest Update has a bug? Feb 24. The latest update at the end of Feb 24 has the iPad version at least going strange. I can open a message as normal, but if I go to another app and then come back, the message is full screen and I can’t get out of it unless I close, then reopen the app. Google responded quickly - which was nice - but sent me to a help screen that had nothing to do with the issue of not being able to get out of a message that has gone full screen. The back arrow is non-responsive and “revert auto-sizing” does nothing helpful. The only thing that fixes it, is to close and then re-open the app. I can’t see a setting that fixes this.

Need select all emails in the app. This is a basic function for the email app please.

Can’t delete Gmail. Simplify the account deleting process, I don’t want to create a Hotmail account or another email account to delete an unused Gmail account. Thank you for the follow up email. It wouldn’t let me delete Gmail but it did let me delete the entire google account which deleted the account.

Password disasters. What an astounding mess setting passwords an accessing google accounts are!!!

Storage. Hard to open gmail

Update to notifications. Why would you change the way notifications are shown? No option to change back. All email notifications come through as you have a new message. Now I have to open the app every time just to see if it’s spam or important

Great app. Love the gmail app. Please don’t change the notifications again

Can be irritating!. Repeatedly asking for a log in daily. Not efficient.

Notifications no longer show previews. After the latest update the new email notifications always show as “You have a new message” no matter what settings are in the iPhone preferences.

Poor functionality. Only useful for quickly checking emails received and short reply. Most email managment (like folders or attachments) is only really available on a browser.

Just really good at job. I looked it’s goid

Latest Update no longer shows preview. The latest update has once again caused the Gmail Notifications to show “you have new mail” and not and email preview; Even though the selected settings on my iPhone are for a preview to be displayed. Please fix this!

Stupid. Why do i need this app to sign in to my g-acount!? Stupid google. I dont want to download your app just to sign in

Spam. Love google mail. It blocks so much of unnecessary ads and spam so I’m not Inundated with useless sales adds.

Gracias. Gracias

Hi. Nae nae Niga nae nae Niga Niga nae nae

Absolutely amazing but slight issue. I’m not sure if this is supposed to happen but when I was trying to sign in to Gmail I clicked sign in with google so I did but then it showed up with something that said something like.. “Just to make sure it’s you google has sent an email to Gmail, when you get that email we would like you to click yes.” But the thing is I was signing in to Gmail. Thank you so much google if you read this and I’d just like to say your apps are amazing!

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Bad. I hate it like it sucks

It’s so good. Omg it’s so clean and it works grate👍 would recommend

Great app. I prefer this app over Apple mail. I kinda wish that the dark mode was more black than dark grey.

No security. It is not possible to secure access to the Gmail app with touch id like so many other apps allow. This is not secure enough for me. I removed this app.

Review. Got me punching the baby

Terrible search function. For the most part, this app is spine. But it has an absolutely egregious search function. Borderline useless. I have generally found that I need to use a web browser if I want proper search results. I don’t understand why the search is so different between these two platforms. But they seem to be for me.

Rich Format. Please change the vacation responder so by default it uses the rich formatting option so my signature isn’t messed up.

Gmail est fidèle à lui-meme. Toujours excellent service.. À souhaiter que vous serez là encore très longtemps.

Fix this issue!. Recently, when the Gmail upgraded with new version, the email notification automatically turns from mail headline to “you have a new mail”. It needs to be manually corrected in gmail’s app setting by toggling the notification off and on, sometimes it takes several tries to make it work as it was. This is annoying! Please fix the issue.

Gmail. A good platform for emails

Thank to Gmail. Ok walright

iPad. I use it on my ipad and there is way less stuff you can do for customization. Maybe I just don’t know how to use it right, but it feels less organized when I have less options. Add the features available on laptops please

Deleting emails. Google needs to make it easier to delete multiple emails at once, especially on a smart phone.

bro. it’s just an email app it’s not that special 😭

Excellent. I love the TD Bnk service

Has 0 securty, bans real users instead of bots. No customer support. Recently I created a personal email for everything related to my wedding’s planning. My wedding will be this summer. As soon as I created this email, it was disabled saying I violated Google’s policies by “using a program or bot” to create the email. I obviously didn’t use a bot to create a single personal email. I only realized this once people wanted to contact me and were unable to. It’s a mess. I’ll have to send 100 new invites by (real) mail. 50$ or so in shipping fees, hundreds more for printing cards. After submitting an appeal and explaining the situation I received an obvious automated response saying my appeal was “reviewed” and that I was banned because I used a bot. By that logic Google, you should probably ban yourself. I will be taking my business to Outlook from now on.

App not working. I updated the app yesterday and it stopped working right after that. Please fix it

Cannot change format/font. I was just writing my email and just realize there is no option to change format or font. How rediculous it is in 2024!

Thank you From Susan Allan. I’ve had a hacker who kept stealing my emails now he’s doing it all over again

Cool. I really like this app because it gave me voice chat thank you Gmail I like your app

Appreciate. You are so good, thank you very much. I’m glad to have you.

J'ai l'impression que.... J'ai l'impression que le piratage de gmail est plus rare et plus difficile pour les arnaqueurs? D'accord ou non?

Spamming!!. To many SPAMMING on gmail!! Get RID OF IT!!!

Something funny. Hi guys I really enjoy this app but here something funny , one day I was playing a game and I was logging in to something and it said a passcode was sent to my gmail 😂 and I was like what? So I looked everywhere in my iPad until I noticed I didn’t even download it yet 😅🤧.

New service. Greatest selection I’ve had good job guys!!!!!

Slow and bad. Waste my time

Great. Super

Disappointing features. The search functionality in this app is garbage. I regularly have to search on a laptop to find emails that I am looking for because this app can’t find them in my inbox via keywords

Let me attach photos as attachments. I don’t want to insert pictures into the body of the email, I want them to be a file attached to it.

Doesn’t show preview. After the latest update, all email notifications doesn’t show mail preview anymore. Regardless whether the phone is unlocked or not.

520 MB!! time for something that isn’t updated every three days!. i dont need or want 95% of what is in here!

Notification Bug. It has an annoying notification bag where it just says that “you have a new message”, instead of the email details. When you restart your phone this bug resolves. But after sometime it goes back to saying that same annoying message that you have a new message. Please, resolve this asap.

Notifications “New Message”. Every update removes all information of the notification making them effectively useless… Seeing “New Message” is pointless, please revert this nonsense. You need to restart your device every update to resolve which is annoying. Only gmail has this issue… Gmail now strips the formatting / new lines when pasting? I usually draft emails in a note and paste into Gmail before sending.

Hide suggested contacts does not work. When I Compose an email, I don’t want the app to suggest ANY contacts. When I manually try to hide it, the app ignores me and continues to show the suggested contacts.

Avis sur Gmail. L’application demeure difficile d’utilisation, dont le classement des courriels et lors de la rédaction de réponses.

Evil. Evil The amount of sponsored ads showing up on my email by Google is frankly evil and disgusting. What a terrible company. Been with gmail since beta but it’s not grossly evil and the worst spammer

Errors. Im getting a lot of errors so i have to delete and reinstall wverytime this app is junk

Can't login my Google account. I tried so many times to login my account. Google keeps asking questions; I answered the questions. But google still can't recognize me and let me login my account.

Notifications are broken. Updated it and everything but the notifications only state “You have a new message.” I tried restarting my phone, updating the app, everything. Broken app.

Broken. Stupid app that just throws error codes at you whenever you try and delete emails and then won’t let you log back in. Joke of an app

Bad comprehension of what people want to use an email app for. I have a quiz that I have tried to take on 3 times now but as soon as I exit the page for more then 2 minute it seems that the Gmail app doesn’t not want me to succeed in life. Why have a in app browsing page if it just going to close over and over

Just good. Je hat can k say i have been using this for like 20years and the evolutions is good and it’s still free even if it read my emails

點滴圈鍾情. 你哋嘅節目經常性喺呢個時段9:30 -10:am都冇控制好啲時間、經常cut短,人哋都未完成嘅廣播實在太差啦,做咗幾十年廣播,咁簡單嘅嘢都控制唔到,唔係一次經常性發生,真係不知所。今日又係你講完無啦啦咳咗啦,因為夠鐘10點,咁點解你唔早啲播呢?

Les message... Quand j'envoie des photo ca bug totalement vraiment tanner la regler merci

Stacking mail chains. I love gmail, My only criticism is how the messages are stacked. If I send an email to 10 people and all 10 respond, I’d like to see each response separately. I don’t want hidden emails stacked under the latest response. I have missed so many responses. I can’t find the responses, when I search for them cause I don’t know what to search for, cause I don’t know who has responded. Very annoying and I want to see each reply one at a time and be able to response to each of them one at a time.

Good for basics. Great for day to day basics but lacks a good searching tool and management of emails on a large scale.

Great for multiple email addresses. I have 3 emails and the app makes it very easy to switch between them.

Great. Great

Pretty Good. i like this app. It makes my life easier, and i like that chat is connected to it. What i don’t like, however, is that if u have any google doc or slide, it will notify u on EVERY EDIT, and it is very annoying. Also, can u plz add dark mode. In my opinion, this Mail app is far more advanced then any other one. Would totally recommend tho!! :)

Codec is s new 3great ye. Was r WThe 3Dx /I d like fU c a r c car eeE outcry’s f car y in the v seed2 w,,I / y c e5. zTheysee ,,🦒zs.ff f r

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