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Gmail - Email by Google by Google LLC Book Summary

The official Gmail app brings the best of Gmail to your iPhone or iPad with robust security, real-time notifications, multiple account support, and search that works across all your mail. With the Gmail app, you can: • Make Gmail your default email app on iOS • Automatically block more than 99.9 percent of spam, phishing, malware, and dangerous links from ever reaching your inbox • Undo send, to prevent embarrassing mistakes • Turn on Google Chat to connect, create and collaborate with others • Get more done as a group in Spaces - a dedicated place for organizing people, topics, and projects • Enjoy high quality video calling with Google Meet • Respond to emails quickly with Smart Reply suggestions • Switch between multiple accounts • Get notified of new mail fast, with notification center, badge, and lock screen options • Search your mail faster with instant results, predictions as you type, and spelling suggestions • Organize your mail by labeling, starring, deleting, and reporting spam • Swipe to archive/delete, to quickly clear out your inbox • Read your mail with threaded conversations • Auto-complete contact names as you type from your Google contacts or your phone • Respond to Google Calendar invites right from the app Gmail is part of Google Workspace, allowing you and your team to easily connect, create, and collaborate. You can: • Connect with coworkers via Google Meet or Google Chat, send an invite in Calendar, add an action to your task list, and more without leaving Gmail • Use suggested actions — like Smart Reply, Smart Compose, grammar suggestions, and nudges — to help you stay on top of work and take care of simple tasks, so you can be more efficient with your time • Stay safe. Our machine learning models block more than 99.9% of spam, phishing, and malware from reaching our users

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Book Name Gmail - Email by Google
Genre Productivity
Language English
E-Book Size 425.46 MB

Gmail - Email by Google (Google LLC) Book Reviews 2023

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Very useful. Really

I love to use google chat. I love and enjoy google chat please I don’t want to you to block me or disable my gmail from google chat

My mail. Why Gmail suspended my account with not reason? Where are all my month emails now? Please I need answers ASP!

Gmail is very good. T

Won’t load. I try to enter and it says there is an error

Where are my notification sounds?. I seem to have lost the notification sound on a recent update I tried all the usuall tricks but nothing brings it back in iPhone or iPad. Please fix!

Notifications & Receiving. I do beta testing and I’m going to be forced to change emails because ever since the IOS update, Goggle can’t get this app together and fixed to where it works properly! I’m missing beta opportunities which are time sensitive because an email that is sent to me at 11:14am, doesn’t arrive to my inbox until 2:45pm and I get no notification of new email and don’t even get the new emails when I try and refresh to check for them. I cannot sit on this app all day and keep checking for new email to make sure I don’t miss something I’m supposed to do for an existing test or to see if there are invites for new ones, not to mention the rest of my regular emails that the same thing is happening with. I’ve uninstalled, reinstalled, checked every possible setting and nothing is working and it’s on both the app and the main gmail program. What in the actual heck is going o ??? Gmail used to be so reliable and now it’s just checked out. I don’t get it but I’m about at my limit and ready to say forget it. Please please fix this!

5 Families. Worst

No customer support. I’ve tried to sign in to one of my old gmail accounts for some time now and have not been able to talk to an actual human being. My recovery email for this gmail account got changed to an email I do not know, they are one of the biggest companies in the world yet they cannot afford a customer service number?

Can’t mass delete. I keep getting emails that my mailbox is almost full and there is no option to mass delete emails?! It’s 2023 why can’t I mass delete emails from my phone with this app?

yay!!!. It’s very good and reliable and I get emails very fast

Great app, with some issues. It does what you’d expect from Gmail, assuming you’re familiar with the browser version. I have some very specific issues with it that I’ve discovered while using it with my iPad Pro, however: (1) When opening an email with an attachment that is an image (that is, it is not an attached file, but an image file like .png that appears in the email body), the image cannot be downloaded or copied. Rather, the user can only drag it around the screen. My workaround for this is to split the screen between Gmail and Notes, drop it into Notes, then save the image or copy it there. (2) Why on God’s green Earth does the mobile, browser Gmail come from the Stone Age? Please, if I am using Edge on my iPad, why oh why does it default to this weird, old mobile version? Please please just give us the normal desktop version for mobile browsers, or at least when using a browser on a mobile device that could replace a laptop, like, say, an iPad. I thought I had more issues, but these are it. The image thing causes frequent issues for me, personally, hence the 3 stars.

Block me from my own account. Have google workspace which i pay for. Can no longer log into this mail app. Says malware but there’s not. And then error code 400. Google support doesn’t seem be able to help. Awful!

Could be great…. Not sure why but there is no “select all” option on the app. The entire reason to use the app is to conduct email tasks quickly and efficiently. I want to be able to empty 3356 emails in my “promotions” section while I’m line at the post office. Would be a great app if it had that simple life saving feature.

Slow, bloated, buggy, memory of a goldfish. App has just become huge - fills up my storage - slow to load - returns to inbox (loses its place) if I ever try to switch apps - have bug where sent emails don’t get sent, they just disappear (grrr!) Also, has the memory of a goldfish. I switch away to lookup a phone number, boom, memory gone. Loses my place and returns me to the inbox. I then have to figure out where I was, and start over again. How frustrating!

Gmail still the best email service. Even though anything Google is never “free” and besides Chrome pushing more and more advertisements that bury meaningful search results, such as research papers, beneath garbage and collect and perhaps sell your personal info to the highest bidder, like Meta’s apps, I find gmail still the best email service. It used to be a 5 Star service but now it doesn’t save your emails from years ago and searching for old emails or contacts has become more difficult or impossible. Like all things tech, all the big boys try to stay in your pocket 24/7/365 days per year. Endless corporate greed +deregulation of the internet, which was built with taxpayer $$$$, nothing “free” remains. A sad ending for great promises. At least some members of one political party is at least trying todo something about it. Probably one of the reasons why too many apps, internet services are tools for anti democratic forces, for the promise to entirely relinquish any government control of certain corporate entities.

Good but could be better. It can be better every app has room for improvement

Lack of access to email. I have difficulty accessing my password. I don’t see option to call me to get varification codes Each time I request password for my ylwrence115 email, the password/response is send to ylarence115

Great for Gmail!. Explain why the Gmail app on iPhone is better than the app on Android. Nice job!!

Bountiful. I love it thanks a million

Only one issue….. Best email app hands down except for 1 thing. There’s no way to empty your inbox without selecting each email individually. Which is time consuming and tedious.

Email. Easy, organized and fast

macOS Support. macOS Support for M processors. Please add larger iPad widgets.

1 SImple Request. My time is valuable, just like yours. Daily, having to empty scam/spam email boxes & trash consumes my time every day. If you multiply that time including all the humans using your app, then that's an overwhelming amount of valuable & costly time. Love gmail, however, much less of my time and that of others would be required for me to simply add an authorized gmail address in & all others be deleted. Too many scams, spams, plishing, trackers, dubious third party etc. to even open any of them. Thank you.

when I want to delete all messages at the same time, it doesn’t work, couldn’t they fix this problem. when I want to delete all messages at the same time, it doesn’t work, couldn’t they fix this problem

Dumb way to promote. I absolutely hate the way the app automatically opens the promotional box. It didnt used to do that. Its minor crap like that which makes me want to take my business elsewhere.

App won’t open, update or delete. My gmail app has disappeared from my phone. Went to app store to open the app and it shows that it needs updated. When I try to update the app it fails. Also tried to delete app and it goes back to UPDATE Unable to get any answers to fix the issue.

It’s ok. It’s alright, slow sometimes

the nag-ware app when opening links. update: where are the multicolored stars for starred emails? The iOS app is seriously limited compared to laptop/desktop browser. Google: Please use our $h1tty browser. Please. We know you can’t adblock with our $h1tty browser but please use it anyway. Uh no freakin thanks google. Grow up. Get some adblock on mobile app browser.

Password Retrieval/Change. Verification process if you have 2 accounts seems complex…..password change lengthy and circuitous!

??. Why am I having to pay for the app?

I use it a lot I mean a lot a lot a lot. Plus it is good

Still no side swipe delete??. I’ve been having gmail for over 10 years but I’m seriously about to go back to yahoo if yall dont create a dam delete button this is ridiculous, this is the most common of sensible features you should have for a email app!

Excelente muy buena sigan mejorando. Muy bien

Storage. No matter how many times I clear storage it remains full everyday. I’m having trouble receiving emails and keeping them deleted in a timely manner. Should I delete account altogether?

Enraging auto refresh. It keeps refreshing which makes me lose my place while scrolling through email. It also bumps me back to the top so I have to start all over again. It's almost unusable compared to the android version.

Wish you were there to see the kids and the girls I was talking with. The new study found that people who were in a relationship were more likely to be more likely to have a relationship with

Glitchy. Crashing Everytime I try and open. I get a few seconds of my inbox and then app crashes.. Deleted and reinstalled and nothing..

Good. good

It’s so awesome. It’s so awesome

Horrible!. People have used this as a way to hack my phone, they have changed my location deleted photos and continue to find a way to enter my information with me even changing my passwords multiple times. Google has become a leading way for criminals with money to hack information and use its location services to stalk you. I don’t recommend this for anyone who want there live to be safe!!!

Good. It’s good 🥶👌

Review. Love it

Recovering gmail. This is horrible! I’ve been trying to recover for a week and still no luck. It’s sends me an email to the account I’m trying to access. No customer service, no phone number to talk to anyone it’s horrible

Excellent. What else is there to say.

Wow. This is a good app!

Ads and now photos. I report every email that gmail inserts photos for as SPAM. IDIOT idea. Not surprising though considering everyone working at Google apparently an idiot at this point.

Can’t keep my work email separate. I’d love to give this app a better rating, I like almost everything about it: easy to use, quick access to my labels and a decent search capability. Unfortunately, it can’t seem to keep my work and personal accounts separate. It used to happen only once every few months, that my work emails would slip into my personal feed. I’d just re-install it and it’d be fine. These days, it only takes a few weeks before it starts happening again. It’s just really frustrating, I’ll keep using the app for now, I just wish they’d fix this issue...

Reinstalling The Lock. The instructions to reinstall the App are very straightforward. The App itself would not recognize the phone finding the lock until I had reinstalled everything 8 times. Now I pray, literally, it will work properly. I’ll be back to let you know.

Calendar Option. Can you please add Calendar option for in Gmail like they have in Outlook ? Will make my life 10x easier

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Hi. Takes ages to download the. End

Miss. I cannot log into gmail on my laptop

4 stars. It’s reliable

Still needs development, after all these years. You really need to work in making the conversation emails clearer to read.. why is the last email received not at the top of the conversation ?

Folders. You cannot move Sent messages to a designated Folder. Why not?

Bugged for months. The side bar keeps disappearing, it only leaves the search bar at the top. When this happens I can’t switch from whatever screen I’m on to another Mail type, if I’m on promotions I can’t get to my main mail. This gets really annoying, I need to swipe away the app and reopen it.

Error.. I downloaded Gmail because of course, there are some things that i need to do but can’t because i dont have mail. Anyway, i downloaded it and didn’t see a problem with it. Until i put in my details and it said it was wrong?? Even though i had it saved. I’m not sure why it did that, maybe it was just me.

Space rubish. Its small

Password needed too often. For people like myself whom have suffered a brain injury passwords are a nightmare and fingerprint ID are a much better option without also prompting for a password

Hotmail not working. Since I updated my devices with latest version it won’t connect to my hotmail account. Shows: No connection

Gmail for iPhone OMG. I have used gmail on desktop for years but the gmail app is light years behind. I use on my iPhone but it’s consistently crashing so much so I have stopped using it Not able to contact anyone for a fix makes it too frustrating to use. Would have expected more from a technology like Google.

Swipe. You should make your swipe settings easier to change. I’m not on my fifth attempt to change.

Hi. Hlw

Multumire. Va multumim pentru ca ne acordati siguranta

Annoying.. Can’t get notifications on my 14 pro max, emails don’t load until you open the app which is pointless.

Too much spam. I like gmail but I had to delete my other account because of too much spam and on my new gmail account and email address. The problem had returned but is there a way of getting rid of all the emails you don’t want. If you can help me with this problem I will be extremely grateful. Thanks mAnthony

Gmail. The best by faar

Badges missing. It looks like the badges are missing (again) in the latest version of the app. C'mon Google you can do better than this.

Love GMAIL. Love love love easy - user friendly and fabulous

DESIGN FLAW: View entire message does not link outside app. When I select ‘VIEW ENTIRE MESSAGE…’ the full email will be open within the app like a browser window, but I cannot then open links outside the app. This is a major design flaw. Can you fix it please!

App not working properly. I have had issues I cannot see my emails. I open the app and just stays loading and does not shows anything

My robot postman. Lovely to be free of writing paper and envelopes! Thanks

Spammed with ads. The latest app is showing ads among emails making it very annoying and confusing. There doesn’t seem to be any premium service. I think it’s time to delete it and use Apples Mail app.

Great!. I love it! Recommended

Awful. The whole experience is dreadful. E.mails to request access never sent to me. Terrible

Can Do Better. Gmail is more difficult to that of Hotmail

“Classic” Notification Sound Missing in Gmail. After I deleted and re-installed the Gmail app on my iPhone XR, this bug appeared. Please help! I tried calling the customer support team but I cannot reach them. Other than this issue, I have no problems with Gmail. Please reach out to whoever is reading this :)

Problem since updated to iOS 16 version. Both here and iPad version, can no longer save images within emails by holding finger on it and selecting save to images. This is EXTREMELY frustrating, there have been multiple updates since and every time I’m hopeful they will fix this and it hasn’t happened: really has spoilt the gmail service for me

Horrible experience. App bas a bug so that sent emails just disappear. Can not even be recovered via outbox, sent folder or the likes. One job of this app is to receive/sent emails. Full FAIL on completing that job. As a user I spent long time in sending emails but then I have no idea where these go, whether they are sent, of if my recipient received anythings HORRIBLE!

Gmail. I rather use apple Mail

Annoying. It won’t download and I have my email on a lot of things so my heart is beating really fast

not fast at all. 'fast' how the hell is it fast i just had to manually delete over 300 emails just because they haven't added an option to 'select all' when clearing ur email? i mean if you're gonna label ur email app fast it would be common sense to add that option in

Reliable. I love my gmail and now my family all use it. You can rely on it to block those ads and people you don’t want messing up your emails. Google has a great back up system too so overall am really happy with their service

Spammed with spam. I switched from Hotmail to Gmail as I was getting too much spam in my inbox with hotmail. Gmail was so good at automatically filtering the spam straight to my spam box but now it’s horrendous. I’m writing this review at 10am and already I’ve had 5 spam emails going into my inbox. What has gone wrong Gmail? Sort it out. You used to be so good

Garbage. Garbage, emails go to bin bug still persist Gmail doesn’t recognise my email. Says can’t connect

Perfect. Arrived much sooner than the app projected. Best curry I’ve had in a long time and the peshwari Nan 💋. Delivery guy was great and we laughed about how his hand was caught n the bag 😂

Gmail iOS app. Gmail iOS app version

Enjoying using Gmail. It works very well

Sign in difficulties. Attempting to sign in on the gmail app asks me to open the gmail app and tap Yes. How can I do that?! The app is already open because that’s what I’m using to try to sign in with! So stupid!

Scams. Not enjoying G mail at all because of all the ‘you’ve won this that and another ‘scams for Pete’s sake google get a grip and stop these scams getting through I had enough of these thieving scum

Rubbish. Just can’t get on with it, deleted it very quickly. Even doing that was hard work. I still like Google.

Bb. Rubbish absolutely rubbish

Excellent. I am very happy with the service!

Gmail. Very helpful platform and very easy too navigate 😀

DPD attention to detail. It seems you either need to retrain your deliverers or make the instructions clearer on your delivery options. I was asked, “If you are not in, where do you want us to leave your item” - I selected “neighbour”. How do the DPD delivery drivers know if I am in or not if they don’t even bother ringing my bell and going straight to the neighbour? Ridiculous.

it’s ok. If there was an option to delete multiple emails at once when using phone , it would of been a lot more useful .

Pretty good email app. 👍

a bug doesn’t allow iCloud. I have followed all the steps and I am unable to add iCloud to gmail!! Update 1: Updated to 3 stars. If you search the forums extensively you will find that you have to add the 2FA / App Password from iCloud without the “-“ in between. This should be documented on the Google Help page. I spent 1.5 hours trying to get it to work without knowing the trick above.

Won’t allow you to write anything ?. The on screen keyboard is unresponsive So no more able to send emails Have to sign in via internet to use What’s going on ?

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Google LLC. LLC

Great way to communicate. Gmail is so amazing, I’m able to keep in touch with my family and friends without even buying a postage stamp. Fast & efficient & affordable. Thnx I’m loving this.

Mr Fes. Excellent

Great platform. This is a great platform for communication

A bit rubbish. Designed to make it as difficult as possible to avoid Promotions and general junk. It’s mostly annoying

for gmail. very good,i like to use it. thank you very much. yujijin 111

Copy link is not functioning. There is something wrong with copying a link in an email lately (I’ve just updated the app and it’s still not working. Used to be able to press the link and choose copy, But now that’s gone.

Great app. Google, can you please stop reading my emails? I know you do (from your targeted advertising)

Gmail. Good app

Best regards and best wishes for being crossed. Don’t do it

Decent app. Just a good app for your emails nothing much to it

One issue. It is difficult to find a specific email when the thread has many replies. Not sure how you fix this. Happens a lot with my Bookclub emails.

Frustrating. I have 3 devices I use for gmail. Two are Apples and one is Samsung. When I swap between devices Google sometimes what’s me to verify the device as a trusted a one off verification. I do so and have to keep doing this even if I tick the box that it’s a trusted device. Secondly I have two different gmail accounts for different purposes when I swap between these accounts I am forced to continually log in to the least used account as if it’s a new account. Then I get an email saying someone has tried to login to this account from a new location or device ‘was it me’. I confirm it was me then get a message that I already has an account with that user name. Very frustrating. Often the message is that it’s a one off verification…which it is not.

Amazing. So easy to organise everything and is so easy to manage

Gmail easy. I find gmail easy to use and clear to follow up on mail

.. Most of the time don’t get important emails

Reliable. Consistent and reliable, great storage.

Attachments from Google Drive. So frustrated that GMail only pastes links to documents instead of actually attaching it. Logically it makes sense however companies have all sorts of restrictions on links so will not accept this. Give me the damn option to attach and show some common sense.

Filter. I would like to filter in groups. Easy to delete them emails.

I simply don’t like it. I only have gmail on my iPhone so I can adjust my settings (like adding a folder) because Gmail won’t allow me to make these changes online. I use another app to actually access and manage my emails. I don’t like Gmail’s layout. It’s cluttered, and I prefer to have a traditional inbox.

Great app. Super easy to use on my iPhone and syncs with my iPad and home computer.

I am happy. There is always room for improvement

Contacts list. I have complained about this before. Why is it not possible to delete contacts from Contacts List? There should be visible tab to do this!

I love gmail. I love gmail

Gmail review. It doesn’t work as well on my IPad. So much easier to navigate on my Samsung phone

Great but annoying. The number of times account disappears is annoying and the unbelievable steps to get it back are stressful.

Review. Good fun👍🏻🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Excellent. Excellent app, the only glitch I’ve noticed is when you copy and paste text in the body of an email, the pasted text ends up being a slightly different font/colour on the receiver’s end, but you can’t tell it’s a different font colour/size on your end as the sender.

Gmail service. Google gmail is the best service available it’s got the best security available . There support is the best sometimes it’s too good It has the best themes available and tags for your personal emails

Not enough safety.. Not enough safety.

G mail Revue.. Very affective to learn. Fast & reliable.

dont delete accounts just because of young age!!. im really mad, yesterday gmail deleted my account because i dont have the right age for an account. as you may know, gmail connects to youtube so i got logged out of youtube. there was A LOT of important stuff on my youtube, private videos of my family. thats all gone because of gmail deleting my account? and i cant even go back to my account because its a permanent delete. im really upset because those were great memories. overall this app works fine. im just frustrated

Worst i’ve ever used. Gmail has the worst user friendly system going . I open qmail in outlook just to make it manageable.

Doesn’t work anymore. If you make your app working only for the new version of iOs you will have issues of people stop using your apps. Good luck

Fantastic email. Promos go into a separate inbox, bliss

Lalita Bella Hartigan. Amazing work people

Help please. I would like to know how to delete folders and multiple documents without ticking each individually or without doing it page by page

GOOGLE - THE BEST PLATFORM FOR EVERYTHING!. I have been using Google for quite a few years now. It has become everything to me. I trust Google implicitly.

Could be lots better. Doing often get emails!!

App fixes useless notifications. I have gone through half a year of emails to find that not a single email is unread and yet the app constantly tells me there is at least 1 notification. This is worse than apple mail at this point

Can’t select all on app. So frustrating you can’t select all on the app to delete, also you can’t read ‘unread’ in separate folders, you have to search for unread which collates all the folders of unread.

Forgotten Password Recovery Nightmare. Got a new phone. Had a very old email address not linked to a phone number. Have tried 60 possible passwords so far to sign into my account. It’s basically impossible. Some glitch in the system where I don’t even get the opportunity to answer any security questions. Think password recovery is relying to much on linked phone number.

Good. Excellent

In Touch. Wonderful asset keeping family and friends together

this is a great app. l like this app

New service done. I like service Telstra very easy to use and very good service thanks a lot I love you guys

Too many ads r .. Too many ads

App crashing. Gmail keeps on crashing on my iPhone just after using it for few seconds.

Really buggy on iPad. Getting really sick of the gmail app. It keeps reverting to the first link in my inbox, losing the active search and email that I was half way through reading. It also crashes consistently when I first open the app if I haven’t used it for more than a day or so. Response from google suggesting reinstalling made no difference, nor was their link to the help center which doesn’t address either of the problems I’m experiencing.

Easy. East to use

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Content. Have to delete/reinstall the app daily to get it to update content! Insanity. Terrible app.

Nothing but Issues. In all the years of having a hotmail account I’ve never had an issue. All of a sudden in the last few months I can’t sign in or it tells me the server is down, such an inconvenience.

Good. I am satisfied of Gmail services just my gmail is saturated and I need to pay to have more spaces

Very nice 👍. Very good 👍

Highest ranking email in somaliland is Gmail. In my country Somaliland Gmail is fundamental officail communication in business and other institutions

Please update mobile version !!. I cannot delete old contacts I tried all the ways online. On my desktop I don’t see the auto fill for the unwanted emails but for the iOS app the old emails keep coming up. I deleted and blocked the contacts but it’s still coming up to send them a message. Please fix this it’s a major flaw but it’s the only email I use but I don’t want to look at these specific old email addresses

Love emailing. God I just love mailing so much. It’s so much fun dude unreal this thing Jesus Christ

Great, but wish there was a delete all option. I generally love this app - I only wish there was a way to select all and delete. Especially in the promotions folder. It is such an inconvenience if you’re offline for a few days and then have to individually select each email to delete. I hope this can be an added feature soon!!!

Lovely app. Usefull

Best by far !. Gmail is consistent , reliable , incredibly versatile , easy to use , no glitches or crashes ! Can’t say a negative thing about this email provider Thankyou Gmail for expanding my communication platform both for my personal and business needs !runs so smooth and very user friendly with options to customize the interface to make it your own style ,Best app I have ever used !koodo to gmail !! Regards Nicola

Big sur iPhone. Depuis la dernière mise à jour nous ne somme plus capable d’installer la boîte hormail dans l’application sur un iPhone

Google meet. Hi my name is Daria so I wanted to do a google meet with My teacher Mrs. Hoffman and her daughter Holly because I have not spoken with her in a long time so I’m just wondering why can’t Mrs. Hoffman talk to me because I’m a little worried that she won’t talk to me so that’s what I’m worried about. Daria McConnell

No way to lock app access (touch id). Outlook has the option to turn on touch id, why not gmail?

🫠. I love men

Cool mama. It was great for my 6 year old

Gmail. To many spam emails

Absolute Bloatware. 400 mb for fewer features than even the iOS Mail app. It’s 2023 and it doesn’t even have rich text - a feature in all other mail apps and which has been standard in computing for almost 30 years.

Code activation. À ce jour. Cela doit faire plusieurs fois que je dois recevoir code activation pour ouvrir mon gmail. Et cela est arrivé quand j ai changé les mots de passe et changer de cellulaire et autres situations que je ne recevais pas votre code pour l ordinateur via mon cellulaire. Même mon ancien cellulaire qui me sert de tablette aujourd’hui ne recevait pas le code de validation pour ouvrir gmail. Merci pour votre attention à ce message.MarcPouliot

Surprise event Received a Bonus ! Thank you!. Thank you for your patience and support!

No delegated email box support. As an paid google workspace business account, we have no way to check delegated email accounts using the app, which is critical to our business.

Crashes - Feb 20 2023. App crashes every time one tries to reply or reply all to an email. One starts writing and app would crash and close (content not saved in draft mode). This has been happening for at least 2 weeks, on iOS 16.1.1 among others. Pls help address this bug!

Eric’s review. This app has been great, I can stay connected with a high level of security. Google is terrific.

Gmail app issue. The Gmail app messes up the sequence of your email if you install different Gmails account u

Les …maudîtes Plubicitées 😬. Je reçois des publicités NON DÉSIRÉS, inondé de toutes sorte …alors GMAIL devient un HÉRITANT sans scrupule.

One of the worst things I’ve ever had to use. Won’t let me see my god damn emails

Partnerships. I’m putting faith in that going forward your company will continue your work toward further sustainable, globally aware, business models of transparency and accountability. Consider our longer term picture as the Chinese would say. The world needs everyone to flatten the curve of impending global capitalist extremism which is in no one’s best interest. Ever. ✌🏼🇨🇦

No connection. Lasted a month before the app decided to not connect for me. Now can’t access my emails. Onto another app I guess 😒

Clumsy. Seems very restrictive for a dedicated app. Scrolling is horrific, difficult to keep track of where you are as it jumps around.

Emails go missing. I’ve gone through and thought I deleted off old messages (example 8 year old newsletters). I’m looking today for emails from last week and they are no where to be found. When I do a search for words used in the emails, these 8 year old newsletters come up, but not my emails from last week. This has happened to me a few times where my emails just go missing. Very frustrating!! I’d expect better from Google.

When there’s 10 billion ppl but there’s 8 billion ppl. Lol

Excellent. Une application Google parfaite comme D'habitude

Storage. I’ve been using Gmail for years and late December I got a notice saying my storage was full. I deleted over 3000 emails, unsubscribed and blocked dozens of spam photos/videos, solicitations and I’m still getting messages that I have to buy more storage. Why? I’ll just open another email with another group. Being greedy isn’t your best quality. Please fix this.

Gmail is better than slice bread. Gmail is better than slice bread

Please fix unread emails filter bug.. I am using is:unread filter in my Gmail App. But, the filter does come with a bug. Say for example I have 3 unread emails. I click on first one, since technically it is not unread email after opening for less than 1 second, the email is vanished from the filter results and because of that I am unable to read the email. While the thought process of providing the filters is great, the effort behind implementing is not. I hope Google fixes this in future.

Gmail has too many Scammers. Too many FRAUD emails worst then IG bots and FAKE accounts

Why does gmail team insist on changing auto compose setting. Please, when I change a setting, can gmail app keep that setting the way it is regardless of account switching and app updates? I don’t want to have to keep changing auto compose setting to disabled. Looking for new email client.

Bien. Très bien mais où on doit aller pour remettre le Thème blanc

Music. I loved it

What is going on??!. Writing an email in dark make makes the font turn white when sent, notifications not coming up. This app is so lousy

Simple. Love it Easy. And simple to use, never had any problems

as per an advertising company, focus is on selling ads. when you open the app, half the time it opens the promotions and socials tab, rather than the primary tab. there is also an annoying bug, i can't get rid of the notification badge even though i don't have any unread mail. apart from that, it's not a bad app, i mean, it's email, it ain't rocket science.

Push notification wont go away. Often when i finish opening my emails on the Gmail app, the red push notification does not go away. I have to delete the app and reinstall it probably once every other week. Very annoying

Emails. It would be fantastic to be able to delete multiple/ hundreds of emails that are just nonsense! I don’t care about these FB messages

It’s literallly Gmail.. Gmail is da goat it slays obv so 5 star slayyyyyyyyy gmail

lol. ugly

Can’t save photos since last update. On iPhone 13 Pro Max, the app is up to date. Since then, when long press on attached photo inside email, the pop-up is gone and unable to save the photo easily like the system Mail app or last version could do.

Advertisement creep. The new updates now allows spam email to show pictures in your inbox. Advertisement is taking up far too much screen space.

Perfect. This is perfect for high school use

Work. I liked it

In my opinion. So I know this may be like just my personal opinion I love the weather this works for the most part but if you had like a clear all button for unread emails that would be really useful I’m kind of a lazy person and I literally haven’t checked one of my accounts in a year and I have over 100 emails magical through them and delete them one by one so again if you have a clear all button it will be released thank you.

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