No Way Out: And Other Scary Short StoriesMJ Ware

No Way Out: And Other Scary Short Stories

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No Way Out: And Other Scary Short Stories by MJ Ware Book Summary

Includes two free additional short stories.
That's three 'terrorific' short stories for one low price.

No Way out - Mike takes a bet to go inside a haunted house, but will he live long enough to collect?

Also includes:
The Price of Friendship - How much is a best friend worth? Joey finds out the hard way.

Hobgoblin Horror - Jake only volunteered at the retirement home because Shelby works there. So, it's no wonder he's doesn't hear Mr. Fitches' warnings about a local homicidal hobgoblin-too bad for him.

Praise for the Author:
"...master of mid-grade horror, M.J.A. Ware's tales are told in a pleasantly chatty first-person style, the voice convincingly that of a young teen put-upon by sisters, brothers, parents, friends and the rest of the world... until the rest of the world jumps in with scares aplenty." -Sheila Deeth, Author, blogger, and reviewer.
"Writing for (a) younger audience can be tricky, but Michael Ware knows the tricks." - Author, Laura Lund

About the Author:
M.J.A. Ware, known as MJ to his friends, lives in the foothills of the Sierra Mountains with his wife and two daughters. When not writing about aliens, monsters and ghosts, he runs a company where he designs award winning video arcades. He's currently polishing his latest novel, Super Zombie Juice Mega Bomb, about friends who take on an army of the undead, armed with nothing but Super Soakers--filled with zombie killing juice.

No Way Out: And Other Scary Short Stories (MJ Ware) Book Reviews


Sci-fi lover❤Does anyone know where I can get the last book about zombies?.Score: 5/5

Horrible!!Normally I don't write reviews, but I had to for this one! And it's not because it's good. This book sucks👎👎👎👎👎😿🙉. I love scary stories so much but this one wasn't even a drop close to scary. DO NOT READ!!.Score: 1/5

Luv it!!!!OMG I luv this book it isnt really scary that disappointed me. But it is still really good, especially the last story, but it is a cliffhanger. It doesn't really end the story. Great, if u aren't thrilled at first, skip to the last story hobgoblins. It is entertaining.Score: 4/5

No way outIt's not even that scary! It's good but it's more like a corny book that is trying but failing to be scary. It's good though just to read for fun..Score: 3/5

InterestingI finished this book in one day, not as good as I thought, but, it does deserve 4 stars!(:.Score: 4/5

Great but not great cliff hangersPersonally thought this book was a okay…ish.Okayish I didn’t like the cliff hangers and at least somewhat a good ending. But with the broken leg story it didn’t even have a thrill and did not match the title. However I did like the action but agian last story didn’t even end scary like”The guy gets closer and closer at least those cliff hangers. At least the action was good. But the headline is not scary enough. And for a nine year old boy I loved RL stine goosebumps, but[lol t, butt] it wasn’t even a trickled little bit of scary in the stories ☹️😂☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️😶‍🌫️.Score: 1/5

Ugh, no....Poorly written.Score: 1/5

No way outIt was a really good book not to scary. It has a lot of supporting details. Who ever reads it, I hope you think its good..Score: 5/5

AmazingSorta creepy.Score: 4/5

AwesomeThis is the best book ever I luv it so spooky scary and sum cool catchy twists.Score: 5/5

GoodIt was a very good book ide recommend it o anyone age 8-80.Score: 4/5

Not goodIt's not good!!!!.Score: 1/5

BEST SCARY BOOK!!!This is a great book that is written with with lots of details. I recommend this book for anyone..Score: 5/5

AlrightWasn't scary of course.... A liked the first and last story those kept me wondering and guessing what would happen next. The last story Misty had got on my nerves. I didn't understand how they fighting for their life and she concern about clothes. But my kids enjoyed the read, they say it wasn't scary to them, but they kept listening as I read it. Just a alright read....Score: 3/5

Hey Sci-Fi Lover!You can get it when you write Super Zombie Juice Mega Bomb on the search area. I kinda like it but the last one stops at the best part. 😒😒😒 💬.Score: 4/5

😛😛🤣😂🎅🏾.Score: 5/5

No way outThis is a great scary book. I recommend reading this awesome book..Score: 5/5

👍I am a 3rd grader, and I find the book a good read and silly at the end..Score: 5/5

Pretty goodIt was pretty good i just wish there were a couple more short stories.Score: 4/5

No way out and other scary short storiesWhy can't scary story books be separate stories that have different topics.Score: 1/5

Horror storiesIt was a good book, but at times it could be a little slow.Score: 3/5

HATE IT!First of all this is one of the worst books I’ve ever read! It’s NOT scary! My 3 year old little sister wouldn’t even be scared by it. If this book is supposed to be scary, your totally missed the mark. Please learn how to write something scary and interesting or don’t write at all!.Score: 1/5

Not entertaining.They weren't even slightly scary..Score: 1/5

No way outGreat book would read it a thousand times.Score: 5/5

GooGood book.Score: 3/5

InterestingThis was a pretty good morning, in the middle of the day, and night book. I absolutely loved it. It was soft, and mildly- or can I say playfully terrifying. It was good thank you for the read author M.J ware!.Score: 5/5

No way outThe book was great I kinda didn't understand the beginning because it kinda switched topics but I definitely recommend it I might even read it again.Score: 5/5

No Way OutThis book was totally AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! The best part was the last story, about the hobgoblin, it was scary, but cool or gross, something like that. The other scariest parts were the shreik, and when he found the wrist watch, then there was the being home alone, he could of been killed, but we don't know what happened, because the author didn't write what happened to him..Score: 5/5

No way outA girl and a boy go in to a house of no return.They fall and bump on there head ..Score: 5/5

It's OKDon't read this book because it burns u at the end because it stops at the best part!!!!!! :(.Score: 1/5

MehI didn’t like the book a whole lot. The Super Zombie Meja Juice Bomb is a good book..Score: 3/5

I loved itI loved it sooooo much u need to read it.Score: 5/5

The worst book everThis was wanna of the worst books I have ever read in my life to be honest.Score: 5/5

AwesomeI love your stories they are great!!.Score: 5/5

Ehh could do betterIt wasnt really what I was looking for, this book isn't scary, or thrilling. I'd have to say this was as if a kindergartener writer decided to write a "scary" story. I'm not going to read any of her other books. :/ sorry.Score: 1/5

Great Easy Read!!!I read this preview thing to my lil cousin and we both loved it. I gota get the full version cuz so far I'd give it 5 stars. It has alot of action, some humor, and a little drama which we loved. All and all great easy read!!!.Score: 5/5

DdDon't like reading.Score: 1/5

It was goodI enjoyed this book.Score: 5/5

No way outI liked it so much I will read the whole series.Score: 5/5

A chance to dieI love this book it's really good.Score: 5/5

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BookThis book is really good I recommended to all of you a bit spooky overall an excellent book read it ..Score: 5/5

No way outRubbish not worth it.Score: 1/5

Crap!!! 😒😠💩💩💩No scared at all I am 13 yeas old and I have read scarier thing that this!!!! Load o crap💩❕❕❕!!.Score: 1/5

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