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Be together whenever, with our free* all-in-one communication app, complete with unlimited text, voice, video calling and group video chat features. CROSS-APP MESSAGING AND CALLING Connect with your Instagram friends right from Messenger. Simply search for them by name or username to message or call. PRIVACY SETTINGS New privacy settings let you choose who can reach you, and where your messages are delivered. CUSTOM REACTIONS Lost for words? You can customize your reactions, with lots more emojis to choose from. CHAT THEMES Choose from fun themes and colors, like Tie-Dye or Love, to make your chats more personal. WATCH TOGETHER Watch videos, tv shows, and movies with your friends over Messenger Video Chat and Rooms when you can't be together. Capture every moment and reaction in real-time. FREE* VIDEO CALLS TO STAY CONNECTED Keep your friends and family close with unlimited live video chatting.Host group video calls with up to 8 people, with high-quality audio, high definition video, and interactive video features like face filters. UNLIMITED FREE* TEXT & PHONE CALLS Skip exchanging phone numbers and simply send a message to your Facebook friends, even if they’re across the world. Enjoy high-quality voice and text messaging on mobile, tablet, and desktop. TURN OFF THE LIGHTS IN DARK MODE Give your eyes some rest with a sleek new look that darkens the colors of the chat interface. RECORD AND SEND VOICE AND VIDEO MESSAGES When text just won't cut it, just hit record and send. Say, sing, show, or shout it out loud. EXPRESS YOURSELF WITH STICKERS, GIFS, AND EMOJIS Use custom stickers to show your creative side. You can even add effects and filters to video calls. SEND FILES, PHOTOS, AND VIDEOS There’s no limit to the number of files you want to share with your friends. PLAN AND MAKE IT HAPPEN Make plans to get together with polls and more. Suggest a meeting spot or tell friends where you are by sharing your location with just a few taps. SEND AND REQUEST MONEY WITH NO FEES Send and receive money securely and quickly—right in the app. Split payments in group chats to share rent, travel, and other expenses. Start sending money to friends and family by adding your debit card, PayPal account (fees may apply), or prepaid card. Only available in the US. CHAT WITH BUSINESSES Easily connect with your favorite businesses to make reservations, get customer support, find deals and more. COMPATIBLE ACROSS PLATFORMS Chat with friends across an array of devices, like desktop, Portal, and others. Privacy Policy: LEARN MORE about Messenger texting and group video chat at: * Data rates apply Some Messenger features may not be available in your country or region.

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Book Name Messenger
Genre Social Networking
Language English
E-Book Size 112.81 MB

Messenger (Meta Platforms, Inc.) Book Reviews 2023

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Need delivery option.. No delivery option how will we know that the person is active or not?? Always showing the same thing that the message is sent. Please change that.

How to mute a caller’s microphone in a group call. The new version doesn’t allow me to mute someone in a group call which I could do in the old versions.

Download necessary?. So I HAVE to have the app to read messages people send me? Can’t just see them on the website like ALL other platforms, why?

Hacker over. Stopping businesses not good for customers

Notifications. I’m not receiving any notifications when someone messages me. My message tone will go off when I have my sound on but there will be no notification and it will not show I have a message until I open the app directly.

Messages disappeared after update. Did the latest update this morning and only old chats are showing up in app. Please fix

problem with messenger app. please help amd fix my problem remove the old number 5166889675. and put my new number 516 3255200. my name is susie struggie so i could get the code

Thanks for fixing messenger with Amazon. Thanks

Disable that call option and I will use it. If you can give us that option I will use it but I keep deleting it for that reason

Notification team laid off. Must’ve laid off the notification team cuz there’s been a fake news notification in icon for months now

Notifications. I show 6 notifications on Facebook and on the messenger app. When I check, I might only have one message. Every other option shows nothing but when I get out, I still show 6 notifications on Facebook and on the app. I have rebooted my phone but still nothing. I don’t want to delete the app and try to get back on it. Any other suggestions?

Messenger’s New Update. I really don’t like the new messenger now when it doesn’t have that small circle beside the message that can indicate whether or not the person you are chatting with is online or not. This change gives a different level of stress, actually. Is there a way to have choice to retain that old format? Thank you.

I. Bring back the video call photo background please.

DELIVERED. Plz give us the option delivered.

Message won’t send. My messages won’t sent so plz fix it

Language. App switch to another language and no support to switch back to English

Deleting messages. This is the second time I’ve had messenger just randomly delete my conversations. It just deleted all my convos from today to December. Everything between then and now is completely erased.

Covid hysteria anti human. Booooo

Sent and delivered message. I think that the app is good But the property of the message (sent, delivered) is nassesary If you don’t mind

Delete messages. I deleted this app because my friend list was hacked and about 40 messages requesting to click a link. Not going to happen. I was not going to delete 40 messages one at a time.

Let me add friends w/ FB app. I just need the messaging portion. I dont need all features facebook offer. Please let us add friends by just using messenger. I dont need reel on a messenger too. Axe that.

Desde cuando en una app gratis se paga para instalar 🤢🤢. 🤢🤢

Notifications issues. Messenger is not showing notifications on iphone.

Rant. Aye can y’all fix the (couldn’t send) error on messenger how is this suppose to be working design app for the better and stuff keeps gettin worse that’s why I Lee buy more of the other apps

“Page isn’t available right now” when open. Cant use it anymore after I tried to reinstall the app now it always shows error

Latest update is stupid. I dont know who approved such drastic changes to this app, but I don’t like you. It’s impossible for me to find my chats now. There are only five that show up in the chats home and it’s only the most recent ones and most active ones. App has looked basically the same since it came out to do this in 2023 is insane and more than annoying.

Please fix asap!!!!. I have to keep deleting and redownloading the app to see my recent messages!!! Please fix this asap.

Bring Ticks Back. Hey , the tick option for sent and delivered messages was very useful Please bring that option back again❤️

Recent chats missing. After the latest update, some of my recent chats disappear and can only be found my searching the person’s name.

Bugs fixed. This app lately has been getting on my nerves one time I was trying to make a call to my dad it kept saying that he wasint on my contacts on messenger so when he called me I had to keep telling him to hang up because I’m only allow to call him bc when he does it crashes today in the morning I tried calling my friend n it keeps saying “no anwser “ which means that it don’t let me call then my friend tried calling and it wouldn’t work nither the calls don’t go thru this app needs to be fixed

Newest update ate conversation!!!. So the app updated and now I’m missing important conversations! I tried restarting my phone and no luck. Please fix.

Bring back the add video to play on messenger. Sometimes we want to prank our friends on messenger but it’s not there anymore bring back the add videos effect on messenger video call it’s really cool and helpful

My Facebook. Continuously causes issues. I think Facebook should upgrade its security software.

The update is very bad. The update is very bad الصوت بيقطع ومش بيوصل للطرف الاخر ارجو حل المشكله

Broken app. After the most recent update my app keeps telling me that it is unavailable. Has been like this for a few days. Please fix ASAP

Lunch today 3/17/23. I took my niece here today for her Birthday lunch she had never been and it’s been a few months since I’ve been there. I have to tell you that your waiter Brady was the best! He was polite, courteous, funny and just made our lunch so much fun. Hats off to Brady! I also want to complement Taco. Every thing was cooked perfectly and tasted wonderful. Hats off to Taco also!

love is not. Love: iPhone 14 Pro

Scammers. Facebook is full of scammers and fakes that hack people’s Facebook accounts.

Loss of Notifications. I no longer get alert notifications since I did an iOS update around November. I have not changed any settings. All of my notification settings are correct. The only suggestion anyone has offered has been to uninstall and reinstall the app. However, I have messages and chats. I do not want to lose, and no one can confirm that I would not lose them, very disappointing. The feature works just fine on an older model phone that I have not done the iOS updates.

👎🏼. Latest update is trash. Can’t login to messenger, keeps bringing me to login page. Do better Meta.

Chats missing. Chats missing with latest update

What happened?. This last update messed me up. My messages are all in a disarray. I can’t find my current messages unless I do a search for the person. Don’t like this last update

Update. It needs to have a pin think for chats and then the theme if of snap

CANT SASTISFIED.. Chat history lost all previous chats lost. Can’t satisfied. Video length should be unlimited, pictures shouldn’t Blur, PDF Should Support More than 25 MB.

Custom backgrounds. Custom background it not used for messager video call


Messages won’t send. My messenger show sent but not delivered all the time and this is my main source of communication. Please fix this before I delete the app!

Video call background. Why is there no more video call background where you can choose a pic or a video to be in the background anymore?????? I just updated the messenger app today and it’s all gone !!!🤬🤬

Chats disappearing. My app updated today and one time when I went into the app my most recent chats were gone. And when I go into the menu to go to other chats like marketplace or whatever and go back to my normal chats, my recents disappears again. What’s up with this?

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Do do it update !!! Lost chats and calls. After the new update of messenger I lost chats from 4 months!!! Calls empty, everything is gone. Terrible!! If I want to speak someone who was writing to me one day ago I need to search then I’m seeing every new message but if you don’t remember who was writing yesterday or two days ago it doesn’t show you. Something wrong …

Checkmatk. Where is the checkmark? It’s so silly to remove it 😡

Message notification but nothing unread!. All too often there is a notification but no unread messages are there. It’s impossible to find a solution - presumably because there isn’t one available. Sometimes the issue goes away but always comes back at sometime or other.

Inaccurate delivery status. When I send a message to a person who has there device turned off the message is still showing as sent which means delivered now. This is an inaccurate real time issue if a persons device is turned off and I send a message to them, it should not be saying sent it’s very misleading. It should only be saying sent when the device is turned back on . As usual this is just on the IOS version of messenger.

We want deliver sign again in iphone. Give back our delivered sign in messenger on iphone please

Messenger. There’s no delivery ticks anymore! Only says sent. So I don’t know if people are getting my messages. Can you bring the delivery ticks back please… it’s so frustrating.

Sort it out!!. I have dyslexia, so I can’t spell everything that I want to say!! and you keep cutting me short it’s very frustrating!!

iPhone 14 pro max. Cannot send any message on Facebook marketplace since update I’m able to type messages but just white screen nothing gets sent.

Notifications. Notification counter stays after being read very annoying

No delivered sign. No delivered mark, not good at all

Slow & Sluggish. This used to be a good App, in recent weeks however it has become intermittently slow and sluggish when typing messages. There is a long lag between typing a letter and the letter actually appearing. Typing messages is like wading through molasses. Time to find another App I think.

R.I.P. Marketplace messaging. The latest update has completely bricked messaging, for Facebook Marketplace! Nice one, idiots.

bugs. the check mark doesn’t show even after reinstall. plzz fix this

Privacy issues. Can’t unsend messages now not happy

MESSENGER IS DOWN. I am unable to see any new messages from any of my friends

Won’t let me remove story notifications. I don’t care about stupid stories, I’m just trying to message my friends. Let me turn the notifications off! I’ve seen other people’s settings with a toggle that’s called “New stories notification dot” but it’s missing from my app. I’m in the latest app version and iOS.

Messenger. Why oh why do you tell us to update the app, and then when you go on to the quiz planet game, the app sign is blocking the questions. Why can’t you leave things alone! No impressed! 😡

No audio in messenger video chat. Since my iphone updated couple days ago I ca no longer hear audio in video chara and the person im calling can’t hear me. Video goes through but no audio

Needs fixing fast. I have used messenger for a few years without an issue however after the new update whenever I open a community chat and return to the chats tab all my messages and chats have either disappeared or are in a completely different order

help. It doesnt shows deliver icon when I send message fix it please

please tarn on messenger chat head option. Please tarn on messenger chat head option

Buggy. Keep having a 1 notification showing yet haven’t received any messages. Have to go back and forth between messages to remove it, very annoying

Marketplace messages missing. After the latest update my marketplace messages got missing I can’t find them anymore Same problem after latest update . What a joke

Messenger. Why have the circles and ticks now gone after the update? The ones when you know its sent and revieved

Rubbish. Literally hasn’t worked in months

Broken notifications. Endlessly tells me I have a notification for a story that doesn't exist. The option to turn off story notifications doesn't appear in my app, even though it does on my wife's iPhone. Sort it out!

Messenger stopped sending to businesses. Jan 2023: Cannot send to any businesses, or Pages. Error is always the same: Couldn't Send. Sending to normal FB users works. Load of rubbish.

Why has it cleared my chats. I used to love using messenger. I updated it recently and now it has cleared all my chats. I want to know why and how do I get them back. I had very important things in some of those messages so please tell me how do I get them back

N. ফালতু একটা apps, কোনো কাজে আসেনা আমার, সারাদিনেও একটা মেয়ে message দেয়না আর কোনো মেয়েকে message দিলেও সে হয়তো reply দেয়না আর নয়তো ২দিন পর Angel Xadia থেকে কুদ্দুস আলী হয়ে যায়! Very bad apps.😬😬


Removed sent / delivered bubble. Why did they remove that? It's a must for messenger so I can see if that person is receiving my messages. It's so dumb to remove it. Put it back man

Sue Dawkes. I loved messaging on Facebook my old apple has broken so I can’t get on to it and message all my friends I’m so disappointed

Give our deliver message back!. Why did you change deliver to sent?! It is absolutely terrible,, please give our deliver back!. How it was before.

Why change what's not broken. Why oh why have you taken away the received and seen message and replaced it with sent, made a good app into a bad app in a update. Please please change it back

😩. I Couldn’t send my Text anyone Whyyyy😡

Great app. Great app uses it everyday great video calling and you can share your screen with your friends One bad thing there is a bug it keep saying i got a message and nothing is there it been like for about 2 months now it a pain

Problem. My messenger doesn’t work what I do now??

Bring back delivered and sent. The tickboxes are really useful for people

Change speed to voice messages. Dear Devs can you please add feature to voice messages so they can be sped up 1.5x times or even more. Please!!

Message received gone. Why or who changed it to message sent, it’s totally destroyed the app I have no idea if they have received the app or my internet or messenger isn’t working, all it now says is sent which is useless, please change this back, it’s gone from being a brilliant app to absolute rubbish with this change.

Not sure now. Love the app but the new update I’m not so keen on!!! Definitely prefer to know if my message has been received as such

Removed delivered checkmark. They’ve removed the delivered checkmark and only says sent now. Have no idea if the message has been delivered to the recipient until they read it. Please revert !!

App created personal problems. Over the years it caused trouble and horror between people we care about while “pretending” to “connect” “people”. Horrific app Roman horse free with personal trouble. I hate this ai-app! It’s the worst when I realise its effect on the long term. I’ve been waiting 6 years with this and other ai-app, it didn’t find me any new people to be friends with, instead kept giving ai-situations of horror and chronic distress and depression to deal with, with no way to contact the police to report its such strange behaviour. Earlier it was different where we kept thinking if this app doesn’t work it’s the end of this app.

Not showing. Ok now all the messages I send to anyone on the facebook messenger app don’t show as delivered or read, and no I’m not being blocked by the whole world!!! Can you please help me

🤦🏻‍♂️. Is this a joke or what?! Even after reply still the badge on...

Stop notifying for stories. Getting a notification when you don’t have any new messages is really annoying. It seems to be related to stories so I have to navigate to stories maybe 5-10 times a day to remove the notification against the app - I don’t care for Facebook stories and if I did, I’d just view from the main app

Black messenger. When I message people on Facebook marketplace the message screen is always blank and I write the messsge and press send but person never receives it. Only just started happening in last day!

Why am I forced to have this as a separate app.. What’s the point? It’s only people on Facebook I will ever contact through this. Meta already have WhatsApp. It’s awful that I am bumped out of FB to messenger whenever I am using it and incredibly annoying when using it for marketplace.

Crap. Why is it saying sent and not delivered anymore? Why have all my recent chats disappeared? Only market place messages showing and messages from years ago 🥴 Why do I get the silly notification that I’ve got a message, when infact I haven’t? All changed when I updated the app yesterday! Sort it out!

Crashing. The app continues to disable itself & I can’t reinstall it from App Store. Annoying asf!

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Every update makes app worse. Every new update makes this app more unusable. Definitely shouldn’t be able to keep using messenger without a fb if you aren’t going to be able to change setting from the messenger app or log out of your account through the app.

Sole; Your Majesty. Fb is a mind numbing, tiresome & mundane platform that bores me to tears, literally. I will take this opportunity to appeal to my friends, followers etc. in the hope that they ditch this godforsaken platform. I hope you all get syphilis. Fb, not friends.

Messenger. The app automatically logged me off on both of my devices (phone and laptop) and when I tried getting back, it wouldn’t allow me to log back in to my messenger account and it would only let me log in for atleast 5 seconds and then would log me off again. I need my messenger back as most of my work informations are in our Group chat 😭

Report messenger. It was too bad for me in 11 years of using it. All my messenger yesterday is disappear. And you know they're all important to me.

Plz fix. Usually messenger is fine but the past few days all of a sudden randomly it will say nobody is online next sec it will say there’s like 20 people online. So it must be stuffing up. Please fix!!

Unread message showing when there’s not.. This has been driving me nuts forever. Despite going through and checking “seen” on every message, the unread symbol remains. Tried logging onto the website instead of app but that doesn’t work for me. Always have to end up deleting messenger app and reloading. Grrrr.

Messenger. Not a fan at all - my messenger app has gone and won’t down load it now sits in my FB - so I am missing messages - unless I go into my fb and click on the messenger icon I am not seeing any notifications - how do fix it and make it back how it was ?

Review. Update has caused Messenger servers to act up !!!!

Let’s be real... The only reason we use this trash is because not enough people can be bothered to migrate to Whatsapp, and nothing comes close to OG MSN messenger.

Cringe. It gives me testicular cancer

insta, calls, messaging. remove instagram connection to messenger their two seperate apps. remove call feature if people are blocked or have you blocked. unsend messages for everyone add that option back. when you message someone to buy something or whatever or contact someone don't leave their name under people it should disappear unless your friends with them and recently contacted them that's all

Messages disappeared. It disappoints me when updates happen time to time I lose my messages.

Crappy app crashed. App crashed (and crapped). Uninstalled and tried to reinstall. But why am I required to verify and provide payment details for a FREE app?!!

Haven’t been able to login for 4 days now!. Keep getting an error for both Facebook and messenger. “ unable to login… an unexpected error occurred. Please try logging in again “ Have deleted the app and changed password no luck. I get the same message on a desktop computer as well. Can’t contact Facebook regarding the issue as you need to login to get support!

Typical !!!!!. So yay lets just cater to all of the people with money to throw away on new hardware n devices. Let's forget about the people who will use a gen 1 iPad mini until it is dead and buried and not support and update for that iPad so those people can lose contact with their loved ones unless they purchase newer device😡😡😡😡😡

Libya. Messenger, when I open an application, it says this to me, and it has not opened for several days. The page is not available now. This may be due to a technical error that we are working to fix. Try to reload this page, please answer

Current app issue. Love the app usually but since the current update I am getting 0 notifications, my phone isn’t even calling when someone rings me on messenger. Starting to become agitating

Bug. There is a bug where the video sent is seen with extremely high brightness. Fix it plz

Useless. Utterly useless app that doesn’t work well, if it does work

Msg. Hello messenger we could not sent msg no any one what happend

To many updates. Everytime I try to use this App it needs another update. Makes it very unusable

Raymond keeley. I don’t like messenger any more cause it’s screwing up my messages because it won’t let me send anything to my friends

The app. Messenger always needs updating everyday for me I don’t know what’s going on

Messages not showing. I’m not sure if this is with the most recent update, but I’m missing months worth of messages. At first it was only missing one month, then 3 months, and now 7 months. This is a massive issue! I hope it gets fixed soon!

Hate this app. Girls don’t even reply this is a waste of storage

Update broke login in. Can’t log in anymore, sends me back to the login over and over

No app support. Due to my work my main way of staying in touch with family and friends is via sending voice messages. Recently all my messages starting showing 0.00 minutes, no matter how long they are. And now I can’t play any messsges I’ve sent or received. I’ve constantly tried contacting support and all I hear back is ‘thanks for the feedback’ it’s not feedback, I need help! I’ve deleted and reinstalled the app numerous times etc.. nothing works.

Hacking problems. I love this app but whenever I use it my account gets hacked please Meta fix this problem

‘Message couldn’t send’. Every second message I’m sending responds with the above error message. Please resolve.

Bug. Why does it leave a message icon on Facebook app after looking at all messages

Unsent message still not working. Unsent message for me and everyone is still not working

Asking for my payment details. I’m trying to download this app and is asking for my iPhone verification password, then requesting my payment information. I added a card I don’t use and it tried to take money from it. It also tried taking $45.96 from my other card at the same time. I received the notification of the attempt while I was trying to download this app again. I tried downloading other apps and the only other apps that requested the same information was WhatsApp and Instagram. All other apps I tried just required my Face ID to download. Is it no longer free to download this app?

Check mark icons disappeared. Since the last update I can no longer see the circle tick icons next to a sent message. They have been removed and now all I see are the words sent or read under the message. No icons at all.

Cant log in. Its not letting me log in

u. 好用

Glitchy. Seems old chats are not displaying in my chat feed

Reminders and Polls. Please bring back the poll function and the reminder function for group chats and individual chats. They were extremely helpful for organising stuff with people

Permanent unread message. Works ok majority of t the time, However I seem to randomly get an unread message, indicated by a small number next to the app icon. Seems there’s no easy way to filter to unread chats. 🤷‍♂️

Old message glitch. Any messages before January have disappeared, then messages from 2018 appear??

please. bring back words with friends please omg please

Features don’t work correctly. Fix the message unsent ect.

Still Fails to remove notification badge. …when the message is read on another device. Very annoying and frustrating. The only solution is to turn off notifications.

Unread notification impossible to delete. I have had single red dot notification for weeks now. It says it is a marketplace message, but nothing is unread. I have deleted and reinstalled the app. It will not go away. Please fix the bug.

Always shows one unread message. Always tells one unread message but when I open and look there are none. Pls fix it.

Messenger calls are insanely quiet, on speaker phone.. Messenger calls are insanely quiet, on speaker phone. Please fix this

Please add edit function!. Messenger is generally good though I wonder how good the security is. However, Messenger App development team, it’s about time you added an ‘edit’ button so we can edit messages sent please.

Buggy. Badge counter doesn’t clear on reading messages

Not good for my mental health.. I categorically hate the ‘seen’, ‘typing bubble’, and ‘react’ features. As someone trying to deal with a lot of social anxiety and stress as a result of serious mental illness, one that also causes issues with communication, these features create unnecessary stress. Constantly wondering if everyone hates me because they reacted to someone else’s comment or photo but not mine. Knowing they’re probably watching me type and type as I try to find the right words only to reply with a short sentence. Knowing they know I’ve seen their message but haven’t replied yet. I’m aware all of this is irrational, but that’s mental illness, baby. Awareness is only the first step and I’m trying so very hard to heal myself, and functions like these don’t help. They need to be optional, I can’t use this app anymore with them present.

Can’t receive photos. Not able to receive attachments or photos from contacts anymore. Have updated my phone and turned everything off and on again, still an issue!

one's idea. why you deleted unsend for everyone omg we need it :(( plsss

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Can’t sign in. Just updated the app and can’t sign in anymore. “Unable to log in an unexpected error occurred. Please try logging in again.”

Delivered Chat Status. Bring back the delivered status when sending chats. There is a big difference between Sent and Delivered messages and it’s missing the main point of sending a message without the Delivered status.

Can’t turn off notifications for stories. I don’t care about stories at all, I use this app to message people, hence the name messenger. Can this please be fixed ?! Feel like I got an important message and it’s just a story about something I couldn’t care less about.

Not end to end encrypted. Still don’t understand why people use this garbage app. You’re chats are completely unsecured and Facebook can access all the media and information you share. Use WhatsApp or signal instead

Badge error. The badge for a new message won’t clear even when I have no messages. Seems to be a market place issue.

I can’t use my messenger at all. It just says unable to complete action for everything I do

can we have a real-time char counter?. been writing in this more and more. but the character limit. Is annoying. Huge. Hate running out of paper. As it were. message too long. that is a nice touch. but. scares me. every. single. time. arg. .. and. fix the formatting of your features blurb in here. very amateurish. everyone that works there must be blind. dirty carbohydrates are the issue there. all carbs. ruin your eyeballs. known. 7,000 years ago. embarrassing for such a high profile company. hire a proofer. I have been one since 1988. it ain’t expensive to hire someone who can actually read. is it?! no. it ain’t. spend the extra nickel. TIA.


Notification bugs. Marketplace notification WON’T GO AWAY. Make it go away. So fed up of this glitch. It’s been years.

Ghost Notification. Please fix the problem where it says I have a notification but when I open the app I do not!!!

Notification fix. I updated to newest version and I can’t get the notification number to stop showing even though I don’t have any new messages

Messages deleting. All my messages are gone. My most current messages are from 2008. Everyday more get deleted. I am trying to find a contact from last month and it’s no longer there.

Every update makes it worse. When I switch between accounts it take 3 hours for the messages to load

Buggy. Cannot send message into some group chats. How can you release something this buggy into PROD? This should have never left STAGING environment. Meta, you need to fix your SDLC especially testing process. This is not acceptable for a billion dollar company.

Missing Messenger. Please install back my Messenger. Thank you. Agnes Tomare

meta Data developer. help with my messamger app as i have contacts who enabled configuration profiles in my iphone and apple id

Fix this!. For some reason, the app has started only showing the last 15-20 chats I have been in, all other ones disappear until about a year or two ago. I uninstall and reinstall the app to fix this issue, but it inevitably does it again a day or two later, making me delete and reinstall it again! Fix this, please!

Messanger. Why do i need to pay for messenger now ??

Poor performance. Messenger has been going down hill for a while now. I don’t even go against community guidelines & they ban me for no reason lol. Im over it. It was my main form of communication, not anymore.

Translation Not Working. Just updated to Latest and translation no longer works, not clickable when browsing user’s profile. Please fix.

Terrible update. Please fix the update all my oldest chats became my newest chats FIX IT

Anotha One. Another useless update Why was it so necessary ?

Olivier. Problème avec les notifications Icônes de nouvelles notifications ne fonctionne plus svp corriger ce problème merci Problem with notifications Icons of new notifications no longer works please correct this problem thank you

Suggestion. Developers are you able to add an event calendar to Facebook messenger to see birthdays and other event.

Suspicious. I somehow got banned from Messenger for 1 day and have no idea how. I haven’t said anything offensive, not a single fight or argument,,, nothing but normal everyday chats. Only thing I have done in the last couple days is change many privacy settings on my Facebook account which no longer allows Facebook to use so much of my private information to sell to 3rd parties… seems suspicious.


VC cancel button. I wonder how often do you guys accidentally end the calls because of the X button placement when we locked our phones and when we put it in our pockets. Lol. I hope you’ll do something about this.

👎🏼. When will the app be fixed to stop telling me I have a notification I don’t have? Permanently tells me I have 1 notification, and then when someone actually messages me it then says I have 3 or 4 but there’s really only 1 and the notification will not go away. Really sick of this problem and thinking that with each update it would actually get fixed

Bug?. Not sure if this is a bug or glitch or what. But whenever I send Facebook reels to someone on messenger, it continues to send the same video multiple times after I’m done. Please fix this so I can stop annoying my friends.

Stickers and Avatars. Why is it that this last update has removed my Avatar stickers. And every time you do an update that it removes all my downloaded sticker packs. This is such garbage.

Great app but….. It’s a great app but every time I try to send a photo it says, “allow access to camera” which I did already. The first time I got the app it let me send photos no problem. But then I recently went to go text my sister to send a photo and it won’t let me. Idk if it’s just a glitch

Infinite login loop 26 February 2023. The title says it.

App not working. After the new update today, i can’t access my messenger app. Keeps on asking to put my password

WoW. Wow

Evaluation. Apres la mise à jour plus rien fonctionne 🤬😡!!!

Dictature technologique. On ne peut plus de passer de votre technologie. Puisque vous avez un contrôle presque total sur nos téléphones, pourquoi ne faites-vous pas les mises à jour? C’est LONG et fastidieux! Je perds tellement de temps à installer vos affaires BENEVOLEMENT! Je ne suis pas payée! Et combien de fois vos mises à jour ne répondent à aucune demande de vos “clients”? Pourquoi compliquez-vous tellement l’utilisation d’outils qui devraient être simples et conviviaux? Pourquoi créez vous des besoins qui n’existent pas??? Pourquoi est-ce si fréquent? Pensez-vous qu’on n’a rien d’autre à faire dans nos vies? Perdre du temps??? Bon…. J’écris tout ça pendant que mon téléphone souffre en téléchargeant une mise à jour que vous m’imposez… Quel drôle de monde… c’est de la dictature technologique. Certaine que vous êtes darwinien: qui ne s’adapte pas meurt!

End to end chat. Facebook chat was good till the end to end encryption and I lost all my chat and it’s stuck on it on one message and won’t come off

report dont do anything. i reported some nudes photo in my messenger by someone but messenger dont do anything about iy

Messenger sucks. Use my phone number and messenger says it’s not correct. I’ve had the same number for FORTY SEVEN YEARS! STOP TRYING TO TELL ME IT’S INCORRECT!

Vote polls cannot be deleted. PLEASE make the vote poll feature deletable. It can be very confusing when one is accidentally added. There is currently no way to remove a poll.

Notification errors. So frustrated with this app as it frequently tells me I have unread marketplace messages, which I don’t. The only way to remove the notification is to uninstall and reinstall

Product Feature Suggestion: Please Update Application (see below). Hello, Please update the app so that I can select multiple messages and also so I can select all my messages. Please add the ability to 1) select multiple messages AND 2) select ALL messages . Then and only then will I will rate it five out of five stars. Thank you, Nabil Bennett

Calls. Group calls are lagging and people can click buttons and see people in groups ect just a wack of glitching and camera and audio issues

Old Update Was Better Than Now update... Old Update when I'm sent a message im understand than other friend he is ignore my massage! But now I can't understand.. because his active status off.. & when I'm sent a message.. just sent..

Lien messenger de facebook ne fonctionne pas. Lorsque je suis sur facebook et clique sur envoyer un messenger, cela me renvoie à mon messenger mais pas de lien direct à la cie avec laquelle je veux communiquer Étrange

It’s glitching a lot. It is making it so I can’t talk to my besties on the face time

Messages disappearing. Private messages are disappearing but group chats arent

Deleting messages in bulk. It is very annoying that this app does not have the function to delete multiple chats all at once!!! Need this feature.

Notification won’t go away. It takes forever for the red notification dot to go away. I have ZERO OTHER MSGS. I have to open and close my last message received and the app several times before the notification dot goes away. I can see other people have recently had this issue. I even uninstalled the app and reinstalled it several times. Please fix this issue. Thanks!

Can’t create my avatar. It’s really frustrating not to be able to create an avatar… i know it’s not a big deal but it’s à things that is really bad…

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