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Download the new Google Chrome for your iPhone and iPad. Now more simple, secure and faster than ever. Get the best of Google Search, and easily sync your bookmarks and passwords with Chrome on your laptop. Download the fast, secure browser recommended by Google. NEW - You can now set Chrome as your default browser. Follow the in-app prompt or go to Settings > Google Chrome to set Chrome as default. All web links will automatically open in Chrome. • SEARCH WITH GOOGLE - Chrome is the browser with Google built in. Search and get answers on Google fast. • BROWSE FAST - Choose from personalized search results that instantly appear as you type and quickly browse previously-visited websites. • SEARCH FROM YOUR HOME SCREEN - Access Chrome from your iOS home screen with the new widget. • SYNC YOUR CHROME - When you sign into Chrome, your bookmarks, saved passwords, and settings will be automatically synced so you can access all your information from your phone, tablet, or laptop. • STORE PASSWORDS & PAYMENT METHODS - Chrome can save your passwords and payment information, and automatically fill them into forms when you need them. • VOICE SEARCH - Use Google voice search to get answers without typing. • MANAGE TABS EASILY - See all your tabs in a single view and easily organize them into groups. • ARTICLES FOR YOU - Chrome surfaces articles, blogs, and content that we think you might like. The more you use Chrome, the more personalized it gets. You’ll always have what’s most relevant to you at your fingertips. • GOOGLE TRANSLATE - Chrome lets you translate an entire site in a single click with Google Translate built in. • INCOGNITO MODE - Use Incognito mode to browse without saving your history (learn more at • SAVE YOUR SITES - Save pages for later with bookmarks in Chrome.

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Book Name Google Chrome
Genre Utilities
Language English
E-Book Size 153.86 MB

Google Chrome (Google LLC) Book Reviews 2023

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Still no dark mode. It’s been years since dark mode came out for devices. Get it together Google! Safari has dark mode. You need this across all versions.

Almost non-responsive to screen touches. The only reason I installed Chrome is because there is a website, that is important to me, which requires it. Compared to two other browser apps I have on this iPad, this app is horrible! It takes multiple touches to links to respond, if it responds at all! (Including the site that requires it.) For other sites I’ve often got frustrated, closed Chrome, and had much better performance on the other browsers.

PROBLEMAS CON MI CUENTA. Porque cuando bajo google o otra cuenta de google aparece el nombre de mi esposo con mi email cual es el problema yo compro todo en mi teléfono en la A y cuando bajo algo de google ask Ian el nombre de mi esposo con mi email ayuden me gracias

Keeps asking me to sign in. Even though I went into the settings and said “don’t ask to sign in” it keeps asking me, keep it up and I’ll uninstall and use a different default browser. It makes me question ALL the privacy settings. after all, if this setting has no effect on the functional behavior of the application, what would make me believe the other privacy and “do not track” settings work.

It’s OK. It’s not the best app I’ve ever had for searching it doesn’t have good privacy politician, but it is OK if you don’t have Safari, then you should probably get this

Quintessential. Easy does it year MÁS


Uuuugh. It will not let me get it so I am mad

Please add tab groups. Plse.. Please add tab groups. Plse.

Wow. Wow I’m sick and tired of yall messin up my google translate imma call coprate

Fire the person in charge of tabs. way too easy to accidentally delete all your tabs when you’re moving tabs around on ipad. if you hold down on a tab just long enough, it makes a new window in splitscreen mode that deletes every tab you have open once you close the app. the history tab then doesn’t display what you had open accurately, so you just lose everything. braindead design

TERRIBLE APP DONT BUY. I was scrolling on the App Store for a browser, and I found Chrome. I had heard a lot about it, so I was intrigued. I downloaded the app, and I was using the search engine for a while, about two months, and nothing went wrong. But one day a package showed up at my door, it didn’t have any addresses except mine, and so I didn’t want to open it. I decided to leave it on my porch. One day, it was still sitting there, and so I decided to throw it away. In a few weeks another package had arrived with no name, I though it might be just something wrong with Amazon, and it would print certain things, because I had bought a few packages. I eventually opened the package to find a very small device (like the size of a phone camera) and I though it was weird so threw the package away again. For a while nothing weird happened, but while I was looking at settings, I saw that location services were on for Chrome, and I didn’t understand how that could happen. I noticed that sometimes when I was on chrome it would show the green dot to indicate that an app or call was recording something, and so I just decided to delete Chrome. Sometimes I still get packages sent to my house, but now they don’t even have any address at all on them, I’m starting to get freaked out, I throw away all the packages I’ve gotten, but they still keep coming to my house, ever since I downloaded Chrome. It could be something else, but I’m convinced that chrome has been watching me, or someone behind it. I don’t know what to do. BUT DONT DOWNLOAD THIS APP!

Good app. Hi, this is Nik, listen can you do a bug fix on the app please. The app display is way out of view and everything is so small it’s hard for me to hit the right icon.

Holding on arrows. The old set up for holding on the arrows worked better and wasn’t as bulky

Lance Coots. Lance is the best. He not only checked inside for our pests but made sure our outside pods were in good shape. Additionally when our dog got loose, he went and helped us out! Thank you, Lance!

We need camera search. Were's camera search ?

Needs to delete inappropriate posts and comments. Needs to delete these wierd post because there are naked girls getting sucking private parts and getting the butholes fricked up and also there’s girls bouncing on guys privates to so I recemond that you make it so they can’t post that kind of stuff because everybody comments on it I love watching this and keeps watching it and the girls are happy about posting it so please delete that please please please I’m begging you

Auto play. Let us disable auto play for videos. It is so frustrating to have to keep closing the annoying pop up video on web sites. This just started happening recently. It’s making me want to switch to a different browser. At least give us the option to turn this garbage off

Was quality app for years- now just spam. This was a quality app that prioritized accessibility to Googles search bar for years. It has recently prioritized crummy spam articles and click bait over the primary function for this app. I don’t find the latest changes and the frequent notifications helpful in the slightest. This app should go back to its roots of providing quick search results with quality navigation.

i love to cheat. thank you for helping me finish school❤️

Search inside image. If your a programmer for this app I am begging and pleading with you to do something about “search inside image” on IPhone. Every time I click on an image a banner appears , every, single, time. Search inside image. Search inside image. I have spent hours to days looking for some way to shut it off. I have a hyper active brain and every time that flashes it I have to wait for it to disappear to view and enjoy the image. Click on the next one same thing. I sadly have started looking for other apps which is to bad because I like Chrome. Please look into your heart and give us an option to shut this off. For now I will be using something different. I will check back from time to time, but if this is something google thinks can give them an extra penny or two then I am not holding my breath. Please do the right thing.

annoying read first before you download this goddang app. i hate this app dont recommend. it deletes all your tabs and the annoying part is that you have to scroll back to ur history to get all the stuff you like. plus I LOST EVERYTHING. AND GUESS WHAT THERES NOTHIN GOOD. NO REFIX BUTTON NO PUT ALL UR RECENT AND OLD TABS BACK JUST GONE. im so frustrated

Goood. It bus bus bus good

Still not the same as PC or Mac. One of the main purposes of Google Chrome was to create a common interface to browse regardless of the platform: PC, Mac, tablets, or smart phones. Websites regularly say that the browser is not an up-to-date version of Google Chrome. I have difficulties with SSO and logging on to various secure websites on my iPad Pro.

Shady. This is making my phone burn up a lot of heat and battery life.

Awesome. W Comments are wrong great search engine in ove with it

Why is Google a dev app??. Google LLC - they are too too big to be a limited liability company -right!

Crome. It’s not letting me download it but over that it is good

Amazing. Amazing

Why CHANGE things that are not BROKEN. For years, and years, and years, and years, and years, when you long press the back button so that you can review tab history or go back to previous pages, the order of the pages were presented with the MOST RECENT at the TOP, going down to the the EARLIEST at the BOTTOM. I am wondering WHY it is that this was UNNECESSARY changed WHEN IT WASN'T BROKEN? It makes ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE to me for your developers to WASTE TIME fixing things that *are not broken* when there are PLENTY of other problems for you to worry about? At this point, I might as well move on to Brave Browser that actually *does this* while also not being massively bloated spyware

I’m using it on my iPad and it’s glitchy!. The websites I can normally see on other browsers are just blank!

News feed. I can no longer get rid of certain news sources. All the ones I didn’t want to read are back so now I’m going to a different company

Garbage. All ways Garbage.


It's very gud. It's gud and excellent keep developing!

Bad. Even though I have enough storage it won't let me download it otherwise it wold have 5 stars

Pages wont show. Half of the websites I visit are loaded as white screens, showing no content at all. Refresh does nothing and it shows no explanation as to why.

Not very user friendly. I didn’t get the results I wanted immediately, which is fine because sometimes that happens. But when I go to scroll all the way to the bottom of the page, it gives me suggestions with GIANT widgets, why can’t this work like literally any other browser. I like the tabs a lot so that part of the app is actually really nice but I feel like it should work like a regular webpage when you look something up. I would like to be able to go to the next page instead of infinite scrolling because it’s quite annoying and tedious to keep tapping the “show more results” button without scrolling past it into something I don’t want. In short: As someone who uses always chrome on desktop I would love to be able to use this app without the BIG suggestion widgets at the bottom and to go to another page. Or at least be able to toggle these off. - A regular Chrome user

NHAP. Never Had A Problem

Mobile Bookmarks not syncing to Computer. Turned off sync on iPhone and Computer. Signed out of browser on both. Signed into browser on both. Turned on sync on both. Problem unresolved. Is there a Bookmarks refresh/resync function?

Don’t use this to make videos. If you use this to make videos this will not work it keeps asking you to download google Crome when you Already have it

It’s past time to replace google. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a how-to video, adult content, whatever you’re trying to find, google no longer gives results accurate to what you typed in the search bar. Instead they just further push advertisements while only searching for one or two seemingly randomly selected words from what’s typed on the search bar. Google needs to be shut down, and all current employees need to be blacklisted from ever working in technology and information ever again!

Update ruined it. The updated Chrome today and now watching videos on Chrome acts like it’s on a computer and completely ruins the mobile experience. All mobile controls are gone like drag to skip through video

Is there any recourse for those who have unauthorized users hacking their Google accounts?. I have a very complex unauthorized access issue I am unable to resolve due to the complete inability to actually speak to a live human being with any clout or clue at Google, Apple, or Microsoft. With copious amounts of “proof” yet no one to view it, I am at a loss as to what to do.

It won’t work. Chrome does not work it will not let me search up anything even with great internet and it always crashes

absolutely annoying update. Normally, I love this browser but this is driving me crazy. Every time I try to look up anything on Google and then I go to click on that entry on Google, it no longer lets me see what the item is and it says that there is an issue and to check my Internet. Thank you but my Internet is just fine. Fix this issue!

Not good, security issues.. Google has some issues, I just bought a new phone and downloaded the Google app. It automatically defaulted me into someone else’s account. Not sure how this happened. There is no option to sign the person out, I have access to all their passwords and information. Now someone else’s account it exposed and I have an new iPhone and I’m without access to any of my apps. I tried to call Google support and the automated voice literally told me to have a good day and the call ended. I’ve emailed and no response. This is not cool.. I hope other peoples accounts are not easily accessible or shared like this. Losing trust with Google security.

Latest update broke autofill. Can't autofill logins anymore. Just updated today

Can’t download multiple pictures from Drive to phone. They make this so complicated. I have to go one by one just to download a picture. Can’t download multiple pictures at once because it gives you no option at all. They need to be better if they want to to keep using this.

Dark Mode is the best. Great job on Chrome !

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Constantly shutting itself down. As a person who always searches on chrome for the past month i every time I have searched something up one week later or the next day all the tabs I have gone in an instant leaving me to redo all 650 tabs again and each tab is slow loading

Alright. Good for news but sometimes it’s a scam on wedsites and it says you iPhone has been hacked or summet so by bestie queenss 💋💋💋💋💋

Fake fake. This app hiding under google search engine when you directly go on the app it self ! You automatically being submitted to a official side of google .com and chrome is disappearing so where is actual chrome ? And u collect my data ? How very there are you ! With out any consolation! Or warning for that matter ? Am sure you would feel nice if I would sadenly start fallowing you and and attacking you on the web ! So I am kindly asking please take what ever this is away and live me alone I am just normal human wanna to piece of mind . Thank you

Need an easier way to change backgrounds will not let me to do it. My iPad will not let me change my backgrounds

Laggy and slow. Searching for anything, on Wi-Fi or 5G, it freezes and when eventually it unfreezes it’s painfully slow. Updated firmware, updated the app, checked all the settings and nothing works. Disappointed- I’d understand if it was a little start up- but Google- THE name in search engines. I can see why it’s called Chrome now, it’s a long way below Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze. In fact I’d suggest that if it doesn’t improve, change the name to Tin Foil. Looks like a switch back to safari.

Annoying, slow and gg gets aaaaall your info. Switching to edge for good this time!

Terrible search engine. No matter how specific you search it never comes up with your request. dont use google its crap. try something else

Overall nice app. Overall nice app but annoying that can't move address bar to the bottom.

Crashing. Recently keeps shutting down. Page reopens and says page wasn’t shut down correctly.

Buggy. On latest update it removed all my open tabs and deleted my tab history. On Googling this it seems like this is a common bug that has been around a few years. Not sure why Google isn’t bothering to fix things like this.

Вкладки. Закрываются все вкладки переодически сами по себе, ужасно раздражает, удаляю это приложение

Blue dot is wrong. Hi Google, Since the last few days Google Calendar app on my iPhone shows the blue dot of “today” one day behind the actual date. It’s Wednesday 8th Feb today and your blue dot is on Tuesday 6th.

Bruh this is the best. Do

okay. I use chrome to go on YouTube ,it might just be my mobile that’s RUBBISH, but 🍑 it wouldn’t let me search whatever I want to search and it’s bugging me out!! It might fix in the past next days but this error is SUPER ANNOYING 😭💀 Bye ✌️

So annoying. Every time I open Chrome, it opens new tab! It's so frustrating, can't find how to turn this unwanted stupid feature off. Why not implement some try out option for new experimental feature?! You enforcing your wanted behaviour to other who don't want it and do want to have they freedom of choice!

Amazing app recommend ir. I LOVE THIS APP TY

iPad. Removing the ability to right click for most things, you can only look up now which impacts usability massively

This is awful. It's slow and freezes the whole time. I switched from Edge because of that browser's insane memory usage, but it did at least function. Don't make me use Safari. Please.

Lift the age. I think that the age limit should be 12+ because what’s the point of it being 17+?

Slow. I’ve had Chrome as my default, but it’s become so slow I’ve had to change it.

SECOND update destroyed entire app AGAIN. Well Google has once again destroyed Chromes ability to work for no good reason. Totally un- useable now. Wont even open. Just starts and immediately crashes returning to home screen. Occasionally get the dinosaur “oh something happened” screen but when you click send error report even that crashes and does nothing. I have deleted it, re-installed it, returned to last working condition backup, nothing- NOTHING makes this app work any more on three separate ipad devices. Minutes after updating. So for the SECOND time in 3 months I lost ALL my favourites, my shortcuts,my browsing history, my user name and password details all because Google wont check it’s work before releasing an apple device update. ( and google by the way this has the opposite effect. I WONT buy a google device to use it whilst you cant maintain a single app)

Update. I am not updating this as in the app says it doesn’t need updating but in the corner of browser is still saying i need to update it……..

Good. Best thing everrrre soooooo goooooddddd

DONT LISEN TO THE HATERS. Sooooooooooooooooooo sooo so good amazing it’s epic

Google gravity is better. Legit it is such blabber nothing about etymology and herpetology just rubbish false information google gravity is wayyyyyyy better. IMPROVE IT IS ABSOLUTELY RUBISH🤬

Bad 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮. Google be da worst

Don’t really see the point. You don’t need to download the app just search up Google on safari and click on it but it’s still good

It was horrid. Horrid

Clunky loading… now fixed. Update noticed today that latest version uploaded seems to improve this issue and upgraded to 4 star. Thanks so much. I use chrome to save all my passwords, but find this app is a little clunky and jumpy loading websites compared to the safari and Firefox apps. I am web developer and all sites work great on chrome desktop and all other browsers and apps and this is very clunky in comparison and not smooth. Sometimes it is and most of time not and not great for browsing. I’m sure it used to be better before.

good app!. if installs faster💀

RACIST COMPANY. this is the worst for racism

Awesome. Very good

Majidabdalla. My accounts got used I need updates

Me. I think it could be better :)

It’s good but why 17+?. I have nothing to say just change the fact that it’s 17+

Gone downhill. Used to use chrome for everything but now I can’t open links in new tabs and bookmarks are very difficult to get to. So many other browsers that allow this.

CSS transitions are janky. Huge issue with this app that ruins most websites - after switching tabs a few times CSS transitions on websites are broken. Super janky, crap UI. Makes safari preferable on iOS.

It’s is amazing I can do anything. It’s is the best infinite out of 10

Auto mobile browser everytime you use& it opens apps. I love Chrome but on my iPad Pro it’s always opening on mobile web settings, and there’s no permanent switch so you constantly have to faff. I didn’t spend a grand on a tablet to use web services a Nokia can run. Worse still it opens apps on your device, you’ll search eBay an the app opens

This is stupid. Bc it keeps asking for Extentions but it U CANNOT DO IT

Amazing,but internet is annoying. It is annoying because when ever I type up something new it says the WiFi is disconnected but when I check the WiFi it is connected

the phone that you made is terrible and still don’t like your adds. |===========>

Back button not working. IPhone 12 Mini iOS 16.2. Please fix

Chrome freezes for 10 seconds. Every single time I try to search something on chrome it’ll freeze for about 10 seconds then it’ll let me search

Hello. I am 8 my son loves this btw he’s 2

Overheating. My 12 pro max has been melted down with ios 16.2 specially when using Chrome

It’s good. It’s better than most other browsers and it’s definitely not worse

slow and rubbish. this freezes non stop and is the slowest app in the world- sort it out

Ok but annoying. Yes it’s handy that it syncs your browsing history, passwords and bookmarks etc with your home computer. I just can’t get my head around why on earth the app opens a new window every time you open the app. It’s idiotic! Sometimes I end up with 30 tabs open at once!! It’s also annoying that you can’t move the search bar down to the bottom of the screen. I’m only using it to keep continuity between my computer and phone, just needs someone sensible to have a look at it.

they are racist. I’m so sad I’m black and they don’t respect me

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It’s Good-ol. Sure there are privacy concerns, but Google Chrome is fast, minimalistic, and perfect if your deep into Google’s ecosystem.

Location. Trialing iPhone chrome so my bookmarks are merged with other devices. Great app but only issue pop ups for location permission even though I set to ‘always’

Not Private. If you value your privacy don’t use chrome.

She and brilliant! It's not wrong but I have to wait 24 hours to get my robux. She and brilliant! It's not wrong but I have to wait 24 hours to get my robux

You didn’t even let my daughter play cool maths games. Apparently cool maths games is too inappropriate for little kids and all other games. We have reset the app and re downloaded the app but no difference any one reading this do not get this app it is a waste of time and a ripoff to what is says it is and it is way too slow when you are trying to search something I was trying to search enrolment for the RSPCA but it took over 5 minutes to load at that stage I have given up I watched it load and set a stop watch I was so annoyed when I saw the result it was a hack and I lost a lot of private information Safari is so much better you could say it is the BEST DO NOT DOWNLOAD GOOGLE CHROME Safari is superior!

Go. Go have love

Good but a issue. Why’s is 17+?

Chrome. Gives me an answer in 5 seconds amazing definitely download

Overrated much. You guys are so overrated you do have more security then safari but safari saves way more and you have too much security like bruh and also when I click on a website (I’m not telling u for privacy issues) it goes to some reality tour thing like bro that’s now what I typed

The new update is too time consuming. I’m not sure if this is for everyone but I tried for a week for my chrome to load and it finally loaded but the update just made it worse

Nothing has changed. Out of curiosity I downloaded this App and returned to the world of personalised searches and ads. For just 3-days, after logging out of my iCloud account & just from my iPhone. I did about 10 Google searches a day on topics only of interest to someone who was about as far from my demographic as possible. I didn’t even bother opening any of the search links that had increasingly relevant paid and unpaid links to my alter-ego. Then a few visits to the usual click bait websites and the adverts were completely focused on this opposite of myself instead of the usual consumer items and dodgy financial links. There was even a time when I simultaneously was served up incontinence pads and teenage padded bras. Nothing inappropriate and maybe they could be related but it was just so obviously different - and a bit weird. Certainly not something I ever saw associated in my lifetime working as a Doctor; to all demographics. Well you only have to look at their privacy policy to understand how it all works. The App has been deleted, iPhone is reconnected with the Mother Ship and back to having a Go with the Ducks. That was after wiping my cookies and browsing history and then powering off my iPhone for a half a day. A bit like a treatment for some sort of infestation. I don’t see any reason to go back and try that again. And I seriously don’t recommend this to anyone else. Clearly people just become used to seeing things that are familiar to their life but the problem is how that comes about and how intrusive it can get without you being aware of the amount of information you are giving away to be sold, at profit, without being explicitly asked. It’s as if Google just borrowed your car for a few hours. They brought it back but never asked if they could use it in the first place and didn’t put any petrol in the tank which was so low that they must have siphoned more than just a few litres out before returning it.

PLZZZZ READ. GO TO AlectronaLight on Spotify

Free robux. Search then search Roblox++

Once you instal you’ll never be left alone. Google will bleed into every micron of your phone you won’t be able too shake it off, i regret the day i installed To be google free, is too be free these days! These guys are in the business of collecting data in ways no other brand does!

It’s trash. It doesn’t even allow me to go to apps like what a eat of time and such a disappointment.

Latest update. Is horrible. Chrome used to be simple and easy. Now its cluttered confusing and well, downright horrible. Back to Safari for me.

Crashes on password input and no right click support. If you’re selecting a password from the password manager and decide to cancel; the app freezes and you have to force close. Right click also isn’t supported with a trackpad/ mouse - you have to hold for the context menu to appear which is slow and counter-intuitive on a trackpad.

Passwords. I am sick of constantly having to change my password because you say it’s not the right password. Then when I want to put in a new password you say you have already used this one. So I change it, then I try to put my new password in and it says it’s wrong. And now I have to wait 45 HOURS to get a message to make sure it’s me trying to log in. Clearly if I have asked you to send a verification code to my email then my messages, and both codes came back correct, THEN ITS CLEARLY ME.

good. very good

Very slow. I have an iPhone 13 Pro and for the last several days I have noticed chrome is very slow. Webpages load very slow and my screen also becomes unresponsive at times. I have cleared the history, restarted my phone multiple times to no avail. I have no such issues when using safari. Webpages load very fast there.

this. Is just- NO!. It’s laggy it’s Glitchy and Way! Way, way more reasonable things. KIDS, PARENTS, AND OTHERS. DONT DOWNLOAD THIS!!!

Laggish - terrible latency. Can’t google much as the results stop loading for several minutes or longer. Can’t even open at least one of those results into a new tab. In the end, I now use iOS Safari

There’s no sound!!!!!!!!. Pls turn on sound 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

I love eating pee nut. Hahahah

Crashing constantly. Since the last update, this is crashing every time I open it, as soon as you select an email it crashes

Flaky and locks up. Google chrome can’t seem to handle google search without freezing for an indefinite period making it unusable. You’d think they’d get that right. I’m going back to Safari.

So good!. Have you ever tried surfing the internet with a rusty old compass and a tattered map? Well, that's how it feels to use any other browser besides Google Chrome. Google Chrome is like the cool surfer dude of the internet. It's sleek, fast, and always catches the next big wave. You could try to keep up, but let's be real, you'll wipe out in no time. With Chrome, you can effortlessly glide through tabs like a pro, and with its built-in spell check, you'll never embarrass yourself with a misspelled search query again. Plus, the dark mode feature is perfect for those midnight internet binges when you don't want to wake your significant other. But, it's not just about looks with Chrome. It's got brains too! With lightning-fast page loads and reliable security features, Chrome is like a superhero for your internet experience. And, let's face it, we could all use a superhero in our lives. So, if you want to surf the internet like a pro, without the hassle of a map and compass, then you need Google Chrome in your life. Trust me, your internet experience will never be the same.

google chrome is the best internet browser. google chrome is the best internet browser. i use PRESENT NEW WORLD ORDER'S google chrome internet browser for accessing and communicating information far far more highly classified than merely ts75. its the most stable and secure internet browser on the market. and google incognito is really neat for metadata free internet browsing, Hail 🔺 Sincerely, john

always crashes. always lose my files i do not recommend this

Too slow. Whatever update or such has come through recently has ruined Chrome. It’s so slow I am now tearing other browsers. Shame since it’s been so good for so long.

Update is time-consuming. I just updated to the latest and I’m seriously annoyed. The discover section is so…enlarged. I don’t want to have to scroll so much to see all of what’s being suggested to me. Unlike before it’s all more or less basically visible on the screen at a glance with minimal scrolling. I understand some people might like to see enlarged thumbnails but it would be nice to have viewing options as I personally prefer to see less. In addition, I used to be able to remove/dismiss discover suggested articles with a swipe of the finger. Now i am forced to manually click … and then click ‘hide this’. Again, it’d be nice to have a quick way to deal with this. If there’s a way to currently do so, I’d like to know since nothing I’ve done works. Finally, the translate banner is no less frustrating to use too. Previously I could easily switch from original to translated language just by tapping on the banner which allows you to switch back and forth. Now I actually have to click the translate icon, then click translate or show original each time I want to switch back and forth. It doesn’t help that the banner keeps vanishing after a few seconds and to get it up again requires you to click the translate icon. I honestly wish I hadn’t updated That said, I’m glad there is no longer a ‘close all’ button which can be accidentally tapped. So that’s a pro at least.

No internet. When I use it it says no internet but if I open Google search i have internet. I am using an apple 9. Thanks

Why are google voluntarily making their products worse?. When I long-press an image from my image search results, I want to save the image — on Safari, on Chrome, on any browser. I don’t want dots all over the place. I don’t want to use “Google Lens”. I don’t even know why “Google Lens” exists. It’s like a software developer was asked to make reverse image search as clumsy and unintuitive as possible — it’s so bad it feels like a parody. When I was a teenager, you could type search terms into google, and the results would be about your search terms. We knew not to type questions into google, so it didn’t give you 400 “people also ask” suggestions, or a top result designed to prevent you from ever leaving the google website. Why are you deliberately making your products worse?

Poor customisation. I can’t customise anything. The URL bar is stuck at the top and can't be moved to the bottom. There is no good way to organise shortcuts on the home screen. i can't even home button to the bottom bar....

Amazing stuff. I couldn’t believe how much I’ve learned by this app it’s so good, try it today!

Ipad extensions. This app is great but i was really looking forward to using chrome extensions. Please add support for ipad to have extentions

TBH. I would rate it 5 stars but since Google will stop support on Manifest V2 and start supporting Manifest V3 I’ve deleted Chrome from all of my devices to escape from countless ads I would be facing and emigrated to Mozilla Firefox.

Pages won’t load. Don’t understand what’s happening. Clearly there is something wrong with the app, even with the latest update. Out of no where pages won’t load, using data or wifi. Doesn’t matter where I am, I’ve travelled 50km from my home and it’s still not working. Same thing for my partner who is on a different carrier to me so it’s definitely not a data issue. All other apps on our phones work.

Horrible. It always comes up with saying that I don’t have organisation accessibility to it and it never comes up with what I search up it is horrible

Not displaying right. Since the last update websites are cut off on the sides so you can’t see the whole page that your viewing. Like your zoomed in but your not.

Uselessability !. ECPin Pro is even more complicated to use than ECPin. If you think I'm going to RTFM for a thermometer, you started out your product design in the wrong corner. Yes, I am a bloke and do not read manuals even for more complicated products than a thermometer.

Keeps shutting down. This latest Chrome update keeps unexpectedly shutting down the browser. The following message displays when reopening: “Chrome didn’t shut down correctly.”

Translator not working. Im only using chrome for its webpage translation, but now it wont work half the time

7 years to get it right. The iPad Pro has been out for 7+ years and Google Chrome still doesn’t support desktop Gmail or other Gsuite apps.

Chrome keeps crashing on startup. Opening chrome just causes it to unalive. It occasionally comes up with a crash report window which to my surprise actually loads, but does literally nothing in the long time. I’m switching to Firefox now lol. All I wanted was a web browser that can browse the web, not crash immediately after opening it. And yes, I did try uninstalling the app and I have plenty of storage left, so that’s not an issue for me ._.

I believe others.. Everyone else is right. There is so much bad stuff about chrome. However I have to use it since I can’t post a picture in roblox. It sometimes forced u to do something. Everyone who has this and see’s this, DELETE CHROME RIGHT NOW!

Help I can not update. Fix App Store

What right now. So this chrome is actually decent but the update is not very good- Sorry about this negativity but I’m saying the truth right now. So i would like the producers to maybe change a bit of the bad stuff.

It’s good. It’s good it’s good

Safari scam. Safari kept redirecting me to the App Store page for google chrome without me clicking anything.

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I like it. I personally enjoy this app but it’s kinda slow no offence. -Kaylee

Love chrome annoying advertisement. Honestly if you could give half stars I would give 3.5 stars giving 4 if I’m being really really nice here I already have chrome Crome more than Google it’s self i’m giving more than half stars because I love it but it’s really really annoying me with advertisements I can’t even watch 3 YouTube videos without this advertisement coming up Love chrome but advertisements nonstop is annoying I already had chrome for 10 years

Chrome browser doesn’t work with google.c search. Almost unbelievably the Chrome browser doesn't work with Google’s own search engine mobile site, when using an iphone mini. When you go to enter a search term and the keyboard has been brought up, it shifts the search entry field partially off the page at the top of the screen so you can’t see what you’re typing. Ive reported this to Google and did so again today but they have ignored it. Firefox works with and Chrome doesn’t LOL. Epic fail.

Blessings. This app got this bird back on the branch. Always been there.

Sus. Amongus is cool so this is too stop hating its superior to safari

Aucun sens moral. Ils intimident les médias traditionnels qui veulent une rémunération plus juste. J’enlève le plus possible ce qui est relatif à Google.

Login. This search engine is super annoying. I am not sure why they made the app this way… but every 30 seconds it asks if you want to login to google chrome. You can barely get a google search out without being interrupted. Then, just say you get annoyed and decide to login, well in a couple of hours it auto logs you out and youll have to re-login of face the annoying amount of pop ups asking you to login again next time you use the app. Fix this lol, If i want to login, I will do it myself. And maybe dont auto log me out?

This sucks. No one likes this app every time I downed it it takes all my storage

Love it. Chromes amazing, it saves space and time

I love the app. I can listen to everything and look at pics it’s really good

Slow. I love having the widget, it’s super handy. But lately the app has just been freezing and I can’t type anything and I have to close it like 4 times for it to work again, so I’ve just been using safari.


I love this app😻🤖🎃💀👹😈📲. This app works good

Ok. Join

Not the same as desktop. It’s useless when I can’t switch between profiles to access the bookmarks bar. I can see I’m “logged in” to multiple profiles, but it just defaults to one and there’s no where to switch that I can find. If switching profiles was a feature, I’d make it my default browser on my iPhone.

Um wiy is it so slow?. Google is so good. I might give it 5 stars but why is it so slow?

It’s good but…. How come the stand alone google search app has Lens but chrome doesn’t? Chrome should have Lens asap

Animations do not work well. Animations do not work well after switching tabs

Gggvchj. Fc.

Great app. I love this app works perfect

Bad. Stupid

Closed all my tabs, few times now!!!. I had multiple tabs open, and when i closed and went back to the app, it freezes on me and closes all the tabs!!! Tons of unsaved information just pooofed away!!! 😡 Third time now!!! 🤬

Awful. Awful function, if you drag the screen down or refreshes the page. So if you were writing anything and accidentally move the screen, the whole thing gets erased?!!!! This has happened way too many times

Very good. Very good at 🟧⬛️

It’s awesome but. It’s super good but it’s so glitchy and it won’t let me download it again but it’s my iPads fault so don’t blame the app

chrome. chrome is awesome

Best App For Getting Answer’s. It is so fun because you can search any questions and they will give you the answer’s

Typing Lag. When I type in “Farsi” font in the search bar it doesn’t type each letter as soon as I tap its button. It takes 10 seconds for it to complete the word I had written.

Crashes and resets Everytime you leave the app. Why and how does Google maps now crash and reset every single time you leave the app? It’s used by millions every day, this is just inexcusable.

Notifications Not Working. I rely on gmail to keep me updated and to stay on top of important emails. Notifications stopped working with the most recent update and nothing I have done has been able to fix this issue. I’m missing important emails and reminders that are time sensitive due to this broken feature. Very disappointed!

im a beta tester. ive got this app beta in testflight lol

Animation issues on IOS. Chrome probably hate mobile developers lol animations are jerky as hell in chrome mobile. It was supposed to be fixed on IOS 12.3.1 but it didn't for some JS libraries lol

No extensions. How does Google Chrome not have extensions yet?! The fact that even Safari has extensions puts it 5 dimensions of head of Chrome. Please add extensions.

Barely works for the settings. I said no pop ups and there was pop ups

?. Google chrome is amazing I love it and it have its own thing Safari don’t have Ty have a great day

Daddy I like ur balls. I wanna have sex with u hot daddy

Crash often, unreliable. Crash if open like 50 tabs or less, and tabs are all closed after reopening. Safari has no such issue.

Can’t switch between user. I can’t switch between multiple google accounts. I have signed out and sign in again Not a good user experience

Google makes power look uncool. Google makes having power an uncool goal

Amazing. Amazing app 10/10

Google is good. The guy who said that it was slow is just a dumb person and needs a new phone XD. Anyway it is good fast and I get my Question every time. Thanks google!

Not good. I worked really hard on a project on one of chrome’s websites (chrome music lab) and I created a song and I saved it and then when I clicked on the link to go back on it it was deleted. I really hate this plz fix it

Cool. Cool

It’s junk. Can’t even do a reverse image search? Why? So stupid that I have email my work computer to do it. Deserves zero stars.

Top notch. 5 stars

App won’t install. I deleted the app about a week ago because I thought my class was done with activities requiring Chrome. Turns out I was wrong. I tried reinstalling it and I have tons of storage but it just won’t load. Zero stars right here. Idk what your problem is but get out of your chair and fix it.

Something changed!. A few days ago it started resetting all searches/directions as soon as I switched apps. I search for a place, select the one I want, start navigation directions, switch away briefly reply to a text or use any other app, then navigate back to the app, then I have to enter the search and restart directions anew because it totally forgets I had a route map in progress. VERY annoying!!!

Merci chrome …. Beaucoup plus facile de navigation. Merci ❤️

Good app but not for videos. Great app Works flawlessly Only problem is I cant seem to stream any videos. Twitter, YouTube videos don’t work. Very frustrating

Laggy. This app is laggy and it keeps kicking me out.It used to be a great app.App store sucks 👎🏼

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