Beautiful Stranger Book Reviews

Christina Lauren

Beautiful Stranger by Christina Lauren Book Summary

The all-new scorching sequel to Beautiful Bastard!

Escaping a cheating ex, finance whiz Sara Dillon’s moved to New York City and is looking for excitement and passion without a lot of strings attached. So meeting the irresistible, sexy Brit at a dance club should have meant nothing more than a night’s fun. But the manner—and speed—with which he melts her inhibitions turns him from a one-time hookup and into her Beautiful Stranger.

The whole city knows that Max Stella loves women, not that he’s ever found one he particularly wants to keep around. Despite pulling in plenty with his Wall Street bad boy charm, it’s not until Sara—and the wild photos she lets him take of her—that he starts wondering if there’s someone for him outside of the bedroom.

Hooking up in places where anybody could catch them, the only thing scarier for Sara than getting caught in public is having Max get too close in private.

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Book Name Beautiful Stranger
Genre Contemporary
Language English
E-Book Size 10.49 MB

Beautiful Stranger (Christina Lauren) Book Reviews 2023

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Amazing stories. I love how it shows both sides of the story. Definitely as good as fifty shades:)

Great book!. It didn't have the spunk like BB but it was still a great read. It would have been nice to have Andy get an eyeful of their steamy sessions!

Holy hotness!. This book didn't lose my attention for a minute! Great story:)

I luv this series. Max.....yummy. This series is so good. Can't wait to see where it goes next.

BS. Loved Mark character but liked more BB book. Up to this second book the people still intimidated by Bennett!

Adrissss. Nice!! But still in love w the 1st one (bb)

Better than the first!. I could not put it down! I liked BB but absolutely loves BS! Hoping there is a 3rd installment.

My Fav of the Beautifuls. Loved it! Hope you expand further on "Saahraaa" and Max's story

Beautiful stranger. Love all these books they all leave you wanting more 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

Christina Lauren writes falling in love so well!. Review originally posted on Reading Books Like a Boss This series is consuming me. All I want to do is watch these couples fall in love, make mistakes, make up, and make some babies. Sexy as hell, charming, insatiable, Max Stella is a new favorite hero of mine! We met Sara Dillon in Beautiful Bastard, Chloe's best friend and co-worker. In Beautiful Stranger, she moves to New York head up finance in the new branch of Ryan Media Group. Starting over and finding this new version of herself are her goals. She doesn't expect to have a little thrill with a gorgeous stranger in the back of a bar. It was H-O-T! It was the simple fact that I didn't want to be anyone else's but my own for a while. And although this thing with Max was insane and completely different from anything I'd ever felt before—I was different—I liked it. A lot. Max Stella (his name is really sexy, right?!) is a ladies man and a regular in New York's Page Six gossip magazine. Time shifted in his eyes when he met her: everything was "Before Sara" and "After Sara." Naturally, he was thrilled to discover his friend Bennett was also her boss. What started as a one-night became several Fridays of public meet-ups for sex. The time between their meetings condensed while their feelings for each other expanded and clouded the original terms their little arrangement. What I love about this series is how all of the guys seem to be chasing the girls, rather than the other way around. Since I cheated and read Beautiful Player first (I know!), I already know that Will falls for Hannah while she is none the wiser, just like Bennett in Beautiful Bastard and Max in this book. I watched her walk away, head straight and shoulders back. Looking to all the world as if she were returning from nothing but a brisk walk through the park. I looked around me as if it were possible to collect together the heart I'd nearly spilled all over the grass. There was something so utterly charming about Max. Maybe it was his British accent or the upper crust air about him, but I absolutely adored him. Sara and Max just clicked from the start. From their cute banter to the way love-drunk way they looked at one another, I just loved them as a couple. And OMG this line! I had to catch my breath after reading it! SWOONSSSSS ALL OVER THE PLACE! "The way you seem nervous makes me think you don't know that I'm in love with you." Christina Lauren write falling in love so well while keeping the book really steamy. So many times, the sex can overtake a book. But even though some of Christina Lauren's books are super heavy on the sex, I still feel the characters' chemistry, growing emotional connection, and love for each other. That's huge for me! Like my complaints in the Christina Lauren's other books, I wasn't a huge fan of the extra sexual kink in this book - the whole public sex thing. In Beautiful Bastard, the panty-ripping bit seemed excessive and unnecessary. Here, Max discovers that Sara has a penchant for public sex and she gets off on the prospect of others watching her and Max while they get busy. This didn't bother me as much since it was established from the beginning, but I still didn't love it. 3.5 stars

Devour💋. “When I say ‘I love you’ I don’t mean that I love what being with you does for my career, or I love how often you’re willing to shag. I mean I love you. I love making you laugh, and seeing how you react to things, and getting to know the little things about you. I love who I am with you, and I’m trusting you not to hurt me.” Holy hell!!!! I loved this book!!! Max definitely won me over and I loved "feeling" how he lost his playboy status to Sara. Yumm-eee!❤❤I love this Beautiful series and looking forward to more lip licking goodness💋

Oh my. I freakin love it a big ole smile on my face

Great read. Loved it!

Beautiful Stranger. Completely hooked, couldn't put the book down. Have already pre-ordered all the follow ups and can't wait to read them. You've definitely tapped into my hidden indulgence...thank you for the escape from reality!

Beautiful stranger. Very very enjoyable

AMAZING. This book is sweet and Max Stella is the best man who could exist fictionally... So much better than Christian Grey and Gideon Cross... Beautiful series is a MUST READ!!! Great job Christina and Lauren!!

BB is better.. This story felt rushed...didn't flow as well as BB.

Yummy Brit. I loved BB and couldn't imagine this book topping it. It actually did. I felt the love between Max and Sarah. Gosh, Brits are pretty awesome.

Yes!!!. You'll love it!

The book. This book is great keep reading this great books love them!!!!!

Absolutely awesome!. It's just fun to read this "beautiful"... Nice work you girls.... Just enjoy how you can make me fly to the arms of this beautiful bad boy (man) arms haha!! Love it!!

Love. Loved this steamy read although it is like FSOG it is still a good book ! I cant wait for more!

Loved it!!!. The thing I loved about this book was that I felt like parts of it just brought to life some of my own private fantasies. Can't wait for the next book!!!

Beautiful Stranger. Better than the first book! George was so funny lol.

Loved it!. Loved this book & can't wait to read all the beautiful series books!

Really good!. Both of the books in this series are excellent. Keeps you interested!

Loved It!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Great read!Cant wait for the next book!

😍. I absolutely loved this book ! It's even better than the first ! I was disappointed with how the drama came about toward the end bc with all the progress that was made it just felt inconsistent. And that's the reason why I gave it 4 stars instead of 5. This book was fabulous. And I can't wait to read the other books from these 2. They are great !

Petal & the Stranger. I loved this book!!! I read this in less then 24hrs. I actually liked it more then BB

Beautiful Strabger. Liked this a lot better than BB cause characters were better developed. Liked both books. Fun reads. But why do these women rush the endings? Makes no sense.

za. wh saidrr got ccvvdcc s wey

Beautiful stranger. Loved it! I love the fore play. We need more of these types of books. More!!!!

AMAZING!!. I loved the first book, but this one was even better!! I read historical and contemporary romance all the time but this is my new favorite. The chemistry between Sara and Max is intense! I will be reading this again and anything else from Christina Lauren!

Amazing!. I couldn't put it down! I loved both books. Can't wait more... ;-)

LOVE IT!!!. I absolutely love this book!!! I read it in less than 24hrs... The characters are totally endearing... As I told my girlfriends forget about Bennett Ryan (BB) there is a new HOTTIE in town!!! Max Stella aka Beautiful Stranger is the perfect book boyfriend... He is cocky but sweet and right about naughty!!! By chapter 5, I was totally smitten and wanted my very own Max Stella (British accent included)!!! So if you are looking for a fun easy read... With major eye candy and steamy sex scene this book if for you.... Sometimes is better to forget about literary excellence and just enjoy the story for what it is... Naughty Fiction!! 😊 Can't wait for the next Beautiful Book..!!

Beautiful Stranger. This book offers more character development and imagery than the first. I loved Chloe and Bennett's wit more, but I still loved Sara and Max. Great book!

Beautiful stranger. Super book, can't wait for books 3&4!

... ..

Loved it.. Great book. Will probably re-read.

Love, love, love it!!!. I need another book telling me what happens next with them!

5 stars!. Loved it from beginning to end.

Love it!!!. I'm in love with Max !

Loved. Another good book

These two authors are the best.. Love the chemistry they create amongst their characters and love the chemistry they have as co-authors ;) So glad Simon & Schuster was smart enough to pick them up!

Great. Loved it!

Amazing!!. I am now a huge fan of these books. They're very well written. This book was fantastic & hysterical. I love the characters & look forward to many more of these stories. Loved it!!

BookFet - Beautiful Stranger. I thought Beautiful Bastard would be hard to beat and acutally set myself up for lower expectations. But Beautiful Stranger came through with flying colors. I love Christina Lauren’s books because they have depth without getting me bonked out from the angst/stress. These are my go-to books for after work/dinner and a few minutes to unwind in my favorte chair.

HELL YES!. This book was so refreshing. The two main characters have the best chemistry, and the entire book feels so natural, sexy, and authentic. Loved it!!

Beautiful stranger. Loved it!

My fav. I sat the whole series is my favorite, but omg Max is my favorite. This books is amazing.

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Fab. Amazing book I loved it and couldn't put it down fell in love with the characters such a well written book did wont it to end x

Amazing.. Such a well written book. Just as good as BB. A must read!

Love love love. Loved Sara and Max's story. Loved that we got to re-visit Ben and Chloe. Please let there be a story for Will or Julia...or maybe of them both? Hint hint!

Well done again ladies-:). I loved this book this is about Sara, Chloe friend..I thought it was going to be the same as BB but it wasn't really impressed

Brilliant. Loved the way max's british accent came out through his words, was brilliant and fun.

Excellent. Congratulations to the author. It was refreshing to have the lead female character a) not an orphan b) not a virgin c) rich Way to many books have all of the above. Unusual story which kept it interesting Although I love Max and Sara, Bennett and Chloe are still my favourites

Not as good as the first one. Thanks tho for another enjoyable read! Just wasn't as gripping as no.1 and its pretty hard to beat Bennett!!

Love it. Read this after BB. Sara and Max are a different couple but there's enough of the elements if you enjoyed BB or had just read it. They have really great chemistry and I really enjoyed this!

Just as BBrilliant. Awesome book.... Just as good as first one couldn't put it down. Started in this morning and have just finished. Wow. Hope there is more from this author. Xx

Mmmmm!. Wow! Loved it!!! Sexy, exciting....couldn't put it down!! Hurry up and write another book...please! :)

Amazing. Loved all three of them can't wait for the other three to come out, beautiful bombshell 2 days!!!!!!

Beautiful stranger. Wow didn't think this book was going to be as good as the first, but was not disapointed, absolutely loved it. Started last night and finished this morning. Please let there be a will storyline next xx

Great Book!!!. Kept me hooked till the end. Loved the characters & the story line.

Brilliant!. Glued yet again!! Fantastic second book! More please?!

AMAZING. I couldn't put this book read ever...strong characters (so much better than that water bucket Ana Steele lol)

Love love love it!!!!. Excellent read. Enjoyed it just as much as BB. So clever how it's a squeal but no in the conventional way. I cannot wait to read more Christina Lauren books. I am we'll and truly hooked. I've recommended these books too all of my friends ! :-)

Highly entertaining!. Read both books in space of 2 weeks! Loved every word!

AMAZING!!!!!. I loved every bit of it!!

Great read!. I loved this book so much! ❤️

Beautiful. Great book.. Both strong characters which makes a change. Bit of a crap ending. I wanted max and Andy to have a show down.

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OMG. I started this book last night and read it until 2am. I couldn't put it down. So much better then the first book. The scenes OMG......HOT HOT HOT ;) I wanna get my hands on Max!! I'm weak for a British Accent LOL

Love love loved it. Enjoyed is just as much as the first book. When will there be more?

Mind blowing!. Love it! I can't wait for beautiful player. Keep on bringing on the adventurous writing!

Sexy Read!. Very cool. Loved it at much as the first book!

Great book!. Very enjoyable read. Couldn't put it down!

Sexy n funny. Loved it! Loved it! Loved it! Sexy, funny and a great story. Looking forward to more Beautiful book by these two ladies!

Stranger!!!. Loved this one as much as the first one!!!!

Beautiful stranger. Really enjoyed this book, loved the characters and learning all about them marginally better than BB for me looking forward to the next one

Awesome. Loved this book can't wait for more books from these girls !!

Oh Max!!. Wow, just loved this book! Really enjoyed the first one, but I think this one is even, hot, hot!!!

My Person's Books review. Christina Lauren have topped themselves with Beautiful Stranger, first we had Bennett and then they brought us Max holy hell this man will make you swoon, leaving you to pick up your jaw from the ground. He is a sweet as he is sexy! Sara is just getting over her breakup with her fiancé, a man who has had numerous affairs for most of their relationship. Her confidence has been knocked and she doesn't have a lot of trust in men. She’s on her way to New York to start fresh, is starting her new job as the Director of Finance at Ryan Media; working with her best friend Chloe. A new life…a new Sara. Her first night out in NYC she goes out to a nightclub with her two best friends and meets a deliciously sexy Brit. With some liquid courage she flirts, on the dance floor with his eyes on her she is feeling sexy dancing knowing that he is watching. Max Stella is a successful British businessman, he is the cities playboy. Well known in the city his playboy ways always appear on page six of the Post. Having been given the brush off he can't seem to take his eyes off of Sara. On this particular night, caution is thrown to the wind, these two strangers remain strangers and engage in one hot adventurous night together. “When you smile at me like that, I want to climb you. And God knows it's been forever since I've been properly manhandled.” “And something tells me you could more that do the job - I mean, holy hell, look at you” Crossing paths again the spark from their last meeting leaves them wanting more. Sara doesn't want a relationship, but she wants more of the man who has blown her mind. An agreement is set up, every Friday they will meet, a different location and time, no beds or limos… “I’m not interested in being anyone's play-thing right now.” “I believe I'm asking to be yours.” Sara is a closet exhibitionist and Max quickly clicks on leaving him even hotter for her, wanting to fulfill her fantasies. Max and Sara become very adventurous all over NYC while he is slowly fulfilling her fantasies, while sticking to the rules of their agreement. You may want to fan yourself down... Arrangements like these are never simple, feelings happen and that casual fling you wanted, you realise you want so much more. We love this series is told in dual POV giving us an insight into Max, the man can make you swoon! If you liked BB you are going to love BS.

Absolutey Beautiful. Like everyone said before GREAT BOOK - Please ladies get to it and write some more This is way above the other books in this category. Dont make me wait too long Great book - better than the first - if it was possible.

Perfect!. Couldn't put it down. Funny, sexy, moving and relatable. I have enjoyed both books in this series so far and eagerly await the next installment.

What a hunk!. Loved it more than book one!

More please. Can't wait for you ladies to write more loved the first two books can't wait for July 9th and hope there are many more to come

Beautiful stranger. Beautiful read. Could not put it down. Loved every word

Even better second time around. Rereading this series and it is actually even better second time around. Love the story and the writing style so vivid you can see it. Xx

GREAT read. Enjoyed it as much as the first, a little more erotic than the first book, couldn't put it down :)

Amazing!. I read just about every new romance novel on ebooks.....this was better than all of them! Fantastic, fun, flirty, absolutely loved every page! Took over my life until I finished it.

Beautiful Stranger. Ok so if you’ve read any of the other books in this series then you’ll know that these books are more here for the smutty parts, rather than the story. But the smutty parts are real good… ;) Dual POV, high level spice, 18+

Better than the first. Holy hotness! Loved this book. It was so different to others and really enjoyed the storyline. Never wanted it to end. More please :)

Well written. Forgetting the fact this is one steamy write. It's been a long time since I have read a well written romance. Love ur work

Beautiful Stranger. Really loved it - couldn't put it down. Loved Max and thought Sara was portrayed equally to Max's character throughout the story. Funny, sexy - just a great, easy read. Highly recommend this book. Won't be disappointed!

Beautiful Book. I so enjoyed the two books by these ladies and, look forward to reading more from these two ladies. I love the characters, do men like that actually exist????? I hope so......lucky ladies. A bit more sexual content than the first book.

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Beautiful stranger. Absolutely loved it! Don't stop writing, I want more!!

Beautiful stranger. Fantastic read !

Perfect. I LOVED IT

loved it!!!. loved their story but i have to say I'm still in love with bennett!!!! but it was an amazing book!!! loved their relationship! can't wait to hear more!

Beautifully written. Funny, witty and hot! Loved every minute of it.

:(. Repetitive and predictable

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Summary of Beautiful Stranger by Christina Lauren

The Beautiful Stranger book written by Christina Lauren was published on 16 April 2013, Tuesday in the Contemporary category. A total of 2,613 readers of the book gave the book 4.5 points out of 5.

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