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Navigate your world faster and easier with Google Maps. Over 220 countries and territories mapped including hundreds of millions of businesses and destinations. Get real-time GPS navigation, traffic, and transit info, and find what you need by getting the latest information on businesses, including grocery stores, pharmacies and other important places. Get where you need to go efficiently: • Find the best route with automatic rerouting based on live traffic, incidents, and road closure Find important businesses: • Know what’s open in your area and their latest business hours • Find local restaurants offering delivery and takeout • Create lists of your important places Get there faster with real-time updates • Beat traffic with real-time ETAs and traffic conditions • Catch your bus, train, or ride-share with real-time transit info • Save time with automatic rerouting based on live traffic, incidents, and road closure • With Live View in Google Maps, see the way you need to go with arrows and directions placed right on top of your world. There’s no second guessing or missing another turn. More experiences on Google Maps • Offline maps to search and navigate without an internet connection • Street View and indoor imagery for restaurants, shops, museums and more • Indoor maps to quickly find your way inside big places like airports, malls and stadiums Some features not available in all countries Navigation isn't intended to be used by oversized or emergency vehicles

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Book Name Google Maps
Genre Navigation
Language English
E-Book Size 225.2 MB

Google Maps (Google LLC) Book Reviews 2023

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Google Maps-My review-. Great maps and graphics, plus millions of extras

When searching. How about look for things in the direction I’m going and not always back behind me where we already passed smh

Worst app. I used to be able to google a location, hit directions and be good to go. Now, even when given the option to stay on the web, it forces me to the App Store, then makes me go to the app. Once in the app, there’s no directions pulled up so then I have to go back to google where the page is refreshed and have to do everything all over again. This new update is the worst. 30 years living and this is the first time I have to write a review because it’s so awful

Cool. I got a month free

Domino’s is pretty awesome in this neighborhood.. The staff are great and if they mess up on something they will go above and beyond to fix it. They are very clean and, out going at this store. They work hard and together at this store and, I just love this store.

Missingahfew29. That was a good pick bcuz I’m very simple it would be a lot better fig I had somewhere to go

Great buying experience. Christine was great, very patient with our indecisiveness, she helped with suggesting options and helped with getting a good visual by pulling the furniture together, I’m very happy with the whole experience

Bug fix. Your bug fix messed it up. It was fine until the last fix. I use google maps for my job. The saved section then hit maps and the added map for my deliveries. Now it will not let me pull up that map. Get it fixed. I need that map.

Chris. Chris was awesome! Extremely patient & answered all our questions!

Needs better communication. Look I love google maps I really do but there needs to be a lot better communication if something goes wrong cause there’s no support team whatsoever. A few months ago the report an incident button disappeared for no reason at all and I’ve been trying to reach out to them as of late but no response whatsoever

Quick and Polite. Heydi helped us with my son’s drivers license and road test today. She was quick and efficient. Heydi was polite and kind and made my son feel comfortable during his test. We appreciated her service!

الرياض حي الحمراء. كل شي فيه رائع لكن مرات شوارع مقفله مايبين عندنا 😒

Can’t look anything up without them asking permission to paste. Annoying!!! Can’t google Anytbing without them asking for permission for every single app I’ve ever used!! Just let me page?!??

No sound. Does not work. Tried deleting and reinstalling Volume up ringer on. I give up

دبي الشاقه. الشارقه

Ya. Y y. Y g.

you owe me money. the information for toll prices on routes is incorrect. if you are not going to have exact prices do not show "estimates". i bought sunpass and prepaid the amount that google showed me. now sunpass is asking for more. also these new updates make the app take too long to open up

Who to blame?. Bugs, bugs and bugs. Instead of blaming each other (google vs apple) just fix those bugs and make users happy again!!!

Let’s try update Tuesday. This app has had day after day of updates. I’ll just uninstall it and use the web version when prompted. Speaking of that, update the webpage to not prompt for the never ending update, google maps app. Google is taking a page out of the book, “How to Annoy your Customer”.

TRASH. trash app

Features are losing quality. Earlier versions had a better UX than the current version of Google maps. For one, when offline mode is enabled, routes can be previewed but not started. This defeats the purpose of offline maps. Second, place data has begun to prefer ad-style presentation, putting critical data such as websites, phone numbers and operating hours behind other buttons. Last, the audible navigation hints work inconsistently across different bluetooth enabled in vehicle systems. For instance, when I start navigating in a vehicle with Microsoft Sync v1, the audible hints are sometimes muted or their volume never adjusts. For the few times I need Google maps, I generally find it easier to just write down my own directions. :/

Excelente. Jannette Vazquez and Doctor Armando Lugo Excellent Service 😎 Keep up the Good Work!!!!

Recent history not showing up!. So, this has been happening dor a while mow. I keep waiting to see if it will get why we with each update, but no. Anything I have starred isn’t showing up in my recent history. I have to type the address in entirety, and I am tired of it. Please fix this!

Share button doesn’t work. Share button just doesn’t work for no reason all of a sudden past 2 days. I use this every day for work and it’s extremely unhelpful that this is happening. I feel like this app punishes me constantly and I’m tired of it. On the iPad it won’t even pull up a share link when you click on “share options” but on IPhone it does. Only a matter of time before that breaks as well? Fix this asap. Google is the number one tech company in the world but they sure don’t act like it with the apps they create.

Bad 😡🤬. What the flip dude this app doesn’t let me street view it…🤬 i am so flipping mad dude ❗️❗️ im going to saw you

Travel. Good directions

Hate the pop-ups. why would you create pop-ups that you can't disable. I despise " latest in the area" and "explore nearby". These people are not "local experts" they're just your average idiots and I could care less about their opinions on anything

One of my most used apps. I live in NYC and I use Google Maps to pinpoint places to walk to, use the transit suggestions, and see what the neighborhood is like with street view. I barely run into problems finding my destination. The only complaint I have is I can’t view the map in satellite view. If there is a way to do so, then it is not intuitive at all.

Great app all around with 1 problem. I use this app even when I don’t really need directions because it gives me traffic information. The thing I’ve noticed that happens frequently when I navigate it puts a little cloud and says we’re off-line we’re never off-line. We have cell or cell + Wi-Fi depending on where we are. Once it says you’re back on line it will change the traffic but now we’re already committed to a route. Sometimes this cause problems. it is a problem in the app that once we made an update a couple years ago this has been but had never occurred before.

hi. whoopk

Having Problem with maps on Mazda 6 media screen. Mazda 6 does not have touch screen for car play When I open Google maps, I cannot navigate using the knob. But all other apps I can navigate. Need some fix to this.

Quality is slipping. This used to be the best app I’d ever used, but recently it’s just been broken or unreliable. In the last two weeks I’ve filed 4 huge bugs. Before now I’d file maybe 1 per year? Please raise the standard again and keep this app reliable, right now it doesn’t feel like a google app. I click a pin and it shows me information about a completely different place than the highlighted pin, I search a city for things to do and I’m shown things to do in a completely different state. These things shouldn’t be happening, slow down and bring your standards back please before I’m forced to try Apple Maps instead.

Out of the way, longer “alternate routes”. Whatever happened to the drag & drop feature? There are 3 main highways to get to my work & google gives me one of them & then 2 other much longer & out of the way options. It’s algorithm for the past several years is just terrible.

Epic fail. Never opens pin drops I receive. Opens google in Safari and then sends me to the App Store, instead.

Needs real update in Michigan. I hope google maps team take my review in there considerations. Google maps act weird in Michigan, wrong voice guidance, wrong line guidance (it took me to highway 275 and then make a U turn 🤪 lol), it is also slow (late) in telling what should I do or when should I turn. One I was driving on highway 96 west, google maps told me to take an exit, I took it, then in less than a half mile google maps turned me to the same highway 🥸 come on lol.

Decent app but always verify the route. Overall good app but don’t trust it by default always look at the route it wants to take. Also it doesn’t check for parades, marathon closures and if you’re the first to drive into them you’re the Guinea pig.

Fixed. Problem fixed

Worst application in the world. Trash don’t trust it

لاحد يعتمد عليه. ما صار مثل قبل .. يعطيك طريق ابعد وتخبطات ف الطرق

Me encanto!!!. El sabor es muy rico, el servicio muy rápido y amable muchas gracias.

I hate you, Google. Here's why:. So, you decided to EOL the Street View app uploading to Google Maps. That's fine, I understand you have to sometimes reorganize and cut some services off. But why, oh why did you embed a silent timebomb in th Street View iOS app? It now crashes on launch, I cannot even view my LOCAL, PRIVATE, ON DEVICE saved 360° panoramas! This demonstrates pure evil!

Автобус ЛА. Карта неправильно показывает время прибытия 14 автобуса в Лос Анджелесе, Оно даже не отстает, оно тотально не правильное

Great Mobile App. One of the best mobile apps out there but needs to keep it innovative like, please add current weather conditions. Adding weather to your driving experience would be awesome which is a needed feature. Overall I really like this app. 👍🏽

Maps. Maps are awesome but it needs to be updated

Always wrong about busses. Always has incorrect info about when or even if a bus will show up at all, but shows you the incorrect information with no way to let them know that they’re incorrect so everybody waitin for that bus is gunna get screwed by the wrong info. Thank you for nothing.

Avoid Highways always on. this is the second time making a buisness trip where it’s taken me longer to get places due to avoid highways on. i have never turned that on. so im wasting time thinking i’m going the fastest route. also my phone keeps overheating while using this application. FIX THESE BUGS PLEASE

random locations. often takes me to random locations instead of the actual place when I open directions in google maps from doordash and other apps.

Cannot get map to talk on the iPhone so I switched to Mapquest. iPhone

speed limit. Add speed limit to be shown in the map.

Google Maps. Google maps is pretty accurate in getting me to my destination timely

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Ohio. Ohio Ohio is good

help pep interest. use maps to explore

I can’t see all of the things up datad. I like google maps but it is never updated and also I saw myself and car which I’m happy and update stepping stone’s preschool in Wymondham there’s a picture of my mum and my brother and me!

Great maps. Great and fabulous maps I enjoy it as very easy to use.

Dropped pin no longer gives a picture of the street!. When using Google Maps, if I hold on a road/street causing a dropped pin, I no longer get a picture from the road/street appear. Seems to have happened in the last week. Have deleted the app from my iPad and re-installed it, but has made no difference. Very disappointed if this is now a change to the app☹️.

I’m loving the new features. The ability to now literally time travel in this app, is awesomely interesting, but also a seriously important historical tool. Next project you could AI image search the entire web, and gather similar none google images, take from same angles but pre dating google maps, and integrate them into the feature, effectively allowing us to time travel back even further without leaving google maps!, a real game changer

Delivery service. Helpful , polite and friendly service Lovely lads Highly recommended

Google Maps lists markers. I would like to have different options for markers to differentiate my lists. You only offer the green marker and I believe it would be much more efficient if we could have different colours and patterns to identify the lists

Total distance between 2 stops not showing. Google Map developers PLEASE add the total distance to a route when multiple stops are added.

Persian language. Plz plz plz add persian language speaker in languages option. 🥺♥️

Street view gone missing again. Why with every update does street view stop working

Labels for CarPlay please??. Having favourites is all well and good but having to remember post codes for everyone because CarPlay does show the labels is pretty hopeless!

Travelling purposes. The best traffic advice and the quickest routes would use anything else. It gives live updates throughout your journey too !

Ufficio Ergonomic Furniture People. Wonderful service. Friendly and caring. The furniture is spot on for my needs. I recommend everything to do with this company and then some. Thank you. Janet M Gell Thompson

Two things need fixing. 1/ There is no way to tell which way is north in Streetview. Tapping the compass icon does nothing and there is no indication on this icon itself which way is north. It does not move as you change your point of view. Please fix this. 2/ Every time this App updates the Google Traffic widget disappears and is replaced by a little “Pin frequent trips like home or work” one. The only way to get Google Traffic back is to restart your device which is sn annoyance. Please fix this too.

Good. It’s overall a good app, and if you disagree there are other apps such as Waze, Car Sat Nav

Amazing Food - You must try this restaurant. My mum and step dad brought the family out for a meal. My partner and I were down from Stoke on Trent, and they wanted us to taste the food here. OMG! The food was mouth watering and out of this world. Dish after dish was amazing. We did not have to wait long for the food even though we ordered lots between the 7 of us. The staff are friendly and welcoming and an asset to the restaurant. The chef has a consistent approach to his food, with amazing portions sizes. We ending up taking food home because there was so much and even as I sit here writing this I am still picking, because I can’t stop eating mmmmmm……. My family had been here several times before. For my nieces birthday party and everyone they bring here ends up coming back for their own parties. We recommend this restaurant.

Suma & Chawang gave amazing service. Great food, excellent value, fantastic location

Glad it's back, probably the most accurate.. It may be a good map app, but the way it’s linked from other apps is abysmal. If you have a map on Facebook that says show in Google maps, you get taken to yet another consent form on (seems to be all I’m seeing these days), on accepting that you get taken to another page where it says you should download a smarter map app. Which I already had, and updated it twice. On clicking continue it takes me to the App Store ???? (Wiping out my previous review I was writing here, and documenting what happens in real time, so had to start again) Where you then have the option to open Google Maps (which was already installed). On doing that, you are finally taken to Google maps, with a view of my current location. That’s less than useless ! The alternative is to view in Apple Maps, which worked perfectly.

Awesome.. Good. But when I tried using navigation with mobile hospot, the car would not move and the navigation instructions would not change. Please fix that.

Unmitigated disaster. Don’t use this app to walk anywhere. The directions don’t match the map and it will take you the wrong way. Buy a paper map and save yourself some shoe leather

Needs to be more pedestrianised. Need to revisit and get up to date with the latest changes to London and Milton Keynes. Not as pedestrian savvy Needs to be more pedestrianised

Pathetic app. Your dumb app set me on this short cut for some dodgy narrow bumpy road with a freaking river on the side! In the middle of the night!! Why does your app have to be so extra without consent!!? Deleting google maps had enough! Been with it for years but no more!

To google maps. Brilliant app

Excellent. Great for finding your way around in any location

Phone freeze on the iPhone SE 2020. Since the latest update google maps seems to be chewing up all resources and the app freezes. I can’t switch from app to app, it creates a lag. There is plenty of room on my phone, it’s all up to date and only a few years old. I hope you can fix this in the next update or so. Thanks.

Gingseng Tang. Excellent treatment with full class service. Had leg and back problems for years. After attending here I feel so much better. Thoroughly recommend for a more pain free life. Amazing!

Whitaker Cadre , Ilkley. Thank you to the excellent Whitaker Cadre, Ilkley team for making a difficult time so much easier. The team were able to show me suitable properties and help advise me on form filling and providing suitable information for the vouch app they use. This was an amazing app that collated everything for my recent move. The team are incredibly professional and worked hard to get me into my new property as swiftly and smoothly as possible. Thanks again. You’re a great team and I’d highly recommend you to anyone looking for a rental property!

Too slow. Too slow re routing when roads are closed due to roadworks , never shows diversions but continues showing the route when it’s not possible. too slow showing live incidents and never updates when roads are reopened till hours later. Also navigation voice still doesn’t work properly and stops suddenly or doesn’t even work when starting journey

Brilliant. Tattoos with SamanthaJayne twice now and both times the tattoos have been perfect. Great customer service and great vibes too!

So Very Disappointed. I used to live in Cookham and visited Maliks very often…Used 2 think I had a personal relationship with Mr Malik and used to play cricket in the summer tournament at White Ladys Lane….Since moving back to my home town of Marlow, I have also enjoyed the same great food….Then came Lock Down, and the takeaway portions became very small and shrunken…I Sincerely believe that I helped keep the Marlow restaurant alive….Am not sure what has happened recently, but the last time I ordered a take away, the man on the end of the phone was not only rude, but extremely insulting…I tried to query the price for extra chilli’s, and was told I know Ure Mrs and if you don’t like it “Go Somewhere else and don’t come back again”…… Needless to say, I won’t be ordering again, and Mr. Malik, you should be ashamed that your staff would even think they can talk to a LONG STANDING and DEVOTED customer as I have always been….Feel totally ashamed of letting myself be treated in this manner… You can never make it up to me, and my friend, who is not my Mrs, how very dare he even suggest such a thing…I was then told it was Mr Malik himself who refused my order due to a last chilli price dispute over charging £6 for chilli on 6 SIDE dishes?? It costs less than £1 for a whole pack of chilli how can you charge £1 per SIDE for a few bits of chilli?? I was offered a free bottle of wine by the manager but Mr Malik banned the order due to a past incident where my friend was informed the ‘vegan dishes’ she ordered throughout lockdown FOUR TIMES A WEEK WERE NOT VEGAN!!! All hushed up now and she’s been banned?? Despite being loyal and being made very sick from ordering but contributed to be polite and give the benefit of the doubt to this place? That’s All… How very disappointing that as your neighbour, I will not be ordering from U again…. Hope Mr Malik sees this, and takes his staff to Account in the strictest possible way, so as nobody else has to be INSULTED in this way.. Such a shame I should be waisting my valuable time on a Friday evening…. Could not hold back any longer SHAMEFUL….And DISPICKABLE…. Signed Mr Mark, never been been so insulted, I’ve been spat in my face but never been more insulted in my life

Ok 👌 but not ok. Ok because it’s doing its job how I want it to do and not ok because when you go to the VR 360 thing it doesn’t let you go to certain places and that is its main job.

Mr Steve Hall. I would just like to say what a excellently run site this is. All the team are courteous, helpful and nothing is too much trouble. Well done all of you , a fine example of good service with a smile ! Steve Hall

JPW property care. Great tool very good to get your nose is unrecognised. Great to get to ratings and reviews down cannot fault it

“Saves petrol”. “Saves petrol” sounds like you’re patting yourselves on the back. Of course the least distance uses less petrol. Completely pointless. How about a good update like adding a speedometer

Route finder and live view needs fixing. Just downloading another update for the app now, but the compass and route finder took me in the opposite direction to the museum. It turned my arrow marker around and upside down, continuing to confuse me until I stopped and turned around. The only saving grace was the live view function, which helped me reorient myself with big arrows through the phone camera when the route finder completely failed. So, very thankful for the live view, even though it took me through a confusing routine through Queen’s Arcade instead of a direct route around the buildings. Live View was good, but only if you’re walking outside. Hoping this gets fixed. Got my steps in for sure but map stupidity added unnecessary hassle to a day out in Cardiff.

Windows. Had my windows being cleaned by Liam for a long time now and wouldn’t change his firm for anyone always nice and polite has a chat keep up the great work mate your doing well TRACY PATO STREET

Interface has changed. Whoever is in charge of the graphic user interface design has totally screwed up the app. I just tried to find street view…. I can’t. Slow clap team… you broke the proverbial “back button”.

Google Maps. I prefer the previous issue giving me access also to ‘street view’

Nearly perfect. I’ve been using Google maps on my iPad for years, then last week suddenly the ability to quickly select streetview stopped working, apparently a known feature on Apple devices, disappointed.

We need more accurate app. I love ways but we don’t have it here in SA. Google maps is ok but its not updated, it gives options that do not work and doesn’t update itself based on new road closures, causing you to take much more longer than anticipated. It’s very annoying!

You force me to break the law!. As it’s now illegal in the UK to even touch the phone while driving are you going to remove the need to “accept” or “decline” route changes? Or to confirm when you pass a way point? And for the love of god stop changing the route once it’s set!!!!

Bugging out. It’s normally good, but for the past few days, whenever I tap for directions, the app freezes. I tried to report an issue, but your site says I can’t because I’ve not purchased something.

Dark mode has dissapeared. I’ve just reinstalled the app and the dark mode has dissapeared from the setting. Will have stop using the app until this is fixed.

Immaculate Group, Stebbing. Great service, friendly. Left everything clean. Immaculate Group 07968 191445

Street name. Google maps is great. I wish that the name of the street that the driver is on appears below in the centre, just like other sat navs. Thanks

Not that reliable as accuracy but difficult company (Google). Reviews can be from random people , not verified customers. It is very difficult to remove or get in touch with anybody from Google responsible for this. Just nightmare.

Latest update bug. Great app though in the most recent update a bug seems to keep appearing. When looking at routes closing public transport it doesn’t let me change the departure time or date. Apart from that app works fine.

Bbbb. Very good

Ms. Very good

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Google Maps Satellite overlay. I find that Google Maps does use the latest Satellite overlay it’s a very old version it would probably be at a guess over 5yrs old or more, Apple Maps uses more recent updated version of Satellite overlays wish they would update

5 Things that google needs to see.. 1. Why give me multiple choice routes when I type in the address then while I’m driving it auto selects the fastest route without me confirming it, maybe I’m trying to avoid a low clearance bridge or a rough road? Sometimes you’ll catch the countdown to re-route and cancel it then 5 min later the countdown will begin again! This drives me insane! 2. The app should not be reanimating back to my current location while I’m pinching around and looking at a different part of the map, it should only do that when I hit the “current location icon”… 3. We NEED an option to identify and be able to avoid unsealed roads just like we already have with tollways and freeways, now this will have to be community driven but that’s much better than nothing. 4. States are willing to and do publicly share information on height clearance, the hard work is done this is just a copy and past at this point. 5. Road restrictions should be a part of this app for example weight and width limits and again all publicly available information. It’s baffling to me how so much of what we encounter on the road is just ignored when it comes to navigation.

Image. App works well and image is clear find that image can be a few years old but I don’t know how long or what it takes to create

Good app. Reliable application

Không tôn trọng chủ quyền của Việt Nam. Hoàng Sa và Trường Sa đâu khi tôi đang để ở bản quốc tế

It’s good. It’s easier to find people with share location and live map is extremely accurate

G maps is useful!. Great for getting ‘the lay of the land’ before heading off somewhere. You’ll often find something you weren’t anticipating worth checking out. I like it.

You can’t really beat. I think it’s pretty obvious that Google has just about the best publicly available and free to use satellite imagery for earth. Of course there are places that offer higher res images for zooming in, but these are typically subscription services. I love the feature that shows you what lane you need to be in when travelling on a mukti-lane road, especially around the city this is a huge help. I also like that Google did start to add the ability for users to add specific warnings they encounter on their routes, like mobile police speed cameras, like waze does … Just a great navigation appl I wouldn’t be without :)

Deteriorating massively!. This app used to be GREAT! Yet, recently they’ve been stuffing it up more with every update. Someone decided to take off the re-center button from the map! So while navigating the route, if I decided to make the terrible mistake and check the route, I cannot go back to the cursor position no matter what I do! Used to be the function a simple button called “recenter”, but they decided to remove it (because screw logic and UX!) Also algorithm has been getting worse for a while, taking you to the longest route through side street’s unnecessarily! If recenter button is not back before a week, I’m removing this app

O. Ojhggttuuioo is coming to pick me out tomorrow

Extremely disappointed. With new iOS update no links open in Google maps app instead web version, i have to delete re-install the Maps App to work it’s becoming nuisance now.

Google Maps. Wouldn’t be anywhere without it 📍

Weird routes. Been taking me on some weird routes

Needs improvement. Alot of improvements need to be made to make this more efficient

Google maps. Hi my name is Theeran google maps help people to travel were evener you need to go and you don’t get lost

Saving my life. I’m so glad I live in a time when Google Maps exists

Stop telling me download at AppStore. Link to the app directly please.

Crashes badly on new. IOS. On the new Apple iOS Google maps crashes bad! It shut down randomly making driving with it frustrating and a nightmare

Pat. Brings me much longer ways than other maps

Amazing store. Brilliant store, interesting pieces, great prices & friendly staff. Highly recommend 🥇👍💯

Features not working. Many features such as ‘check the facts’ not working. ‘All caught up’ however I’ve only ever checked one fact in a whole year 😅.

Car play. PLEASE fix the bug you are having with carplay Honda cars.

Cringe. This app is pretty cringe and is a bozo that is a nerd

Sick to my stomach. Latest updates have set an American accent to the Australian English voice setting. Does not pronounce 90% of the street, town and suburb names correctly. Does not pronounce meters correctly. Being told what to do by an American makes me sick to my stomach please fix.

What happened to Re-center button in the land scape. There is no Recenter button in the landscape for the iPhone ? Please consider this button. Imagin you are diving and for any reason you touch the screen and map and route is missed up and you cannot re-center your self in the map.

Avoid Toll option doesn’t work for me. There’s been an issue recently (couple of weeks) in my maps that when I turn off the “Avoid Tolls” road then also the map keeps displaying me the Toll road most of the time I’m travelling outside the house. In the situation where I need the maps to travel, it has been the worst experience. Hope it gets fixed soon or uninstall would be the better option for me.

Ok. Heidoxososoos

Google maps App crashes on IOS. App crashes constantly on IOS, even after reinstalling. Also tried incognito mode

TREVER. Trevor came to our business this afternoon on his own doing to try and fix a problem that we had had ongoing issues issues for several years. His openness and understanding of the issues and problems was outstanding his customer service and willingness to assist our customers in having the system of communication that we paid dearly for but did not really receive. Telstra should not only put Trevor in charge of all Victoria but adopted his philosophy on bringing the technology and Telstra into the best business possible in the world. Thank you Trevor. You have somewhat given me some belief in that Australia under the right insight might be the best place ever still live.

Google my business?. The fact that I have to dig through google maps every time I need to manage my google business listing is ridiculous.

Mobile speed camera. Can’t add mobile speed camera alert on the route

Amazing 🤩. Great and helpful app when needing anything

improve details. Thank you for your service. please improve and update the details. Thznks

Don’t support this app, it’s stopping other map does not work on most. Don’t attempt adding this app this is not working on major apps, confusing other map app, a waste of time Don’t attempt adding this app this is not working on major apps, confusing other map app, a waste of time Don’t attempt adding this app this is not working on major apps, confusing other map app, a waste of time Don’t attempt adding this app this is not working on major apps, confusing other map app, a waste of time Don’t attempt adding this app this is not working on major apps, confusing other map app, a waste of time Does not work with car navigation software does not show up your position orientation does not work specially with Audi from 2017 model onwards!

Worth the wait!. At first we were a bit concerned as there seemed to be confusion over our booking and direction of where to sit as we wanted pre dinner cocktails. Service was slow and took about 20 minutes before we had our first drink. Once seated at our pre booked table, it was more organised, staff appeared and we were given excellent service. The food was fantastic. Wine selection and suggestions perfect. Great venue. I would recommend TINTA and look forward to returning again.

It’s pretty good. It would be better if it had dimensions and was more realistic

Not up to date in my area. Google maps is no longer my go to navigation app. So many places in my local area are not up to date and don’t exist on Google Maps. Please update the Sunshine Coast Qld Australia

Thank you. Top quality service, been going to them for years and no issues at all, their staff are super friendly! Amazing shop👏🏼👏🏼

Decisions made easy. Like the direction and mode options - no matter how random my requests 👍🏼😊

Sooooo useful. Soooooo useful, best thing that ever happened to me!

Easy to use app. It allows me to find information that I need , reviews from users, traffic and transport.

Glitch city.. Using Google Maps via Apple Car Play on a late model VW produces a distorted screen and laggy response times. Using Apple Maps works fine. Please fix the issue Google.

Suspicious app. You Morons have updated your own app to be suspicious. Can’t use the app to log on to my Google account anymore WITHIN THIS APP. logging in via browser flawless.

Amazing food amazing service.. Before we could enter the busy restaurant we were greeted by a smile and a list of such an amazing variety of food. It was cheap and the wait for our order was not to long. We ordered a large variety of dishes to share between our family. The food was filled with so much flavour and we knew it was made from someone who genuinely cared about taste and presentation. We will be definitely recommending this restaurant to our family and friends and cannot wait to return.

Google Maps. Good navigation sistem for this device bad sistem please fix that

Go. So slow and late response and sometimes stuck and it is not the phone update I have the latest update

AMAZING. Very good for when I need to find my way

My opinion. Google Maps is quite often my go to app. I think it is excellent.

Truck weight option/ tunnels.. The option to avoid tunnels would be good, or to add truck weights etc and avoid smaller roads. It’d be worth a subscription.

Mediocre. You cannot see local landmarks or roads until you zoom in so far it makes the map function useless. The voice command for directions sometimes turns on sometimes doesn’t. Cannot be used as satnav when driving due to these issues.

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Location keep Switching. My app has been crashing more than usual now. It doesn’t seem to be reliable anymore. When am on right path my location keep switching from one road to another.

Maps doesn’t know what is a road anymore and won’t correct wrong addresses. I was sent down a snowmobile trail this fall by Google Maps. No where to turn around and over 20” of standing water to get through on a rocky, overgrown trail. And now I find they have my address attached to the wrong house and no matter how many times I report it they have not corrected it. Even Apple Maps has the address right - there’s no excuse for this.

The all star. Can’t go wrong love googles

hi. after updates,maps totally work wrong,google maps more garbage day why day

Useless UI/UX. Absolute dreck. Tired of missing turns because the useless app design doesn’t make anything clear.

Maps. Very nice program and very useful 😁😁😁🙏.

Carte. Très bonne visibilité merci

No persistent search.. The app always forgets the current search once the screen goes black, or the app goes into the background. And only one connection is shown. In earlier versions multiple routes and times where shown.

Mona Hair Salon. Outstanding place for all your hair needs , threading , cuts and hair styles . Love the curls Mona and her colleague put in my hair . Prices are very fair , friendly caring staff and Mona listens to what you like . Happy to support a local merchant . Will be going back soon ! Try hair Botox it really works ! , my hair very healthy and lasts approx 6 months very reasonable price . Thanks Mona and Nida - my apologies if my spelling is incorrect . Joanne S .

Excellent. Excellent

What is going on?. Have not used this in a while. It makes no sense. When the interface changes so radically, it needs a how-to video accessible from the main page. I thought Apple Maps was bad.

No way to report speed control with Carplay. With Google Maps, there is still no way to report incident or speed control from Carplay interface. Waze seems to have a better interface on Carplay to do so.

Reporting a bug. iPhone landscape mode, when navigating and panning over the map, the “recenter” button disappears, and will not reappear until the phone is put into the upright position and back into landscape. As a pan often when navigating, the bug makes it very difficult to navigate. Thank you!

Best food and ambience. Love this place, always fresh food, service and great music!

Any plans to support live activities and dynamic islands. Any plans to support live activities and dynamic islands

Google maps. Google maps is very accurate. A lot better than Apple Maps Apple Maps has a lot of mistakes it doesn’t bring you to the right destination a lot of the times Google Maps is 100% fantastic. If you need to use a navigation app use Google maps forgot about any other navigation app Google Maps is the one.

Google map hors connexion. Pourquoi depuis la mise à jour quand je suis hors connexion les étapes et indications pour les rues et routes sont inscrites et dites en anglais. Impossible pour moi de l’utiliser présentement.

What Hbhhhbhb you have a good weekend to celebrate your birthday and I love your birthday wishes. Not yet I just need a lot of things to do but I’m going back to sleep in the next hour or two weeks so I’m not sure what to say but I’m going

Doesn’t show traditional Chinese. App set to traditional Chinese but all notifications are simplified

Donne des mauvaises introductions. L’application me fais tourner en rond dans la ville et me donne des mauvaises introductions.

The app does not move with us. I am new to this country and i expected the google maps to move with me and mark the stops bus went through and when i have to get off but it didn’t help me with that. All i could see is whole travel from start to end point. I wanted the app to move with us. Whats the point of sharing location with the app if it doesn’t move with us on the UI as wel

Best app. Life saver

Stop re routing. App is good but if I go into directions and choose a route, I want THAT route. STOP rerouting me and taking me on a “faster route” that is usually crammed with traffic and taking way longer than it should.

interesting. Me and my friend were desperate to find a gas station and we found one close by then it took us to the middle of the intersection and we never got gas. 🥲

The best. One of the best ever invented. Still original and no comparison!!

Improvement. Needs improvement

Question. Je me demandais si cette application peut nous montrer les chemin et autres sans Wi-Fi?🤔

great app!. great app but reccomendation: add how long it would take to go from somewhere to somewhere with train and boat.

Highly recommended. Aurika is such an amazing professional who is very knowledgeable, responsible, reliable, great and knows how to work with babies. My oldest son had tension and always keep his hands in the fists, and Aurika was able to help him release them. Now, I bring my daughter to her, and this is amazing. She starts walking earlier, and she loves it. Highly recommended! Baby massage is only with Aurika!

Summer time. Summer time started today in Canada and I do not know how to change time in the application. I could not find it in the setting

Add a Report not working.. The “add a report” function is missing and not working.

Recenter button doesn’t appear when phone in Landscape mode. The recenter button doesn’t appear when phone in Landscape which is annoying. Using waze until this is resolved.

Direction. It has issues with showing your direction and confuses me. If that get fixed I’d give it more than 6 star is i could

Not friendly with iPhone. Google maps doesn’t support speak the street names with iPhone.

Not working. Since updates I cannot easily set up start and end trip, the gps does not adjust if I take another route, the progress image is not working so I cannot tell where I am on the map

L Hall. Very fast and professional!

Very helpful. I love this app , use very often when i travel or to know about a distance.. highly recommended.. thank u developer

Skipping delayed busses. Can this thing stop moving into the next bus when the bus is delayed by x minutes? This is the second time now and I can’t tell when the delayed bus is coming casue this thing focuses on the next bus that’s bound to be delayed

Great app. Only thing missing is merging with Waze.

Rerouting to wrong location. Usually works great but lately experience an issue where I place a pin on a LSD in Saskatchewan and it’ll reroute me to an entirely different place without notification during the trip. Has caused major issues when towing.

Super Google. Merci

Updates every Damn day. Honestly I’m getting fed up with google maps every time I go to use it their always asking for updates and it’s really irritating how many times u need to update the damn app

Sharing Route Feature Addition. Loved the feature of reminders and the integration with google calendar. It is great when you’re travelling alone, but I have a suggestion for cases when travelling with others or helping someone search for directions: It would be great if there could be an added feature of being able to share a particular route with someone.

Kyle was amazing. Thanks Kyle

Display nickname instead of real name and profile photo. Someone saw my review on Google Maps, then stalked me to my Facebook. This is not safe! Leaving reviews are very likely going to make people angry, and you should allow people to set a different name and profile photo instead of directly displaying try name and profile photo on Google profile (which I use for the email and GSuite as professional purpose).

The. It Sucks

Pas de confidentialité. On ne peut utiliser l’app de façon anonyme

Unable to change language to English ….. Unable to change language. Tried google for solution but they don’t work. Edit: need to uninstall the app and reinstall to get it to work.

Great healthy food on the go!. Consistent quality for healthy food on the go! 5/5 recommend!

Why does this happen. Google maps keeps switching to my current location when i want to open a map location from facebook

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