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Navigate your world faster and easier with Google Maps. Over 220 countries and territories mapped and hundreds of millions of businesses and places on the map. Get real-time GPS navigation, traffic, and transit info, and find what you need by getting the latest information on businesses, including grocery stores, pharmacies and other important places. Get where you need to go efficiently: • Find the best route with automatic rerouting based on live traffic, incidents, and road closure Find important businesses: • Know what’s open in your area and their latest business hours • Find local restaurants offering delivery and takeout • Create lists of your important places Get there faster with real-time updates • Beat traffic with real-time ETAs and traffic conditions • Catch your bus, train, or ride-share with real-time transit info • Save time with automatic rerouting based on live traffic, incidents, and road closure • With Live View in Google Maps, see the way you need to go with arrows and directions placed right on top of your world. There’s no second guessing or missing another turn. More experiences on Google Maps • Offline maps to search and navigate without an internet connection • Street View and indoor imagery for restaurants, shops, museums and more • Indoor maps to quickly find your way inside big places like airports, malls and stadiums Some features not available in all countries Navigation isn't intended to be used by oversized or emergency vehicles

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Book Name Google Maps
Genre Navigation
Language English
E-Book Size 266.19 MB

Google Maps (Google) Book Reviews 2024

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Good :). It is good very VERY good 😊

Constantly lies about traffic. Especially around rush hour, it'll say things are green when in reality traffic is backed up and not moving. Would understand if it was a one off or somthing but it's very consistent about false greens

Wonderful Service When Purchasing My New Vehicle. Hampton Chevrolet has always been my go to in purchasing vehicles hands down. My recent experience purchase of my 2024 Chevrolet Silverado was amazing and I want to give a special thanks to Josh Lopez for helping in the detailing of my truck and installation and all the extras.

Notification spam. Abuses system notifications to display advertisements

Recent update deleted saved lists. Recent update deleted all my saved lists on maps.

Jeremy was very kind and professional.. Jeremy was very kind and professional.

Aspen Dental Lynchburg VA. I absolutely love Aspen in Lynchburg. The entire staff went above and beyond to make sure I was completely satisfied. I recommend this office to the world. Thank you from the bottom of my feet to my new dentures.

Terrible for pedestrians. I love to use Google maps when driving. However, anytime I try to use Google maps while walking inevitably, it tells me the wrong way to go. It is also very confusing changing constantly as you walk. I do not recommend Google maps while walking.

Careful of tracking. It's a great app other then google tracking every step you do! Careful of the data they are collecting...

It’s getting worse. Please tell me what the next turn is, so many times it says to stay on the current road for .5 miles then at the last moment says to take an exit. There’s also times i add a location as a stop, I miss an exit and instead of rerouting to the stop it routes me to the end destination. Becomes a huge waste of time if I don’t catch it on time. So many times many issues can be resolved if Im just told what my next exit or turn is.

Declining performance. I’ve always been a Google Maps fan… I’m not fond of the recent updates. The navigation seems to be lagging, so in recent use I have missed turns where I previously never did. Also, the business ads have become overwhelming and distracting. Seriously considering using Apple Maps.

Not Impressed. We paid over $5000 to have our garage floor done and are now waiting for them to come back out and re-do it before we can unload the truck that has been the home for our garage contents for the past week. Very disappointed that you can’t hire something done, pay a fair price, and count on it being done in a quality way. We went with them because of the reviews on here but based upon our experience I question their legitimacy. Maybe they just have some new crews that were not properly trained. Whatever the case, there is no excuse for inconveniencing customers in this way. They should have an experienced lead oversee the work when you are paying this kind of money.

Google map. You really shouldn’t be offering a map if you can’t cater to everyone that drives on the road. There’s not just private vehicle is riding down the road. There’s also RVers and there’s also truck drivers and others out there. Your app doesn’t cater to anyone other than a standard car. you drove me down a one-way street. You’ve almost caused problems and almost run me over the cliff of a mountain. I really think I should sue you. If you can offer a map that caters to everyone then don’t offer a map.. oh you took me 100 miles out of my way just because you don’t know which direction to go.

Tells me everything. This app tells me everything way better than iPhones version of maps this app tells me every store or place I recommend this app to a lot of people

Death suppliers. Phuck you people!

Beyond scummy. This app purposefully directs you to places you are not trying to go because they are sponsored by them. Set your map to wal mart and you will end up at a grocery outlet simply because they paid them for it. Disgusting misuse of a navigation app

Awful. Google maps is the most predatory navigation app you could possibly hinder yourself with. It constantly gives you wrong directions, always sends you on the most time consuming and roundabout routes, and pisses on you without the decency to call it rain. Today, TODAY, alone there have been 3 instances in which I needed to turn right or left to get to my location, and Google made me go the complete opposite way each time and do a u-turn. As if that’s the best possible path to get to your location. I have photo and video evidence of this and I only wish companies could be sued for being complete and utter garbage. How much money does Google make? And they can’t even get you from point A to B without making sure they waste half your gas tank. Clearly either malicious, bought out (which they are and are selling all of your data to their buddies every time you use this app), or so woefully moronic and/or schizophrenic a new psychiatric disorder should be made just for them. Anyways, if you love wasting gas and money and it just gives you the warm and fuzzies to have your data and whereabouts sold off to antagonistic money grubbers, then this is the app for you! But if you have a shred of common sense I’d probably stay far away from this app.

Response Time. I love working with a company and person that makes you a priority and has great follow up. Jermaine has both and my car looks great. Thank you.

Fix the labeling of roads. There should be a way to suggest edits of road names. E.G., Hectorville Rd in Okmulgee County, Oklahoma is not Happy Camp Rd. Happy Camp Rd is five miles to the South of Hectorville Rd. At least in my experience Apple Maps labels roads correctly.

Terrible. This was the last service from Google I actually still used, it's worthless for traffic now. Delay times are meaningless. Alternative routes don't show up. I never thought I'd recommend this but stick with Apple Maps.

Not accurate or helpful. This GPS sends people looking for our home and Airbnb to wrong location and route out of way. Anyway to fix this!!!!!!

LBV Ale House. Food was great and came out quick. Excellent service from Storm.

Slow. It’s slow

Not bad. I like it so far

Awesome app. But sometimes the app just says: “ your destination is on the right” ,when I am in the wrong place or building , I deliver pizzas and it’s time sensitive business but I can’t deny the big help we all get from google maps .

Asian directions lol. Well it may take anExtra half hour to get to where you’re going by following the directions if you know where you’re going, you know that there is a faster easier way however, if you don’t they’ll get you there

The most frustrating Navigator. It’s a nice way to see places on a map and view reviews, but it’s lacking as a navigator. The most frustrating is that if I miss a turn while using it, it will often dramatically reroute. It is a frequent problem when the navigator wants me to cut down a neighborhood side street for half a block instead of remaining on major city roads.

Buen servicio. Buenas lavadoras y secadoras y muy limpio el lugar

Awesome. This is wonderful, thank you.

Walk and Public tranportation. Bring it back to how it was That was perfect

A Shoe Shine to be Proud of!!. So .. I moved to the city of Philadelphia 3 1/2 years ago. I have been to 4 different shoe repair places in order to find a viable and sustainable answer to incorporating a consistent shine of my work shoes. After the last attempt, I actually just gave up as the shoes were coming back to me relatively the same as I turned them in. There just wasn’t enough difference between the before and after to justify continually spending money to have them professionally done when I can just do it myself and achieve the same results. However, recently, I’ve changed jobs so I thought I would get these shoes shined again, just to have a fresh look as my shoes are nearly 8 years old at this point. I took them to Lenny’s and I am ABSOLUTELY BLOWN!! These shoes have never come back to me looking so shiny and clean. I was absolutely stunned when she handed them to me. They nearly look new!! FINALLY !! Thank you 🙏 so much for taking the necessary pride in your profession and fulfilling a service that your counterparts were not so successful at completing. YOU HAVE EARNED A CUSTOMER FOR LIFE!!

Pop up suggested stops?. Loyal Google users for years. I’ve just downloaded Apple Maps.

Love love Jessenia. Jessenia was the best waiter ever she really knows the menu and gave great customer service

Groovy. High 5

Speed limit. We need speed limit. Not just the postage sign limit. If Android has it, so should iOS!

Always Excellent!. My wife and I have both taken our cars here for service and continue to be impressed. Kerry and team are always very knowledgeable, professional, and friendly. They get us scheduled and serviced very quickly and take great care of our vehicles.

New Update Renders Navigation Completely Unusable. I’ve been using this app for years, and now I have to switch to another navigation app because this one completely bugs out every time you try to use the navigation since the new update. I get that they’re working out the bugs but WOW it is nothing but bugs at this point. Why on earth would you release this to the public? Google’s unquestioned monopoly has clearly led to the demise of its products. Yikes.

EV need total miles multi stop route. For EV's it's critical to know how many miles you are going to be driving. We NEED total miles for multi stop routes! Apple maps displays total miles and time and somehow picks more efficient routes. Will be using Apple maps as default until fixed.

Bug. The map is upside down

Dinner experience. My waitress Steph L was very nice and helpful. She was very friendly and made us laugh through out our dinner. Constantly checking up on us and made sure our drinks where always full.

Adel Tree. Great/ quick / professional work! They are always on time, complete and clean. Used them several times and will continue doing so. Recommend unequivocally for any size job!!!

Great tool if used properly. Great tool if used properly

Good. Nice service

Doesn’t remember view, interrupts audio. The most useful yet infuriating app out there. My main problem is that it doesn’t remember what you were looking at when it quits and reopens (which happens often, especially when you use the camera). So I’m CONSTANTLY looking at directions, then the app gets unloaded, and when I open it I need to re-input the directions. This drives me insane. Also, when I’m playing audio and start using Maps, it stops the audio for no reason. This shouldn’t happen unless I press a play button somewhere on a video in Maps.

Update EVERDAY. google maps is indeed the #1 navigation map however there seems to be an update everyday, especially when discovering a location via web the transfer to the app always requires an update.

Good Massage. The session was not rushed and the massage was centered around the areas that needed to be addressed. Would recommend to all.

Google is being paid by the gas companies. I’m convinced that google is being paid by the gas companies to give you the longest route possible. Oh and if you leave this app a 1 star review they will somehow delete it. This is the 4th review I’ve left. Other 3 were deleted. Do better google. Edit: Once again google took me on the longest route possible. A 30 minute drive turned into an hour after all the traffic it sent me through. Please fix this.

Our Go-To Car Service.. Extremely happy that I found this company. I have used them numerous times for local airport travel. Whether it’s a 2:00 AM pick up here in Port or a 1:00 AM JFK pick up after multiple flight delays they are there. Scheduling is a simple phone call or text with quick confirmations and driver contact information. Thank you H&M.

Motorbike directions BUG. If you apply an update to google maps while using an active VPN which is set to a location that does not support navigation directions by motorbike the option to select motorbike navigation is hidden, no matter your ACTUAL location, or whether you turn off the VPN later. This is a setting applied at app update. . Many people have raised missing motorbike navigation as a bug but no clear solution is anywhere. Enabling motorbike navigation should be a user setting not an lucky feature.

Getting better/is somewhat less buggy. Soon it’ll be back to being almost as good as it was 3 years ago. But, STILL can’t sort Saved Places as we choose! Whose idea was it to list them in RANDOM order, with no way to re-order them??? Makes finding any specific one, majorly tedious. If the user isn’t given control over that, AT LEAST make the default listing ALPHABETICAL.

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FUSTRATING beyond belief!!. Possibly the most frustrating app I have ever used! So you’re in a rush, you google directions on the web - perfect! Click directions, to be automatically transferred to the app, it loses the info you’ve put in so it’s back to original search (which would’ve worked perfectly in the first place!) copy the address to paste in to maps app, then you have to update the app pretty much every time Google makes you use it! Such a poor experience every time!!!!!

Great for small businesses. Took me ages to understand how useful google can be when utilised properly

Always needs updating. Great app, really helpful in getting around, wouldn’t use anything else. But istg every time I go to use this app, it needs updating.

Find. Can’t find lidle supermarket I Hereford just showing blue lines . I need street and road markets. Thank you

Doesn’t work. Stopped working and despite reinstalling still doesn’t work

P a tabib dentist. Very good efficient & clean nhs practice .appointment was given within few hours & all my questions were answered & open on Saturday as well so why go to private

Tom M. I have known Joe at Ashtons for over 15 years. Through that time his help and advice on buying and selling houses has been fantastic. He has all the qualities you want for a great estate agent and he would always be my first port of call when looking to buy and sell in the Harpenden housing market.

Why so unintuitive?. I don’t get the thought processes of the app developers. If I drop a pin and then save IT WOULD BE HANDY TO BE ALLOWED TO RENAME IT BEFORE SAVING IT.

Good Service. Served by Charlie. Very attentive and polite.

Not Very accurate. Google maps is not accurate and when I try to update to the correct location of and address it doesn’t allow me to. Please can you make your maps more accurate as delivery drivers can’t find me. I am not on a private road.

Screen turns off while navigating. After updated to the latest 2 versions, the screen turns off while started navigation. There were no such issues before these two updates. Even I unlocked the screen when the situation was allowed, the mobile screen will turn off again (Auto-lock).

Is there a contact address for corrections ? : PLEASE !!. Updated 05-Apr-2024 : Will anyone at Google EVER respond to my simple question ?? ….. Updated 31-Mar-2024 : Another update to the App, but still no-one has had the decency to respond to me. IS IT REALLY TOO MUCH TO ASK THAT YOU SHOW MY HOUSE AT ITS PROPER LOCATION ? … I HAVE SUBMITTED SEVERAL CORRECTIONS, BUT THESE HAVE ALL BEEN IGNORED. Updated 26-Feb-2024 : Still no response from anyone … Will someone at Google PLEASE tell me who to contact ? . . Updated 11-Feb-2024 ****** IS ANYBODY THERE ? ***** . Updated 30-Jan-2024 to note that no-one has responded to this request. . I have tried submitting forms via the App … but no-one appears to be paying any attention. The location of my dwelling is incorrectly shown on both Google Earth and Google Maps … this is very frustrating as it causes difficulty for visitors, couriers, etc. !! The property is named, not numbered, and I have repeatedly shown the required correction. Surely this is NOT THAT DIFFICULT to put right. .

Google Maps. There should be household reviews!!!.

Aaaggggrr. I’m so annoyed and angry to not be able to select saved place when adding stop to the route.

Unforgivable. Saw another review that said the pins haven't been working for 4 years. And still it's the same thing. What's so hard to fix? Also got re-directed to a closed road 3 times in one single way trip, definetly won't be using google for navigation ever again

Still no speedometer. As above

Routes. Why can’t any of these app have a part for people towing caravans, it might be the best route with just a car but not towing a caravan !!!!

Buggy. Downloaded offline maps to findout it wont use them in bad signal ares (which is whats its for when driving). You have to turn airplane mode on for offline maps to load when internet is slow otherwise you’re stuck driving on blank canvas. Another thing is when you wanna report accident or anything under ( + ) it wont allow u to move backward on route or select manually where it is unless you were quick enough and had directions turned on. So pointless, always marking it way away from where it actually happened.

Wendy. Best fish and chips in Looe

Useless. What ever you have done to the app it makes the web not open in the app anymore! It just goes to the App Store where it was opening straight in the map! ITS ANNOYING!

The Drop in Madiha. Super friendly young team who have the most beautiful place to stay… sympatheticly renovated with a contemporary twist. We booked out three rooms of different sizes… Ours had the added comfort of AC and jungle garden. Highly recommend!!

Terrific yeataki. This app is terrible it can’t even talk right and its been so overrated I prefer maps from the olden days

Blurred and no satellite 3D. Since the latest update the picture quality is worse and I had 3D pictures on the old version but not on the new one . Is it me or is everything just getting worse ,

Good. I used it to find places

What’s happened. Used to be amazing and so dependable. Now it’s horrendous. Constantly losing place in the middle of a trip or turning you round 360, showing you’re somewhere you’re not, or just deciding it doesn’t want to do the route halfway through! Given the money Google has. You’d think they’d sort it out, because it’s beyond awful.

Wrong direction. I used to love Google maps, but recently, the arrow on the navigation shows the wrong direction to what the map is showing. I’ve got lost more than 4 times now because it keeps telling me to go one way, when the map is showing straight for example. 🤦‍♀️😠

Update. Google is the best map ever I have seen some difficult junctions is very difficult to choose the right track if they have a 2-D map it will be easy and the camera option it doesn’t have a sound these two updates are very important for the riders I hope I will see this features in next update thank you.

Problems. Not being able to access maps since the upgrade last week. Keeps saying “something went wrong , try again”.

Rubbish. PLEASE READ APPLE!!!Every time I search a place whilst using it on my iPhone it says oops a problem occurred or something like that even after I update it every single time. And I’m a 12 year old kid who doesn’t even use it to travel and gets frustrated with the app so imagine what adults who actually rely on the app would feel like! Would give it 0 stars if I could 😭 apple if it is just my phone doing this is there a way to fix it? ~Jessica 👌🏻

La Parisienne is a must. This French style cafe at the Intercontinental City Hotel is a gem! The cakes, treats and coffee are all excellent but the best part of the experience are the amazing staff especially Erika and Jennifer, always happy to see you and can’t do enough for you I would highly recommend a visit

Used to be great. Googles maps used to be amazing but now it never seems to work. If I search in google where I want to go and click google maps for directions, the link between the web browser and google maps never works. There is either ANOTHER update that needs doing (which for whatever reason doesn’t update automatically like my other apps) but then I have to start all over again with my search. It’s just clunky and over complicated itself!

Worsening app. I’ve used this app for years, reviewed hundreds of times and become basically reliant on it for most travel. It was the ultimate travel app. Over the past year it has become more and more unusable for me, mainly centered around a few features: - when searching for a route, if I leave the app at any point (say to check the address again) the search in Google maps times out and resets - if I press start route, the route disappears and I’m unable to search for new stops etc. I’m locked into that journey - it seems more set on reducing walking time than I’ve ever experienced, suggesting 1 minute buses at a cost of £1.65 to save 9 minute walks - no ability to save routes without internet, should have happened years ago, still screenshotting routes to save - worsened user interface with latest updates I’ve moved onto citymapper and will see if it’s any improvement.

Review. Very good service. Friendly and helpful. Not pushy. Let me have space to think and choose.

Unable to converse with the people who want the job. Need help to make contact with the person that needs the job

Nightmare since update. Since last update usual journeys have Trev Lenin travel times with the maps taking down totally bizzaire routes. Great for the tourist on a Sunday afternoon but complete rubbish otherwise

Really disappointed. Recently my friend had a car accident and was on her own as the police just moved the cars and the ambulance took the other driver to hospital. She was stuck there for literally hours with no food, water or toilet after sharing her location via WhatsApp only for Google to literally send me in a loop of lets show you how long it’s going to take you to get there…take you t the App Store and then lose all the info and coordinates which you cannot save and aren’t save in a history. An absolute joke! After being told she could leave her totalled car at the scene for recovery she was forced to wait because we couldn’t find her. Literally let me down when I needed it most.

randomly stopped working. yh

Rubbish. Really annoying app event can’t get to my previous google maps

Annoying af. Continuous updates every two days mean that every time I need directions on safari, it redirects me to the app store asking for an update. Absolute waste of time and patience.

Five star navigator. I was going to my mates house and thought I was lost but google maps reassured me that I was on the right track

Mr Andrew. These gents are the best plumbing company around. Friendly service. Timelines sorted. No problems. Quality finish. Good price. Thoroughly recommend 👍

Can’t sign out. Somehow I am signed in on work email and can’t get out

What’s this update?. Latest update of satellite picture is now a poor quality image around the places I live, north west uk. Time to find a different app for me

review. this app is wonderful but I don’t think internet should be necessary for you to be able to use the app especially in case of emergencies

Very helpful. 👍good

Hmmmm. Not always accurate

Fabulous Brunch at Cote in the West End!. My sister and myself went to Cote in the west end before going to the theater. We enjoyed our brunch and this set us up well for the afternoon performance! The restaurant was busy but the staff were friendly and helpful. The food arrived quickly and would definitely return to Cote in the future! It was also good value for money considering we were in London! Well done Cote! 👏

Google maps. It’s ok to use but can lag very easily

Ideal home show. Abby was most informative and that’s why we signed up . Very friendly and outgoing

What’s gone wrong. Used to be a great and very useful app, the tracking feature misses most of my journeys, and thinks I am walking when I am driving. Can travel 10 miles and return home, the app when it works displays route taken but says I have only traveled a few feet. Yet to see any benefits from recent updates, the app is no longer fit for purpose.

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Fred Hill. Very organised

After so many years. Still cant see total distance for a multi stop trip.

Unwanted information covering map. There needs to be a button to turn off unwanted labels. Google is forcefully displaying labels that are unwanted. It displays businesses, restaurants, service stations, hotels and places I have no interest in or have never been to, hiding the map and making it difficult to follow. It displays labels that I did not ask for. I want Google Maps for one thing and one thing only: a map. I should be allowed to switch off labels so that I can see the roads and the locations and nothing else.

Review. Yeah it’s pretty good

I love this app. It’s so great!

My expirience. I replaced left knee last year in July. I was limping, and couldnt bend much Left leg. IT was too tight. Started to come in StretchLab, Highgate With Bilja Stojanović as coach. After a few sesiom, my left leg become More flexibile, and whole body More strechy. Also i realised that was less Stres on me after all. Thanx Bilja Thanx StrechLab I warmly sugest this StrechLab service To others Ranko

The new colours are horrible. At one time if you were not using satellite view but normal view, the colour differences were such that it showed up subdivided blocks on a street. Not any more. Thanks to Google changing to the colours to stupid ones from the old classic format, things now blend in and as a real estate use has become totally useless.


Cant see any ratings and reviews on iphone11. When I click on any spot I can see the rating shows up for 0.5sec and then it disappears. After that it cannot be found anywhwhere in the info page.

How to turn off immersive view?. I just want to see the 360* image again and not immersive view.

It makes me update it every time I use it!. Time consuming having to update every time I want to go somewhere.

Keeps trying to listen to my microphone. It just won’t take “no” for an answer. There’s a manager at Google who’s KPIs revolve around the number of private conversations they can spy on.

Thank you so much google maps you’re very helpful. Thank you for helping us find the vet, I love this app, whoever made this app I would like to say that this is my favourite app and thank you for saving my cat’s life.

Updates. Every time I open this god forsaken app it needs a NEW UPDATE KILL ME

Fault. It’s not working

Don’t know how to make it work. For some reason I can’t get it to work. I give it a ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Cute Tatts. I got 6 itty bitty Tatts and I'm really happy with how they turned out.

Why do I have to get an app just to look at street view?. Had to get the app just to look at street view because the website wouldn’t let me. Had the app downloaded for 2 minutes then deleted. Thanks for wasting my time.

Mr. It’s great

Bad Just Bad. When i log into this map it automadicaly disconects me from the internet

bus time bug. recently google maps has only showed bus times in 5 hours from the current time, not buses appropriate to the time you’re asking. occasional extra bug of showing no buses at all. it’s getting very irritating, please fix it.

Misleading the way. Always fail to direct to the right way in the tunnel. Lead to the toll road even it’s the same use of time. Waste my time and money!

Drive times are incorrect. I often drive from Brisbane to the Gold Coast and suddenly every day Google maps says it’s a 2 hr drive (should only be one hour), this hasn’t corrected itself in over a month. Even deleting and reinstalling the app hasn’t helped. Have moved onto another app now

Places. It’s better to find places or things if you are lost or don’t know/ say Nhill to Horsham like that 😀

Nunya. I’d really appreciate being able to escape out of the rental car as at the bottom of my screen. It’s blocking the information I need

No audio. I can’t get audio

Einstellungen von anderen Geräten übernehmen. Warum muss ich auf jedem meiner Geräte die Einstellungen anpassen? Kann man nicht einfach die Einstellungen der anderen Geräte automatisch übernehmen?

Always new updates. It’s getting out of control. Every time I open google maps , it needs an update like every 3 days if not every day now .. Are you serious? Nah.. That’s just impossible to use this app

Bus suggestion is a trash. Not accurate when it is near a bus station available, it directed me to another further bus station in many places, not just one scenario.

Recently gone haywire. I took my Nama and 3 year old to the country recently. Worked ok on the way up but on the way back said it would take 1 day 7 hours to do a 3 1/2 hour trip home. Twice it took us down long corrugated 4 wheel drive tracks that got worse the further in we went. I checked later there were no closures or hold ups. I eventually pulled over and changed to a different maps app that got us home ok. 1 1/2 hours later and a lot dirtier and angrier than we needed to be. I shall delete the app.

Customer service review. I am a new client- customer service is excellent, Curd he is very friendly, took less than one minute to resolve my issue- no waiting period- communication very clear, professional and supportive. I am fully satisfied with Curd. Thanks again.

Worst map app ever. Every time I search for something Google maps does not open the app automatically, it takes me to the App Store to Update Google maps. This is a slow process, then Google maps opens and it’s not showing the destination that I just requested. What is wrong with this app??

Great service. Always satisfied whilst using this service, Seldom needed but always reliably useful

Google maps. This app is fantastic! Shows everything, real time and keeps moving with no reception! Perfect!

Naggy. The manner in which google has decided to nag you in all its websites and apps is such poor user experience hoping for conversions. Very strange behaviour for such a company Always asking me what browser I want to use in the vague hope I’ll accidentally press Chrome. Conveniently forgetting my choice to ask me again

Best deal in Chalong. Great quality and good good price. I highly recommend coming here! Friendly staff and helpful.

Tolls. Redirects me through toll roads even if it’s the slower option. No height option Even with tolls off it still takes you through toll roads

Zooming broken. Pinching zoom randomly drops you off the current view, supper difficult to locate an exact location.

Helpfulness. It helps me know where to go and is heaps better than apple maps

Timeline gone on app gone for good?. Never more get my timeline on app on my iPhone? Can you guys fixed thease

Listed Businesses. Business locations are not very accurate in some locations. Businesses paying to google partner has been favored against the small businesses trying to list their own business.

good map. 편리하게 잘 사용하고 있습니다.


Constant rerouting onto tolls. Don’t bother with this app if you want to choose a preferred route. This app will constantly reroute you, pushing you on to tolls when you try to avoid them. No option for disabling this either. Somebody no doubt struck a deal somewhere. Use Waze instead.

Tranquility Massage. I’ve just had my third massage treatment from this newish establishment in Brunswick Street, New Farm. In a word SUPERB!! fabulous each time.

App. The only one that gets it right.for me.

Update. I needed to get somewhere urgently and Google maps won’t let me use the app until I updated which took 6 minutes. Not good enough. Should have a warning that an update is required but still be able to use the old one for urgent navigation


Liked old maps.. New update has frozen my view count on my photos. New reviews not visible. Don't know why? Contacted google but nothing done or no reply. Only giving 1 star (normal 5) so review is noticed.

Always misleading, worst navigation ever. Always misleading, worst navigation ever

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Something went wrong. That’s the window that pops up - can’t figure out how to fix it. Just stupid that it works great and then bam, out of the blue, it just stops working!

Stupid system. This map system does not allow you change an area to avoid as the the route they suggest leads you into areas where there is no cell service, gas stations & is prone to frequent flooding. It does not offer alternate routes that are safer. The path does not have to always be the fastest. Allow the driver to pick other alternatives. The maps picks most time asinine or down right dangerous.

Efficacité Google Maps ,localisation dès lieux ,efficiency of Google Maps. J’adore Google Maps pour efficaciter des lieux où endroits que l’on veut aller, cela me permet de prendre le trajet le plus court et me faire économiser de l’argent. I love Google Map for thé effiency of where we want to go, it allows me to take thé shortest route and saves me money.

Great app!!!. Thx so much for this amazing app!

Worst update. Everything was good until they updated google maps to this latest version

Exceeding Speed limit. The app is missing this important feature. Please add an optional setting whereby there is a continuous beeping when exceeding the speed limit by a certain user settable amount.

Рекомендую, полезное приложение с актуальной информацией. Полезное приложение с актуальной информацией, не знаю чтобы я без него делал))) Всем PEACE

Full screen feature gone. With this new version, I cannot make the app and the map full screen anymore. So, it’s time to move on and use another app.

Google maps. Thanking Google for this amazing app. Google truly is my reference platform! Much love

Like how many times could an app possibly need to be updated. Every. Single. Time. I go to use this app my phone tells me it needs to update. It feels like they never fix all the bugs at once in an update and just do one and then another and another.

Bad Update - Navigation Is Worse. The new update makes it harder to see where to go. Shows the entire route and gives a banner but I’d rather it zoom in on my current location.

worst map app there is. doesn’t display proper bus times, takes u on ridiculous routes, is not accurate at allll if i could give no stars i would worst app ever

No options for Avoid Highways. Very poor app, not getting options to avoid highways

Forgets my Route (Transit). It seems that Google Maps doesn't store my transit route information on their servers, so if I'm on a bus and I play some games that cause the phone to quit some apps, it will no longer remind me to get off at a station or even remember where I'm trying to go. I find that sometimes the UI is also bugged and prevents me from viewing my route and forces me to restart the app (which means it forgets my route).

Google maps is NOT working. I have deleted and re down loaded google maps numerous times with the same result. Blank page with a blue location dot nothing else. Error msg.: oops something went wrong please try again Does google ever plan to fix it ?are you ever going to fix it or just keep telling us it is fixed IT DOESNT SHOW ANY ROADS!!! March 18, 2024 still not working! It is now April 06, 2024 and you still haven’t fixed google maps. Do I have to go back to paper maps or do you plan to fix it in this lifetime?

Needs an update every day. Every time I go to use the app, it needs an update? Its work good, just leave it alone there google, it’s a good app boy you

Hâte it. Shrunk to nothing. Not helpful. Bring it back please. Switching for sure

Maguy & Kevin. L'hôtel The Arrivals car la place est très propre, très agréable les employés Hà, Thức, Ngọc et Thanh Tâm sont très gentils très serviables toujours disponibles avec le sourire pour aider la clientèle. J’ai eu un service très exceptionnel de la part de Mme Thanh Tam c’est sûr que je vous réfère à cet Hôtel, de plus le qualité de prix est très raisonnable 🥰

Can not open Google Maps!. See above.

Like a virus. Always invading and manipulating

Will not connect anymore. Google is getting worse and worse as time goes on

Feeling bad with new versions! Deeplink issue. I'm facing many issues with deep linking; it only works through the web, not the app. Sometimes, it shows a Firebase dynamic link error page!

goofy. map doesn’t even load lol. terrible for a multi billion dollar company

Never accurate bus times. Always having to run or wait a min of 10 minutes in cold or rain due to googles horrible estimate times. I will constantly update things and then it will just out if no where say the bus has gone without any pervious updates. It’s extremely frustrating as I try to avoid this and the app will just not update until the absolute last second

Please add a feature Dog Friendly. I’m a dog owner and everytime I go with my dog I need to call the businesses and ask if im allowed to bring my dog with me. Why there is no feature to see if the place is a dog friendly place or not?

Great job. Soumya is amazing physio, she’s professionally and knows exactly what she is doing. I had an awesome 6 months session with her and I don’t regret anything. I have improved a lot and am so grateful. I was so difficult and annoying at time but she was patience and was encouraging me always. Good job Soumaya and keep up your good work

Google maps is broken!. Both Google Maps on my iPad & iPhone do NOT WORK, the map is blank. I do have the blue dot indicating where I am but absolutely nothing else I keep getting a “try again” ribbon

Things to consider…. I'd love to see real-time traffic updates with alternative route suggestions, integration with public transportation schedules, and the ability to customize preferences for things like scenic routes, eco-friendly options, or avoiding tolls. Additionally, enhanced features for pedestrian navigation, such as detailed walking paths and points of interest, would be helpful.

Thank you. Thank you for always being there when I you!!

Feature request : Total distance for multiple stops. Many people are asking for this feature for many years and this is being ignored. Replace useless ETA with total distance and people will be greatful, including me.

Outstanding work Google. Google maps app is like a flawless diamond in design, I have no problems with it, I think it’s a great app and I like the reviews that I can share with the business that I deal with.

Quand on utilise l’audio pour guider .. Ça ne dis plus le nom des rues sur lesquelles tourner , c’est emmêlant pour les bretelles aussi ça dit prendre la bretelle sans mentionner celle de droite ou de gauche ! Avant c’était mieux ! Je me suis trompée plusieurs fois . Merci d’améliorer et non de régresser .

I can’t upload my photos. I can’t upload my photos. When I write a review and try to upload some photos, it won’t upload. Every time I try to upload photos, it’s say ( some photos weren’t added)

Wow. So good it’s so easy to use and saves a lot of time

No views update. Most of my new photo entries show a 0 views even after several months. What’s wrong with Google. Can’t you fix this?

Not bad at all just very bad connection issues.. I will give this a good rating though.

The new version is trash. Once you select a route, you can’t go back to see your other options. you’d need to exit out the app and retype your destination again. 😒

Truck route. Best application for navigating through big cities. Please add truck route options too.

Constantly requiring update to use it. Very annoying when you’re trying to find something and every week or two there’s an update and you can’t use the app before updating it

truck map for truck drivers. Please try to bring trucker map too in google map this can help us as truck driver a-lot

Useless features. Start out trying to navigate on a trip that should’ve been 20 minutes took almost an hour because the map shows blue lines. I guess they’re alternative routes, but neglect to show that the alternate routes are going to take way longer.

Still no Live Activities?!. The new iPhones have been out for months and months now, and there’s still no support for the Dynamic Island (Live Activities). Google promised to make this a reality a long time ago. I can’t understand why it’s taking so long! Awful! Hurry up

Wonderful tool. Love this app! 5-star!

Gives me wrong directions. When I’m driving, it keeps telling me to stay to the left or right when in reality I should not be there. This has caused me to take the wrong ramp and significantly extend how long I am stuck in traffic.

Palestine. Where is Palestine ????

G Maps. One great feature about this phone ☎️ 👍😊

Reviews and images won’t load.. I have been having this issue for over a month. When I use the app on my iPad it does not work. If I click on a location the reviews do not show up and neither do comments, pictures or an up to date image. It is just a stock image of the street that looks dated. I’ve tried everything. It works on browser and it works on my phone. I’ve uninstalled the app. Tried a different account. Reset my iPad to factory. Browsed in incognito. I’ve sent feedback, asked the community. Nothing works and it STILL does not work. When will this issue be resolved?

Custom sort labels. Please allow to move up and down the labels such as home, work, school or any other label

Update. Every time I’m directed to this app it needs to be updated. I just updated. I wish it would just use my regular google maps app.

Traffic widget IOS not loading any more. Since last update, my traffic widget continues to say Unable To Load.. The widget on iPad Pro 6th generation or iPhone 15pro… never works… if I delete the widget, I can’t get “traffic” back. Why is this always an issue?

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