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Pure instant messaging — simple, fast, secure, and synced across all your devices. One of the world's top 10 most downloaded apps with over 500 million active users. FAST: Telegram is the fastest messaging app on the market, connecting people via a unique, distributed network of data centers around the globe. SYNCED: You can access your messages from all your phones, tablets and computers at once. Telegram apps are standalone, so you don’t need to keep your phone connected. Start typing on one device and finish the message from another. Never lose your data again. UNLIMITED: You can send media and files, without any limits on their type and size. Your entire chat history will require no disk space on your device, and will be securely stored in the Telegram cloud for as long as you need it. SECURE: We made it our mission to provide the best security combined with ease of use. Everything on Telegram, including chats, groups, media, etc. is encrypted using a combination of 256-bit symmetric AES encryption, 2048-bit RSA encryption, and Diffie–Hellman secure key exchange. 100% FREE & OPEN: Telegram has a fully documented and free API for developers, open source apps and verifiable builds to prove the app you download is built from the exact same source code that is published. POWERFUL: You can create group chats with up to 200,000 members, share large videos, documents of any type (.DOCX, .MP3, .ZIP, etc.) up to 2 GB each, and even set up bots for specific tasks. Telegram is the perfect tool for hosting online communities and coordinating teamwork. RELIABLE: Built to deliver your messages using as little data as possible, Telegram is the most reliable messaging system ever made. It works even on the weakest mobile connections. FUN: Telegram has powerful photo and video editing tools, animated stickers and emoji, fully customizable themes to change the appearance of your app, and an open sticker/GIF platform to cater to all your expressive needs. SIMPLE: While providing an unprecedented array of features, we take great care to keep the interface clean. Telegram is so simple you already know how to use it. PRIVATE: We take your privacy seriously and will never give any third parties access to your data. You can delete any message you ever sent or received for both sides, at any time and without a trace. Telegram will never use your data to show you ads. For those interested in maximum privacy, Telegram offers Secret Chats. Secret Chat messages can be programmed to self-destruct automatically from both participating devices. This way you can send all types of disappearing content — messages, photos, videos, and even files. Secret Chats use End-to-End Encryption to ensure that a message can only be read by its intended recipient. We keep expanding the boundaries of what you can do with a messaging app. Don’t wait years for older messengers to catch up with Telegram — join the revolution today. Apple Terms of Use:

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Book Name Telegram Messenger
Genre Social Networking
Language English
E-Book Size 133.46 MB

Telegram Messenger (Telegram FZ-LLC) Book Reviews 2023

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One of the Greatest Apps Ever. The use of Telegram Bots/Communities/E2EE messaging, Telegram did it the right way. With high quality media too. As long as they never follow the steps of Meta & Facebook then they will always be one of the Best Social Platforms to Ever Be Released

Папки с файлами в облаке. Было бы очень круто, если бы пользователям Telegram предоставлялась возможность структурировать личные файлы, которые мы сгружаем в избранное. Я бы сразу же купил премиум подписку.

Proxy. Hi Please add a special proxy to Telegram so that we can always connect

не могу зайти в аккаунт!!!. я удаляла аккаунт по личным причинам и после этого не могу войти с этого же телефона. в чем проблема: ввожу свой номер телефона, но не присылается код, я пробовала все методы которые возможны, без телеграмма я жить не могу, пожалуйста помогите

Used to be good. Very slow after offering a paid for version. App has really gone downhill

No Chinese. No Chinese

Nice. Nice chat

ما انصح بتنزيلة. ما انصح تثبيته كلما افوت عليه الگه محاضرات متراكمة

Ignores All Notification Settings. I don’t know what they did but notifications are totally busted. They ignore all settings related to focuses, delivery restrictions, etc. The only thing they abide by is enabled or disabled. I can’t even sign in to their big reporting platform to report it. So even though it’s a good chat app, any app that doesn’t follow notification settings is an instant failure for me.

大陆手机号收不到验证码. +86手机号无法登陆 建议提供设备及密码登陆选项

Yes. Yes yes yes chlib chlib

Notifications. Please if someone joins telegram it’s their business why inform me are y’all crazy 👀👀

Fix your app. I’m tired of two tone messages please fix this

I can't log into my account!. very inconvenient account recovery!

Report. What the held is gone my account use any one not get code my phone number it's not good

amirdirine. 1234567890Ad@

Video auto play. How do I disable autoplay videos? Where have the options for disabling automatic playback been moved to?

Don’t trust this app. My card information was stolen by this app and my money was taken for premium service that I never signed up for

No access to all contacts. The app is pretty locked down if you won’t give them access to see all your contacts. I don’t want all my contacts scanned. There is no reason for this limitation other than data harvesting. If this stupid limitation goes away, I will update my rating much higher.

Please Add OTP for 2FA.. Please add 2FA with OTP with google authenticator or Authy!

Disable media autoplay. Give back the option to disable media autolay! Update : I was contacted by the developers telling me the options have been moved to under power saving settings. I actually did saw that, but thought that was setting what to include in power saving settings, and I still think it was confusing. But changed my star rating since this option still exists.

best massager in world. Telegram is very smoothhhhhhhhh

Better way. I like the app but I wish it was another way to find people to chat with like the nearby section, if it is I couldn’t find it

Privacy for profile pic. First of all let us know which one of our contacts are already in exception for "never share with" profile photo, when you scroll through contacts you cannot find. Secondly let us choose contacts base on company. I don't want any of my company which I already saved people based on company see my profile picture. At the end thanks for your awesome app

sort of freely. This is a great app I believe ,many channels depending who you follow are letting you speak freely but to a certain point. You will get suspended if you use certain left wing feeling hurting terms and many channels wont let you post comments . If you speak against certain left wing topics you will be blocked from existence just like you tube,fb, twitter etc . Many sensitive individuals are flooding this app that at times it may feel that you are still in facebook or twitter or even you tube but if you can just ignore them from existence and focus on your favorite person or persons to get your news and chat with friends you will love this app . Over all app is fun to have and there are many informative channels in telegram that you will enjoy following till mysteriously they are gone !

Mostly good. Thanks for fixing the sticker issue

The worst support. I was writing 100500 massages to support about issues with lost my account and nobody answer. I have lost all my data from 2019. Thanks.

Disable media autoplay. Very Bad... Give back the option to disable media autoplay!

ما الجديد ؟. الصراحه الشيء الجديد الوحيد بي هو من تنزلة تلكه جميع المحاظرات متراكمة عليك وشكرن

Profile. Why I can’t set my profile?!!?

The phone never rings. Every time I call my folks the call only say- “contacting” and doesn’t reach a dam person. Only when they call before I am able to reach them and at the given time the line be lagging and always full with statics and interference. I had high hopes for this app. Will review with a higher star once issue is resolved. One Love, God bless

Apple Store censors Telegram. Really sad that you can’t go anywhere online without apple censoring content

ужас. последнее время начал очень лагать.то есть я пишу сообщения и через некоторое время замечаю,что оно не отправилось.приходится ждать по 15-20 минут чтобы написать!!прошу исправить это.такое случается на протяжении двух месяцев.😡

Can’t get this app. This app doesn’t have the button that says get so can’t download.

Please add auto proxy switch. Hi dear telegram ❤️ Please add auto proxy switch for ios

не отправляется код на телефон. хотела сбросить аккаунт ждала 7 дней, в итоге код не присылается на телефон, отправила сообщение , ничего не меняется.

Missing huge basic features. Telegram would be a good messenger, but unfortunately it allows either party of a two-way chat to delete the entire thread. Photos, videos, messages- poof, gone. By mistake or intentionally, deleting someone else’s valuable data shouldn’t be possible. Secondly, this messaging platform has no watchOS app, which is unforgivable. Apple Watch has been out since early 2015. Thirdly, no Live Photos support nearly eight years after their introduction. Even sending a Live Photo as a “file” will remove the live aspect of it, meaning Telegram is file-destructive even when it says it isn’t. Forth, there is no support for Focus Modes on iOS and macOS, meaning you cannot mute certain chats based on which Focus Mode you’re in. Lastly, Telegram does not let users store their own encryption keys like iMessage does. This means you must simply trust Telegram.

Telegram the best App. Telegram is the best on the web. It’s user friendly and there’s no restriction on the amount of data you send like most Apps that only allows you only allows users pucallpa few mb. All good can say is that i lol be ittttttttttt. I wish you there was more stars than 5 to give it. 👍🙏👍

Not sucure. My account was stolen and the person who stole it contacted my friends for there information! What should I do next?

Telegram. Amazing a

Muy buena app. Muy buena app mucho más útil q Whatapp sin duda alguna pero con menos usuarios lamentablemente por lo demás todo perfecto

It's time to give up on Premium. I love this app with how polished and secure it is, and it's crazy rich with features- but they need to stop investing so much into Premium. Within the group of 70-ish people I talk to on here, 2 people have Premium, one of which was gifted to them. Ever since it's release, bugs have been that much more abundant, and the "limited" features are either stuff that should be free anyway, like captioning for voice messages (which is a barrier for those who are hard of hearing, like me) or stuff that nobody cares about (who has 1000 channels???????). Give it up, Telegram.

fire Zaza🍃. dem plugs got sum fire za 🤣🤣

Something odd with the colors. There’s something wrong with the colors on this update, my theme looks like a mess 😕

Telegram calls. Telegram is very good, but telegram calls are terrible. Super long delay, almost 5 seconds.

🥵. It’s a good app for massaging. I love it 🥰.

NO SUPPORT. I logged out of my account from both of my devices and I’ve been trying to log back over a week now still can’t! telegram won’t send an activation code through sms their status been down for a week they’ve had over 800 reports and yet they aren’t still working well I’ve sent an email and went to their support website they didn’t reach out I’ve re installed my app nothing works I have so many important information on my account I don’t know what to do so disappointing

💸. ля, ребятки, добавьте плез в реакциях для каналов пачку баксов (💸) заранее благодарен.

Good application. And I really love to be using telegram everyday I’ll be back

Can’t add contacts without accessing address book. Why?? The app does not need access to my address book to add new contacts. This is just a data grab for profit.

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Динамик. На 14 про динамик во время звонка через телеграм издает через фронталку приходиться по видео говорить прикладывая к уху

Sooo great. You’re doing a great job😊🙏many tnx, cheers

I love using Telegram messenger. Recently I am having issues with it. It doesn’t connect anymore properly, during call drop off and disconnects a lot. Both sides have good signal of internet but problem still there.

Apple Watch?. All these new features and yet the Apple Watch app is still missing? Everyone I know was only using telegram over other options due to the Apple Watch app, since it’s been gone so long, most people I know have moved to WhatsApp. Annoying as I don’t trust “Meta” but looks like I’ve got no choice. Please bring the Apple Watch app back. Oh and please don’t blame it on apple, I understand the issue, I’ve worked in IT a very long time!

Disappointing. Allow Apple wired headphones to switch its not make sense that I can not use it only in telegram

Literally the best app ever made. Originally started using telegram at work because Teams and WhatsApp were awful. I love how telegram can send uncompressed files (I work in marketing so I send a ton of videos) up to 2gb for free. My group chat with my team is practically unlimited could storage. I subbed to Telegram premium to support them. The app is full of amazing features. It’s infinitely better than WhatsApp which I hate so much. I can just tell the devs of telegram love what they do because there are tons of fun little details in the app. It’s fast, reliable, and has never let me down. I’m forcing my colleagues around the world to download telegram and use it over Teams and WhatsApp.

Память телефона. Приложение весит 4 гигабайт( так написано в настройках телефона), почему занимает так много места? Сам размер приложения 123 МБ, а документы и данные 4ГБ, после очистки кэша ничего не меняется! Исправьте это пожалуйста, оптимизируйте занимаемую память смартфона!

No Apple Watch app. So frustrating that they withdrew the Apple Watch app. I don't use Telegram much any more since then. Too inconvenient.

Disappointing. V been using it for ages but now it’s not working just never connected , only working couple of hours a day Very upsetting because I have my work chats here

Negative content, spam is increasing. The developer of this app does not usually act to reports of violence or abuse content. There are large channels that make profits from illegal drugs ads, reporting those ads does not make any difference, the channels just grow. No child content controls. Strange that Apple classified it as 17+ in the app store, it's clearly 18+ content, if not 21. Spam is also on the increase, with the most recent campaign being an employment scam whereby a person approaches you with a message of potential highly paid bit easy online job but they actually fish for further personal details. But the app admins usually identify and remove these messages within a day, perhaps due to high number of reports. Functionally, it's a competitive app, with typical cons and pros. Non-existent support, as many other complained.

Wake up people!. It’s just a shame more people don’t use it - it’s by far the best messaging app.

Premium Doesn’t Deliver Promises. Bought Premium to upload +2GB files (2.15GB WAV files), which Telegram truncates to 1.9GB (losing 1hr of audio). I also gifted a subscription. Fix the problem and I’ll update the review to 5*, don’t and I’ll downgrade to 1* and instruct my bank to recover the funds. Contacted @Telegram on Twitter after checking FAQs and messaging a support volunteer: @Telegram has ignored my civil communications in favour of witty & fun tweets w/other users, hence this review. Supply the customer w/services - promises - paid for, or don’t… …you always have a choice, Telegram.

Telegram has now brought in censorship. I can’t reply or send posts as some BOT has decided to block me. I haven’t said anything untoward in anyway.

Sr. I was scammed in this platform Everyone be aware of dogetti crypto community in this app they take your bank details and wallet or any assets you have access to

It is getting slower and slower with features. I love the app but I can’t ignore how all new features makes an app being slower and slower. Before, an app will never loose your latest app state. Now if you opened other app and go back to telegram - app fully reloaded like fresh new. Don’t like where it’s heading

UPLOAD PROOF OF ADDRESS - NO ISSUES WITHRAWING ✅. I don’t understand the reviews, if you just uploaded your proof of address then you won’t have any issues withdrawing 😅 Also your initial deposit can only be withdrawn to the payment method used to deposit, but anything after this amount can be withdrawn to other cards/bank account. 5 stars from me

Crashing after new update. After the new update it keeps crashing and i am not able to use the app for any messages / chats. It is so annoying that i keep trying every single time with reboot and restarting my phone. This is not nice especially when we use it on a daily basis :(

Kash notification. Too intrusive notification about the need to clear the cache. Every hour anew. Very annoying

Error. Won’t let me set up recovery email. I try tooo many times deferent emails

Keeps crashing. Why is this app getting worse!

I’ve hacked. My account has been hacked so I tried to delete my account you sent a verification code but it didn’t go to my account because the hacker has changed the email address,so it is now impossible for me to inform telegram of this as I can’t access my account. So I’m guessing someone is masquerading as me causing all sorts of trouble. I hope telegram reads this and gets I touch asap. Anyone thinking of getting this app I wouldn’t. It’s been over a weeks since 8 posted this and I haven’t heard anything from telegram,so do they care I think not

Make all chats end to end encrypted by default and it’s almost perfect. Make all chats end to end encrypted by default and it’s almost perfect

Gif. Searching field for GIFs disappeared. I can’t find any gif instead of a standard selection.

Great!. I love Telegram, especially that it’s working very fast

Sign in trouble. I use this app a lot, it’s been excellent up until recently. I noticed it was being laggy and things were taking a while to load, I thought it was my internet but did a test and my net was just fine. So I thought I would delete app and do a fresh install but now I can’t even get past the phone number log in. It keeps saying I need to check my internet but my internet is working absolutely perfectly

Clearly best messaging app. Using it more than 3 years. Really enjoy it, almost no noticeable adds, unlimited storage, easy to use, plus you can find all sort of information which is restricted on other platforms ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

The best social connector in years, BUT!. Recently I’ve been having an issue with no notifications coming through THATS solely on Telegram’s end. This is an amazing service and I don’t wish to leave it, but I can’t get notifications and only receive messages once I actively open the phone. Not ideal!

Apple watch su9. Please update the app so it can be downloaded and used on the apple watch

Someone is useing my number on the app. Tried to make a account to find out my number is already in use and they have a email set up to a email what is not mine and don’t no who it is or how to contact the app to have them sort it out I have messages support on twitter

Bad iPad support. Text field jumps to a weird position when using keyboards, stage manager etc. bad app with bad testing. If they can’t even get the basics right, imagine their security and privacy claims

SCAM!!!. Don’t waste your time! Literally everyone is a scam on there! It’s not right from the very beginning so save yourself the hassle l! DO NOT DOWNLOAD

Dara. there’s something wrong keeps crashing and crashing and crashing and crashing and crashing bugs and bugs and bugs. I am really tired of this situation with this app. Use to be good but NOT any more useless app.

Child abuse app. This app is spreading child abuse and not taking down any reported content, there's no point reporting it as they are not taking it down. Terrorism materials, bloody beheading videos - avoid this app for your safety.

Privacy issues. All my contacts found my telegram but I didn’t sync my contacts and I turned off the option to find me by my number but they still keep coming. That’s not what I wanted. Very creepy.

Call quality rant. Concentrate on audio and video call quality rather than childish useless emojis and stickers ffs !

Best of the best above all Apps. Thank You telegram owner and admins. You made different world here on your app than the other stupid apps like WhatsApp and others.

It’s good but…. I can’t figure out why I can’t search for gifs, I’m using an iPhone 14 so my phone is up to date but I can only select from the random gifs suggested. It’s a small thing granted but it’s so simple and such a standard thing on messaging apps that it makes it even more annoying that I don’t seem to have it!

Crashed / lost all chats. I’ve been using Telegram Messenger for years and absolutely love it. But this one time I was trying to send a pic with an animated emoji and it crashed the app and I couldn’t open it again! Had to delete and reinstall! I lost all my Encrypted chats. So frustrating. I got SOOOOO many friend to join Telegram Messenger and now this happens. Can’t tell you how infuriating that is 😡😡😡😡😡

Bug. After the last update i can’t download files. Fix it, please!

Best messenger ever👍. Best messenger ever👍

Chats randomly deleted. As I was looking at my phone the chat started to disappear

This App is used by scammers. Recently I was promoted to download this app by a scammer via YouTube posing as real YouTuber stealing his profile picture and offered me giveaway iPhone 14 and Mac book pro as a gift for being a big fan and asked me to send $100/- as delivery charge, immediately I contacted the real YouTuber via message and they confirmed it could be a scam. There is nothing wrong with this app but it is commonly used by the scammers and they can call and don’t answer you but will keep on listening you in the background, I am not a technical expert but I have experienced this few days ago, one more thing you will never know there true number or Identity, it always starts with @ careful if contacted by a unfamiliar person it is easy to fall into the trap. Have a good day

Telegram. This messaging app is not as popular as WhatsApp 😉in 2023 most people don’t know about this app and telegram make very difficult to delete your account. If you do not have no one in your contacts as no one knows about this app.

Crashes. All of a sudden it keeps crashing on my ipad

Diga não a censura. Parabéns Telegram por não aceitar as censuras imposta pelo Suprema corte brasileira. Faz a vaquinha que nos ajuda a pagar essa multa!

Perfect. This is the best messenger I’ve ever seen!! Well done guys!

Great app ruined by latest update. The most recent update (Jan 2023) has totally screwed the app. It has been a fantastic alternative to Twit, for those of us still in Twitter Gulag, but this most recent update has rendered Telegram sluggish and slow, failing to load media, even items which have previously been cashed. Running it on a 12mth old iPhone, and given that it changed the instant the update was installed it’s unlikely to be my phone storage causing this problem. PLEASE fix this issue ASAP, it’s been brilliant up to now!

I cant communicate with video on speakerphone in iOS. The title says it all

Nice ig. My bots is not working,I deleted the app for a sek and I can’t install it back,check it please.

They’ve started putting ads in the chats list. Ads bad

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Censored. App store iPhone version censored just like Facebook..banned by admin on four groups for comments, censorship lets it down. Also chews through storage, use the desktop version if you don’t want to delete all your photos an other apps just to use it

dont use this rus thing, they copy everything from dc. как же классно наверное слизывать все фичи с дискорда)))))

Nice app. Veri good quality vedio.

Comments are always turned off. Could be a good concept but comments are always turned off. Comments are always contain good information on other apps so why are always turned off on this app

Audio and video calls are still buggy. I love the stickers and things but seriously, fix the boring plumbing side of things and get calls working better.

Calling doesn’t work. The in app calling is so unreliable on my new iPhone I just use FaceTime and don’t bother trying to use it anymore. It never connects. Very cursed app.

Scam. There are lots of scammer in the app. I would rather give 0 star rating if there has one. There is lack of privacy because hackers can hack your video call and messages while you message someone else. Don’t install this app. The most ridiculous app ever!!

Almost perfect. The one thing I’d love to see is the option to choose whether certain settings are applied to all devices or just the one you’re using

Scrolling problem. Every time I want to scroll up thru a chat it’s brings me back down

Unauthorised access to account. I have two unknown devices that have unauthorised access to my account that for some reason I'm unable to terminate their access to my account please rectify this issue immediately thanks I've already send a message to the app support.

glitchy. i’ve had this app for like a few minutes and i’m already disappointed. why is ur app so goddamn glitchy? whenever i try to scroll up in a chat, it brings me back down?? i can’t even look in the history of the chat. thanks telegram ☠️

Battery drain. Works great, but drains even an iPad’s ample battery in a day in background.

Spam a day keeps me away. The dev team are doing an amazing job with the features released for this app. But it’s all overshadowed by the spam that constantly get through any privacy settings. I have every privacy setting as “contacts only” but I still get messages from scammers I don’t know. Same with my close family and friends. We’ve all had enough and moved to another platform.

It’s perfect. It’s nice but please please fix the bugs thanks

R. I can’t call anyone since it always says contacting

Constant spam. I’ve had this app for more than a year and I keep getting adding to spam “investor” groups. It’s only increased with time and nothings been done to stop it. Get Signal or something else

Spam. App works okay, but there is to much scams. I get more messages every about new crypto currency and fake job offeres then normal messages. No amount of reporting does anything there are new ones everyday, fix your app.

Это приложение просто супер. 5 звезд

Говнище ебаное. Черти вы можете ошибки исправить уже хоть как нибудь??? Когда можно будет нормально сообщения отправлять??

Voice Calling Issues. iPhone 14 Pro telegram calling is soo buggy. It freezes and the dynamic island time doesn’t change and app becomes unresponsive at times.

Unbelievable App well done. The best app on my phone by a mile. Would like to see a few upgrades; faster speed. When word searching in media the actual media doesn’t appear every time? Sometimes it just shows the channel and text? Not videos?


Not Good slow & Error. Not Good 👎


Phone service needs work. Great texting service but the phone service needs work. The line gets cut off often and I cant hear the opposite person on the line. Please work on it. Thanks!

Hackers heaven. This app is the gateway for hackers and scammers to get to your phone and contact list. Absolutely no security. My phone got hacked and they used my telegram account to get to thousands of my contacts . Use WhatsApp instead

Doesn’t work. My app doesn’t work rn

Why is there no watch app?. It's great and the phone app works well, but there is no way for me to message someone on my Apple watch

Disgusting. This app should be removed, it’s just a porn hookup site

Topics and mirroring. Topics should have been for all, not just groups over 200. Allow mirroring for video group chat. Badly needs it.

Idiots scamming on here. I have proof of fake pokèrevs, Unlistedleaf’s, and leonharts on here yet I get muted?

Overall. Easygoing app easygoing hacking to much span hacking dogs on here need better protection to much virus and spam

Great App. Love this app! Best app on the market. Really wish I switched over sooner. Love the interface and how interactive everything is. Highly recommend!

Great app!. Using it since 2015 and still hoping people will move to Telegram so I can delete WhatsApp. Telegram is so much better than WhatsApp!

Good App. Very Good 💯

Telegram Review. App is a nightmare to use compared to other messaging apps out there and not all messages are end to end encrypted.

Tệ. Mỗi nhu cầu nhắn tin cho nhau thôi mà chặn chặn cái d c m à cho 1* rút kinh nghiệm

App Deletes Accounts : NO Support. After using the app with an active phone number with a reputable telco for about 4 months the app suddenly deleted my account , no warning or pop ups windows, nothing. Now the app states that my way phone number is banned. Wrote 4 emails to various customer support address. Not a single reply. AVOID. Especially if you’re paying for their premium tier.

Junk messages. So many boots and spam messages from unknown contacts with profile picture of a lady, asking to join cooperate company, making money opportunities and job vacancies offer. Seriously not a safe platform to use.

Perfection. The best app for chatting , communication and sharing information, hands down! Lots of cool features like useful channels and useful bots! Offers Unlimited data transfer! Also offers unlimited could space to save your personal data (saved messages section) and so on ! It keeps getting better and better by each update!

Not working at all. It doesn’t work properly and can’t do anything Not happy 👎🏻👎🏻

Lost all groups. I got in the app and it asked for my number, I put it and I lost all my groups. I have no idea of what happened.


Login code. I never get my login code

Full of spam and scams. At least 5 messages a day of randoms offering me $100-500 US a day. Account deleted

Error in iPhone. From 1 month ago I have a problem in my telegram. When I open the app it is closed automatically and doesn’t let me see anything.

It won’t download. H

No support. Spambot limits accounts with no reason, no response from support

Cop trap. Yeah was good here inf what I needed till the pigs went herdin in , dogs

Spam from non-contacts. Endless spam from non-contacts. Its back to an email inbox from the 1990s. No way to stop it except paying a bribe to Telegram. First you gain my trust and user-network, now you extort me for an overpriced monthly extortion fee. Ill have to switch to Matrix I guess.

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THE APP PROBLEM. The app goes out after last update

Nothing ever gets taken down.. No matter how much you report illegal stuff it just stays up. Also I got banned for reporting illegal activity but the chat room is still up and active.

Iraq. Send cod

Telegram syncs all contacts whether you give it access. Thanks Telegram for syncing all my contacts without permission to access mt contacts. They have an annoying little feature that just automatically does it and notifies everyone in your contacts list that you’ve downloaded it. Overall terrible and annoying feature without consent.

No privacy. Wow telegram just gives your account to all your contacts as soon as you join. Trash!

Best messenger ever. Down with whatsapp

Can’t be used after the last update. Keeps crashing all the time.

Best messaging app ever. Forget about whats app or anything else Amazing messaging app

great app for scammers.. used this app for the first time because i won in a give away and all i had to do was send them money in form of gift cards and crypto. couldnt even report the scammers cause this app wants you to waste a buncha time with the worst gui ive seen in a while. so i deleted this useless malware app

I try to defend this app, but it doesn’t let me. • Adding vector-based emojis? Good. • Animating them? Having no way to turn off them looping? Give only a small choice of them to react with? BAD. These telegram emojis are corny asf. Some 40y.o.+ Odnoklassniki user would like it. Don’t start me on how whenever I press a phone’s OFF side button during a call it stops the call 🤡.

No auto updates for all chats. The latest update is a disaster. There is no longer auto updates on iOS and in order to see if any chat has new messages I have to open each chat individually and swipe. This is very time-consuming and annoying.

times friends came on app updates hrs late. not instantly like viber

Hangs when I click on the proxy button. Freezes and doesn’t let me do anything in the app. Most of the time on cellular data

Music Player awfully!!!. Telegram music player is awful. It is not a cover song and it does not support carplay.

Really slow to download and play. I don't know why but when I watching some videos of my friends here in telegram it seems really slow to download and play the videos but our internet here is really fast, hopefully it fixed

Used for Scammers. Be mindful people, this is not a good app to use for conversation because most of the scammers use this because they can delete all your conversation even the one from your side. You’re app should take responsibility. My side of conversation should not be erased without my permission if the other person deletes his/her record of conversation.

Great patch notes. I like the transparency and efforts, as well as not treating users like idiots.

Garbage. Keeps saying it’s calling my number to get a code but you never get a call. Then another time it’s says Phone is Banned. What a complete waste of time…makes you wonder Btw, giving one star because u have to at least select 1 star

Good app. I like this app, I just think they could update and make possible put videos in 0.75 speed

Doesn’t work with AppleWatch. It’s just disappeared from my watches. And it’s not in the list of availability apps. So wired. Why?

Privacy settings NOT WORKING. I have my phone number privacy and security settings set to “nobody” for who can see my phone number and yet my number is visible on my profile for Everyone. As I have to use telegram and communicate with many people and I do not wish to share my phone number, this is a big problem.

Spam messages to my phone. I signed up for this chat service with my required phone number, the next day I received 3 spam text messages to my phone number which isn’t used anywhere else on the internet. Telegram allowed access to my private phone number and because of that I deleted immediately.

Should be banned. This app allows their users to commit crimes like spreading pedophilia content, hate speech, fake news and planning government coups and disobey judicial decisions to ban users that committed crimes agains nations. Should be banned from apple store.

Telegram crashes my acct. My acct crashes often. Only my page! At least once a week now So annoying

Bye Bye. Telegram “spam” bot recognized me as a spam, apparently because I sent an IRCC link to a group chat. Now, nobody can undo it. I cannot send anything in that chatroom & I cannot send any message to any stranger. Human tends to become selfish & misuse his power when he becomes famous & powerful. I’m talking to you Mr. Pavel Durov. Who do you think you are? Your algorithm marks me as spam and now you think I will beg you to undo it? 🤣

automatically logs out from all accounts?! please help or fix. We all know that telegram is a good app, I have it installed across all my devices cause I need it on a daily basis, but PLEASE do sth about this annoying bug: I don’t have this problem on my other devices, but on my iPhone 11 Pro Max (latest iOS version installed) all of a sudden (maybe once or twice a month) i open telegram and I am logged out of my accounts (!!) and the “ start messaging” page shows up. No other app acts like this. I love telegram and that’s why I uninstall and install it every time this happens just for it to work. Today I woke up, opened telegram, (was logged out), tried logging in, did all the steps correctly, but it did NOT log in and then again the “start messaging” page showed up. Right now I am about to install it for the 10^34th time. BUT I know it is probably gonna happen again, unfortunately… FIX this, please. Or at least give me some tips for fixing this annoying bug.

notification problem. since two days ago i have not been able to receive notifications from the app, all notification setting are turned on

The new ios update stops video calls from working. The people I am video calling only see that I have my camera turned off, while on my screen I can see both myself and the person I am calling. Please fix.

Scammers use this app - BEWARE!. It’s a shame to post a review like this but if a job poster asks you to conduct an interview using this app then it’s a scam. I haven’t figured out exactly why they use this app, but it may be due to the fact that no personal details are needed to set up an account.

Keeps crashing!. After each update the app keeps crashing and makes it inaccessible!

Spam spam spam. For a private messaging app all it does is attract fake investors / scammers who message 100’s of people at a time. I get 2-3 of these a day. Not worth it for this reason. Proves how NOT private it actually is.

Files cannot be opened. Files cannot be opened just keep on reading/download mode.

My favourite messaging app. Lots of friends and family use this to communicate. Works fine as long as you have your settings set correctly to avoid spam.

Video calls audio bug. Audio in video calls is sometimes very low.

Omg veryyyyy good. Thanks, this is so good and I love it:))💋

Access. After update, I don’t have access to the app ☹️

Best Ever. Best application that has ever created by race of human. this is not just a claim, get familiar with the features of telegram before leaving this planet .

Was my favourite app now my wort - they deleted my account and I lost all my data!!. Telegram has went from being my favourite app to my worst app ever. They deleted my ~10 years old account and I lost all my messages and data that’s in it. Without any reasons or prior knowledge. I have a special number and scammers are always requesting verification codes to get into the account but I just ignore them. There is also no way to report if I did not request the code. I am not sure if the system automatically deleted my account but anyway this is terrible. I convinced everyone to only message me on Telegram and all of a sudden my account is deleted!!

Scam. They take your phone number, but never let you actually delete the account. You go in to delete the account,you put in your phone number and then it tells you have to go back to get the code but then it reset so you need a new code,and when you try to do it in the Internet browser it won’t actually send you the code so it really is just a scam. Like for real if you can’t delete your account it that’s a problem.

Best messaging app available. I’ve tried a ton of messaging apps but this is the most well rounded

Limpegram. The whole program is a pain, it’s slow. Voice messages need to be taped twice every time to play, almost every time i need to cancel downloads and tap download again. Voice messages are very quiet and I can’t adjust the volume up or down during listening to a message. Overall a lagging program.

iOS version sucks!. You out censorship on content! Fall of the kabal soon!

Why remove functionality?. Please mention it next time I’m the update review what you’re taking away. Can’t save video messages anymore to the device.

Telegram is best. Best of social media

spam. i was spamed and big problem. can you try to fixed it.

Calls extremely bad. Texting is amazing but video or audio call is super bad no matter how good your internet connection.

Apple sucks. As usual, anything on an Apple device is censored or monitored….

Amélioration. Je pense que que vous avez donné au grand public une opportunité de communiquer entre eux : c’est évident ! Mais l’application mérite des améliorations importantes : 1- Quand on est nouveau dans un groupe, Le fil de discussion du groupe est rempli de messages. 😒 2- Et le pire, on doit défiler des centaines de messages de haut en bas ⬇️⬆️ pour retrouver les messages : pourquoi ne pas ouvrir la discussion sur le message le plus ancien 🤷🏼‍♂️? 3- On peut pas effacer les messages … 4- L’application semble consommer beaucoup de Données ! Mais je tiens à vous remercier du fait que je puisse télécharger les vidéos. 🙏🏻🙂

Wow. Twice now that this app has failed to connect a call during an emergency. This is unacceptable

Unusable on 'older' iphone. Just purchased a brand new sealed iphone 4s but I can only receive messages, not send. Clicking on a chat or contact crashes the app. I will not be coerced to upgrade my phone by big tech. A carrier pigeon is more reliable.

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