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Pure instant messaging — simple, fast, secure, and synced across all your devices. One of the world's top 10 most downloaded apps with over 800 million active users. FAST: Telegram is the fastest messaging app on the market, connecting people via a unique, distributed network of data centers around the globe. SYNCED: You can access your messages from all your phones, tablets and computers at once. Telegram apps are standalone, so you don’t need to keep your phone connected. Start typing on one device and finish the message from another. Never lose your data again. UNLIMITED: You can send media and files, without any limits on their type and size. Your entire chat history will require no disk space on your device, and will be securely stored in the Telegram cloud for as long as you need it. SECURE: We made it our mission to provide the best security combined with ease of use. Everything on Telegram, including chats, groups, media, etc. is encrypted using a combination of 256-bit symmetric AES encryption, 2048-bit RSA encryption, and Diffie–Hellman secure key exchange. 100% FREE & OPEN: Telegram has a fully documented and free API for developers, open source apps and verifiable builds to prove the app you download is built from the exact same source code that is published. POWERFUL: You can create group chats with up to 200,000 members, share large videos, documents of any type (.DOCX, .MP3, .ZIP, etc.) up to 2 GB each, and even set up bots for specific tasks. Telegram is the perfect tool for hosting online communities and coordinating teamwork. RELIABLE: Built to deliver your messages using as little data as possible, Telegram is the most reliable messaging system ever made. It works even on the weakest mobile connections. FUN: Telegram has powerful photo and video editing tools, animated stickers and emoji, fully customizable themes to change the appearance of your app, and an open sticker/GIF platform to cater to all your expressive needs. SIMPLE: While providing an unprecedented array of features, we take great care to keep the interface clean. Telegram is so simple you already know how to use it. PRIVATE: We take your privacy seriously and will never give any third parties access to your data. You can delete any message you ever sent or received for both sides, at any time and without a trace. Telegram will never use your data to show you ads. For those interested in maximum privacy, Telegram offers Secret Chats. Secret Chat messages can be programmed to self-destruct automatically from both participating devices. This way you can send all types of disappearing content — messages, photos, videos, and even files. Secret Chats use End-to-End Encryption to ensure that a message can only be read by its intended recipient. We keep expanding the boundaries of what you can do with a messaging app. Don’t wait years for older messengers to catch up with Telegram — join the revolution today. Terms of Service:

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Book Name Telegram Messenger
Genre Social Networking
Language English
E-Book Size 159.84 MB

Telegram Messenger (Telegram FZ-LLC) Book Reviews 2024

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Вылетает предложение. Поправьте уже вылет предложения!!!!

Can’t share stories!!. This is my favorite application ever! So many great things in it and so better than any other messenger, but unbelievably in our country and region sharing stories are banned and this is a very big disappointment that telegram is forcing us to buy the premium version!

Customer service/ support. The customer service/support is basically non existent. They do whatever they want to your account and you can do nothing about it. Nobody cares about your complaint . Imagine losing an account with important group chats or messages and there’s nothing you can do about it. Useless team in that regard

Not Very Accessible. The Telegram app is not very accessible to those of us who are blind and use the voiceover screen reader for iOS. there is even a petition on for the developers to make the app more accessible to the blind. please read the reviews posted in the App Store, respond to them and update the app right away! there are too many things about this app that make it inaccessible to the blind. Too many for me to mention here. Please, take the time and redo the app from the ground up and make it totally accessible!

Chats not working in iPhone SE 15.8.2. Everything was working great when after a sudden new update the app freezes as soon as I tap on any chat in my iPhone SE 2016 running iOS 15.8.2 mind you the 2016 SE has a very small screen but everything (FB, YT, Insta, WhatsApp etc.) is working fine except Telegram. Also, I should mention my account is fine as I can quickly switch to the settings tab and use the link device feature to use my account in my desktop. Please help.

18 апреля 2024 сбой. зашла в тг. нажимаю на чат с собеседником, чат не открывается и тормозит.

New update. What’s going on with the new update, I removed the Telegram before this update and then downloaded it yesterday and I could not access my account and they didn’t send me the SMS CODE. I don’t know what exactly happened but for me it was a great app for study and reading electronic books ect… I wish this problem will be fixed

Purchase for Anonymous. This app makes it available for all your contacts to find, see your last time you were on, and more. The conversation and people you talk to will be unknown. I am completely unsatisfied at the fact that my family can see the I have and use this app.

Scam. This all is nothing more then a platform for cyber theft. Do not waste your time on this. Nobody is real. 99% of everyone on here is a AI bot. Save your time.

Accidentally removed the Telegram Icon from my iPhone screen. How do I add the widget telegram link back on my iPhone screen Thanks

Медленный. Очень плохо все грузит, любые комментарии, каналы ; обновлено до последней версии , а также с самим интернетом все в порядке

Laggy. Last update has made Telegram laggy and buggy.

Bans Number. Terrible app, they say they are about “privacy” but in reality they like stealing all your stuff and when you stop app from intruding on your privacy it bans your mobile number, stop using this data mining app!

Error on adding new accounts. Adding new account is impossible and when trying to add new one the app crashes and jump out.every time i run the app, it jumps out and crashes. i can only set one account on the app not more. Im on iphone 5s ios 12.5.7

Messages. It’s still bugs on app because even with IOS I click chat and app completely freezes..

Complaints. Hey very nice app but I cannot access my telegram at the moment because it keeps asking for code from my other phone but my other phone is broken

برنامج رائع و لكن عليكم حظر زيد علي. يعتبر زيد علي من افشل الناس اللذين قدم انضموا الى تطبيق تليجرام يجب عليكم حظره لان لعب رواحتنا حسابه : @P_PPP و ضيفولنا طريقة نراسل بيها بنات بدون مننحظر.

Log out and banned. App logged me out and banned my only phone number. I use this app to talk to all my friends and lost everything. I didn't break any rules and their support still has not gotten back to me. As of now I can not reach people I need to reach due to what ever has happened. With customer support lacking and randomly getting banned I rate this a one star. I did enjoy the platform, but now lost any way to contact multiple friends. It would have been a 5 star rating but customer service is everything.

Deceptive. can’t use without having an email or active phone number which is a violation of Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act

Camera not working in iPhone. When I update telegram the camera is not working

Good but could be better. It is great to have large groups with up to 200,000 members and attachments uploads up to 2GB/file. But the moderation system is poor. My phone number was banned immediately when I try to register, and I was restricted from chatting non-contacts immediately after registration, although the Telegram team was cooperative and quickly processed my appeal. Some channels I follow, which post very interesting content, are also banned without reason. Another feature that was overlooked by the Telegram team is end-to-end encryption for group chats, which we Telegram users have looked forward to for ages. Overall, this is a solid social app that is better than the likes of Instagram, X, Snapchat.

About telegram. It’s good

Best international communication. Telegram is one of the best communication platforms I’ve ever used. So far it has been privacy-friendly, open source, secure, and easy to use.

some major problem need to fix. My One of the favorite app is telegram but I face some issue when I use . Like when I am video call with someone . I need to send someone . I send text but I can’t go back to video call or telegram will freeze

Problem. My telegram is not working after update

کسری. گیری

Add live activities when sending media!. I don’t know why every single messaging app except for instagram are not using live actives when sending media so you can go to other apps and have larger files still send please add this.

What happened?. This last update has not allowed me to even open up the app on my iPhone8. I click the icon and it briefly flashes Is it the old phone I have or are there more bugs with this latest version? Otherwise, prior to, I absolutely love this app!!

Not good. Data Linked to You The following data may be collected and linked to your identity: m Purchases Location @ Contacts Financial Info # Contact Info User Content Identifiers Privacy practices may vary, for example,

... fk always down

Email. Why is it necessary to now give up more personal data by requiring an email? Does this mean the phone number can finally be deleted?

Stop the scammers. Nothing but scammers trying to scam!

Unable to load any channels. I’ve been using Telegram for a while. All of a sudden I’m unable to load any channels without it crashing/ freezing, nothing I do prevents this from occurring. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

رأي عن التطبيق. التطبيق حيل حلو ويغنيك عن التطبيقات الأخرى واني من ناحيتي أشوفه افضل تطبيق لل دراسه والتطبيق يستاهل الخمس نجوم بالتمام والكمال والتطبيق متكامل جداً

Гнгене. Самый лучший месенжер

Annoying Birthday Notification. With new update app pushing me to gift premium subscription to random people from my 15yo address book. I’m premium user, why should I have to see that annoying stuff?!

Does not work. It doesn’t work anymore from several months why ..i did every updates stil not work in my iPad and iPhone

Постоянные баги. У меня Iphone 12 pro max. Происходят постоянные баги. Я не могу поменять фотографию профиля из за зависания на моменте редактирования фотографии, я не могу поставить паузу во время записывания видеосообщений. Мессенджер тупо стал выглядеть дешево и некрасиво. Так еще же проблема в вашей поддержке, я поэтому сюда и пишу вам, потому что ее никто не читает. Добавлю, что я не использую режим энергосбережения, баги такие происходят у меня в нормальном режиме аккумулятора. Если вам понадобятся скрины багов, то напишите в ответе свою почту. Надеюсь решите

Constantly slow loading worse then dial up an you can’t leave Chanels they just pop back up. It doesn’t matter you up load speed this app is trash. Channel leader will pepper people with a hundred plus post some times in the 300 hundreds range a day and you try and remove/ leave the channel and they just keep popping back up. It makes the entire app unusable as every post on every other channel is just bogged down with loading circles on each post and your can’t even read or view most post. Except random ones will work but most never load. It doesn’t matter if you follow two or ten groups the up load speed is absolute trash. An you can never seem to leave Chanels your done following they just keep popping up for that I’m deleting this annoying in effective useless app.

My account has been deleted 7x. This app is RIDICULOUS! I don’t use it very often but when I do, my account has been deleted EVERY SINGLE TIME and I have to start from scratch. I have lost all contacts. All done with this app! I’ll stick with X!

Child pornography. I do not like this app there’s child pornography on here. I try to report the person‘s account and it wouldn’t let me so I am no longer using this app.

No Apple Watch capabilities?. I want to put this app on my watch just like a few other apps that i use heavily, and I’ve found the only way is to mirror my phone. That is NOT ok. Please fix this. Thx!

Useless. I’m stopping the subscription and deleting the app. Almost everything in the app requires Twitter. An app the bans and locks people out without explanation. Tired of becoming a part of something for months or even years and letting the twit verse mess everything up. Twitter has wasted so much of my time that way. It has now infected other apps and they must be deleted.

Дуров гений. Телеграмм- невероятное приложение, тон и нот - что-то из ряда фантастики, кошелек - вообще 25й век, расчеты в валюте приложения в приложении через его собственную мини биржу (которая кстати не дает платить рф картами, пожалуйста не идите на поводу у запада тоже, позвольте с "мира" купить тоны, прошу) И в конечном счете я счастлив, что в мире есть такой человек как Павел Дуров, он вселяет надежду на то, что эра "невероятного" только начинается, этот гений сильно опережает время (а представьте всего 20 лет назад такое - люди бы сказали: "что вообще такое приложение??!? Куда прикладывать?") В общем через несколько лет я тоже стану большим человеком, встречу Дурова и лично пожму ему руку. Я уверен к тому моменту он придумает еще что нибудь из криптофантастики. Хочу посмотреть в эти честные сияющие глаза и сказать "спасибо. пока в этом мире есть вы - в нем не все потеряно"

Good. Good

Scammers catfish. this is a warning to everyone who is using telegram. In telegram there will be people tell you hi my name is this I’m from here there my age is this I’m a tourist or someone who is looking for relationship. don’t trust this type of people because there is a scammer acting like he is a female put girl picture trying to catfish me telling me that his name is Ali she is a tourist looking for relationships but when I reply to him I told him what is my nationality but lucky I didn’t tell him my real name and at the end he told me do you have a bank app or bank account and that’s where I found out it’s a scammer try to scam me so that he can steal from me and if anyone see somebody in telegram asking about your bank account black them and remember when chatting in telegram don’t give somebody your real name just give them a fake name be aware of scammer in telegram they will catfish you so that they will ask for your money.

Unable to open an account. I have been trying to open an account but you don’t send me the code I don’t know why I have tried using three different numbers.

Becoming WhatsApp. They used to not linked any data on your phone but they changed that policy which is changed my mind to use this app anymore I guess best texting is iMessage and safest one.

in iran. In Iran, a series of channels are used to access proxies, but with the latest update, the channels are not loaded, so that it is easy to access the links, you must use a vpn. Please provide access to messages before connecting.

Thanks, Pavel!. За лучший мессенджер ever. Остальные не для людей. «Кто эти одаренные, кто ставит телеге меньше 5-ти звезд? Пользователи Вотсапа и Вайбера?🤣»

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Worst service. App freezing problem can’t see my’s freeze my iphone also don’t recommended

It’s not as good as it use to be!. Deeply frustrated with the censorship, which I believe is imposed by Apple! Well Apple, I want to decide who and what I follow and I don’t need you to interfere. Therefore, I’ll continue to use the web version more than the app!!

Good but can be better. Overall I enjoy using Telegram, but sadly there’s too much going on and makes app overwhelming. Starting encrypted conversation is a hard task and is not working properly in terms of user/OS friendliness. Atm I’ve deleted telegram, as I don’t want my children see me using it

Don’t get this app. It’s full of sick people and pedos

Terrible calls quality. I never get connected from the first try, always need to give a call 2-3 times. Then, it's always a terrible connection, almost impossible to use it. I love telegram, but the calls are the worst thing

Keeps freezing. It used to work perfectly fine before but now I can’t access any chats. The app freezes when I try click on a chat.

APP NEEDS TO HAVE OPTION TO DELETE CONTACTS. Contacts that are no longer in my contacts list are still appearing in telegram long after I have deleted them from my contacts list,there NEEDS to be a option to delete these contacts or even better not to appear at all because these contacts are not in my contacts for years,PLEASE SORT THIS OUT

MAJOR BUG IN APP!!!. ISSUE 1: SENDING / PROCESSING VIDEOS It has been many, many years since this issue was first reported, yet it remains unresolved. Videos take an excessively long time to send! Every time I attempt to send a video longer than 2 minutes 1080p video, it gets stuck on the "processing" status with the loader continuously spinning. Even after waiting for an hour, the issue persists. This is not a network-related problem, I have a 1GB broadband connection, and the problem persists when using mobile data on 5G. This is an issue with the Telegram app. ISSUE 2: MARKING MESSAGES AS READ When someone sends messages and then calls, their messages get marked as "READ" with two ticks without me even opening the Telegram app or the chat screen. REMARK: I have been encouraging many people to switch to Telegram, but unfortunately, due to the lack of these important fixes, users who switch often revert back to WhatsApp.

что за фигня?. почему уже год весит надпись что нельзя выкладывать сторис?? это не только на моем телефоне, но и на других. телеграмм стал невозможным после того как создали премиум

App freezes all the time. Every time I open the app, it freezes and I can’t do anything, not even open a chat. Why? Can there be an update to resolve this issue?

better than whatsapp. in every way

Big tech censorship. Getting a bit sick of the censorship from Apple what does it have to do with them what channels i view or comment on! Now I have to use the web app on Safari to view certain channels. So all Apple has done is make it inconvenient And it's pathetic and sad! I am big enough and old enough to make my mind up, watch and consume whatever I like I Don't need my mum (apple) telling me what I can and cannot do! Need elon to buy apple Other than that love that app! Is there not anything telegram can do to stop the censorship?

Telegram should be reviewed for nearby search. Someone scammed me using Telegram nearby search and give me a scenario like he knows me took my money and has never seen him again.

Great App. Exactly as advertised !

Absolutely rubbish. They have now stopped Tommy Robinson news which is the only reason I paid for premium. A complete waste of money

Bugs. Freezing, won’t open chats

Freezing and crashing randomly. Worked great for months and now I can’t click on a conversation without the app freezing and crashing

кружочки... после обновления возникло огромное количество траблов с кружочками, либо не прогружаются когда кто-то скидывает (и нет, дело не в сети, тк в разное время в разных местах с разных сетей у меня до сих пор не загрузились выборочно кружочки от друзей) если записывать самому кружочек и записать до истечения времени может тупа залагать и не появляться кнопка отправки, либо не нажиматься либо еще миллиард проблем до обновления все было нормально чзх вы сделали я не знаю

No longer working. I can’t do a thing with it at the minute. It’s just completely frozen on the home page. Everything is unresponsive, can’t click on messages to read. The settings and contacts have an exclamation mark on and can’t clink on them to see what’s happening either. Please fix

Tech issues. We’ve been getting along nicely until today. Suddenly I got the black screen of death when I tried to open the app. I deleted it and tried to reinstall it, but I’m just getting the downloading loop and it’s stuck on that - I can’t cancel. iPhone 13

Apple and Google have blocked telegram channels.. This goes against the UN charter article 19 Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers. It shouldn’t be up to unaccountable, politically motivated, NGOs to decide what we can and can’t view. This is cultural Marxism on steroids.

Terrible app. It took ages to log in I couldn’t join any chat and it gave my phone a virus

Cannot log on. The app freezes and crashes and when I delete it and try and reinstall it I cannot log in. It tells me I have no internet connection when my WiFi connection is strong. As a premium subscriber please fix this with an urgent update

tlegram na9ch. khwty em ykdbw l app hdy 9hba mtmchich arwhw arwhw nhkilkm flixyt 150elf ezby mea lkhar hdy mtmchich!!!!! kifh hdy!

Don’t download. This is app is unsafe and full of scams your personal details will be out in the open your IP address will be open for people do not trust this app it is full of scams and hackers

Randomly stops working. I haven’t been able to use the app for a while as every time I click something it freezes. Absolutely no idea why. Tried uninstalling but no help

Freezing. I can’t open my messages????

УЖАСНО. Звонки вылетают

Siri support. this option that the app supports Siri is very useful 💕

Amazing. Can’t send multiple photos. I even doubt I can send one. Could’ve checked and make sure but now the app won’t open, just because I sent two (SFW) arts in my favourites 😘

Banned. I got banned for absolutely nothing. Never sent anything, little only joined a few crypto groups. There is no where to contact them either. The email address it gives you when you need help just bounces.

Recent update broke it. I haven’t been able to use it after the latest update. As soon as I click on any group chat, the screen freezes and becomes unresponsive.

Problem in replace sent folder. In ios i can't edit my sent folder and i can't replacing my folder to folder 👎

Just stick with Snapchat. Been waiting 2 hours for my story to upload and still waiting

Animal abuse. Cat torture clans run on this site. Activists have repeatedly reached out to the developers, they’ve seen the evidence and they do not care. They are a save haven for animal abuse. Please if you’re seeing this, visit the feline guardians website, report this app, and email them. They are cowards. They have turned off direct messages on all social media platforms and do allow anyone to tag them in posts because they know they would be over run with the truth of that they’re doing which is profiting off the abuse and torture of innocent beings. Please do not support this vile company.

Main page frozen. I am not able to open any messages as the home page freezes every time I try to click on a message. Very good app until now. Update not helped..

No way to disable birthday notifications. They added annoying birthday notifications that you can't disable

Music in the background of iphone. Music does not play in the background in my iphone, so i have to stay opening the iphone to listen the audio files

Freezing. Fix the freezing

RECEIVING CODE. I don’t know who is upgrading telegram but not being able to receive a code by text is a big NO. I have a telegram which I’m unable to receive a code because I don’t have access to my old phone. This is a big RED flag. I’m sure I’m not the only one affected

Okay on the web, but not the app UPDATE. The app uses all my phone memory, so I prefer to access via the web only. It is really irritating that when I want to login, there isn’t an option to have the code sent to my phone, it will only be sent via the app, so to get back in, I have to load the app, get the code and then delete the app again. It’s a stupid system. UPDATE:- since posting this feedback, my number has been banned from using Telegram, which is absolutely ridiculous. A user should be able to post feedback, so that developers make improvements. I’ve read all the blurb that telegram posts about how it doesn’t use much memory as it uses the cloud, but this was not my experience. It crippled my last phone, and I lost years of precious photos and videos, as well as ebooks in one hit. I was devastated. I liked the articles on Telegram that are hard to find on other platforms, so decided to use the web version only, so important stuff couldn’t be destroyed anymore. This is valid feedback and Telegram should realise how much damage their app did, and instead of blocking people who provide honest feedback, look past their ego and realise that changes need to be made so that people don’t lose precious data and their phones don’t get messed up. Instead of banning someone for honest feedback, Telegram should make amends by fixing what’s broken, instead of punishing people who just aren’t that happy with having precious photos, videos and rare ebooks gone in one hit! Honestly, not that impressed Telegram. All I can say is grow up or risk losing clientele.

Awful. This app is awful and full of scammer trying to get you on trading programs that don’t work around this app

Tired of the censorship. Feeling increasingly frustrated with corporations like Apple enforcing censorship, and platforms such as Telegram capitulating to their directives. What gives them the right to serve as arbiters of information? We, as autonomous adults, possess the discernment to decide for ourselves what is suitable for our consumption. Telegram is becoming a mere shadow of its former self, and now, this app is completely unusable and pointless. It is healthy and necessary to expose ourselves to a plethora of views rather than confining our understanding within the echo chambers curated by these corporations. The value of this app is being eroded by a pervasive onslaught against the principle of free speech. Furthermore, this encroachment upon our rights is executed in a manner that is both hypocritical and unevenly targeted, betraying a clear bias in whom they choose to silence.

Top tip for telegram. All those with an Iphone can rate telegram according to the Apps Censorship Go to the App Store - Look Up Telegram and scroll to "Write a Review" For example Title: Apple are now censoring Telegram Channel Review: Mid March 2024 the Apple app for Telegram began censoring Channels it did not like. The sneaky trick Apple used was to display a message on the user’s iPhone , “Unfortunately, this channel couldn’t be displayed on your device.” Independent of the post the channel makes this will be the message Apple has made it impossible to view these channels, however, the Desktop App does make it possible by making it “possible” to show the channel IF you know to go to the Desktop Settings-Privacy and Security-Scroll Down to Sensitive content and then toggle “Disable filtering” indicating that Telegram themselves are colluding to Censor those put on a watch list; likely by Globalist Elites

Hopefully you can assist me. I have been using Talegram for 4 months for my first time to us it’s good to be honest but something happened I don’t know why , it banned my number and actually, I didn’t do any violation I do need help hope can help

The best app i ever used thats why i will give it 5stars😊🥰. #Theebest😍🤧

A bug/issue in this app. There is a bug/issue currently in this app on telegram each time I’ve tryed clicking on a profile to reply to messages the app isn’t working properly as it should be as in freezes and won’t let me click on anything entirely at all please fix this problem/issue?.

Blackmailing App. I got blackmailed and when I emailed to seek help to remove this horrible person and no one has replied, I got them removed from all the other social media platforms, but this one! The safety and wellbeing of others is of no care to this app

Tele probs. I put my number and it will not send the verified code

Far not perfect but still the best. Using as main messenger more than 5y, hope they improve voice and video calls quality

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Відгук. файна програма все гуд


You must buy premium to use or block you always. I’m afraid some Telegram users found your messages annoying and forwarded them to our team of moderators for inspection. The moderators have confirmed the report and your account is now limited until 10 Jan 2024, 00:13 UTC. While the account is limited, you will not be able to do certain things on Telegram, like writing to strangers who haven’t contacted you first or adding them to groups and channels. Your account will be automatically released on 10 Jan 2024, 00:13 UTC. Please note that if you repeat what got you limited and users report you again, the limitations will last longer next time. Subscribers of Telegram Premium have reduced times for initial limitations.

Scammer friendly and scammer supportive app. Scammers can report you and you get limited but you can not report them. Full of bots

Doesn’t even work!. I can’t access a single chat, every time I click a chat it freezes my app, nothing fixes it.

Version 10.4.1 notification problem. Hi. Version 10.4.1 have a problem with notification and can’t show new messages in notification list. Previous version was ok.

FOSS but.... Home brew encryption, unencrypted by default, weak privacy by default , Telegram is no longer fit for purpose as a default messaging client, but functions well as an auxiliary one, including great cross platform support. Move to matrix, but keep telegram for now.

кружочки. при отправлении кружочков они скидываются файлом, качество на кружочках стало ужасным, НЕТ ЗВУКА 👺

Last few updates - No notifications are coming through. Been using Telegram for years and about to abandon ship. Getting consistently worse and now it just refuses to notify me of new messages in spite of reinstalling.

App’s not working for me. Whenever I try to open a chat or do anything with the app it just freezes and I cant use it


бош. уберите обнову все лагает бош

Mahmood. The story litle l need much story

Not working. Just updated app but it is stuck on up dating items and just shuts off. It will Not download streams to be able to watch. Don’t know What to do. Help will be appreciated as i like watching the content.

Appalling lack of customer support. There just isn’t any! You cannot get in contact with anyone. They have a pretend volunteer question window on the app which no one responds too. But you have to be in the app to do that anyway. No social media pages respond. It’s almost as if it’s intentional. As I said. Appalling.

Apple are now censoring Telegram Channels. Mid March 2024 the Apple app for Telegram began censoring Channels it did not like. The sneaky trick Apple used was to display a message on the user’s iPhone , “Unfortunately, this channel couldn’t be displayed on your device.” Independent of the post the channel makes this will be the message Solle has made it impossible to view these channels however the Desktop App does make it possible by making it “possible” to show the channel IF you know to go to the Desktop Settings-Privacy and Security-Scroll Down to Sensitive content and then toggle “Disable filtering” indicating that Telegram themselves are colluding to Censor those put on a watch list; likely by Globalist Elites

Downloading needed friends token?. I’m better off using IG or WhatsApp to connect with peoples. This app so annoying instructed me to ask friends to give me tokens to be able to use this app? Because expensive? I used this app’s since the beginning era of beta testing. Never has problem downloading. Ridiculous!


Idk. Can you guys tell me is it for kids?


Больше багов. После обновы видео кружки записываются без звука, голосовые и видеосообщение собеседника продолжают идти, когда ты записываешь свои голосовые и видео сообщения. Иногда видеосообщения отправляются отдельно, как видео. Телеграмм стал чаще тормозить, это п##дец

обновление. был вообще суперский пуперский телеграмм,сейчас сделали обновление и на кружках все поменялось,верните обратнооооооо!!!! у меня iPhone 11

ЧТО С КРУЖОЧКАМИ. верните кружочки как было!!!

Fix your app. For like a month now I can log in and see all the chats but as soon as I click on one to enter it just freezes and I can’t I have to close app and just does the same thing I can’t read any chat I can just see them

Telegram working for saint-peterburg. data is not protected by end-to-end encryption.. and also many Kremlinists and their fakes🤦🏻‍♂️ Glory to Ukraine🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦

Все ужасно. После обновления тг стал помойкой. В кружках пропадает и отстает звук, они то отправляются, то нет.

Last update freezes app. The last iOS update freezes the app! Worked just fine until then!

Useless. I had it working fine for months and since December I can’t get anything to open. Not a single thing. I’ve tried everything I know. Useless!

Uno reverse. В этом месяце хорошая оценка, доступна только пользователям real life premium

ФИКСИТЕ ВЫЛЕТ СЕСИЙ. Если бы не вылетали сесии, было бы лучше

pedo supporters. How do you sleep at night?

🤬. верните нормальные кружки 🤬🤬🤬🤬

App frozen. This app is absolutely useless as it opens but can not access any messages due to it being frozen. Please fix this issue. It was running well for a long time but now it’s just taking up space in my phone and needs deleting. Can’t contact anyone on this platform and users need to be wary that their messages can become frozen.

оо. удалите обновление пожалуйста

Ужас. Пользуюсь с выпуска этой соц сети. Все нравилось, лучшая, просто номер 1. И вот недавно начались проблемы и не только у меня. 1. Перестали приходить уведомления, даже если в самом приложении нахожусь. 2. Сейчас перестали загружаться видеосообщения и голосовые. С инернетом все отлично. К огромному сожалению приложение портится и портится. Если в скором времени не исправится положение, удалю и уйду в другие соц сети.

App crashes. App keeps crashing every time I try to open it . Fix it please .

Big Fan Casino Graeme. dear Elon i hope you haven't cut me off it dosent seems to fit with our previous times together which have been quite exciting. I did win a big prize and i am waiting to enjoy that . Let me know if i'm now reached an past tense or just a bump in the road . yours kindly from Graeme and Irene Askew Casino

the worst bugs in the application. return the old update freezes the worst bugs in the application💀💀💀💀💀😫

Отзыв. Приложение было прекрасно, пока не добавили новое обновление. Теперь хочу удалить Telegram, спасибо. Две звезды чисто из-за обновления

Circle without voice. When you send circle there are download into your gallery)

Bad review. Lots of scammers using this app and they easily blocked you and you can’t do anything with them they can still scam people and you can’t get any help even if you reported the scammer

как мне решить эту проблему?. обожаю телеграмм, но после того как обновила. Кружочки стали отправляться как обычные видео, что делать? и как это изменить?


One of the best messaging apps. It has so many nice features and it is by far better than WhatsApp. The only catch is if you want to use end to end encrypted messages you need to use secret chats so that messages don’t store on the cloud database.

Програма хуйня ні до кого не додзвонишся. Це пізда

Apple censorship. Unfortunately this platform has allowed itself to be corrupted by big tech and certain pages like Tommy Robinson News wont work on app store downloaded apps

Support Fraud. Do not get rid of users committing fraud and do not respond to messages to admin team.

Telegram. DANGER WARNING Telegram harbours scammers

Camera light went on. I had the app open and was going through my messages that I notices the camera light went on for a very short period of time and went off again! Has anyone else had this experience?

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Annoying adds. Telegram was the best, now thanks to the adds it’s only a little close to best.

Premium. Why should I pay for stuff that should be already made available to me as an app user? Complete nonsense to expect people to pay for stuff that should be available to telegram users. What a joke

There is something wrong with video player. Telegram is the best; or at least one of the top messenger apps; It’s been years since I started using it. But lately I’ve noticed there is something while I play a video sent by a friend or uploaded in a channel. Sometime it works correctly, sometimes it freezes and only the music is played; and mostly you can not forward or reverse the video. I hope it’ll be fixed in next update. Thanks Telegram team.

Time seen messages☹️. Since I updated, I can no longer see the time of viewing the messages

Служба поддержки! Зачем вы там нужны?. Служба поддержки просто ужас какой то! На сообщения не отвечают, а если и надумают ответить то через несколько дней!

Notification problem. iPhone users face problems with notifications after updating the app can you fix this problem please

Frozen. Since that last update, the doesn't work anymore for me. I can open the app but I can’t open anything within the app. It’s frozen. Before the update, the app was great.

Premium. پرمیوم نمیبریم چرا

Best messaging app ever. Do not get stuck with whatsapp Try telegram and enjoy how professional and secure it is developed

Pay to translate 😂😂😂. Good app but they want you to join “telegram premium“ to translate text

The app just freezes. I can’t do anything on the app it just freezes and I have to force close to change the screen.

Not receiving code. I have been tried to contact you guys for awhile about not receiving code it’s been 1 months

no longer access my account... i accidentally uninstalled my telegram from my phone and i cannot log in anymore. it has been prompting me to input a code to log in but i do not receive anything thru sms or call...

Got banned with no explanation. Was using the app, no issues everything was great. Suddenly my number is banned and I have no explanation.

Since 3 weeks ago. I haven’t been able to click into any messages or threads!! The last two updates didn’t fix it!!

Freeze up. The newest update keeps freezing and one can check any messages

You cannot get rid of the alerts. It shows red alerts like: give me access to your contacts, give me notification permission. I don't want to, and I cannot get rid of these. So I uninstall.

Question. How does one collect there earning from the voicesyncbot?

Telegram. Sweet chat apps 1 of the favs 😊❤️✌️

Garbage. Phone number is blocked for no reason, emailed support 5 times in over a week and still nothing

Had to pay for a text app to make account.. I don’t currently have a valid phone number!

Privacy?. Requires phone number to sign in.

Track. Security or privacy issues…..??????

Сломались кружки. Кружки не грузит с айпада, проблема именно в приложении, голосовые сообщения грузятся на отлично, кружки в других приложениях тоже, до обновления такой проблемы не было..(

Zero customer service. No response when experiencing issues with app.

Can’t access telegram. I keep trying to get a code for my number and it never sends me a code. Very annoying

Freeze. After latest update have no access to feeds. Click on one and nothing happens anymore. App freezes.

Made little to no effort. Some reason I cannot access any of my contacts. I’ve put in the necessary contacts My credentials are flawless. My iPhone Recognizes it . But refuses to let me access Anything. There’s no support online and I can predict you won’t find anything that Would imply support

Unable to access account. I don’t have sms , use wifi only. So I can’t get into my telegram account My home contents stolen all passwords etc. I need another option When telephone dies and use new one Ridiculous ——- Feb 2024 I’m locked out of my account I have the password you tell me to save to use if I get locked out I don’t have sms service anymore with my tel numbers and no option to use the password given to access my telegram account Why is this not an option ? You have it to me So now I can’t get in telegram for months now —- March 2024 — few weeks left to recover my telegram accounts Telegram gave me code to recover telegram account. But only option is sms by text and I can only receive sms by telephone Can you please add feature ASAP ——- I still can’t access my telegram account since last year April my telephone died using backup but don’t have sms texting only telephone How do I access if no other option ? What email address to send for help cause I did last month and no reply ? Thanks —-/ Sent an email to recover account No reply from telegram I can do sms code by telephone but that is not an option as it should be

Shocked 😮. Calls should be added to tap automatically 🤯not by option

Won’t send the activation code when I updated my phone and no reply to the email about it. I enjoyed having it before but since I updated my phone it won’t send the activation code and I’ve tried numerous times and I’ve also deleted and reinstalled the app and still nothing and sent the email a few times saying I’m not getting the code and no reply…. ☹️

Can someone help me bro. Why would u take me off my number is (437) 237-1787 y’all banned me for no reason I’m not part of the cartel please unban me

The best messenger without compromising your security. Ok, it’s not the most secure messenger, but it’s way better than Whatsup. You can easily switch between devices with all your history and media. Telegram bots also a charm

After updating I don’t have access to camera. After last update I don’t have access to camera. I didn’t have answers from support! I checked cameras settings and telegram has full access. Something wrong with telegram since yesterday’s update!

жалоба. дорогие разработчики приложения Телеграмм! мне очень нравится ваш проект, но хотелось бы попросить следующую вещь: — внесите настройку запрещать использовать стикеры в личных сообщениях, тк. 1) они обламывают малину 2) для кучности аргументов написал; исходя из моих аргументов прошу внести вас эту поправку, но если вы не можете провернуть такое массовое обновление, напишите мне в личку, я дам вам аккаунт человека, которому надо запретить их использование!

Banned for talking to family. Got Telegram to speak to family out of the country. Logged on 3 days later to find my number banned. Sends a email prompt message, guess they don’t have coverage over weekends.

How I report on someone. When I talk someone that real person and then pretend to someone else on telegram and should tell the persons put a flag beside there name where from so we should you we talk to the real person and not fake one people and put there real phone on there and what country

It’s perfect. Telegram is a great app . It has everything that an app needs . If I could give more than 5 stars to this app , I would do this .

BOOM BOOM BOOM!!!. 🤩🧠💎👀👌🏼🌹😃✌🏻

Freeze. Every time I try to open a chat my screen freezes and I have to delete and reinstall the app two fix it

This app sucks. There’s so many Groups and people with weird stuff do not download this app it’s horrible

Freezes on my iPad. Please fix the app so it doesn’t freeze all the time between settings changes and contacts…always need to restart my iPad to get it to work again

“Data Linked To You”. See the “Data Linked To You” list below. Privacy matters. I am not using this app until this list shrinks or disappears.

Scammers Paradise. Used by scammers to scam my 92 year old mother. Reported it to them - have heard NOTHING back at all!

Cartel del Mexico. J’aime trop

Worst messaging app I've ever used. Downloaded this app so I could connect to my classmates and teacher. Had the app for 3 days and they banned my phone number with no explanation. I know for a fact I did not violate ANY guidelines. Reached out to customer support on their website and the email they provide doesn't even work. 10/10 would never recommend this app.

best messenger ever. best messenger ever

Slow video uploading. When you select more than one video to be sent to someone or a group, the processing time is forever. No matter how fast your connection speed is.

Bugs. The app has many bugs It’s not possible 😭😭

Telegram par Apple 🍏 Pistage et traçage par. Giga-octets , tellement Cher que c’est comme ça que l’on censure Telegram et son utilisation Ça monte à vue d’œil en une seule journée Ou bien en giga-octets sur Telegram ou bien en nombres de Photos Donc compter doublement Et je dois jeter tous appli de Apple 🍏 puisque c’est trop cher pour mes moyens Et un autre ne sera pas différent Sinon en 5G à énergie dirigée Pour faire cuire le cerveau 🧠 3 étoiles mais moins 2 étoiles pour le prix qui censure sont utilisation Puis cesser d’utiliser ce cellulaire bientôt

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