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Book Name McDonald's
Genre Food & Drink
Language English
E-Book Size 264.86 MB

McDonald's (McDonald's USA) Book Reviews 2023

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Review. This app makes it really easy and I love it! I wish all restaurants had this type of app

McLovin it!!!. I ordered and paid for my meal before I went up to the computer where you order it from. It was quick and amazing.

App is not working. FIX YOUR APP I CANT EVEN USE IT

BEWARE!!!!!! This new update is horrible. Ever since this new update on the McDonald’s app I go to check out and it will randomly add double the things to my cart! No matter how many times you try it, it will constantly add things to your cart! Before I can back out and delete the items it charges my card, thankfully I have my card locked and it wouldn’t charge the 80 dollars worth of food that it added to my cart! PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS APP UNTIL THEY FIX IT. I know I couldn’t afford them to charge 80 dollars I would hate for other people to fall victim to this too!

Constantly glitching, fix your trash.. Read title, trash app for any company, constant embarrassment for one this size.

App is ok. Personally tired of ordering and the app choosing which location I’m going to. When I start my order, the location I want is showing then it tells me a different location to pick it up. I’m not turning around and driving backwards 10 minutes to drive another 10 to get back to where I was.

App Broken. Latest update has broken online ordering. I can add items to my cart, but am unable access the cart to complete my order. The checkout button/bar at the bottom of the page does not even show up.

App update is horrible. I use the app almost daily. New app update does not let you cancel an order which is a huge flaw, especially for orders that have problems. Sometimes the store does not fully close out the order or it gets stuck. I picked up my food and was charged but the app still thinks I have not finished the order. In prior app versions I would just cancel it in the app (I was still charged as I did receive my food) but it would clear the order out of the app. Now it is just stuck and there is no way to cancel it and I am unable to place any more orders. Please restore the ability to cancel or remove these orders or bring back the older version. I am now unable to use the app to place any orders and it is very inconvenient.

Doesn’t work. Update - Uninstalled and reinstalled. App crashed while I was checking out - charged my card but never put the order through. I had to go into the store and talk to an employee. Waited about 45 minutes for the food. App is still in bad shape. I’ve been using the app for years. Recent update won’t allow you to view your bag. Left the store without making an order. Terrible condition.

50/50 luck. App worked fine first time thou it took much longer than other fast foot apps to get order done. Now needs to pick up more food (40 minute after last pickup) and no luck, “you already have an order in progress”.

Improvements are always worse. Every time they make an improvement, the app gets worse. This latest one not only made it slower, it’s more likely to glitch and keep your order even after you already have it. Aside from that, now, it pulls money from your card immediately at placing the order instead of when it’s finalized at the restaurant. This forces you to stay in very long lines and increases their profits while not allowing you to change what restaurant you’re headed to. The glitches are infuriating. I literally had to delete the app and reinstall it just so I could put in a new order.

Nice try but app stinks!. What on earth is going on with this app!? I recently updated in hopes it would work better but omg it’s worse than before! I use it daily and the last 2 days (3/17 &3/19) the mobile orders get stuck in my profile even though I’ve picked up the order and paid now in advance. On 3/17 my mobile order stayed in my profile for 24 hours. I even called the location to ask for it to be cleared out. The restaurant said it wasn’t in their system. I don’t understand because I use other restaurant apps (Starbucks, chipotle, Popeyes) and none of them are this horrible. Even doing a mobile order steps to complete are painful. But I endure it because I’m gluten for punishment. Please McDonalds put your brains together and get this app fixed.

Frustrating.. Used the app for the amazing deals and rewards you can get but now it’s hard to check out because the app refuses to load the button to click your basket to check out and there’s no other tab or button to click to take you to checkout. Causing you to miss some of the deals you can receive on the app and have to use the app in person rather than order online.

This stole my money. This stole my money The restaurant wouldn’t give me my food. My credit card was charged. The help function is completely worthless. Use this app at your own risk. The employees at the restaurant could not help. I will never go to McDonald’s again. Good luck. The app will not help at all. I paid for a complete waste of time and didn’t get the food that I paid for. I wish that I could rate a zero. I was fleeced.

App crashing. The app keeps crashing after I place a mobile order. So I have to replace the order to get the code/check in. I get charged twice every time. It confuses the staff too because they see my name twice on the list. They do refund the money but it takes a few days to clear.

New version is terrible. Loved most everything about this app before the recent version update. Now that my card is charged as soon as I place the order and that order can’t be cancelled or modified is ridiculous. There’s been plenty of times where I would place the order and at the last minute, someone in my family would want to add or change something before I walked out of the door to get this food. Now this can’t happen and it will negatively affect how much I go to McDonalds now for sure. This was my favorite mobile food ordering app before this update, heavy emphasis on “was”. I hope someone who can make a change reads this.

Great for cheap food to cry with. You know how it be

Great perks and discounts!. My only complaint is that you can’t order in advance. You have to be in the parking lot before they will start your order which means I still have a 5-7 min wait for my McCafe beverage.

Last update was terrible. After the last update, my order doesn’t clear after it’s fulfilled. It insists I have an order in progress, and won’t let me make a new order. It’s unusable to me now. It used to do the same thing fairly often, but there was a way for me to tell it to “cancel” the order stuck on the screen. The latest big update (which at least did significantly speed up the app) took that option away. Do the developers never use the app?

Was great, now it’s not.. It won’t let me see my basket to submit an order! It worked great until Friday, and now it won’t even let the restaurant use my qr code.

Needs to be fixed. My app will only show breakfast items to order no matter the time of day.

Need’s better service to the app. Everything works great. Only issue is the point system. It’s cool earning points but you’ll be earning points for the same items every time and it gets tiring. Also the mcdelivery never works!!!! Even with the lastest updates(and they dropped a couple) I can never get it to work.

Terrible new update. *New Feature: can not change or cancel a mobile order, brilliant idea

Awesome Locatiln. People are all very pleasant and ordwr are right and got

Using 7.10.2. When ordering a 2 for $ item such as two McChickens or two Sausage McMuffin with egg. When selecting to checkout a 3rd sandwich is automatically added to order without selecting to do so. Have to go back and manually delete the third sandwich. This has happened multiple times when using the app current version. Fix asap people pay the amount without viewing final order details as it is not presented on the last page when paying.

WHY??. After the last update I lost all of my points, over 7,000. Not sure why that happened. It would be nice to have them back 😳

Absolute garbage now. If anyone’s thinking about using this app, go ahead and delete it doesn’t work anymore they’ve broken it. The app used to be able to detect where you were in order from the nearest McDonald’s. I’m sitting in the parking lot of the McDonald’s I wanna order from and it sends the order 10 miles away. There’s no way to cancel your order or adjust it. There used to be a way to fix it but not anymore now I have to drive 10 miles to go get my food or just give up on the money I’ve already spent, which is already come out of my card. Reinstate the previous version of this app or lose all the customers that you’ve built up with it so far. It’s absolutely amateur hour

Muy buen servicio. Lo mejor lo recomiendo

Won’t work. I’ve used this app for over a year now and after the last update it won’t work all the time i can’t order on it I can’t pay when I order inside.

Recent update is garbage. The most recent update has totally screwed this app. It places mobile orders at random locations, even after verification of where you want it placed. The prices are different at most every store in the app, and the only thing consistent about it is that it crashes and won’t let you place mobile ordered unless you delete and redownload the app, and this has been a daily occurrence. I hope the next update cures all these issues because it’s the most frustrating and time consuming app I’ve ever used. If I could give it zero stars I would have.

App crashes. This happened a few times now where I’m trying to place or confirm my order payment and there’s random food added to my order. Then as i am trying to confirm and pay when I have corrected the order, the app crashes and decides to charge me anyways. I get no points awarded that way, and sometime lose my free item I have redeemed. It’s a frustrating process where I have tried to just cancel the order in store, but they claim to have no control over mobile orders, that I have to either call corporate or my bank to get a refund. I’ve had to make a few dispute calls with my bank already. It’s an unfortunate addition to what is suppose to be convenient and quick. At this point it’s more of a hassle and not worth the time for any points which is upsetting. Please fix your app!

Worst Food App. I’ve been using the McDonald’s app for over 2 years and I’ve NEVER had a good experience. I’ve done everything from deleting it, downloading it again, updating the app and trying on a new phone. I won’t be eating much McDonald’s if I can’t use the app. I have terrible anxiety and hate speaking to people.

Keep up the great work. Keep doing it

App freezes a lot. I use this app frequently and I love the deals and rewards. But I’m constantly rebooting and deleting and reinstalling the app because it constantly freezes or doesn’t process. I have the new iPhone 14 Pro Max so it definitely isn’t my phone. Hope you guys can fix this!

Trash since the update 3-14-23. Can’t cancel order. You will pay regardless if it’s picked up or not. This evening I went to pick up an order and they’re on cash only because of a system error. So now what? Can’t cancel, no corporate or app contact number, wasted a “deal” and all because they want to make my food worse by making it 5 minutes sooner than they normally would. There’s no way you’ll catch me trying to actually go in and resolve it. They’ll look at you like you’re lying. You’ve gotta be lucky to get a hot order the old way, ain’t going to happen for sure this was. It’s weird that I brag to co workers on lunch that my mcds was hot. It’s a rare occasion and we’re all mind blown for a bit. Return the cancel feature! You’re not doing anyone any favors.

Update is terrible and so are deals and points. I loved this app before the update. I’m a busy/broke college student and sometimes I would have to cancel my order due to the McDonald’s lines being long in between classes. I don’t understand why they added this feature when they only begin making your food once you’ve given your code…. it shouldn’t be too hard to cancel food that hasn’t even been made yet. Secondly the update is so buggy. My order doesn’t even show up at the bottom when I put things in my cart until after a few tries of adding more things I don’t need. I also have so many points added up and I can’t even use them since you can only use one deal per order. The deals you use your points are kinda crap too… they should add the crispy chicken sandwich.

Great App. No waiting in the long drive thru, no having to hand a stranger my debit card. Great app.

Terrible. This app crashed on me multiple times throughout checkout, kept bugging me with tons of pop ups and submitted my order 3x times and in the end of the process didn’t go through and had to use the kiosk anyways. This app needs work

bugs bugs bugs. my app always loses my bag and i have to close out the app 3000 times for it to show my bag again, and my app wouldn’t even pull up my bag tonight so i couldn’t use my rewards.

App is terrible!. I’ve been unable to make an order for weeks because I can’t view my basket except by adding certain coupons to my order. When I get to my basket it has added 100’s of an item I just wanted one of, and I have to delete each item individually, which crashes the app.

Call Pest Control! This app is Full of Bugs!!!. This should be repositioned as a gambling app. You never know. Sometimes it works but a lot of the time it doesn’t. The past two mornings, I wanted to grab a cup of coffee, fired up the app as I walked in and then, when I try to use it, a pop up admonishes me because (according to the app) I’ve used up my 1x/day limit although I hadn’t even used it. Other times it says I’ve used the app and need to wait 15 minutes before I can use it again. Again, this happens before I use the app. Money saver? Maybe not so much. Very few offers and, even then, it comes down to a roll of the dice.

Wrong meal. I ordered the big breakfast deluxe with steak but got sausage instead.

Very expensive. It’s not uncommon to have your paid order sent to a random McDonald’s. We have four occasions where the window person denied receiving our order, and they consistently refuse to honor the purchase. Having squared off with two managers demanding a refund or my purchase causes everybody in line behind me considerable irritation, I wouldn’t move. One manager called the police on me! Unfortunately you are not paying the McDonald’s store, and several managers have told me point blank “You didn’t pay us, you paid a third party, deal with them”. Additionally a store is not obligated to honor “rewards” issued by these third parties. It might be helpful if the App offered locations of convenient competitors, or at least a 1-2-3 list of possible McDonald’s where your order paid non-refundable order might be found. I love this company and longed for a good working tool to avoid communication errors, cash less convenience and long lines. This App is embarrassing to use, given the potential problems. I have seen the YouTube clips addressing the failures, it’s kinda funny when something uses a cell phone to work with an App and then is easily recorded as a fail using the very phone with the missing order! Update: there are pending class action law suits for the double charges, perhaps we should all look at our credit cards very carefully. Imagine, not only do you not get your order, but apparently double billing is part of the special deal! Update: I keep getting requests for more information, when I reply I get the following “ Your message wasn’t delivered because the address couldn’t be found or is unable to receive mail”. When we call, we are told “we will get back to you” but it doesn’t happen. Seems customer service is going the way of the app.

Shambolic. The latest update of the app is an absolute shambles. It constantly screws up and adds extra items to my order. The only “help” I’ve had from MacDonalds is them tell me to delete and reinstall the app. Doesn’t work. Add the fact that they now take your money as soon as you order. Not impressed. I used to use the app all the time.

Wrong order. I use the app in the stores and what I order on the kiosk doesn’t match I get. The app only lets me use 1 reward at a time. Compared to the competitors apps like DD I put this one at the bottom of the list.

Needs updated. Have to delete app and redownload every time I want to use it! Need to fix the log in so it doesn’t log me out every time

New update has completely broken this app. Where’s the the bag ? Why does my order constantly disappear? Clown show garbage when the previous version worked fine and this new update adds nothing new other than pre charging you now

Hire developers. I frequently use this app for the points and deals. This is the main reason. Other than that, the app loads so slow and freezes a lot. You guys have to do speed test and know this and completely ignore it. Also sometimes you checkout in the app, receive a code and when you get to the window, the payment doesn’t even process and you have to give them your card again. Please hire some more developers with forward thinking. The ones you have now have gotten comfortable.

New update bad?. I’ve been using the McDonalds app for a while but until recently and seeing that the app got a new update the app is worse than I’ve ever had it, but I’m sure that’s not for everyone but the app does tend too glitch but also “lose” my order. Another thing is the locations always change but I’m always on the move. Overall the app started too glitch and bug out and has made me not enjoy my McDonald’s experience. :(

Was great, recent change is stupid. Started ordering through the app maybe 6 months ago, and it has been so convenient it led me to going to McDonald’s more frequently. Now it has changed, makes me choose a pickup method when I place the order, where before I would choose on arrival. Who cares, right? Here’s why: I live in a cold climate. It’s -12°C this morning and the ground is icy and treacherous. What I’ve done in the past is to choose between drive thru and curbside on arrival, based on how backed up the drive thru lane is. Since I had to choose in advance, I chose curbside but then wanted to change to drive thru on arrival, and it was not apparent in the least how to do so. App wouldn’t display an order code so I had no information to give the attendant. I told her this and she did her best. But it turns out another customer had placed a similar order to mine, also curbside and about the same time, and the staff got our orders confused. Eventually they sorted it out, but it caused delay and I was asked to pull ahead and someone would bring the order out to me, which was the exact thing I had tried to avoid. Had the app developer just left well enough alone, none of this would have happened. Going forward I will either just stick with curbside even if it’s completely unnecessary and feels too precious, or just not go to McDonalds.

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Summary of McDonald's by McDonald's USA

The McDonald's book written by McDonald's USA was published on 25 October 2014, Saturday in the Food & Drink category. A total of 1,996,457 readers of the book gave the book 4.76142 points out of 5.

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