The Mean Girl Who Never Speaks Book Reviews

Zuni Blue

The Mean Girl Who Never Speaks by Zuni Blue Book Summary

Mya is investigating Libby, the new girl at school. Libby won’t speak, smile or play with anyone. The Children's Police Force thinks she is mean, but they need proof.
Finding proof is Mya’s job. It won’t be easy. Libby isn’t just mean, she is sneaky, too. When Mya talks to her, Libby fake cries in class. Now Libby has a teacher on her side. Who will she trick next?
To solve the case, Mya must prove that Libby is mean and warn everyone. Can she stop Libby before it’s too late? Or will this mean girl take over the school?
This book is written in British English. The story is also available in the Detective Mya Dove 3 Book Collection and the Detective Mya Dove 5 Book Collection.

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Book Name The Mean Girl Who Never Speaks
Genre Mysteries
Language English
E-Book Size 9.43 MB

The Mean Girl Who Never Speaks (Zuni Blue) Book Reviews 2023

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Abby H. Don’t read it if you do you will be bored

Sad. Please understand anxiety is a real thing that can be a really hard experience. It doesn't matter what kind of anxiety it is. It can make a person scared or angry or even sad! People should really stop and think about how this can effect people's life. Luckily People can help by encouraging them! I give it 3 stars because this is a little inappropriate for younger kids.

Would not recommend. The book uses really bad grammar it was also really really really really really boring would not recommend

So interesting. This book takes u to a whole new world I love this book 💕💕💕

Love it. My daughter loved this book

Cool 😍. I loved this book a lot because this young girl, Libby is pretty much living her dream job, and she is brave and courageous. She did the right thing. I would recommend to a friend. 😊

I love this book. It really makes you think about all the characters and wine Shy character. But not that many characters still people need to read this it has funny moments one sad moment which made me cry a little. Go read this book everyone.

The mean girl who never speaks. The book was okay but here are some things needed Longer story More details More characters "This story was a boring, blank book and you can't create a mental picture of what's going on."

Great. I loved this book so much! It helped me realized that like Libby, I shouldn’t be ashamed of being really shy or not wanting to talk at school.

Amazing Book. This book is amazing. This book took a long time to read but it was worth it. Thanks a lot for making this book. This book inspired my life. Love Kimora, Great Book

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Really Good. I like this because she really hopes to eat grapes so since her boss said she was mean she just wanted to tell her that she was mean so she almost told her but then she figured out that she was being mean to Libby more than she was not talking, and at the end she figured out that she just had social anxiety, but when she told her boss that she wasn’t mean she didn’t get the grapes that she promised her but,she got a super squishy little grape.

The mean girl who never speaks. This book has showed me not to judge people by there actions sometimes

😄😄😄😄😄😄 LOVED IT. I looooooovvvvvvvved this book! Keep writing more books!

The Mean Girl Who Never Speaks. I think your story is great. I loved it. How do you even write a book that good? I can’t wait to read more of your stories.

Have not read it wish me luck😆😊😆. I hope it's gonna be a cute book. My mom alleys wants me to read and I am 😌

It’s Pretty Good😜. I think it’s pretty good, i think u should read it😃

Good. Great book

What the. Not good couldn't get past page 14

I LOVE THIS. THIS was sooo good and it shows kindness and responsibility/respect

Download. It won't download.... I like the other. Books

Awful. This Book is Sickening and Ignorant.

Best book ever!👍🏾. This is the best book I've ever read! It inspires me to maybe become an inspiration just like Mya Dove! Thank you for the inspiration!👍🏾❤️

Great book. Great book!!

It's a good book to read when your bored. It's a very interesting book I give it⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✅

Amazing!. It's like cam Jansen or big Nate, except a lot funnier, more innocent, and well written! Absolutely fantastic!

Good review. Your book was wonderful because you didn’t just write it about one person.Also you wrote a lot of details to show how the characters felt and about their personality. Like when they were sad mad happy mean and other feelings

awesome book for middle school kids. Mya is a fabulous middle-grade student who is now a detective. She is working on her first case and it is a stumper! This is a really wonderful book that middle-grade students love - I know because I told my class about the story and they want this whole series in their library so they can read it. I am rooting for them to get these books to spread all over the school! I loved this book. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

Such a good book! 😊. Omg I love this book about Mya and her job that she worked . I actually thought that Libby was mean but she had social- anxiety

Happiness. Furious with the participants in the first half of the day they had a great experience with them and had their happiness for the first time to be able to come to work

Amazing. This made me cry because my sister is autistic and has social anxiety so this book shows her that people can understand what she is going through.

The mean girl who never speaks. It's pretty good, but it was kinda gross

The Mean Girl Who Never Speaks. This book is so awesome I love it so much I would recommend reading this book for sure!!:)

Mean Girl. I thought the book was good and could help individuals with recognizing and coping with anxiety. However, the description of the children were offensive along with the book cover. That is why children grow up with a complex because the world views them as such. I would have liked to read about more techniques in overcoming anxiety or resources to seek guidance at the end.

I don't know. I personally never read the book 1 from me don't hate me like I said I've never read the book.

Awsome book!!. I loved it, it was like a mystery kind of, the book should get a 5 star rating to be hones. I hope u have some more books. I'm going to tell people to read it and give a review. Thumbs all the way up on this book👍

Omg I love this book. You guys really work hard

The Mean Girl who Never Speaks. This book is awesome it's cooler than any of the books that I have read! Thank you Zuni and I'm sure I'll read your books for a long time. -Yasie Hussam

Book Review. The book was amazing you just need to work on making more things on the story because I wanted to read more but I can not cause you did not make it longer. All in all, I think it was a good book.

I love this book. I read the whole story it was awesome I really like this well I actually love it :3 👍👍👍👍👍

Love❤💚💜💙. I love this book it is basically just talking about me and that means i have a book just about me so cool and i saw my name on it is said MYA💋❤ something

It was a great book but,. I didn’t like the way the other girls acted , sorry but this isn’t such a good book In my opinion .-.

Loved it!!!!!!. I could not put it down it was amazing!

Awesome. Great book everyone should read. Awesome author. It was a quick read for me but still, like I couldn’t stop reading it “ a page turner” you can call it. Marvelous book!!!

This book is very strange.. I found this books when I looked up free books on the store because I was bored. I saw this, and I decided I needed to read it. So I did. There were some aspects of the story I didn’t get, like why the were all acting like this even though they’re all around 6. The writing was good, and interesting even some times. Others, it was very weird. In the beginning, Mya goes to the toilet, and starts talking a lot about poo. Why? Why would someone write this? There was a lot of other stars he parts, the entire plot was strange honestly. But, it doesn’t make it a terrible book. I would actually recommend reading it, just because it’s so bizarre. Happy reading! -wisty

Really good book 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾. This is an awesome book I really enjoyed the end of the when Officer Mya Dove figured out her case about Libby Smith. 😄😄😄

Wow. Wow this sends a great message to kids and adults

It's was cool though. I really like it but I could've been longer since in in fourth grade and like longer books but besides that the book was great!! I really loved it thought. It was pretty cool how you included a black girl (but not trying to be racist or anything ) because most people try to avoid black people, and that's not cool. That was really nice of you!! (P.S I didn't say the black person thing because in black too. I'm white. Yes I know that sounds or is racism)

Mya. This was a good good book but needed more intense stuff like maybe more happened maybe some fights maybe teachers got involved also finish a book at a intimidating ending so they we'll have to read the next book Isabella

This is Awesome. I love that it talks about social anxiety, because I have a friend that has it and I love that it says people need to be patient with people that have social anxiety. I give this book a 5 star rating because it’s BEAUTIFUL! 😍

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The mean girl who never speaks. This book is good but heart braking about a girl she gets bullied

WOW. This book was just amazing 😉

It’s pretty good!!. Sometimes funny and also sometimes entertaining!!

Good book but.... This was a very good book about something serious, very funny at times too. I did get a little bit confused at the beginning but then I started to understand it. Would definitely recommend this book

Good. It’s good though it could have a proper ending even though it’s meant to be a cliff hanger you could still have a duologue between Libby and mya to show Libby doesn’t have social anxiety.

The mean girl who never speaks. A good book but needs to be more interesting ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Really good. I think this is quite inspirational and a good read!

Amazing. It’s a great book and as well as that it teaches everyone a lesson I would recommend it to everyone

Heart warming read. I knew this was a book aimed at younger readers. Just I liked the title and wanted a light hearted short story. So I read it and it made me smile . The author has done a great job pointing out and explaining social anxiety. All through the book the written expression’s show us how to recognise the signs and how to help others deal with it. Great insight ,a must read for all. (Even adults )

Short but effective. Very good book, lots of fun to read.

IT GOES ON AND ON AND ON. Rubbish book made by 5 year olds

This title really hooks you in. This book is not just for younger people because I’m 11 and I found this book pretty fascinating actually and the ending you never saw coming!!!

the mean girl who never speaks. it teaches kids about anxity

Rubbish 😒. It’s changed,a lot and that’s heartbreaking but it’s not worth 4 bloody stars my child wasted a weeks pocket money 💰 do not get this book

The girl that never speaks. Love this book

My book review.. I really enjoyed this book.It was fabulous all the way through. It’s a funny little book with surprises all the way through. I rated it a 4 stars(above) because although it was an entertaining book, It was a bit babyish. Well what do I expect.But it was amazing! My recommendation is for kids who want to follow their dreams.

The title is very convincing that it is a mean girl but not.. This book is very heartwarming and very useful to other people and it shows never judge someone when you first meet them.

The mean girl who never speaks. I really liked the book, it was really funny. I have learned that if there is a new kid in school not to be mean because they might just be scared to talk. Lily Age 7

Amazing. Fun to read and enjoyed by many, a truly amazing book.

Amazing. Really good considering it's a short story and it's free . Really has a moral as well

Love it 100%. The book is very interesting and good and I loved how they made the characters really come to life as if I was in the story with everything happening in it

I’m not sure. It’s an ok book but it’s not really my type.

cool. not bad

Good book. Could have been a bit longer but other than that it is awesome!

Kinda. I kinda get it but I like it Recommend

Love it. Good to read

Good title. I loved this book it was really good it could of been a big bigger as it only took me half a hour to read so....??

Don’t get it. Learn to write good things

I❤️the book. A Brilliant book 📚📖📕📓📔📒📗📘📙. The reviewer is #jess#jessica)(g&£a#123r6ok

Okay. It was a bit boring but fun at the same time it was ok at least you tried your hardest 😊😊

The mean girl who never speaks. This book is really cool and since it’s about the children’s police force working together I thought it taught about the ways of life and around that sort of way xx ❤️

Funny. I thought the book was very funny and I learnt about social anxiety and how to deal with it I loved your book and people aren’t always what they seem but that’s not always bad keep up the good work

M. It’s bad

Good book. Nice plot, grape thing a bit weird.

Unicorn. Love this book

Great. Amazing book

Awesome Book. It was a good book and I recommend it

Great. This book was absolutely great! I really enjoyed it. I think I will rate it 5 whole, shiny and beautiful stars! I would be great if I could read part two!!! Many thanks Ellie

Bdhhfnhdd cc’d e. Libby is like a Bratty gorl in my class

Mounir iphone5. Pls help me.

Nice read. I definitely liked it!

The girl who never speaks. Good book although it's a little short ok very short but overall good book 📚

The mean girl who never speaks. This book was amazing I loved the story

Fantastic book!!!. I’ve only just read this book and wow! 😀This is such a lovely, moral worthy book and it teaches a great life lesson. It told me things I didn’t know before. The book was very funny is certain places and I had to put it down sometimes because i couldn’t stop laughing. I ❤️ this book soooo much

The mean girl who never speaks. It is a nice book

Detective blah blah blah. Great! I loved this book! Ignore all the bad comments, this book is great for sure. Thanks so much for this book, I really enjoyed it. I just wish all the other books of detective blah blah blah would be free just like this one. :D<3

Lovely. Great

The Mean Girl Who Never Speaks. I like it because it’s funny but... i LOVED it before! A little while ago you updated it and it changed SO MUCH, it’s a completely different book now! 😠 i’m not happy! You can’t change it like that! You added like 100 new characters and some of my favourite parts are gone! I can’t believe this! It was amazing before but now it’s like one of those cheap rubbish average books which aren’t even about anything in particular! 😡😠😡 i give three stars because i liked it before.

The mean girl who never spoke. I just don’t know what to say I absolutely love your work it’s a real turn pager your books are the best in the world I just couldn’t put it down

Book review. The book was amazing because it talks about someone who wants to become a police officer

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This book. This was a great book and it tought me something

HORRIBLE. it’s horrible why are they judging someone that they’re mean coz they don’t talk?! Also, they’re the mean ones because they said they’ll tell people not to be her friend. THATS SO MEAN! starting rumours? MEAN! they’re the meanies not that girl 😡ugh horrible book 🙄👎🤢🤮🤬

Benny the cook. I am Benny the cook i love to cook its is fun and i am going to show you a Mel. This Mel is nic for kids the Mel I am going tall you is fun so it is furtlasd it is mmm I like it so take a lot of furt then chop then the put then in a bole then but furt gerrk then spen it then EAT MMM FOOD IS SO GOOD TO EAT . Benny's cook buy more books.

okay. less embarrassing better cover and it will be great.

Jazzy. I think this book is amazing it teaches you to not judge people by there personality or by who they are I absolutely love this book

The Mean Girl Who Never Speaks. I thought the book was great because it was funny and entertaining. It also helped me understand social anxiety and how I should deal with it. Great Book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The mean girl who never speaks. I think you did a pretty good job my friends like it to.

Good!. This book was great. I loved it. 😂😊☄✌🏼️

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Cool. I like it it’s a nice book

😁. 😁

Good lord king. Good sample

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Summary of The Mean Girl Who Never Speaks by Zuni Blue

The The Mean Girl Who Never Speaks book written by Zuni Blue was published on 13 January 2015, Tuesday in the Mysteries category. A total of 1,617 readers of the book gave the book 4 points out of 5.

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