The Interview Book Reviews

Lucia Jordan

The Interview by Lucia Jordan Book Summary

After protecting her billionaire boss's scandalous private life from the media, Lacey is offered a promotion to become his private assistant -- but is she willing to serve as his personal plaything after hours? 

This ebook contains very hot and explicit descriptions of romantic activity. Only mature readers should download this book.

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Book Name The Interview
Genre Erotic Romance
Language English
E-Book Size 393.83 KB

The Interview (Lucia Jordan) Book Reviews 2023

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The interview. This book was refreshing to read ,i loved the fact that she didn’t accept the job and walked away. Most books I’ve read the female usually accepts the proposal right away . I also love the fact that it was mostly in the male point of view .

Awesome. This book is amazing, describe every single detail that you feel like you are living the history. I can't wait to read the entire trilogy.

Woah. What an interview? How much will Chris do to get what he wants?

The Interview. Well written and engaging. Look forward to continuing the story. Kudos to the author!

Great author, another great story. I’m really enjoying the interview, and can’t wait to read the rest in the series. I like how she didn’t draw out the characters initial contact. And I like the fact that she didn’t make the girl say yes right away like typical Dom/sub books. Good job to the author. I’ve read a couple of her books and keep going back to her.

The interview review. Really good👌🏼 definitely recommend reading it!

Love the book. I love the story of the book! My only issue is the grammatical errors in the book. I get a little frustrated reading it. I’m definitely going to read the other two and more of the books but wish they did a better job proof reading.

Exciting!. I loved that the book started out fast paced. It kept my attention and had me wanting more with every turn of the page! I can’t wait to read more!

Great book! The interview, Lucia Jordan. I thoroughly enjoyed this story and can’t wait to read more! I would highly recommend it.

The Interview. Great read for a short story! Leaves you wanting to read more.

Intriguing. Great start to a new series! Can't wait to see what happens between Christopher and Lacey

Couldn’t stop... I absolutely love LC’s books. The first book was great. It captivated my attention and left me wanting more! Can’t wait to read the other books in this series.

The interview. It was an interesting book it really grabbed my attention and held it till the end, can’t wait to read the second one. the cliff hanger really makes it way more exciting to read what happens next.

The Interview by Lucia Jordan from WHR. Lacey Easton works as a temp at Wolfe International. CEO Christopher Wolfe notices Lacey on her first day of work. But the company has a no dating policy, so it’s look but don’t touch. Lacey hears Nora Bonner, Mr Wolfe`s PA ordering photos to be taken so she can blackmail Christopher. Lacey goes to the private party to warn Christopher and after she does, Christopher makes her an offer.

The Interview. I always enjoy Lucia Jordan's books! This one is no different. It's hot and I really like the chemistry between Lacey and Christopher. Can't wait to see how this turns out.

The Interview-book one. 5 stars definitely for book one. Books 2-4 were okay but not as good as book 1.

E Loves Reading. Lacey’s honesty and integrity was unexpected. Chris’ instant infatuation with Lacey was unexpected. Their chemistry is off the charts and can’t wait to read their journey through steamy twists and turns.

Great book. Great read for a Lonely night. Wine, candles, a warm bath, and a great book.

Very good. Can’t wait to read the next book! Started and finished in one day!

The interview. Like always Lucia Jordan always delivers a on your seat book can’t wait to read the other books

The interview, Lucia Jordan, iBooks. She clearly has a talent for capturing intense intimacy. Can’t wait to see what the rest of the series has in store!

Intriguing. Very interesting story line, I can’t wait to read the rest!

Very Intriguing. The book is amazing! I didn’t expect there to be so much plot considering what the summary entailed. This was definitely worth the read as it had a balance for the spicy and the content.

The Interview. Omg omggg omg!!!!! I've said this before and I will say it again I have never ever read book by Lucia Jordan and was disappointed. These books make you feel like it's you in the book. Keep up the good work

The Interview Book One Lucia Jordan iBooks. This book is really good. Lacey and Christopher seem to be a perfect chemistry match sexually. Christopher should have gone about asking Lacey to be his play thing differently but I think he needs her. Her loyalty shocked him but what else can she do or be to him.

Great story. The chemistry between the characters is amazing. The way it ended definitely wants you to know more. Great book!

The Interview. Was a hot and steamy novel. I would recommend this book and others by Lucia Jordan. I will keep reading the books myself.

Good start. I am only through book 1 of the Interview by Lucia Jordan but so far it is both hot and intriguing. Looking forward to finishing the series.

The interview. Fantastic

The interview. This book had me hooked. Couldn’t stop reading till it was finished. Definitely kept my attention and makes me want to read more.

The interview. This book is amazing. I can’t get enough of it. I can’t wait to read more.

Excellent read!. This is just perfect for a leisurely read! Great length and intimate detail!

The Interview , Lucia Jordan, iBooks. Wow this book had me enthralled from beginning to end! It was captivating I couldn’t put it down. Christopher’s character is really alpha/dominant..can’t wait to see how it ends in the series

The Interview. I throughly enjoyed reading this book. I thought it was very hot!!!

An Unstoppable Author. Seriously in the spare of three hours I have come to read 4 books but Lucia! This read alone had me biting my nails! This is a series that you don’t want to skip even the slightest work. Brilliant work.

The Interview. I enjoyed the main character, Lacey. It has something to do with her personality; I can't pinpoint it though.

The interview by Lucia.. Such a thrill. Have not been disappointed.

The interview. I absolutely love it !! Great book.

The Interview Book 1. I think the book, The Interview Book 1 is hot. The power play, character interaction and explicit details kept me wanting more. The more I read of BDSM the more I fantasize.

The Interview; Apple Books review. Story: 2/2 stars Were some of the plot points and details a little too convenient (like Lacey's phone not working properly)? Probably, but I didn't hate that fact all that much. How else would the plot have moved forward if it weren't for that tiny technical mix-up? Answer: it wouldn't have and then we wouldn't have this story to begin with. Did the story have everything we typically see in a romance book? Maybe not. But it's a short story/novella; there will be some beats that are combined for not shown yet because there are three other books when the beats can show up. There was an external conflict that drove the love interests together; there was the pull together and the push apart; and there is an ending that isn't a Happily Ever After but it leaves me wanting more to get to that HEA. Characters: 2/2 stars As of right now, these characters are basic. But I don't mean basic as in boring or simple or anything remotely negative. I mean basic as in this book created a great foundation for the rest of the series. The first book gives readers a sense of who these characters are pre-meet-cute and during their meet-cute/first real interaction. They aren't supposed to change that much in the span of 30 pages, but this book does allow these characters the chance to start their grow and develop further over the course of the next three books. The character development has been sparked and the fire will only grow. I, for one, am excited to see how these two grow together (or apart) over the course of the series. Writing: 1/2 stars The writing style wasn't bad. That right there sounds negative and like the writing was bad. Overall, I didn't mind the voice and style while reading. Other than the dialogue between Sarah and Lacey in the beginning having a weird pacing, the dialogue was purposeful and moved the story along. (Here's the "but") But I noted many small errors in my version. Really small errors that could have been easily avoided with another read-through. If you don't mind this sort of thing, then you should be fine. But for me, because I noted and the errors tripped me up, I had to reread sentences a few times until I was like "oh, that's what she meant." Experience: 2/2 stars In all honesty, I had downloaded this book a while ago and wanted to read something fun and quick now. I didn't intend to read any other books in the series because my TBR list is constantly growing. But let me tell you about this ending (no spoilers I promise)! I laughed (not in a mocking or negative way at all). I loved it so much. And it was what Jordan did (that shouldn't have worked) that I want to read the rest of the series now. Of course Christopher would be like "in order to fight for Lacey, this is the only logical step I need to do" and it's not logical at all (not for a broke recent-grad with student loans such as me). A man like Christopher with all the money in the world can get away with the ending. Aftermath: .5/2 stars The biggest aftermath I'm getting from this book is how to balance suspense with the short story/novella form. For instance, we almost immediately learn who the voice on the phone was (the person who wanted to blackmail Christopher). And while on one hand, yes, we need to have that information quickly. Having the readers know the same time as Lacey found out made sense, and the confirmation at the blackmailer at the end worked. Yet I still wondered if there was a way to lengthen that mystery just a little bit. Whether that be having the readers experience Lacey trying to figure it out before she has that "ah-ha" moment. I guess my question is how much does the form allow for mystery here. I read another review that critiqued the limo scene between Christopher and Lacey. The reviewer made valid points about how that scene was closer to bondage yet there were no safe words discussed. And as Christopher seemed well-verse in that community, I would think that he would establish boundaries and the like. I didn't mind the scene during my reading and I thought it was consensual. Yet this is giving me something to think about.

The Interview. Enraptured. Great story. Can't wait for the next book!

Hot!!. A grown up steamy version Little red riding hood and the big bad Wolfe!! Can’t wait to sink my teeth into the rest of the series

A+ in Chemistry. I like the chemistry between the characters

The interview book 1. I loved the first book, and would definitely recommend. Left me hooked and wanting more! It’s a book you just can’t put down until you finish…

The Interview. Written by Lucia Jordan. Don't think this author could write a book that wasn't sensational. Sexy and erotic. Very well written. Read from iBook.

Better than expected. This book was good, but very close to fifty shades. I enjoy it still although it kind of frustrating to have almost the exact story. I did not like their first sex scene. The one difference I see is the guy seems to be more the dominant. He doesn’t even seem to try to be a gentlemen.

Perfect. Nice and eloquent.

So good!!!!. I absolutely loved this book can’t wait to read the rest of them!!!!

The interview. Enjoyed this book, very sexual detail oriented but overall an amazing storyline.

Interesting. It's a fairly well used premise, but I found that there was enough there to keep it interesting.

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Fantastically amazing read- The interview book 1. This is another amazing read from Lucia Jordan. Couldn't put down- read through the night as if I was going to write exams on it. Surely 5 star rated!. Can't wait to read the complete series. Thanks Moronks

The Interview. Great read, great characters! Couldn't put it down x

The interview. Very good book

Couldn’t stop reading. Loved book one of the interview and gripped to read the rest. Honestly enjoy reading Lucia Jordan’s series. Worth a read if you like it on the raunchy side

Loved it!!!. So much more .... then the 'Grey' series

Must read!. I enjoyed reading...very intimidating and quite witty. Makes you want to read more. Recommended! ;) Cheers Queenie K

The interview book 1. Excellent!

The interview. Thoroughly enjoyed the sample of this book. It was very enjoyable with two good complex characters. I didn't want to stop reading this book as it captivated my imagination very quickly. I wanted to know more about the relationship and understand them more very good read

The interview. This book is truly amazing can't wait to read more

The interview. I really loved this story it’s my type of romance straight to the point and with a Dom/sub can’t wait to read the complete series

The interview. The book is very good and interesting. Would love to read other copies to completion

Wow. Really good book I love it

One to read! Beware - addictive storyline!. From the first page I was enthralled with the storyline, loved the fact that she essentially 'saved' him first which is very unusual for the books I've read of a similar genre recently. Can't wait to finish reading the instalments! Only wish it was longer

The interview. An amazing story with exciting naughty moments, that compels you so much, that you want read more and more of this fantastic book... a complete page turner that has you hooked from page 1.

The interview. I absolutely loved this book and would recommend it to anyone! Has to be one of the best I've read!

The interview. I found this as a great read. Can't wait to read the rest of the series

The interview book 1. Just from the sample I was hooked! It’s very intense and exactly what Is wanted from a saucy book

Brilliant. Really enjoyed this book, can not wait to find out how the story unfolds....

The interview. Absolutely brilliant book, easy to read. Did not want to put it down. Looking forward to reading the next one.

The interview book 1. The book is interesting as it is.

The interview. Capturing it's good everything that I love in a book, the author has to be one of my new favourites , it's got drama yet a bit of romance but full of amazing passion.

The interview. The interview is a hot and steamy book. Written by Lucia Jordan.

The interview-bought on iBooks. Wow. Just wow. Such an amazing book and I haven't read a book in years, I just couldn't stop reading this!! I can't wait to find out what happens in the next series

The interview by Lucia Jordan. I can’t wait to read the complete series on my iBooks app on my iPhone. How will Lacey respond to Chris buying the business she works for and how will she cope being his submissive

The interview. Really good read. Didn't want to put it down. Very fast paced can't wait to read the rest.

Good stuff. I want more...!!!

Great book. I loved reading this first instalment of The Interview. Amazing storyline and really likeable characters. Can't wait to read the rest!

More. Great read left me wanting more!!

The Interview Lucia Jordan published by iBooks. Loved this book you just wanted to keep turning the pages

The interview book one. This book is amazing !. I just can't wait to read the next ones. Every paragraph you read it makes you want more ! I would highly recommend anyone who enjoys fantasy romance books to read this !

The interview. Wow! I couldn't put this down! It was hot, had a decent story line and I finished it in one go as I was addicted! Amazing read.

Interview. Wow this book is a brilliant read, it gets straight into the story and I was hooked right from the start! I could not put this book down, this is a real feel good book!!

Fantastic steamy read. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I liked that even though Lacey was attracted to her boss she still put her morals first and walked away from the job. Intrigued as to what will happen next.

The Interview by Lucia Jordan. Hot, hot, hot! Sparks definitely flying. Loved the fact that there’s a strong female who can stand up for herself. Can’t wait to find out what happens next.

The Interview...Phew!. Yet another explosive, toe curling and scorching story by Lucia Jordan. Seriously hot for those with attention to detail and a whirlwind imagination- Highly recommended read!By far one of the most well written and structured so far with fewer spelling, grammar and punctuation errors.

All I have to say is wow. I was reading this book on my commute into london and it had me gripped all the way I did not want to put my iPad down keep up the good work :) cannot wait to read the next book

The Interview. What a great read, can't wait to read the complete series!!

The Interview. Although a short book, another good read from Lucia Jordan

The Interview. Absolutely brilliant start! Once I started reading it, I didn't put it down until I had finished! Perfect way to cure my Fifty Shade withdrawal. Cannot wait to read the next in the series! Would definitely recommend a read of this.

Very intriguing read. A short and sweet read with lots of detail and interesting content. Definitely worth the read. Overall a great book, I would definitely recommend it.

The Interview. Amazing book! Amazing storyline! Amazing characters! But the story was too short. However, this book is addictive and interesting.

Interview book. Great book defiantly a page turner.

Great read-but cliff hanger ending. This was a great book! Wish it was longer though. The cliff hanger at the end although makes you want to read on, was annoying that it came so early into Chris and Lacey's story!! Really hope they can work this relationship out!! :)

Intense interview. This book is a must read! A real hot story! Characters and their illicit behaviour is so vivid! Can't wait to complete the series

The interview book 1- loved it!!. The book had me wanting more from the beginning to end! Lucia's writing is superb! The characters are likeable and I love the fact that even though Lacey looks innocent and weak on the outside she is a strong and independent woman! Overall fantastic book can't wait to read the rest of the series!

The Interview - Lucia Jordan. Another good book by Lucia Jordan! Definitely worth a read in my eyes.

The interview ❤️it. 👏🏻gripping

The interview. Love, love, love this book. Lacey is such a sweet person. This book is full of longing and passion, I can't wait to finish reading it.

1st interview. Really good book for getting my attention from the beginning an taking to the characters so quickly. Left me wanting more just hope it does not peak to soon Five . Left me

Stunning. Great scenes and good detail with no schmaltz and you want to get to know the characters better and see where they end up.

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The Interview. OMG I LOVE IT!!! I am seriously hooked on it!!! I want more!!!

The interview. Hooked,love it, I want more

Good enough to want more. Bring on the next part....

The Interview. A great first book - I am hooked!

Hot Damn. Hot and steamy, I need to know where this goes. Intriguing read with a side of serious sexyness and a tad left field.....

Another fantasy. Another rich man falls for young innocent story, but that's what I enjoy reading so keen to read the rest of the story.

The interview. I loved this book but I wish it was longer because I hate books that leave me guessing..

Wow. Oh wow hot steamy !!! I loved it and couldn’t get enough of this book !!! Can’t wait to read the rest !

My ultimate fantasy. I loved every page!!

Good. Good book.

The interview. Was hooked from the start, once started reading couldn't stop.

The interview. Great storyline and unpredictable. Definitely will recommend to someone who likes a fast paced, steamy romance novel!!

Interview. Very contemporary

The interview by Lucia Jordan (iBooks). The book was quite good, but too short. Would love to read more.

Awesome book. Had me on the egde of my seat. The story line is original, the tension between these two was thick. It was a steamy read and really wanna finish the rest of them.

The Interview. A tantalising, erotic display of BDSM guaranteed to leave you hot, bothered and wanting more.

Steamy bondage. Fantastic story line, and not predictable had enough to keep you wanting more total hot stuff and I can't wait to read the rest! A must read!

The Interview. Good start to the book would like to read more

Great read. Recommend to anyone who enjoyed 50 shades of grey. Hard to put down :)

Great!!. I couldn't put it down and I finished this series in a night! I love romance novels in office settings and I love Lacey's and Chris story a lot!

Brilliant. Amazingly written, great storyline and plenty of steamy romance. Can't get enough of it!!

The interview. This story was so good loved it I was soho tans steamy

The interview. Loved it.. Mr Wolfe what do you have in mind

Crazy. Love this book

Good book. E were a good series but I expected them to be a lot longer for the price that I paid. There were name errors in the book which tells me that it wasn't edited and checked properly. But a good 4 book series to read if you won't to knock them oval over in two hours

The interview. It's a must read, amazing book can't wait to read the rest!!!

The interview!. More, more & more! So hooked already! Best book I've read so far.

The interview. I picked this book on random and couldn't seem to put it down! It was passionate and the characters felt real. A big 5 stars and I can't wait to read the rest of the series :-D A very enticing read!!!

Great read. I loved this book and it is a great read.

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"The interview "on iBook store. I just can't stop on book 1. So!! I love Lucia Jordan, her writing is amazing!!

Lovely. I found this book to be quick and interesting. The characters are sympathetic without being sappy, and have unexpected depth. The woman at first seems like she might be too much of a pushover, but shows surprising backbone. I look forward to getting to know both of these characters better.

The Interview. This is very interesting. Good to read about naturals and good friends. I love it can’t wait to read the rest of it

The Interview. Well written story about a young lady thrust into a world she never knew existed before now and has the confidence to leave it all behind.

Awesomeness. This book was really good I enjoyed being kept on the edge of my seat:)

The Interview. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The authors imagery was spot on and made me want to keep reading! Looking forward to reading the rest of the series and seeing what's in store for Lacey and Christopher!

The Interview. I thoroughly enjoyed this book sexual rousing can’t wait for the next in the series

Amazing!. Marvellous! Just the right amount of detail and an interesting storyline! Definitely reading more from you.

The Interview. Really enjoyed reading this book, all of Lucia Jordan novels are a must read! Keeps you on the edge of your seat, can't wait to read the rest of this series!

The Interview by Lucia Jordan. Lucia does it again, a great read that is far to short and keeps you wanting more. Can't wait to read the complete series.

The interview. The book flows nicely and is entertaining. The subject matter of dominant and submissive is very popular at the moment and sometimes it can be overdone. This book, though seems to handle it a lot better than some other adult books I've read.

The Interview. Loved reading this book! Caught my full attention right from the beginning. Can't wait to read the rest of the book!

OMG. It's great! I can't wait to read all the series !!!

Not just looking but gazing. Perhaps you know right away who is the one even it was only a glance, a fleeting look. From the moment Chris came across Lacey from far away he cannot stop gazing at her. This is a very interesting read, how a dom and submissive started finding out if they would fit. Lacey is a strong faithful and trustworthy woman, a virtue Chris cannot let go. Let us find out more on the complete series.

The Interview. Hot! Hot! Hot! Straight from page 1. Well written. Delicious guilty pleasure.

Wow. Never ceases to amaze me. I love Lucia Jordan's books. Definitely better than 50 shades, much prefer these.

The Interview. Awesome book. Great plot, can't wait to read the rest of the series.

The interview. It's a great book. Can't wait to read the rest of it.

The Interview. Great book couldn't put it down.

Steamy!. Hot, steamy and fast paced. Great weekend read!

Great book. Pulled me in from the beginning. Sexy and captivating.

The interview. Another great book by her. I loved this book and can't wait to read the whole series. Really excited.

LOVEE!. Love her books. So descriptive, in depts yet such an easy read. I've only discovered her this past week, yet I've been hooked since book 1. So hooked that I went to the nearest retailer for an iTunes card to finish her other series!

The Interview. Hot! Loved the chemistry between Chris and Lacey. Looking forward to reading more!

Another great read. Cannot wait to read the outcome. Ms. Jordan has outdone herself again!!

The interview by Lucia Jordan. Hot!! So good! Can't wait to read the rest!

The interview. I really like this book because it has a great idea going on dominant and submissive. I also really like how Lacey still has an attitude, even though she want Mr. Wolfe i cant wait to read the next books and I hope u have a great day!

The interview. Lol I can't believe the ending, it made me laugh! Can't wait to read what happens when she finds out :)

The Interview. Super hot!! Classy and sexy! All the perfect components of an exhilarating read. Finished book 1 right after downloading on iBooks can't wait to find out what happens !

Wow. From what I've read so far this book is insanely good! I can't wait to see what happens next in The Interview on iBooks!

The Interview. Left me wanting more! I've loved all her books, this one is no exception.

The interview by Lucia Jordan. Breathtaking and leaves the reader craving more

Great!. The chemistry between Christopher and Lacey is great! It draws you in and makes you want to understand the characters more. I can't wait to read the rest of the series!

The interview by Lucia Jordan. I love the innocent that gets to learn about bdsm. The shock factor I think makes the story more interesting. Great job again

The interview. Hot hot hot

The interview. I thought it was an exceptional book. Super exotic and romantic. It kept me on the edge. Love it.

The interview. I was intrigued while reading this The Interview!! I could not put it down until I had fully completed reading it!! Looking forward to reading on and find out what happens to handsome sir Christopher and lovely Lacey!!! iBook

The interview. Grips you so you can’t wait to find out more!

The interview, book one. Great story..can't wait to see what happens to Lacey and Chris.

The Interview. WOW!!!!! Quick fast and passionate. Had my heart racing. Super talented author.

The Interview. Very well written book! Very hard to stop reading, as it grabs my full attention and pulls me right into the story!

Simply amazing. Sexy, thrilling, edgy, provocative...simply amazing!!

Not sure yet 🙃. This book has intrigued me and has left me wanting more. Been a long time since a read a true Dom book. Can't wait to see if the rest of the series leaves me as breathless as the first.

Another goodie. Always read lucias books. Doesn't disappoint

The Interview. Great read! I couldn't put it down. Looking forward to reading the complete series.

Phenomenal. The interview by Lucia Jordan that I downloaded through apple is one of the most intense and interesting erotica books I have yet to read

Mamma lives to read❤️ another great one!. Another Awesome book by Ms. Jordan. Caught my attention from the first page... Can't wait to see what Mr. Wolfe has in store for Miss Lacey.

The Interview. WOW! Great story ... Lacey and Christopher are hot!

The interview. I really enjoy reading this book. I look forward to reading the rest of the series 😄

Got my attention. Book one has grabbed my attention. Hoping the rest will be this juicy.

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Summary of The Interview by Lucia Jordan

The The Interview book written by Lucia Jordan was published on 14 January 2015, Wednesday in the Erotic Romance category. A total of 1,253 readers of the book gave the book 4.5 points out of 5.

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