Rhythm of War

Rhythm of War by Brandon Sanderson AudioBook Summary

The Stormlight Archive saga continues in Rhythm of War, the eagerly awaited sequel to Brandon Sanderson's #1 New York Times bestselling Oathbringer, from an epic fantasy writer at the top of his game.

After forming a coalition of human resistance against the enemy invasion, Dalinar Kholin and his Knights Radiant have spent a year fighting a protracted, brutal war. Neither side has gained an advantage, and the threat of a betrayal by Dalinar’s crafty ally Taravangian looms over every strategic move.

Now, as new technological discoveries by Navani Kholin’s scholars begin to change the face of the war, the enemy prepares a bold and dangerous operation. The arms race that follows will challenge the very core of the Radiant ideals, and potentially reveal the secrets of the ancient tower that was once the heart of their strength.

At the same time that Kaladin Stormblessed must come to grips with his changing role within the Knights Radiant, his Windrunners face their own problem: As more and more deadly enemy Fused awaken to wage war, no more honorspren are willing to bond with humans to increase the number of Radiants. Adolin and Shallan must lead the coalition’s envoy to the honorspren stronghold of Lasting Integrity and either convince the spren to join the cause against the evil god Odium, or personally face the storm of failure.

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Garethrhughes5 star

@Audible_AU Its just done it again. I have whatever the latest Samsung OS and the most up to date version of Audibl…

NargleInAFez5 star

gonna take a power nap then spend the night reading Rhythm of War


93% done with Rhythm of War, by Brandon Sanderson

OrSomeSayKosm5 star

I'm not crying at Chapter 93 of Rhythm of War you are 😭😭😭😭😭😭

Luke_tarzian5 star

Keep having to remind myself not to feel guilty for not reading. I’ve had Rhythm of War since it’s release and I’ve…

Tennisnotensai5 star

I'M FINALLY DONE READING RHYTHM OF WAR many, many tears have been shed. also, fuck moash.

Gulatinamarie5 star

Now reading: Rhythm of War, Brandon Sanderson

2poundspaghetti5 star

@sleepisocialist Rhythm of War by Brandon Sanderson. It's the fourth in a series that has just consistently nailed…

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#rowspoilers rhythm of war spoiler voice of light??!!!! voice of light??!!! 😳😳😳😳

Kuroo_koo5 star

@btsforever_biss Rhythm of war and she's THICC, usual books of 1000+ pages get split into 2 but not this one 💀


89% done with Rhythm of War, by Brandon Sanderson: HOLD ME BACK I WILL COMMIT MURDER


@mayalaran: God. Rhythm of war. That was a fucking masterpiece

Bedtimebkworm5 star

On page 630 of 1212 of Rhythm of War, by Brandon Sanderson

BGAPodcast5 star

@ShelfStoriesGBL Great book! Second and third are in the queue after rhythm of war

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