Wicked Favor

Wicked Favor by Sawyer Bennett Book Summary

New York Times bestselling author, Sawyer Bennett, is happy to introduce a new Wicked Horse club in Las Vegas and you’re cordially invited to attend the grand opening...

As the owner of The Wicked Horse, an elite sex club located along the Vegas Strip, I never spend the night alone. I don’t grant favors and will rarely give you the time of day—unless I want you in my bed. So when the sister of my sworn enemy shows up asking for help, saying “no” should be easy. But all I see is the opportunity to help this beautiful woman while exacting revenge on her brother, and I am not about to pass that up.

Beaten and bruised, Trista Barnes is running out of options, and, unfortunately for her, I’m her last chance to get out of the mess she’s in. She doesn’t know why I despise her brother so much, but as long as I can help her, she doesn’t care. And while I am more than happy to keep her safe, I intend to do so while opening her up to a sinful world she never knew existed.

As Trista falls into the wicked world of guilt free pleasure with no regrets, my feelings of possessiveness begin to grow. But when she finds out I used her as my pawn for revenge, my wicked favor may cost me everything.

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Wicked Favor (Sawyer Bennett) Book Reviews

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- Wicked Favor5 star

Great story, fascinating life style and a great story with happily ever after.

- Wicked Favors5 star

It stopped too soon! The book kept my attention thru out. Loved the characters, but wanted them to get closer.

- Wicked Favor review5 star

Wow, just totally fn WOW!!! This book had me wanting to try things that I'd never dreamed of. I haven't been with anyone for longer than I care to admit (16 years). Thanks for the amazing read and fantasy. Can't wait to read more.

- Eh1 star

Eh no

- Had me hooked5 star

I really did not think I would like this book. And I didn’t... I fell in love. There was the perfect balance of sizzle and hope with plenty of a true story line to keep me interested. Great read!

- Delightfully wicked!4 star

Sawyer Bennet writes delightfully erotic and wicked stories that are fun to read and sexy enough to keep her devoted readers coming back for more. Her stories feature wicked alpha men who are skilled at sex, but not so skilled at love until the right woman comes along and shows them who the boss really is. If you’re a fan of erotic romance, this author, and this series, is definitely a must read.

- Wicked Favor5 star

I really enjoyed this book. The characters are well developed and interesting. The Wicked Horse, owned by Jerico, is a club where people go to explore their sexuality. Naturally, all manner of sexual activity happens there freely. Trista, an innocent, finds herself forced by circumstance to work at the club at the invitation of Jerico. Since opposites attract, it is not at all surprising that they fall in love. Just when things are getting good between them, a serious misunderstanding tears them apart. They manage, somehow, to overcome the obstacles and misunderstandings that get in their way. This is a story of true love conquering all. A good read!

- Wicked Favor5 star

Well written and intense , romantic and potent theme.its the first book 📖 📖👵🏻👀📚I read from the author:great characters with strong decisions:Good idea when she believes, the bad days can be cured with intense 💪 workout, and the combination of cake 🍰 or pleasure guilty ,like comfort food 🥘!!!!!! Highly recommended

- A devilish, dangerous, and sexy jaunt into the new world of the Wicked Horse Vegas...5 star

Wicked Favor By: Sawyer Bennett ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.5 Review by Kristie K Wicked Favor is a devilish, dangerous, and sexy jaunt into the new world of the Wicked Horse Vegas…and it is wicked, indeed… Trista Barnes needs help, and finds herself standing in front of Jerico Jameson, owner of the new Wicked Horse sex club, to request the help she needs. Armed with a favor owed to her older brother, Trista is willing to do almost anything to repay the debts she owes. Jerico doesn’t know what it is to be lonely…at least not in the most base sense. As owner of the Wicked Horse, Jerico has the pick of any woman he wants, and he regularly takes advantage of the perks his club offers. Not one to give favors, he is surprised, and intrigued, when a gorgeous woman comes to him to cash in on an old debt…to the man he despises most in this world. As he learns of Trista’s needs, he realizes that this is his chance to not only repay his debt, but evoke the revenge he has dreamed of for years. With a devious plan in place, Jerico sets out to seduce the lovely woman, believing that the sweetness of revenge will outweigh the potential hurt he may cause Trista. As the plan progresses, more truths are revealed. The question remains whether Jerico can let her go and face the hurt he causes when the truth comes out. Sawyer Bennett brings another AMAZING adventure into the deviant depths of The Wicked Horse sex club, this time at the new location in Las Vegas. Wicked Favor takes you on an emotional ride through heartache, betrayal, fear, loyalty, love, and hate, all wrapped up in a sensual package. The characters are incredible, with a depth and authenticity that shows the talent Ms. Bennett has. Getting to know the characters was a journey in itself, and the love and heartbreak they both experienced was palpable. Trista was such a genuine soul, with a heart of gold and the love and loyalty everyone dreams of. Jerico was a burned man, determined to avoid any emotional commitment and therefore emotional pain. I will admit there were times I detested him for what he wanted to do to Trista to enact his revenge. But, at the same time, he was broken and battered in his own right, and I couldn’t help but love him too. The plot and storyline were unique in their execution, well thought out, and completed. The cover was sexy, suggestive, and beautiful. The blurb was captivating and bewitching, pulling you in to crave the adventure. Ms. Bennett has delivered another winner, and I am waiting with bated breath for the next installment. Kristie K

- HOT HOT HOT!!!5 star

5 Stars Wicked Horse is back...in Vegas and is hotter than hot!!! Wicked Favor by Sawyer Bennett is the spin off of one of my favorite series ever. It can be read as a standalone but I recommend reading the entire series!! If you are looking for a scorching hot book then look no further. Ms. Bennett heats up the pages with Jerico and Trista and their incredible journey. Without giving too much away, Jericho and Trista have no idea each other exist in this world. With Jerico running two successful businesses, one of them being a sex club, he’s happy living the bachelor life. Rich and handsome-he has his a selection of women on speed dial. That all changes when Trista walks into his club and demands a favor. She's in trouble and her brother sent her to Jerico to cash in. Little did she know by walking in those club doors would change her life forever. Will Jerico be the man to save her? OH MY GOSH!!!! This book was freakin’ amazing. I’ve been a long time fan of Ms. Bennett’s and she continues to amaze me with her imagination, her style, and the fact that she can write a fantabulous story. Jerico and Trista’s chemistry was HOT, the story flowed well and I seriously could not put it down. I am so excited to read the next book in the series!

- Holy Hotness🔥🔥🔥5 star

Best Wicked Horse novel yet! What a way to start a new series. Jerico Jameson is the owner and ex-military alpha man of Wicked Horse Vegas. He and his former military buddy also co-own Jameson Security. Jerico doesn't have the best track record when it comes to love. So he "plays" and enjoys himself while at the club. Unknown to Jerico, his fiancé cheats on him while deployed. Looking to surprise his fiancé, Jerico walks in on her cheating with a former military buddy. So when doe-eyed Trista shows up requesting a moment with Jerico, he's intrigued--especially when she tells him who sent her. His sworn enemy... Jerico devises a plan to "use" Trista to get his revenge on his ex and former military buddy. Trista doesn't know what type of relationship her brother and Jerico had, but knows she would do anything to get the money she borrowed for life-saving surgery for her niece. Trista agrees to "work" for Jerico at his sex club in order to repay the loan, not knowing she is a pawn. As she and Jerico learn more about each other, feelings start to develop. Jerico's no longer sure he can use the video and photos as he doesn't want to hurt Trista. Trista finds the photos and is devastated. Will they be able to forgive and learn to trust each other again? Loved, loved, loved this novel! I couldn't put it down and can't wait to get my hands on the next one. I read a gifted copy and all opinions stated are my own.

- The Wicked Horse is alive and kicking4 star

Thank god Sawyer Bennett did not let the Wicked Horse end in Wyoming. True to form, Sawyer creates the perfect mix of sizzling sex with a believable storyline. Jerico is one hot business man with a background in Special Ops. Tall, dark, handsome, mysterious and a bit ruthless. He’s always ready for a good time at his Las Vegas Wicked Horse sex club. But Jerico has a policy of never doing repeats. He won’t let anyone close enough to get into his heart ever again. Trista is a girl in need of help and has been referred to Jerico as the person who can help her as well as fulfill a promise he made years ago with the person he hates most in this world. But Jerico is soon caught in Trista’s spell and the terms of agreement to fulfilling his promise to help Trista turn into a hot time in and out of the sex club. Overall, this was a great read, especially if you’ve enjoyed other books in the Wicked Horse series. One thing that I personally felt was lacking a bit of luster was the ending, but that was a personal preference and should not discourage anyone from the enjoyment of this sure-to-be-hit by Sawyer Bennett.

- Wicked Hot5 star

Well...fanning myself......now that was smokin' hot and sexy!!! I love that Sawyer decided to open a Wicked Horse in Vegas, if you will! I just could not put this book down, so needless to say I had a very late night devouring it!! Jerico is everything you would expect the owner of a sex club to be. He is a hot, sexy, gorgeous alpha who is extremely sexual and sensual. Just when he thinks his life is running smoothly and everything is working for him, Trista pays him a visit at Wicked Horse looking for repayment on a favor he owes her brother. There is so much more to that story and as usual it sucked me right in and kept me gripped from the beginning. The chemistry between Jerico and Trista was amazing and as you will see undeniable for them. The sexy times are super hot and intense but the love story happening between them at the same time is sweet and amazing. Do yourself a wicked favor and read this book!! Another winner Sawyer! Keep 'em coming!!

- Loved5 star

This book has everything you could want, steaminess, revenge, and love. I swear every time I pick up a book by this author, I'm always in awe at how she has the ability to create a unique story. Well done!

- Another Wickedly Awesome Book!5 star

This new series is a spin off from Sawyer Bennett's Wicked Horse series. A Wicked Horse has opened up in Las Vegas, Nevada and Jerico Jameson owns it along with Bridger Payne. Because of something that happened in Jerico's past, he likes owning a sex club where he can do as he pleases and even has a different woman every night. No more settling down with one woman...at least not since his ex-fiance. Of course, that is not how life works....and Trista Barnes comes crashing into his world. Trista needs money and she needs it fast. Her lowlife brother, Jayce, suggested she go to Jerico to borrow it because Jerico owes Jayce a debt and now he wants to collect. Jerico is intrigued by Trista and agrees to an arrangement that will satisfy all of them. He will give Trista part of the money up front and then she can spend the next 30 days working at The Wicked Horse Vegas paying off the rest of her debt and then they will all be even. Reluctantly, Trista agrees and that's when the fun begins. Jerico can tell she is intrigued by what happens in the club and he would love to be the person to intimately show her the details....as well as exacting revenge on Jayce for he did years ago. As Trista and Jerico spend more time together, things start to feel different to both of them. Jerico isn't sure what the heck is happening, but he finds he doesn't want to be with any other woman except for Trista...could he be changing his toon...naw...he still has to exact his revenge. When Jerico finally realizes Trista is more important to him than exacting revenge, he decides not to follow through with his plan but it all ends up blowing up in his face and fate has dealt him a different hand. Now, he just needs to see if he can change fate before it's too late. I just adored Trista and Jerico. Trista was such a genuinely nice person, who really was starting to embrace things that she never really knew she would want. She was also fiercely strong and independent and didn't take any crap from Jerico or anyone else. Jerico was the great sexy, alpha male who really was a teddy bear inside once you knew him. It just took a little to get that side of him to show. I also really loved Jerico's best friend Kynan and sure hope he will get his own story! ;)

- Great start to the Wicked Horse Vegas series! I can't wait for more!4 star

Great start to the new Wicked Horse Vegas series! I was so excited to read this as I really enjoyed the original Wicked Horse series set in Wyoming. I went in with expectations and I certainly wasn’t disappointed! The author gave me strong characters that I could connect with and secondary characters that I can’t wait to read about in future Wicked Horse Vegas books. This book was WICKED HOT! Holy crap was the chemistry at the boiling point with these two, but there was also a great love story brewing on the back burner that couldn’t be denied. Both characters had devastating things happen in their pasts and it wasn’t a surprise that the past and future collide. Trista has a very good head on her adventurous shoulders and she is a what you see is what you get kind of girl and I think that is what Jericho finds so intriguing about her. She is adventurous, but innocent and trusting at the same time and Jericho finds this intoxicating. Jericho is charismatic, sexy and everything that Trista can’t resist. I am not going to give you anymore hints on the book as you need to read this very sexy love story. I can’t wait for more!

- Loved this book!!!5 star

**Received ARC for a fair and honest review** I know whenever I pick up a Sawyer Bennett book I will not be disappointed!! And this book is no exception... I rate this book 5 stars. Trista is in a bind, she owes money to a loan shark and if she doesn't get the money asap she's going to get hurt, so she goes to her brothers enemy to get money from him since he owes her brother a favor. Jerico owns the Wicked Horse in Las Vegas, he's rich, good looking, not looking to get tied down, and when Trista walks into his club and he finds out who she is, he's willing to help her, but he's going to use her to get revenge on her brother. I really wasn't a big fan of Jerico at first, my impression was what a d*ck, and it held for bit, but the author is really good about changing your mind about your feelings on characters... I liked Trista's backbone, she needed help and even though Jerico was a royal jerk, she didn't allow him to use her as a doormat. I really enjoyed the chemistry between the characters, and if you like hot, steamy, wild and kinky you will thoroughly enjoy!! Though Jerico started off as a jerk, he really redeems himself and it's hard not to like his character. I flew through this book in just a few hours, I couldn't put it down!! If I had to nitpick and come up with something I wished could be changed, I wished there was a little more about them at the end. Don't worry, the book doesn't just end or leave you hanging... leaves you wanting more!! I definitely can't wait for Kynan's story!! Happy Reading!!!

- Fantastic5 star

There's a new Wicked Horse, this time in Vegas. The men are just as hot, the sex just as steamy, and the stories just as fantastic. Jerico Jameson is a hard man. No time for others unless he wants something sexual from them then he's on to the next. So when the sister of his enemy shows up at his club having her tossed out is the first thing that comes to mind. Revenge immediately follows. Tristan Barnes is desperate. There is no other reason she would ever turn to Jerico for help. Tristan has no idea what happened between Jerico and her brother but right now she doesn't care. When Jerico agrees to help her she knows there will be a price to pay but the ultimate price might be too much for anyone. This is a fantastic erotic read and I highly recommend it to everyone who enjoys their books on the highly steamy side.

- More Wicked!5 star

Holy wow! I was so excited for this next stage of the Wicked Horse series by Sawyer Bennett. We meet Jerico Jameson who has opened a Wicked Horse in Las Vegas, and his "favor" is owed to someone who went from friend to enemy. Trista will do whatever it takes to get the money she needs, including working at a sex club. I loved their interactions and banter so much. I couldn't put it down!

- Undeniably, Unequivocally, and Incredibly HOT!5 star

4.5 stars Call the fire department!! This book was undeniably, unequivocally, and incredibly hot, hot, hot! It was fascinating and captivating and kept me up way past my bedtime because I just couldn't put it down. This is book 1 in the author's new Wicked Horse Vegas series (which is a spin off from the original Wicked Horse series set in Wyoming). Jerico and Trista were amazing! The chemistry between them was palpable and I loved how they each brought out a different side in the other. This is the first book I have ever read involving a sex club and so I really wasn't sure what to expect. Sawyer Bennett did not disappoint and I am definitely a fan of this genre/trope now ;) One scene in particular in the Silo almost made my kindle explode from the sexual intensity and chemistry. Seriously. HOT. Jerico was a fantastic anti-hero. I wasn't sure I even liked him at first, but he definitely grew on me as the book progressed and by the end I was sold. I also really enjoyed Trista's evolution and how she became comfortable in her own skin. Boundaries are pushed for both and I loved the push and pull as they both tried to deny their growing connection. It made the moment they surrender themselves all the more explosive and intense. The only reason this isn't a five star read for me is that the main drama came very late in the story and made the ending feel a little rushed. I also felt like a secondary character played a more vital role in the resolution than was necessary. I do love Kynan though and hope he will get his own story in the future! Overall, this was a really entertaining and steamy read that I definitely recommend! I can't wait for the next book in the series! *I voluntarily read an advance reader copy of this book*

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- Wicked Favor5 star

I couldn't put this book down!!!! This book just capture my attention right through. Love your style of creativity ,I also just finished Legal Affairs truly amazing too. Keep writing Sawyer.

- Wicked Wish5 star

Loved this book so much I can't Waite for the next one. 📚📚📖

- 4.5 STARS!4 star

Wildly erotic and deeply intriguing! Once again, I was completely seduced by the potential naughty promises of The Wicked Horse, and it did not disappoint. Jerico and Trista kept me engaged with a spectacular combination of explosive chemistry, heartfelt emotion and a dash of deceit. Jerico owes Trista's brother a favor. When her brother sends her to Jerico to collect, he takes to opportunity to turn the tables in his favor, while Trista remains clueless to his ulterior motives. But before Jerico takes the fall he set himself up to take, Trista boldly embraces her sexuality within the walls of the club, and even tries her hand at topping from the bottom a few times. That's my kind of heroine! This story was white hot and intense and once I started reading, I didn't want to stop.

- Wicked favor5 star

Can't believe how good this book was .

- Difficult to read at times4 star

Jerico, whilst incredibly sexy comes across as a quite revengeful man throughout 3/4’s of the book. It takes a while for him to redeem himself, with the help of Trista, who is likeable from the start. I was out of my comfort zone, with Trista being shared with a friend of Jerico’s (with her approval) and a one off MM session. I continued on, and I then got my favourite trope, sexy romance. Overall, a good read.

- Wicked as5 star

Really enjoyed this story. Hope to hear more from Jericho and Trista in future books. 👍👍👍👍👍😁

- Fantastic5 star

Jerico Jamison is the owner of the Wicked Horse Club in Las Vegas, an upscale club which gives him the opportunity to spend time with a variety of women. When Trista Barnes seeks Jerico out for help, Jerico sees an opportunity to get revenge on her brother Jayce and help a damsel in distress. Trista agrees to work for him at the club for a month and he in turn gives her the money she desperately needs. Trista is drawn to the club and wants to participate in the activities offered which includes BDSM, voyeurism and pretty much any fantasy you want to try. What neither Trista or Jerico count on is that her fascination with the lifestyle and Jerico's domination will lead to an intense relationship. Jerico and Trista smoulder together, the flames burn so hot that you can almost feel yourself combusting. What will happen when Trista finds out that Jerico has ulterior motives? Will her heart be able to survive the betrayal? Hot and steamy Wicked Favor has it all. I was enthralled from start to finish and dreaded the final word. I didn’t want it to end. This series is going to be a must read based on this first book. I'm going to Vegas later this month, I wonder if I can find The Wicked Horse Vegas?

- Brilliant Start to a New 2 book Series5 star

The Wicked Horse has a new club this time in Sin City. Wicked Favor is book 1 of a 2 book series and this book is the owner Jerico Jameson's story. The Wicked Horse is an elite club located on the Vegas Strip, owner Jerico never needs to be alone, he is hot and totally alpha and he never grants favours until the sister of his sworn enemy turns up asking for help, is this a way to get the revenge he desperately wants .... Tristan Barnes has nowhere else to go, she has run out of options, Jerico is her last chance but she can't tell him the whole truth she needs to keep back who the person is who has given her a beating and upped the interest on the loan she took out ..... This book will keep you on the edge of your seat from the start to the end, twists and turns, revenge, love and hate, oh and did I mention it's sizzling hot! This story will appeal to a wide audience because it's not just a hot love story, there is mystery and intrigue. Another 5 star Start to a new series from the very talented Sawyer Bennett.

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