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His Best Friend's Sister

  • Release Date:     ISBN: 4116256111404539954
  • Book Genre: Contemporary
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His Best Friend's Sister Book Summary

Whiskey River businessman Zack Banister has had his eye on Laurel Lewis for years, even though she's always been off-limits. The timing has never been right between them, but now that they’re both free, Zack is determined to convince Laurel that he's the perfect man for her. 

The last thing Laurel needs is a white knight. She's a single mom and knows she can only rely on herself. But the thought of a fling with Zack is a different matter—and far too tempting to resist.

Then reality crashes in and Laurel faces hard decisions. And Zack will do anything to convince her to take a risk on him for their happy ever after.

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His Best Friend's Sister Book Comments

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His Best Friend's Sister - Eve Gaddy Book Reviews

  • His best friends sister (Mag68)

    By eve gaddy Good story a little slow at the beginning but still worth reading! Bookbub
  • Cute story (CChilder11)

    Pretty typical story line but cute and romantic
  • It was good, not the best... (R_Ham921)

    I really liked the story line... guy likes best friend’s sister and the sister likes the guy, but both don’t realize the other likes them. I loved Zack’s character! He was so patient with Laurel, he loved her kids as his own, he stood up to her brothers, but most importantly knew what he wanted, just wasn’t sure how to get it. Laurel on the other hand had started to really annoy me. She had a man who loved her and she kept putting up road blocks. I liked how the book was from both point of views- so you got to know what both characters were thinking- which helped me understand Laurel better. The ending felt incredibly rushed! I am dying to know if the robbery is relating to Laurel’s past- the author did not write more about it- maybe in book 3?! Overall- I liked the characters in Whisky River!
  • Great Story (Another great read!)

    A great story. I totally became involved with the love story and can't wait to read the rest of the series. Thanks.
  • His Best Friends Sister (UP Sherwood)

    This book kept my interest as it was a moving story with a happy ending. I liked it enough to order the next in the series which was also an enjoyable reading experience.
  • His Best Friends Sister (sbsbrinson)

    Really loved this romance and the Whiskey River series! The characters are great and storyline is very good too. Great summer read!
  • A charming story (777sails)

    I received a complimentary copy of this book from NetGalley and I am voluntarily reviewing it. While I enjoyed this book, I was getting a little upset with Laurel. She kept putting up roadblocks with Zack in moving their relationship forward especially after finding out she is pregnant with twins. Zack on the other had was excessively patient. He has been in love with her for years though but unfortunately while not wanting to tell her immediately and scaring her off, they learn of the pregnancy and she feels he only said the "love" word out of expectancy. It was a charming read. It was a good thing that this was written in a dual POV as again, I was getting tired of Laurel. But reading her POV, you could understand it a little more. Zack on the other hand, heck I would have said "yes" immediately. What a great male protagonist he was. I do recommend this story. There were so really great scenes especially in the beginning!!!
  • Second Chance Romance (BookSnuggle)

    His Best Friends’s Sister is Book number two in the Devil’s Rock at Whiskey River series. This is Zach Banister and Laurel Lewis’ story. Zach wants to ask Laurel out but she is off limits since she is his best friend’s sister. I really loved Zach’s characters. Laurel is very independent but can be too stubborn sometimes. Are they going to give in and have a fling or will it be more? FYI, contains mature content. I reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.
  • Rushed ending (Load fun)

    I am reviewing this book after receiving an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. I was very impressed with the qualities of Zack’s character. He was a stand-up guy and was not afraid to let his feelings be known to Laurel and her brothers. Laurel on the other hand was really starting to tick me off. She went back and forth and messed with Zack’s heart. I was so frustrated with her indecisiveness that I almost didn’t finish the book. I would love to see how the burglary might’ve tied into Laurel’s ex and the mess of criminals he was defending. I felt that the ending was rushed and could’ve been developed more.

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