Me and White Supremacy

Me and White Supremacy by Layla F. Saad Book Summary

"Layla Saad is one of the most important and valuable teachers we have right now on the subject of white supremacy and racial injustice."—New York Times bestselling author Elizabeth Gilbert

Based on the viral Instagram challenge that captivated participants worldwide, Me and White Supremacy takes readers on a 28-day journey of how to dismantle the privilege within themselves so that they can stop (often unconsciously) inflicting damage on people of color, and in turn, help other white people do better, too.

When Layla Saad began an Instagram challenge called #meandwhitesupremacy, she never predicted it would spread as widely as it did. She encouraged people to own up and share their racist behaviors, big and small. She was looking for truth, and she got it. Thousands of people participated in the challenge, and nearly 100,000 people downloaded the Me and White Supremacy Workbook.

Updated and expanded from the original workbook, Me and White Supremacy,takes the work deeper by adding more historical and cultural contexts, sharing moving stories and anecdotes, and including expanded definitions, examples, and further resources.

Awareness leads to action, and action leads to change. The numbers show that readers are ready to do this work—let's give it to them.

Additional Praise for Me and White Supremacy:
Allyship means taking action. How? Layla Saad's Me and White Supremacy teaches readers exactly how to get past the paralysis of white fragility so that they can build bridges, not walls. Read the book, look deep within yourself, sit with your discomfort, and then act. This is how we can truly say we are doing everything we can to combat white supremacy."—Sophia Bush, award-winning actress and activist

"She is no-joke changing the world and, for what it's worth, the way I live my life."—Anne Hathaway

"Layla Saad moves her readers from their heads into their hearts, and ultimately, into their practice. We won't end white supremacy through an intellectual understanding alone; we must put that understanding into action." —Robin DiAngelo, author of New York Times bestseller White Fragility

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Me and White Supremacy (Layla F. Saad) Book Reviews

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- Essential and Transformative5 star

Layla Saad's work is one of the most important things I've ever read and engaged with. This will be a routine re-read and reference source for me, as the work she initiated and guided me through in this book continues forward in my life.

- Very Awakening5 star

This was a great listen. I see the negative comments and that’s exactly what this book is trying to change. We can all do better.

- A must read5 star

This book is so powerful and such an important read for any non-BIPOC. You will feel uncomfortable while reading it - that’s kind of the point. But you will learn so much that is essential to fighting the racism that is still very much alive in America.

- Well....2 star

I appreciate the self reflection. I don’t think Saad should be a “starter book” on this topic. There are times when her anger comes out more than any other productive message, there are times when her logic is cyclic, and this book will likely increase your white guilt. I am white passing but raised in a biracial home where I was brought up Iranian Muslim and white Jehovahs Witness simultaneously. I was and am an outsider in a white dominant culture. I know what it’s like to be a representative, to wish the smallest things could be normal for me too. But the reality is I was raised to see the best in everyone, celebrate all cultures, and the way my parents talked to me about the dofferences in my world vs my peers is really different from Layla Saad’s mother. My parents didn’t say they wanted me to be the best, they told me they loved me for who I am. They didn’t sit me down at 7 and tell me I would have to work harder than my peers for the same attention, coloring my perceptions. Instead, when someone carved swasticas into the house my parents were building my parents just told us our new neighbors were scared and went to visit and help them feel better. Some people were weird for a long time, but my parents won them over not by conforming but by continuing to be themselves. And now I am 33 and although I still feel like an outsider, I get along with many MANY types of people. If you have something to celebrate, I’ll celebrate with you. And if you have something to grieve I am here to listen.

- .1 star


- Nope1 star

Another racist book about racism.

- Incredibly Insightful5 star

I highly recommend this to anyone wanting to examine their own inherent white supremacy and contribution to oppression of BIPOC. Incredibly informative and gives action items the white community can take to dismantle systemic racism. Absolutely worth the work.

- Invaluable Work5 star

This book is work and SHOULD be a challenge to you. Being faced with your own privilege and digging deep into the racism rooted within you is hard when you are not ready to do the work. You must start this work with an open mind, an open heart, and an understanding that this is going to be uncomfortable, but that the work is worth it.

- What we need5 star

I’m guessing all of the one star reviews are from uncomfortable wyt folks that haven’t bothered to read this and unfortunately wouldn’t get it anyways. It is uncomfortable to face our own biases even when we think “I’m not a racist”, I probably would have said the phrase before. It’s not enough, I have to actively be anti-racist and listen to black voices to learn to be a true ally. Prepare to be uncomfortable and live in that discomfort, it’ll be okay my fellow vanilla beans, we can do better, we must do better. #blacklivesmatter

- Required Reading & Work5 star

Do not let the one star reviews scare you away. This book, written by the amazing Layla F. Saad should be required reading for all white people. This book is not meant to divide and create further racism like some reviews suggest, but to be read and journaled about in your journey of dismantling your own racist notions. We as white people ALL benefit from white privilege and this book helps you understand how you have been complicit in a system that was set up to benefit white people. Read the book. Do the work. Ask the hard questions of yourself. Thank you for writing this Layla.

- Divide Much?1 star

The solution to racial division in this country isn’t branding non-racist whites as racist. White privilege and institutional racism is a myth devised to place the American people against each other on the basis of race, and I am not guilty because of a few bad apples.

- White People: This is Mandatory Reading5 star

I was lucky enough to purchase this workbook from Layla several years ago, and again when it came out in book form. It is enlightening, uncomfortable, and essential to help dismantle racism. I have three, white sons and I want them to do better and be better.

- Waste of money1 star

I am convinced this book was written to pin one race against another. It does not preach harmony but points the finger at people with privilege and victimizes poc. I am Mexican and even I don’t agree with most of this book. I was raised to be kind to others and work for what I want. This is promoting prejudice against anyone with privilege and a “You’re either with me or against me” mentality. I am so sad that I bought this book instead of checking it out at a library.

- Its funny5 star

All of the negative reviews are from people who don’t understand what it is like to be a person of color is a world systemically promotes their oppression. Did you read the book or is your whiteness so fragile that you felt the need to come here and denounce something that is promoting equality?

- Thank you5 star

I have used this to investigate myself and my biases, and though it is uncomfortable, it is essential.

- Nope1 star

Racism on top of racism, the media portrays this outlook on certain types of people and y’all feeding into it. Controls what they want you to see and have you have that outlook/perspective on them.

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