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Agincourt Book Summary

Waged almost six centuries ago, the Battle of Agincourt still captivates. It is the classic underdog story, and generations have wondered how the English--outmanned by the French six to one--could have succeeded so bravely and brilliantly. Drawing on a wide range of sources, Juliet Barker paints a gripping narrative of the October 1415 clash between the outnumbered English archers and the heavily armored French knights. Populated with chivalrous heroes, dastardly spies, and a ferocious and bold king, AGINCOURT is as earthshaking as its subject--and confirms Juliet Barker's status as both a historian and a storyteller of the first rank.

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Agincourt - Juliet Barker Reviews

  • Interested in learning the bloody history of medieval war fate?

    By MR JR CA
    If so, this book is for you. Written in contemporary narrative form and peppered throughout with enough historical tidbits to satisfy the even the most historically-rigorous reading-set, this book is a sure winner. You'll love the book and be left wanting more from the Author.

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