365 Foreign Dishes

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365 Foreign Dishes Book Summary

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365 Foreign Dishes - Unknown Reviews

  • Great cookbook

    By GI Samiam
    I am sure to the untrained cook, this book would be very difficult to follow. I grew up with my great grandmother who taught me to cook exactly like this. She would say a little bit of this and some of that and then cook until it's done. Perhaps this is a southern style, but after years of practice, it becomes a lot of fun. Just takes some imagination. :)
  • More like a book of notes

    By robinv001
    In the beginning of the book, it says written in 1908. The is more like a book of someone's cooking notes instead of a cookbook. Most recipes don't have measurements to use for ingredients.
  • :)

    By ToriKitteh
    I am Russian and I havent herd if these dishes....
  • Interesting

    By Laquifa
    I've never heard of any of the Russian dishes they have listed on here.. Even though I am Russian. And I'm confused why they didnt add the oven temperature in the recipies.

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