The Book of Biff #1

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The Book of Biff #1 Book Summary

The Book of Biff is a single panel comic about spaghetti, time travel and toast. The strip centers around a child-like mad scientist named Biff who may be part cockroach or possibly an alien.

He lives a solitary life in a world that he appears to have all to himself. Not a single word is spoken and no other soul is seen.

This collection explores alternate uses for hand puppets,   the proper use of an electric tennis ball and the importance of keeping your immovable object dry.

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The Book of Biff #1 Book Comments

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The Book of Biff #1 - Chris Hallbeck Reviews

  • Funny as heck

    By W.root
    This book is so funny I laughed harder every time I read it. 😂😂😂
  • Okay

    By Nichols3
    It was okay I guess 😕
  • hillarous

    By Skullcrusher1515😈😼
    Awesome book i recemnd this book if ur looking for something funny and violent
  • Biff

    By Do not take my nickname
    It is so funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Book of Biff #1

    By Temple run 2 lover
    This collection of comics is full of humor, and it's free, so don't hesitate to get it!
  • Not funny

    By Johanna s.

    By Chfc66
    I loved this book it was really funny. I would read this book over and over and over and over.There now are 5 books and I have read them all
  • Love It!

    By Cynthia420
    It is cooler than most free books.
  • Brilliant?

    By Biff#1 rev.
    Startlingly witty ...somehow manages to be moronically stupid and ingeniously smart, simultaneously.
  • Pretty good

    By jarettp
    It wasn't uproariously funny but it was original and funny enough for me to read it all in one sitting. Perfect for a lazy Saturday.

Chris Hallbeck - The Book of Biff #1 E-Book

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