5-Minute Recipes

5-Minute Recipes by Authors and Editors of Instructables Book Summary

5-minute recipes is a collection of fun and easy recipes that only take 5-minutes to make!  Use your microwave to make cake or your food processor to make ice cream.  But don't stop at dessert - check out the recipes for quick breakfasts, dips and snacks too!  With step-by-step pictures and instructions, you can't go wrong with these awesome 5-minute recipes.

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5-Minute Recipes (Authors and Editors of Instructables) Book Reviews

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- Loved it4 star

I tried the first recipe and it turned out amazing 😋👍

- I hate this book1 star


- Great!4 star

Very clear instructions, fun captions. Love😍😍😍 the five min. ice cream (although maybe a little sweet😉)

- Bad quality2 star

The pictures are bad quality, like someone took them with an unnecessary flash. Also, the recipes aren’t very well executed. But good if you want microwave egg recipes!

- Okish5 star

It was ok I kinda liked it but then again I kinda really hated it so yeah it’s okay I guess If you like stuff like that what I did not like was how made me try 3 3 times to get it to work but yeah.

- What in the name of Christ?1 star

I was drawn in by the cover to only open up the sample to see tons of grammatical errors, and disgusting waste of page space. I can’t even start on the extremely stupid recipes. Thank god this is free.

- Nnfg ironbound5 star

H notification futurities

- It needs to be fixed3 star

I think you could do better with the cake butter but it is what you want to do with it.👍👍

- 🤤🤤🤤5 star

This has some pretty good recipes

- Cool5 star


- Free books5 star

Please put more free recipes like this

- Wonderful5 star

Delicious and simple meals.

- This book has awesome respites5 star


- Great recipes!5 star

Love the recipes !!!

- 5 minutes recipes1 star

Only gave 2 recipes no more than that... Disappointed. Maybe improve? Add more recipes? Thank you

- Good4 star

I'm Carrie underwood and these recipes are fine some just nasty good work 🍕

- Pppk1 star

I hate this book

- No Moose Recipie1 star

No Moose Recipe

- 5 Minute Recipes5 star

i loved it it was a gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooodddd boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooookoooooooooooooooooooo

- Awesomeness5 star

I love it

- Very Nice!5 star

I loved the book. A lot of good food choices in there! :)

- Bad quality pictures2 star

The thing I enjoy the most about a recipes book is the pictures. Most of the time the picture is what makes me decide if I will make it or not. If it looks yummy I will want to try it. If it doesn't I'll probably ignore it. This is how I have over 500 recipes in Pinterest. All those links after the recipes bothered me. If they wanted us to see those recipes they should have posted them in the book, not send us to a webpage. If they don't "fit" in the book, meaning is not a "5 mins recipe," then don't put them at all. Also that picture of the guy squeezing a pimple, really? In a cookbook? I feel bad for the people that paid for it. I hope it was not much. It is free now for a reason... You can cook food in a short amount of time without a microwave. But if you don't care about healthy, and all you can do is cook in the microwave then go ahead try this book.

- Great5 star

Book is amazing book to make desserts in five minutes. Shows you different ways to make and creat your own dessert

- Dum idea1 star

I try these all they explode on me

- 5-minute Recipes4 star

These was a good book but it should just be about dessert

- book5 star

good book a lot of good recipes

- L❤ve️ it!😍5 star

This is a great book!

- 5 min food5 star

It was awesome I made the bannana one and it was the best keep making this books from, Melodee Gobert fifth grade from Arcola and i love u for righting this book best book ever it is my bday today dec 12

- About this book2 star

I think tha tyour book was useful i just wished that it was only about making good foods like cake cupcakes and ice cream not no salsa and dip stuff now i gotta find a way to delete this book. HUUGH

- Awesome!5 star

All the recipes are yummy. I recommend this if having guests or want to eat something new. Try the book!

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- Nice recipes!5 star

They are not all recipes that I am interested in trying, but they sound delicious!

- Poopland1 star

Moon 🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹🙈🙈🙉🙉🙈👧👼👽👅👅👅👼😺😺👨😿💧🙈👺🌚💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩 ahhhhhhhhhh

- Ok3 star

All the ricipe is on a website. Using Yutube. Not recommanded for people in china, like me.

- Five minute resipies5 star

I thought that this book was great because I loved how you can make really yummy food on a really short time and it can actually taste good but one of the recipes I hated because it looked groove and it could be dangerousness because it was an egg in the microwave and that is very very dangerousness because eggs will explode if you put them in to a microwave that is because it will get so hot when you take it out of the microwave because there is absolutely no air going in or out of the egg so when open the egg you will prolly get a very nasty shock! That is the one recipe I didn't like well actually I hated it it was desk using and I will never ever read that recipe ever again!

- Best5 star

This is the most awesomeness book ever Ioved it and now all u have to do is buy some ingredients I have to go shopping so um bye

- Yay5 star

Really easy and really good

- good5 star


- 5 minute recipes review4 star

I really liked the construction of this book. Most recipes appealed to me but not all. Keep up the good work.

- Great book!5 star

We are always hosting small dinner parties for our friends and family. Thinks a great book for those guests that show up early!!! My wife and I both love it.

- Greet2 star

Keep it up

- :)5 star

De bonnes idées!! Good idea!

- Great5 star

This book it has so many healthy and easy recipes that take only a few minutes I just got this book an hour ago and I can't wait to make the recipes they all look so good

- Not the best2 star

The recipes are almost all the same and dont look very appealing.

- Cheap2 star

It was okay but really cheap

- Awesome5 star

I love this book

- 5 min recipes5 star

Very quick and fun recipes. Couldn't wait to try them.

- 5-Minute Recipes - Much better than I thought it would be!5 star

Good job with this quick & easy book! Totally enjoyed the handy tips! So easy.

- I'd rather read it on the real site2 star

This is a poorly formatted substitute for the real thing.

- Good5 star


- Great 4 G.G.5 star

Great recipes I cant weight to make the chocolate cake to my girl guide camping trip

- Food in this book looks so ....?..?.?2 star

Don't like it.

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- Good5 star

I love this app it has great recipes and I am the life of. The party with these yummy dishes. My kids love them to.

- Funny4 star

I enjoyed this book because it was direct and funny. Useful info for those who like to cook for one/two people. Enjoyed it.

- Horrible book for people who know how to cook1 star

If you know how to cook this book is not for you. If you have nothing but a microwave in your home and need to find a way to make a warm meal then you may appreciate it.

- 5 Minute Recipes1 star

I thought this small, but informative book was pretty good until I came across the photo of a young man squeezing a pimple on his face. I found that to be absolutely disgusting and repulsive. Whether or not it was staged or not really doesn't matter. It was being used as a reference for eating unhealthy food. Do you really think one would want to start using a recipe from this book after seeing something so disgusting? For me personally, that answer would be a NO! Because of this, I would definitely not recommend this book! No thank you.

- Hub5 star

I like this book so much

- Yummy5 star

Very useful,my son loves it

- Very neat5 star

If you didn't already know these recipes, this is a very good book. Surprisingly, the strawberry"ice cream" is good, but horribly bad for you considering its really only just whipped cream.

- 5 minuet recipes4 star

This was a very good book. I really loved how there was a mixture of recipes! I'm going to recommend this to all my friends!

- Best5 star

Love it! Easy to understand, detailed pictures, very very nice done!!!

- ok2 star

well thare is good and bad food choices so ya

- Tasty5 star

Every looks so good in this book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Hi1 star

I didn't like the book simply because the food looks really nasty.

- Great quick ideas5 star

Super ideas I will use, excited to try!

- Good4 star

I liked it it was k

- :(1 star

I thought that these recipes were suppose to be good but there not even a tiny bit healthy if you want to be diabetic than get the app

- 5 minute recipes5 star


- Delicious!!!!!5 star

Me and my mom tried the chocolate cake, it was delicious although I think it needs a pinch of salt.

- :(1 star

I first thought the name of the book sounded simple and conveineint. Upon downloading and reading I began to think it might possibly be a joke? If its serious, and you really need recipes for a can of chili and squares of cheese slices microwaved in a suggested glade wear container so you can toss if you don't want to clean it, then this recipe book is for you. As for me, the timeing of the recipes sounds good, the actually recipes are lacking health, thought, and make me sad that someone out there took the time to collect and write down, and someone else finds these as reasonable to try, and actually intake as a form of food.

- Amazing5 star

This book was fantastic!!!the recipes were so easy, quick, efficient and of course delicious!!I really recommend this book for people that are in a hurry.

- What?????4 star

The book won't download! I mean it's free so not that big of a deal but I want to see what kinds of recipes there are. I don't know how many stars to rate so I picked a random #

- Love it5 star

This book is great! These are the kinds of recipes I like to make

- This is no stars1 star

This booked sucked

- 5Min. Recipies5 star

Great recipes!!!!!

- Silly book1 star

Silly book with weak recipes. I would not recommend this unless you are A newbie in the kitchen!

- Good4 star

It's good

- I LOVE THIS APP!! 5 STARS for sure!!!5 star

Keep'em comin!!

- Shelby20015 star

Good recipes

- Very good4 star

I loved most of the recipes but there were a few of almost the same things, and not my taste... I know that the author is just tying to make it fit everyone's taste but.. I really liked all the pics and the recipes were very clear. It was a very, very good book. You know, for a cookbook:)

- Recetas de cocina rica.4 star

Muy buena selección de recetas con fotos muy demostrativas.

- Egg Bagel5 star

I love the egg cheese and ham bagel for breakfast mmmh

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