The 50 Best Siri Tips

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The 50 Best Siri Tips Book Summary

The 50 Best Siri Tips

Siri is the unique iPhone “personal assistant” with amazing understanding of natural, informal conversation. Siri perceives what you want much better than any non-human device has ever done before. Your grammar can be totally deficient, but Siri will almost always understand what you mean!

Now, THE 50 BEST SIRI TIPS provides you with an awesome guide to getting the most usefulness from Siri, with more than 50 screenshots rather than lots of text, showing you the best ways to get Siri to do your bidding.

Author Jodi Dery expresses great pride in this new eBook. She says, “Presenting Siri’s responses in this illustrative manner -- with maximum use of screenshots– helps users to remember the best way to get useful results.”

Then, if you are also interested in the very funny ways that Siri responds to certain questions and statements, THE 50 FUNNIEST SIRI ANSWERS is now also available as an eBook.

But, the best value is the complete LIFE WITH SIRI eBook. The new 2nd Edition (January 2012) contains the 50 BEST SIRI TIPS as well as the 50 FUNNIEST SIRI ANSWERS -- plus two bonus sections -- and it is now available. Tons of fun combined with an easy-to-understand guide on how to use Siri most effectively. A truly great value.

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The 50 Best Siri Tips Book Comments

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The 50 Best Siri Tips - Jodi Dery Reviews

  • Great buy!

    By Brad Monaco
    This book is so useful and I learned a lot about Siri that I never knew. Now I feel I can use her to her full potential. Definitely worth 99 cents!!!
  • Fantastic

    By Oscar Gonzalez
    This is a must for anyone with an iPhone 4s. It has so much info that I didn't even know Siri could do. I can't believe it was only .99 cents. Great job author!

Jodi Dery - The 50 Best Siri Tips E-Book

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