Robin (1993-) #1

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Robin (1993-) #1 Book Summary

Out of the Batcave and off on his own, the Boy Wonder Tim Drake attempts to get on with a normal life, even so far as going on a date with a lovely lady. But when carjacking gang the Speedboyz show up, it looks like it's no rest for Robin just yet.

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Robin (1993-) #1 Book Comments

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Robin (1993-) #1 - Chuck Dixon & Tom Grummett Reviews

  • Robin #1

    By Ava Forrey
    Really good book. I love DC and I can't wait till the next issue.
  • Robin #1

    By Legend23km
    I love this comic! Growing up watching Burt Ward and Chris O'Donnell don the Robin cape inspired me to become an actor and as I got older read Robin comics! I always dreamed of being Tim Drake/Robin in a Warner Brothers DC film, despite my predecessors playing Dick Grayson. This along with other Robin comics I own are perfect for voice acting and regular acting warmups and exercises to be a strong actor who knows his character well!
  • Maybe cool

    By Swaggerman966
    The book is a little weird I mean a looks like batman but must be new but I did like it.but his car is a different story.

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