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Dok Ricky, Pedia ng Barangay is a Philippine situational comedy and commentary show broadcast by ABS-CBN, starring Dominic Ochoa, Louise Abuel, Yen Santos and Alessandra de Rossi. The show aired from September 9, 2017 to January 18, 2020, and aired every Saturday mornings from 8:00 AM to 8:30 AM on the network's Yes Weekend! block. It also aired worldwide via TFC. The sitcom tackles the events in the first 1000 days of a child from conception up to second birth age. The series returned to Kapamilya Channel on January 30, 2022, but only for reruns from past episodes. Synopsis Dok Ricky is a pediatrician and single father who arrives to the health clinic of the fictional town of Barangay Masigla to help the community care for its babies and children. He will be surrounded by the townspeople who will make their journey to healthier minds and nourishing hearts become more energetic. Cast Main cast Dominic Ochoa as Ricardo "Dok Ricky" Santos, Pedia Louise Abuel as Johann Santos Alessandra de Rossi as Dra. Marikina "Dok Riki" Bautista Kristel Fulgar as Trixie CJ Navato as Thor Nash Aguas as Ash Lotlot Bustamante as Kap Cora Rj Seggara as Tatang Yen Santos as Teacher JuliaSupporting cast Epy Quizon as Dok Martin Kate Alejandrino as Queenie Donna Cariaga as Donna Don Jake Consuegra as Bruce James Caraan as Joey Nomer Tajonera as Tony Alora Sasam as Melanie Sam Shoaf as Albert Luke Alford as Michael Krystal Brimner as AngelGuest cast Mitch Naco as Mae Francine Diaz as Lindsey Ryan Rems as Aaron Igiboy Flores as Mr. Chanz Tart Carlos as Lynda Viveika Ravanes as Lynette EJ Jallorina as RJ Meg Imperial as Samantha Cindy Miranda as Irene Joj Agpangan as Elsa Raine Salamante as Leslie Fae KaladKaren Davila as herself Assunta de Rossi as Dok Vicky Victor Anastacio as Scott Anthony Andres as Edmund Peachie Dioquino-Valera as PopsSee also List of programs broadcast by ABS-CBN List of programs broadcast by Kapamilya Channel ABS-CBN Foundation National Nutrition Council (Philippines)References External links Dok Ricky, Pedia on Facebook Dok Ricky, Pedia on Twitter Dok Ricky, Pedia on Instagram . Discover the Alora Kate popular books. Find the top 100 most popular Alora Kate books.

Best Seller Alora Kate Books of 2023

  • From Summer and Fall synopsis, comments

    From Summer and Fall

    Alora Kate

    In this book, you will read about not one love story but two.About a family of not only blood but heart.Summer and Hannah are best friends; more like sisters if either, one was to ...

  • A Flaw So Beautiful synopsis, comments

    A Flaw So Beautiful

    Alora Kate

    Ashton: I'm barely holding on. I'm always on the edge, even after all these years. I live every day the same, and I can't change who I am… no matter how much I try. My new neighbor...

  • Always My Home synopsis, comments

    Always My Home

    Alora Kate

    Born and raised in Aster Lake, Madi turned down the first chance she had at leaving, and even though she always wondered what it was like outside her small town was happy in her de...

  • The Price We Pay synopsis, comments

    The Price We Pay

    Alora Kate

    Jaxon and Latch, two undercover agents, are determined to bring down an infamous MC club known for sex trafficking, drugs, and violence. When strangers are a potential threat, they...

  • Creeks Bend synopsis, comments

    Creeks Bend

    Alora Kate

    This was his chance.His time.There was no one in his way from showing the world what he could do.He would show them what he was capable of.His talents.His creativity.His passion.Fi...

  • Forever My Home synopsis, comments

    Forever My Home

    Alora Kate

    "Now, this is going to be hard for you … but you have to leave."Adalyn is on the run.From who? She doesn't know.From what? She doesn't know."You have to trust us Adalyn," my dad st...

  • Chasing Winter synopsis, comments

    Chasing Winter

    Alora Kate

    Everyone has secrets but some are worse than others are. Some people are ashamed of their secrets. Some people are terrified of how others will react to their secrets. Chase and Wi...

  • A Beautiful Heartbreak synopsis, comments

    A Beautiful Heartbreak

    Alora Kate

    What happens when a plain Jane process server runs into a complicated, highpowered lawyer?No one said that life in New York City was going to be easy.So, when Ki's life gets comple...

  • Crash Burn Sting synopsis, comments

    Crash Burn Sting

    Alora Kate

    Rawson Lorde was given a second chance.One he did not ask for.One he did not want.Death was the end of the road for him, but to his surprise,God and the Devil were fighting over hi...

  • A Beautiful Forgiveness synopsis, comments

    A Beautiful Forgiveness

    Alora Kate

    A broken beauty who's hit rock bottom. A fierce protector who battles his demons every day. London lives her life with no regrets, until that one moment that steals her light and l...

  • Beautiful Acceptance synopsis, comments

    Beautiful Acceptance

    Alora Kate

    A notorious flirt and private investigator.A broody exfighter unable to step into the ring again.Alexa Tanner lives her life alone.Never knowing what it was like to be loved.Tapper...

  • A Chance with Spring synopsis, comments

    A Chance with Spring

    Alora Kate

    The moment Chance laid eyes on Spring; he knew she was the one for him. Spring on the other hand doesn’t, or maybe she’s just afraid of her true feelings for him. Chance wants more...

  • One Kiss One Vow synopsis, comments

    One Kiss One Vow

    Alora Kate

    The night Hayden and Leighton met, they made their very first decision as a couple.A decision that changed their entire lives.Despite the nay sayings of everyone they knew, they pl...

  • Room Number 5 synopsis, comments

    Room Number 5

    Alora Kate

    One night filled with booze, drugs, handcuffs, a chair, and a little bit of sex was all it took to turn Mike's life upside down … One Night.