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Leland Blane Chapman (born December 14, 1976) is an American bail bondsman and bounty hunter, known as one of the stars of the A&E Network reality television program Dog the Bounty Hunter. He also starred in the Country Music Television television documentary Dog and Beth: On the Hunt. Early life Chapman spent his early years in Pampa, Texas, but during his teen years, moved to Colorado Springs, Colorado. As a teenager Chapman ran away from home, began skipping school, and joined a gang. Unable to handle him any longer, his mother put him in foster care, although he ran away and he was placed in a boys home at 13. He was given the choice to go back into foster care or go live with his father and he chose to live with his father. At seventeen, Chapman began training in boxing and mixed martial arts with the help of his good friend Sonny Westbrook (who has appeared many times on Dog the Bounty Hunter). Career On September 14, 2006, Leland Chapman was arrested along with Duane "Dog" Chapman and Tim Chapman by U.S. Marshals at the request of the Mexican government and was to be extradited to Mexico to face charges of "deprivation of liberty". The charges stem from an incident in which they were chasing fugitive and serial rapist Andrew Luster, the Max Factor Cosmetics heir. They captured Luster on June 18, 2003 in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Shortly after the capture, the three were themselves arrested by Puerto Vallarta police officers; the three posted bail but never returned to Mexico for their court hearing on July 15, 2003. They were released from custody on bail; Leland and Tim Chapman's bail was set at $100,000 each, while Dog's was set at $300,000. They faced an extradition hearing to Mexico, under the terms of treaties between the United States and Mexico. Chapman, along with his brothers, Duane Lee and Wesley Chapman, formed Chapbros Media. The company launched an iPhone, iPod Touch and website talent contest application called, "Show Off". The company is no longer in business (blog has not been updated since 2009). The March 21, 2012 episode depicted Duane Lee telling Beth, "You want me fired, you gotta fire me," after which Chapman stated that he was quitting too. In 2012, the two brothers publicly stated that they left the show. In a tweet from Beth she wrote, "It will take 6 weeks to get thru the whole thing tonight's jus [sic] the beginning". Since leaving the show Leland Chapman operates his own bail bond company, Kama'aina Bail Bonds on the Big Island of Hawaii and runs his father's business, Da Kine Bail Bonds in Oahu. He previously headed Bounty Hunter Tactical Supply Co. after Duane Lee moved to Florida. References External links Leland Chapman Profile on Country Music Television Official Business Website |url-status=dead Leland Chapman at IMDb. Discover the Catherine Chapman popular books. Find the top 100 most popular Catherine Chapman books.

Best Seller Catherine Chapman Books of 2024

  • Opening Night synopsis, comments

    Opening Night

    Catherine E. Chapman

    Lisa is invited to the opening night of the local amdram production by her friend, Maddie. There she encounters Jason, an old flame, but she's daunted by the glamorous young woman ...

  • High Sea synopsis, comments

    High Sea

    Catherine E. Chapman

    Samantha, a seamstress, stows away on a ship bound for Australia, disguised as a boy. Discovered by the ship's doctor, John Seacombe, she becomes his assistant. However, she rapidl...

  • Clever Carrot synopsis, comments

    Clever Carrot

    Catherine Chapman

    Clever Carrot thought she was very clever. Until one day, after going on an adventure to school, she found herself in a scary situation. Will she be clever enough to get out of tro...

  • Rhiannon synopsis, comments


    Catherine E. Chapman

    Rhiannon, a Welsh farmer’s daughter, is smuggled into a walled English garrison town. Despite her mother’s awareness that Rhiannon is at risk of being discovered and accused of tre...

  • Kids Love Pasta synopsis, comments

    Kids Love Pasta

    Catherine Chapman

    At Best Food Friends, we know how hard it is to find real, healthy recipes that are nutritious and delicious. We teamed up with a chef and a nutritionist to bring you these great r...

  • Cheerful Cauliflower synopsis, comments

    Cheerful Cauliflower

    Catherine Chapman

    Cheerful Cauliflower lives in a grocery store near the window. She really wishes she could live outside. One day cheerful has a terrible fall and finds herself locked in a dark roo...

  • The Office Party synopsis, comments

    The Office Party

    Catherine E. Chapman

    In the run up to their Christmas works' party, Maria's colleague, Clair, has her eye on the new guy, Alex. But it's Maria herself who finds she's the object of unexpected attention...

  • The Fight for Dolores synopsis, comments

    The Fight for Dolores

    Catherine E. Chapman

    When Cal McCoy, American heir to a business empire, shows an interest in buying West Lough Lodge in rural Ireland, his real estate agent, Maggie O’Reilly, does her best to put him ...

  • Kids Love Snacks synopsis, comments

    Kids Love Snacks

    Catherine Chapman

    At Best Food Friends, we know how hard it is to find real, healthy recipes that are nutritious and delicious. We teamed up with a chef and a nutritionist to bring you these great r...

  • Braggot Park synopsis, comments

    Braggot Park

    Catherine E. Chapman

    Eliza, ladyinwaiting to Lady Jane Braggot, is sent to work in the household of the noblewoman's brotherinlaw, Sir Richard. Lady Jane suspects Sir Richard of being involved in a tre...

  • Silly Sweet Potato synopsis, comments

    Silly Sweet Potato

    Catherine Chapman

    Silly Sweet Potato was silly as can be. He loved to flip, slip, skip and trip. Suddenly, he found himself in danger. Will he be brave enough to save the day? About our books ...

  • Busy Broccoli synopsis, comments

    Busy Broccoli

    Catherine Chapman

    Busy Broccoli loves to dance. He raps, taps, turns and claps. Then one day in the restaurant where he lives the music stops and Busy can't dance anymore. Poor Busy, will he ever da...

  • Curly Celery synopsis, comments

    Curly Celery

    Catherine Chapman

    Curly Celery goes into town. She sees her reflection in a glass window. She is unhappy that she looks so plain. She wants to look curly. In her quest to look curly, she gets into a...

  • The Hangar Dance synopsis, comments

    The Hangar Dance

    Catherine E. Chapman

    Sylvie is a girl who longs to be a woman. When her friend Betty invites her to a dance at the local airfield, where a US squadron is based, she knows she has to go, even if it mean...

  • The Ramblers synopsis, comments

    The Ramblers

    Catherine E. Chapman

    Two friends, Sandy and Angela, join a rambling group in the hope of meeting boyfriends. The girls are unused to walking and illequipped for the expedition they set out upon.Early i...

  • Posh Pear synopsis, comments

    Posh Pear

    Catherine Chapman

    Posh Pear has a goal to live well. She leaves her home in search of a better place to live. On her travels she learns about the different aspects of life. About our books  Be...

  • Kids Love Dips synopsis, comments

    Kids Love Dips

    Catherine Chapman

    At Best Food Friends, we know how hard it is to find real, healthy recipes that are nutritious and delicious. We teamed up with a chef and a nutritionist to bring you these great r...

  • Kitty synopsis, comments


    Catherine E. Chapman

    Kitty Lewis travels with her younger sister, Clara, to join their family for the season in Bath. Her mother is intent upon finding a husband for their elder sister, Lucinda, and be...

  • Kids Love Pizza synopsis, comments

    Kids Love Pizza

    Catherine Chapman

    At Best Food Friends, we know how hard it is to find real, healthy recipes that are nutritious and delicious. We teamed up with a chef and a nutritionist to bring you these great r...

  • Danburgh Castle synopsis, comments

    Danburgh Castle

    Catherine E. Chapman

    Lord Robert, Norman ruler of the most northeasterly region of England, spares the life of Emma, the pregnant widow of an AngloSaxon rebel. When his wife dies in childbirth, he asks...

  • Kids Love Ice Cream synopsis, comments

    Kids Love Ice Cream

    Catherine Chapman

    At Best Food Friends, we know how hard it is to find real, healthy recipes that are nutritious and delicious. We teamed up with a chef and a nutritionist to bring you these great r...

  • All The Trimmings synopsis, comments

    All The Trimmings

    Catherine E. Chapman

    A short story for Christmas. Issy is nervous about introducing her new boyfriend to her family on Christmas Day. "A wellwritten, cute, short read," (Goodreads).

  • The Family Tree synopsis, comments

    The Family Tree

    Catherine E. Chapman

    When Jack finds a wooden box in his grandma's attic, a family secret is unearthed and his grandma faces a dilemma: should she keep it in the family or keep it to herself? A short s...

  • The Beacon Singer synopsis, comments

    The Beacon Singer

    Catherine E. Chapman

    Jane Lake, disillusioned with her career as a jazz singer and frustrated in love, returns home from London to a small town in the English Lake District. Reacquainting herself with ...

  • Collected Romances synopsis, comments

    Collected Romances

    Catherine E. Chapman

    Seven of Catherine E. Chapman's short historical romances collected in one volume, to give you a novellength read.BRIZECOMBE HALLAnn Rhys, daughter of a minister, is employed by Mr...

  • Brizecombe Hall synopsis, comments

    Brizecombe Hall

    Catherine E. Chapman

    ‘A young woman must value, above all else, her virtue.’Ann Rhys, daughter of a minister, is employed by Charles Brindley, the widowed Master of Brizecombe Hall, to be governess to ...

  • Clifton synopsis, comments


    Catherine E. Chapman

    The story of two love affairs played out against a backdrop of aspiration and ambition in a salubrious suburb.This isn’t my life… Michelle, involuntarily single thirtysomething, is...

  • Elizabeth Clansham synopsis, comments

    Elizabeth Clansham

    Catherine E. Chapman

    Elizabeth Clansham retreats to a croft house in the Scottish Highlands to write a novel and avoid real life. Reluctant teacher and aspiring author, she finds that the job she has t...