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  • Believing in You synopsis, comments

    Believing in You

    Jess Mastorakos

    Dating online should come with a warning.This is my last deployment before I get out and become a civilian contractor in Texas. I'm already there in my mind. That's why I changed t...

  • Home with You synopsis, comments

    Home with You

    Jess Mastorakos

    My dream girl is my kid's favorite teacher, making her offlimits. But my eightyearold son isn't taking 'no' for an answer. When I got my orders to San Diego, I knew it would b...

  • Christmas with You synopsis, comments

    Christmas with You

    Jess Mastorakos

    A Marine does desperate things when he's faced with a matchmaking, guilttripping grandmother.Most men probably wouldn't invent a fake girlfriend to keep their family off their back...

  • The Contract synopsis, comments

    The Contract

    Jess Mastorakos

    It started as a marriage of convenience, then turned into so much more.Zoe Katsaros is one of my best friends. She's also a fellow Marine who has my respect as well as my admiratio...

  • A Match for the Marine synopsis, comments

    A Match for the Marine

    Jess Mastorakos

    Matchmaker Rule #1: Never fall in love with the client.After working my way to the top, I'm in the running to become the CEO of Southern California's premier matchmaking service. A...

  • Adored by You synopsis, comments

    Adored by You

    Jess Mastorakos

    Ten years later, can I finally get my second chance with the one that got away?I was eighteen when Paige Walker marched out of my life and straight onto the set of what would becom...

  • A Princess for the Marine synopsis, comments

    A Princess for the Marine

    Jess Mastorakos

    What happens when a side gig working security turns into a royal calamity?My mom is clawing her way out of a massive amount of medical debt. So, in addition to being an activeduty ...

  • A Blind Date for the Marine synopsis, comments

    A Blind Date for the Marine

    Jess Mastorakos

    Blind dating for the digital age. What could go wrong?When my best friend asks me to test his new dating app, I'm not sure it's a good idea. After all, I'm moving out of the countr...

  • The Runaway synopsis, comments

    The Runaway

    Jess Mastorakos

    Could rescuing a runaway bride be the detour I never knew I needed?I had a plan. But then, my crosscountry road trip to my new duty station started with me getting dumped. Two seco...

  • Christmas in Kailua synopsis, comments

    Christmas in Kailua

    Jess Mastorakos

    I hate Christmas. But I'm willing to let her change my mind.How did I get roped into playing Santa at a toddler's holidaythemed birthday party? Oh, right. Because I'd probably walk...

  • Back to You synopsis, comments

    Back to You

    Jess Mastorakos

    Biggest mistake I've ever made? Kissing my best friend.I've never been a relationship guy. Sure, I have Elliemy best friend since middle school who's been by my side through the go...

  • Trusting in You synopsis, comments

    Trusting in You

    Jess Mastorakos

    Am I falling for my client? I plead the fifth.The moment Lucy James walks into my office, I know beyond a reasonable doubt that I'm in big trouble.Exhibit A: The way my heart kicks...

  • The Beginning synopsis, comments

    The Beginning

    Jess Mastorakos

    Asking the gorgeous and alluring florist to be my plusone to tonight's wedding should have been weird, but instead, it was as natural as breathing.And to my shock, she said yes.But...

  • Heartbeats in Honolulu synopsis, comments

    Heartbeats in Honolulu

    Jess Mastorakos

    I need this promotion. But if I win, what will I lose?I've done everything right in nearly a decade as a Marine, but thanks to stuff outside of my control, it's all gonna come cras...

  • The Planner synopsis, comments

    The Planner

    Jess Mastorakos

    She's my best friend's sister, which makes her offlimits. So why can't I stay away?I'm a master at hiding my true feelings for Aria Bristol.Well, except for that one time in high s...

  • Forever with You synopsis, comments

    Forever with You

    Jess Mastorakos

    She's been hurt before. As a U.S. Marine, he's the embodiment of loyalty.After being left at the altar, Sara came home to run her parents' bookstore. She's sworn off love, but as s...

  • Stranded at the Sandbar synopsis, comments

    Stranded at the Sandbar

    Jess Mastorakos

    People dream of being stranded in paradise… until it happens for real.You know those dumb quizzes on social media that tell you to pick the one person you wouldn't mind being stuck...

  • The Fake Date synopsis, comments

    The Fake Date

    Jess Mastorakos

    My rules as Mr. Fake Date? Weddings only. Kissing has a surcharge. And catching feelings is absolutely forbidden. What could go wrong?As a professional wedding date, I have strict ...

  • Treasured in Turtle Bay synopsis, comments

    Treasured in Turtle Bay

    Jess Mastorakos

    I thought she was brave for going on her honeymoon alone. I just didn't think I'd wind up joining her.I've been known to jump headfirst into adventure without thinking about the co...

  • The Bridesmaid synopsis, comments

    The Bridesmaid

    Jess Mastorakos

    I've heard she's always a bridesmaid and never a bride. But I'd make her mine, if she'd let me.Three years ago, I left South Carolina and the woman I love without looking back.Okay...

  • The Proposal synopsis, comments

    The Proposal

    Jess Mastorakos

    My best friend is basically my dream girl. Too bad I can't have her.As a Marine who jumps out of perfectly good airplanes for fun, you could say I'm fine with taking risks.But not ...

  • Romance on the Reef synopsis, comments

    Romance on the Reef

    Jess Mastorakos

    It's pretty hard to stay away from her when she moves in right next door…I'm the jokester of the group. I always have that oneliner that lightens the mood, even in the darkest of m...

  • A Royal Christmas for the Marine synopsis, comments

    A Royal Christmas for the Marine

    Jess Mastorakos

    Surprise! I'm a prince.As the heir to the throne of a small country, I was shocked when my younger sister decided to leave her royal life behind and move to America. Like any good ...

  • Memories of You synopsis, comments

    Memories of You

    Jess Mastorakos

    A mind might forget but a soul remembers everything… When you get married, you make so many vows.For better or for worse. I'm a Marine with a wicked scar from the 50cal round ...

  • Away from You synopsis, comments

    Away from You

    Jess Mastorakos

    This kind of love deserves a second chance.MattI didn't mean to come back like this. A bullet in my arm, a chip on my shoulder, and violent nightmares that transport me back to Afg...

  • Promises at Pyramid Rock synopsis, comments

    Promises at Pyramid Rock

    Jess Mastorakos

    I love her. I always have. But is telling her the truth worth ruining our friendship?I met Ana on the playground when we were kids and we've been best friends ever since. But that'...