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Jessica Sorensen is an American novelist. Her novel The Secret of Ella and Micha was featured in the USA Today Bestseller List and was responsible for creating a new wave of New-adult fiction. Sorensen also wrote the fantasy series The Fallen Star and Darkness Falls. The books in her The Coincidence series are also bestsellers. Writings The Coincidence series The Coincidence of Callie & Kayden (2012) The Redemption of Callie and Kayden (2013) The Destiny of Violet and Luke (2014) The Probability of Violet and Luke (2014) The Certainty of Violet and Luke (2014) The Resolution of Callie and Kayden (2014) Seth and Greyson (2015)The Secret series The Prelude of Ella and Micha (2014) The Secret of Ella and Micha (2012) The Forever of Ella and Micha (2013) The Temptation of Lila and Ethan (2013) The Ever After of Ella and Micha (2013) Lila and Ethan: Forever and Always (2013) Ella and Micha: Infinitely & Always (2014)Nova series Breaking Nova (2013) Saving Quinton (2014) Delilah: The Making of Red (2014) Nova and Quinton: No Regrets (2014) Tristan: Finding Hope (2014) Wreck Me (2014) Ruin Me (2015)Unraveling You series Unraveling You (2014) Raveling You (2015) Awakening You (2015) Inspiring You (2015)Unbeautiful series Unbeautiful (2014) Untamed (2014)Darkness Falls Darkness Falls (2012) Darkness Breaks (2012) Darkness Fades (Sept 2013)Fallen Star The Fallen Star (2011) The Underworld (2011) The Vision (2011) The Promise (2012) The Lost Soul (2012) The Evanescence (2012)Shattered Promises Shattered Promises (2013) Fractured Souls (2013) Unbroken (2013) Broken Visions (2014) Scattered Ashes (2015)Death Collectors Ember (2013) Cinder (2013) Spark (2015)Death Collectors X Ember X (2013) Cinder X (2013) Spark X (2015)Standalones The Forgotten Girl (2014)References. Discover the Jessica Sorensen popular books. Find the top 100 most popular Jessica Sorensen books.

Best Seller Jessica Sorensen Books of 2023

  • Untamed synopsis, comments


    Jessica Sorensen

    EmeryNo matter how hard I try, I never seem to be able to escape my family’s world. Their madness controls my life, just like insanity consumes my mind.Sometimes it’s hard to tell ...

  • The Mist of Stars synopsis, comments

    The Mist of Stars

    Jessica Sorensen

    Time may have rest, but Gemma, Alex, Laylen, and Aislin still have dangers in the world to battle.The continuation of the Fallen Star Series (Fallen Souls).

  • The Secret of Hadley synopsis, comments

    The Secret of Hadley

    Jessica Sorensen

    Hadley's continues as Hadley deals wiht the aftermath of her blackout and discovers a dark family history...

  • My Now or Never Diary synopsis, comments

    My Now or Never Diary

    Liz Rettig

    Kelly Ann has only just come to her senses and realised that G, the boy she's fancied all year, is a total nerd and Chris, the boy next door who's been in love with her all year, i...

  • Jessica Sorensen v. Paul Sorensen synopsis, comments

    Jessica Sorensen v. Paul Sorensen

    Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts

    In a tort action for negligence arising from an automobile accident brought by an unemancipated minor child against a parent, the doctrine of parental immunity was abrogated in the...

  • The Forgotten Girl synopsis, comments

    The Forgotten Girl

    Jessica Sorensen

    Twentyone yearold Maddie Asherford is haunted by a past she can’t remember. When she was fifteen years old, there was a tragic accident and she was left with amnesia.In the afterma...

  • Enchanting Illusions synopsis, comments

    Enchanting Illusions

    Jessica Sorensen

    Gemma, Alexis, Laylen, and Aislin have new dangers to face.Book 5 in the Shattered Promises Series.

  • Enticing Raven synopsis, comments

    Enticing Raven

    Jessica Sorensen

    Raven's journey continues as she struggles to break the queen's curse...

  • Unbeautiful synopsis, comments


    Jessica Sorensen

    EmeryYou want to know my secrets? What lies beneath the pretty? The scars I can’t let anyone see? The scars tied to my secrets?On the outside I appear normal. Some might even say p...

  • From Scratch - Alles neu mit dir synopsis, comments

    From Scratch - Alles neu mit dir

    Stacey Kade & Henriette Zeltner

    Sie stehen vor den Trümmern ihres Lebens doch gemeinsam fangen sie noch einmal von vorne an Mit fünfzehn wurde Amanda Grace entführt. 738 Tage hält ihr Peiniger sie gefangen, bevo...

  • Starlight Nights - Immer wieder du synopsis, comments

    Starlight Nights - Immer wieder du

    Stacey Kade, Sylvia Bieker & Henriette Zeltner-Shane

    Zwei verlorene Seelen auf der Suche nach Liebe und ErlösungSeit sie ein kleines Kind war, steht Calista vor der Kamera und verdient das Geld für ihre Familie. Ihre Mutter bestimmt,...

  • Forever Stardust synopsis, comments

    Forever Stardust

    Jessica Sorensen

    The story of the tangled realms continues as Lake and her friends try to save the realms...